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Hurricane II Z2482Hi Mical, Air Britain RAF Aircraft W1000 - Z9999 By J.J.Halley states: Z2482 1 Squadron & 79 Squadron. While with 79 Hit by Z2628 on ground at Fairwood Common, 29th April 42. DBR (Damaged Beyond Repair). Regards, Dave. ....Read More.highgroundsman on 7th March 2008 01:20:33
USAAF Huriicane?Hi, From "Losses of the 8th & 9th Air Forces" vol 1. 8th October 1943. Hurricane I Z4631 Pilot: unknown Unit: Unknown Listed as SAL (salvaged) BD ( Battle damage) by 8th AF HQ on this date. No further details. Air Brit W1000 - Z9999 has Z4631 1423 Flt/24/USAAF/41 OTU Crashed in forced landing on approach, Cranage, 31.3.44. From The Mighty Eighth War Manual Hawker Hurricane Only three Hurricane fighters are known to have been loaned to 8th Air Force, one of which was based at Bovington for a time and used for fast liaison work. Z4631 was salvaged in October and P3757 in December 1943, while V6844 was returned to the RAF in January 1944. Acording to Camouflage & Markings No:21 These Hurricanes did not receive US insignia. And, P3757 8 AF HQ Relinquished 20.12.44 V6844 8 AF HQ Relinquished 24.01.44 There is a photo (Airfix Clasic No:4) of Col. L.B. Hillsinger at Hendon in 1943 walking away from V6844 which is in British markings. So looks like she (Z4631) was returned to the RAF after repairs, sometime between October 43 and March 44. Just a thought BD could it also have meant Badly damaged ? and not Battle damage. Also for info I found that 41 OTU was at Chilbolton, which was under USAAF Control at this time. So perhaps she (Z4631) never even left the Air Base and might have been repaired and used for training on site (?) Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 22nd May 2008 08:39:31
Spitfire X4256Hi, Henry Wollaston Moody 81046 P/O 602 Sqdn Failed to return from combat over the Biggin Hill area on the 7th and was reported "Missing" Aged 30 yrs. Photo of him in "Men of the BoB" Air Brit W1000 - Z9999 only has X4256 - 602 - Missing, presumed shot down by Bf109 after scramble from Biggin Hill 7.9.40. FCL V1 second edition has page 78 602 - F/O W. H. Coverley - N3198 + Patrol. Baled out over Biggin Hill in combat and died of his wounds. Body not found till 16th September. Aged 23. While for the next entery, 602 - P/O H. W. Moody - X4256 + Ditto. 1730. NKG aged 30. So, is it known if Moody baled out over Biggin Hill as Coverley did ? Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 18th September 2008 11:36:05
Unexplained abbreviation FRLAir Britain "RAF Aircraft W1000-Z9999" has this abbreviation in its history of Hurricane X3353. The full statement is 306/317/87/485/Mkrs/FRL/India My guess is a mistake for FPU, Ferry Preparation Unit, which would be logical, but not necessarily right! ....Read More.Graham Boak on 15th January 2009 11:59:52
Wellington Z1748 and X3870Hi Henk, I was consulting yout post with Mr. Chorley and here is his answer: In the first edition of the Air-Britain X1000-X9999 Z1000-Z9999 register, Z1748 is shown as missing from Lorient but, subsequently, this was corrected to read "SoC 12.05.47". Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 7th June 2009 07:00:12
17 Feb 1942Hi Martyn According to the Air Britain W1000-Z9999 serial register, W8757 was in a blackout block and was therefore never issued to an aircraft. The same same source confirms W8571 as the one that crashed at Chetwynd. Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 22nd July 2009 09:09:40
