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Liberator II AL534 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Liberator II AL534

c/n 32; TOC Dorval 24.11.41; Dorval - Gander 3.12.41, Gander-Ayr 12.12.41; SAL, Prestwick, 12.12.41; 48 MU 13.12.41; 48 MU - SAL 27.3.42 for mods for 1653 CU; SAL-1653 CU 31.5.42; 1445 Flt 6.42 for ME; to Hurn 11.6.42; 159 Sqn; FTR from raid on Benghazi 23.7.42. More information in: The Liberator in RAF and Commonwealth Service by James D. Oughton , John F. Hamlin, Andrew Thomas

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  23 Jul 42 Aircraft Name  Liberator II Serial Number  AL534
Unit  159 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  Libya
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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john henry hogg flight sergeanthe was killed on 23.07.42. lost in a liberator al534 from 159 squadron. other crew members names would be most appreciated thanks. t.s. ....Read More.thomas stone on 15th April 2009 03:34:57
john henry hogg flight sergeantHi Thomas From Bomber Losses in the Middle East and Med, by Gunby and Temple, AL534 FTR from a raid on Benghazi. The Crew were- F/O R A Malcolm pow W/O R J Male pow F/Sgt J S Peterson RCAF KIA F/Sgt J H Hogg KIA Sgt W Bell pow Sgt A Charlton pow Sgt A Westwood RCAF pow Peterson is buried in Benghazi War Cemetery, but Hogg has no known grave and is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 15th April 2009 04:52:20
Charlton, J. Allen P.O.W. Stalag Luft IIII think he was on Liberator AL534 of 159 Sq. attacking Benghazi lost 23/7/1942. 1 crew member in Benghazi War Cem. and 1 on Allamein Memorial. ....Read More.John Larder on 22nd February 2014 12:46:50
159 Sqn Liberator damaged 23 July 1942Hi, During an attack on shipping in Benghazi 23 July 1942 was one Liberator from 159 Sqn damaged in combat with enemy fighters. I have the following information from Tavender: The Distinguished Flying Medal Register Banks, Raymond Victor. Aus.404463 Sgt, RAAF, 178 Sqn (L.G. 27 Apr 1943) “He has participated in 9 daylight attacks in which he acted as fire controller. On daylight attack carried out on shipping in Benghazi on 23rd July 1942, the formation in which his aircraft was flying met with heavy anti-aircraft fire and was broken up. He coolly directed the fire of his aircraft which was then subjected to concentrated enemy fighter attacks and one enemy fighter was shot down. He then assisted in the stopping of riddled petrol tanks which enabled the aircraft to reach friendly territory.” Unfortunately is there no information about Middle East operations by 159 Sqn in the ORB during this period. Is it possibly to identify the aircraft and the other crew members via damage report or any similar documents? According to [I]A History of the Mediterranean Air War, Vol 2[/I] Liberator AL534 was lost on this date but a reply by Alex Smart on another forum makes me sure that this was not the aircraft Banks flew in. Thanks in advance, Peter ....Read More.phasselgren on 3rd August 2014 06:27:28
159 Sqn Liberator damaged 23 July 1942Hi, Peter, The lack of 159 Sqn ORB records during part of 1942 is very frustrating. However, I do have some information on 159 Sqn's Benghazi shipping op of that date, from "Chocks Away!", the memoir of W/Cdr J. Leighton Beck DFC & Bar. And also from the paperwork for his recommendation for a DSO, downgraded to a Bar to his DFC. He was a S/Ldr and Flight Commander on 159 Sqn in the Middle East and then India. From his memoir: [I]Daylight missions were very different. We had no fighter air cover so we flew in formation to give mutual support in fire power. To get under the German radar screen we flew low down the Med or down the Quattara Depression (a vast stretch of land below sea-level which ran westward for hundreds of miles south of the coastal strip) then at the last minute we would climb as rapidly as possible to bombing height for the final attack. We could not escape detection as we neared the target and it was sickening to have to witness the fighters taking off from their desert air strips as we approached. Meantime the ring of anti-aircraft defences were being manned to put up a terrific barrage over our target. This