410425 - Unaccounted airmen - 25-4-1941[QUOTE=Kevin;14643]Hello Henk, Just like Ross said there were no casualties on L4458. In fact it is the same Bailey you mention. He was killed on Beaufort X8934. Best regards Kevin[/QUOTE] Hello Kevin, Air Britain W1000-Z9999 (latest edition) has for X8934: 47 Squadron (was at Shallufa, Egypt); 39 Squadron was at Shandur, Egypt). Bailey 39 Sqn attd 47 Sqn or X8934 47 Sqn on loan 39 Sqn ? Please advise. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 29th October 2009 10:00:47
Halifax II W7928 11/1942 - 2/1945Air-Britain's ROYAL AIR FORCE AIRCRAFT W1000-Z9999 (Halley) lists W7928 as serving with 78 Squadron, 1652 CU and 1669 CU. Flew into cu-nim cloud and stalled, 4th January 1945; returned to base but struck off charge 22nd February 1945. Ian Macdonald ....Read More.Ian M Macdonald on 21st November 2009 06:33:32
421113 - Unaccounted airmen - 13-11-1942What were the places of death registration for: A - Killed on active service: Sgt (Obs) Bernard BAMFORD - 929138; F/O (Pilot) Stanley A. FANNON - 61965; Sgt (Pilot) Desmond T. GALE - 1333476 - 247 Sqn (High Ercall, Shropshire); Sgt (Ag) Richard O. PARKER - 1338690; Sgt (Obs/WOp) Hal M. RIKARD-BELL - 1324830; LAC (Obs u/t) Ronald A. SIMPSON - 1498390, and Sgt (Pilot) Alfred J. STONE - 1314877. B - Died on active service: Sgt (Ag) Alan A. BLAKE - 1435813; LAC Albert F. BLOOMFIELD - 934667; AC1 James E.M. FRY - 1417394, and AC1 Frederick W. THORNTON - 1266155 - Age 30. C - Not found in Flight archives: Sgt (WOp/Ag) George LUNN - 1125565, and F/Sgt (Ag) Ivor L. PARSONS - 537621 - 278 Sqn (Coltishall, Norfolk). D - Proposed aircraft losses: Hurricane I - V6696 - MSFU - crashed on take-off Allerton Golf Course, Menlove Ave, Liverpool. Oxford I - V3905 - 15 (P)AFU - collided with Whitley Z9134 in bad visibility at low altitude, Hougham, Lincolnshire (Whitley Z9134 of 42 OTU is listed bij Air Britain in their W1000-Z9999 as having collided with Oxford V3"3"05 on "19"-11-1942 at Hougham, 4 miles NNW of Grantham, Lincolnshire !). Typhoon I - R7691 - 182 Sqn - crashed on take-off Martlesham Heath. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 16th December 2009 07:53:01
Proctor accident on 4th May 1944, F/O BEATTY RCAFIt was Proctor II Z7217 of 4 RS. Broke up recovering from dive, Coleford, Gloucestershire. (From THEY SHALL GROW NOT OLD and the Air-Britain ROYAL AIR FORCE AIRCRAFT W1000-Z9999). Ian Macdonald ....Read More.Ian M Macdonald on 19th December 2009 08:05:15
Coastal Command crash 8 Dec 1942Air-Britain ' RAF Aircraft W1000-Z9999', lists Z7443 as crashing 3 mls NW of Lauder - which would be circa Collie Law. Keith ....Read More.Keith Bryers on 19th December 2009 11:23:02
430121 - Unaccounted airmen - 21-1-1943Gents, Info on Master W8864 "Abandoned Scotland Nursery, Butterley, Derbyshire" came from Air Britain's Aeromilitaria Autumn 2008, Article: Crash Sites in the United Kingdom during Word War 2". In Air Britain's W1000-Z9999 is listed "Failed to recover from a spin and abandoned" (no further location). Buz, Thanks for info on Tomahawk AH905. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 4th March 2010 10:33:32
421113 - Unaccounted airmen - 13-11-1942Thanks Neil for this info. Both Air Britain publications: Aircraft Serials W1000 - Z9999 (latest edition), and The Whitley File (edition 1986), have for Whitley Z9134: 42 OTU - Collided with Oxford V3305 (sic - V3305 serial never used on any aircraft), Hougham, 4 miles NNW of Granthem, Lincs, "19"-11-1942. (What may have been "13"-11-1942, and incorrect in both Air Britain books). STONE may have been sole occupant/casualty on Oxford V3905. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 24th July 2010 06:41:57
Hurricane Z3359 service record?The Air Britain W1000-Z9999 serials register gives ; 257 Squadron and then to North Africa . To Armee de l'Air 9 August 1945 . ....Read More.David Thompson on 13th August 2010 04:31:19
Accident Beaufighter Mk.IF (X7554)Hi, According to Air Britain file W1000-Z9999 : X7554 68 Sq. (Only served with this unit) Built & delivered by Bristol Weston-Super-Mare between Feb 41 - Feb 42. Hit rim of runway during single engined practice flight,swung into pile of earth and undercarriage collapsed. High Ercall 8.7.41. Damaged Beyond Repair. Regards Dave ....Read More.highgroundsman on 1st November 2010 02:23:58
No.37 Squadron Wellingtons - Z8987 or Z8944 ?Halley's Royal Air Force Aircraft W1000-Z9999 indicates Z8944 was written-off in a ground accident while with 108 Squadron, 12th July 1942. Z8987 is listed as missing (Benghazi) 10th May 1942, so, apparently the latter. Ian Macdonald ....Read More.Ian M Macdonald on 13th September 2011 12:52:02
430917 - Unaccounted airmen - 17-9-1943Thanks friends for all this worthwhile info. Tom (msg #5): Could Oxford X6864 being repaired after the accident 17.9.43 as Air Britain W1000-Z9999 only has listed: 7 AACU - SOC 30.9.45. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 20th June 2012 03:56:55
Wellington IC X9741 service historyHello Col's suggestion is correct, and confirmed in Air-Britain W1000-Z9999. The entry for X9741 is 311/1503 flight/TFU/1 AAS SOC 24 June 1944. Regards Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 17th November 2012 11:46:17
Wellington IC X9741 service historyJoss many thanks! Looks like this became to much for me:( I have been checking the Air-Britain W1000-Z9999 several times today but do not noticed this! Anyway - the writing for 1 AAS in AMC for sure does not looks like 1AAS:) And in the AMC there is not mentioned TFU and there is 1505 Flight instead of 1503 Flight. What a mess! Finally at least this bit is resolved. Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 17th November 2012 12:07:32
Process of finding aircraft informationThanks Ross I have done a search and produced the following listing, which hopefully covers all volumes: The Royal Air Force of the 1930's K-FILE James J Halley 1996 Royal Air Force Aircraft J1 TO J9999 James J Halley 1988 Royal Air Force Aircraft L1000 TO N9999 James J Halley 1993 Royal Air Force Aircraft N1000 TO N9999 James J Halley 1937 Royal Air Force Aircraft N1000 TO N9999 James J Halley 1978 Royal Air Force Aircraft P1000 TO P9999 James J Halley 1978 Royal Air Force Aircraft R1000 TO R9999 James J Halley 1943 Royal Air Force Aircraft T1000 TO T9999 James J Halley 1981 Royal Air Force Aircraft T1000 TO T9999 James J Halley 1997 Royal Air Force Aircraft T1000 TO V9999 James J Halley 1997 Royal Air Force Aircraft W1000 TO Z9999 James J Halley 1998 Royal Air Force Aircraft X1000 TO X9999 James J Halley 1984 Royal Air Force Aircraft Z1000 TO Z9999 James J Halley 1984 Royal Air Force Aircraft AA100 TO AZ999 James J Halley 1985 Royal Air Force Aircraft BA100 TO BZ999 James J Halley 2006 Royal Air Force Aircraft DA100 TO DZ999 James J Halley Royal Air Force Aircraft EA100 TO EX999 James J Halley Royal Air Force Aircraft FA100 TO FZ999 James J Halley 1989 Royal Air Force Aircraft HA100 TO HZ999 James J Halley 1989 Royal Air Force Aircraft JA100 TO JZ999 James J Halley 1990 Royal Air Force Aircraft LA100 TO LZ999 James J Halley 1991 Royal Air Force Aircraft PA100 TO RZ999 James J Halley 1992 Royal Air Force Aircraft SA100 TO VZ999 James J Halley 1985 Royal Air Force Aircraft WA100 TO WZ999 James J Halley 1983 Royal Air Force Aircraft XA100 TO XZ999 James J Halley 2001 Regards Pete ....Read More.PeteT on 5th January 2013 07:22:54
Spitfire loss, 17 September 1942Keith, From ABS 'W1000-Z9999' I note the following: Hurricane I Z4180 of 56OTU dived into ground 2m N of Glenfarg Reservoir on 17-Sep-42, believed due to anoxia I have the location as Ardargie Mains, 2m NNW of the reservoir, and believe the pilot to have been F/L DFH BROWN Details of this loss are remarkably similar to those you describe, and would thus appear to fit your loss, unless of course you know different dg ....Read More.Litcham_Lad on 9th January 2013 06:02:25
Air 79 "Z Service Numbers"Ross thanks for that I was flowing your possible Rifle Brigade possibly and found these 5 on CWGC WILSON, D L Private Z/352 09/04/1917 Royal Flying Corps United Kingdom II. A. 4. MOROGORO CEMETERY South African Sqdn WHITE, A Air Mechanic 1st Class Z/357 03/02/1918 Royal Flying Corps United Kingdom 4. A. 13. DAR ES SALAAM WAR CEMETERY South African Sqdn THOMPSON, G Air Mechanic 2nd Class Z/302 28/11/1916 Royal Flying Corps United Kingdom VI. C. 4. MOROGORO CEMETERY 26th South African Sqdn FIRTH, T M Corporal Z/225 08/12/1916 Royal Flying Corps United Kingdom 1. E. 16. DAR ES SALAAM WAR CEMETERY South African Sqdn BISHOP, HARRY EDWARD Serjeant Z/121 18/10/1917 22 Royal Flying Corps United Kingdom 4. H. 10. DAR ES SALAAM WAR CEMETERY South African Sqdn Son of Mr. A. E. Bishop, of The Woolpack Hotel, Tenterden, Kent, England. HUTCHINGS, E M Flight Serjeant Z/105 18/06/1916 Royal Flying Corps United Kingdom 3. F. 16. DAR ES SALAAM WAR CEMETERY 26th South African Sqdn. Son of Ralph and Mary Jane Hutchings, of Willow Cottage, Oxford Rd., Benson, Wallingford, England. Yes South African RFC! Interesting article here [url][/url] BTW I sorted the Z Service Rifle Brigade numbers on CWGC very sad to see almost all of the numbers on the site from Z1 to Z9999 with not many gaps ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 25th July 2014 11:51:45
Casualties on Circus 39 ti Kens, 8 July 1941Hello I have Sergeant MENŠÍK flying Z3327, but no idea of the individual letter, I know that Z5560 is what is written in the ORB, but this Hurricane is reportedly having been sent to Russia in October 1941 ??? I think I found Z3327 from the Air-Britain W1000-Z9999 book. ZZ346 being coded ZT-S. Hendry flying P8470, possibly OU-S, but not confirmed, which was a presentation Spitfire, "FOREMOST". MENŠÍK was an evader, as was DUVAL, and was KIFA on 22nd April 1943, flying a Beaufighter with No. 68 Squadron, and is buried near Coltishall, where he was based (Scottow cemetery). Joss Not ....Read More.jossleclercq on 16th February 2015 01:16:40
Y0062 - UT-2 Trainer - 10-08-1943Hello Ian, Of the 15 names in the Runnymede Memorial lists, 8 have no Squadron detailed. They are - RAAF WILLIS, R.A. - Sgt - 406543. LANGOULANT, T. B. - Sgt - 406531. RCAF HAMMEL, M. T. - F/Sgt - R/91287. KRAVAC, W. - F/Sgt - R/92226. McMAHON, J. A. - F/Sgt - R/82745. RAFVR FERRY, S. A. - Sgt - 932387. PEARCE, P. J. D. - F/Sgt - 1286160. TRUSSELL, L. G. Sgt - 1375842. A/c serial found . [url][/url] The a/c serial would seem to be according to the details given in the above archive link as [B]W5619[/B]. Crew given as - PEARCE FERRY TRUSSELL HAMMELL KRAVAC McMAHON Looks like AB's W1000-Z9999 has the date wrong as it has 16.7.1941 ? Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 9th August 2018 09:37:13
614 Sqn 13th February 1942 Sgt Nightingale 905538Hello, The Blenheim involved was Mk.IV Z6033 (not Z6039) - 248/2 OTU/614 - Engine cut on take-off from Inverness, crashed in sea 14.2.42. RAF A/C X1000 to X9999, Z1000 to Z9999/A-B/Halley/71. and ... Appendix 2. Coastal Command Blenheim Losses, 1942. 14-02-1942. Z6033 - 614 Squadron: FTR; engine cut just after take-off at Inverness on operational sortie, crashed into Moray Firth; P/O Mummery (Pilot) and Sgt Field (WOp/Ag) rescued, Sgt Nightingale (Obs) drowned. See: The Bristol Blenheim A Complete History Warner,Graham. Manchester:Crecy,2005 (2nd.ed.). p.390. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 11th March 2019 06:53:11

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