happened on 23rd July, 1942 on one of my sorties against shipping and port installations at Benghazi in Libya. We had flown for six hours 100 ft up over the bottom of the Quattara Depression and climbed up to 18,000 ft south of Benghazi and at that height I could see the fighters taking off to attack us. Then way above us on our run up to the docks I saw a formation of American Liberators attack right in front. They had supercharged engines so could fly at 32,000 ft out of flak range (their Nordyn bombsight was better than ours in the RAF) and I was amazed to see a large cargo ship in the docks receive a direct hit. It just exploded upwards and outwards with complete destruction. We were all tensed up in my formation naturally and on the approach it was like watching a film in slow motion. The noise of the engines blanked out most sounds except directions “left left” or “right right” from the bomb aimer or information from the gunners of fighter activity on the intercom system when the ME 110 attacked on the run up to the docks. Then all hell was let loose as we flew through the dense flak barrage. I could hear the crump, crump of shells exploding all around us and see the black puffs of smoke. The sound is somewhat like heavy doors being slammed shut at the end of an echoing corridor at each burst. Then “bombs away” and shortly after the formation’s bombs were seen to hit the docks and shipping given over the intercom by my rear gunner. As soon as we were clear of the target I could feel that my aircraft had received some damage but had no time to check as we were immediately attacked by three fighters. An ME 109, a ME110* and an Italian Macchi 200. My fighter direction officer Flt. Lt. Dalton was already in the astro-dome giving me information as to where each fighter was co ....Read More.Matt Poole on 5th August 2014 09:30:11
Photographs of POW's neededThe are 51 prisoners (49 R.A.F., 2 Army) that are named in my father's POW "Wartime Log." The log book can be seen here. [url][/url] I am attempting to find wartime photographs of each of these individuals, my efforts so far can be seen here, [url][/url] I am hopeful that through this forum I can learn more and obtain photographs of the prisoners listed below who were at either Stalag Luft VI, Stalag 357 of Stalag Luft III. Regards, David Layne. Charlton, J. Allen R.A.F. 9 Dick Road, Kilmarnock. 159 Squadron Liberator AL534. Took off from St Jean, Palestine 23 July 1942 to attack harbor & shipping at Benghazi, Libya. Two killed, 5 POWs. Among the captured was the pilot, F/O R.A. Malcolm. The remains of R/100329 F/Sgt James Sherman Peterson RCAF are buried in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya, while 751642 F/Sgt John Henry Hogg was never found. ________________________________________ Collins, Laurie W. R.A.F. “Sackville House.” 4 Littlefields Lane, Grimsby, Lincs. A/G 57 Squadron Wellington R1369 operation to Kiel shot down and crashed in the sea near the Frisians July 25th 1941 (page 23) Shot down by Helmut Lent this was Lent’s 19th victory out of a total of 111 confirmed kills. Griffith, Peter Hamer. Woodholme, Bishopswood Road, Prestatyn, Wales. Rifleman 6896171. Captured Crete 1st June 1941. Member of 1st. Battalion “The Rangers” Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Gurnell, Peter. R.A.F. Sturton, Brigg. Sgt. A/G 207 Squadron Manchester L7307 shot down by an ME 110 piloted by Gerhard Herzog 27/28 March 1941 on operations to Dusseldorf. Hanrahan, Charles James. R.A.F. 5 Norbreck Close, Cinder Hill, Notts. Sgt. F/E 97 Squadron Lancaster ED816 shot down 12/13 June 1943 on an operation to Bochum. ________________________________________ Hobsbawn, Geoffrey Ronald David Berkwood. R.A.F. Santiago, Chile. Sgt. 102 Squadron Halifax W7652 lost 16 June 1942 on an operation to Essen. (page 81) ________________________________________ Howes, Johnny R.A.F. Peacehaven, Sussex. Sgt. 57 Squadron Wellington Z8985 lost 7/8 November 1941 on a “Rover Patrol” in the Munster area. Hyden, Philip. R.A.F. F/O 78 Squadron Halifax DT775 lost on an operation to Frankfurt, shot down by ME110 night fighter piloted by Feldwebel Karl Gross of 8/NJG4, 10/11 April 1943. This was Gross’s only shoot down Jackson, Reginald J. R.A.F. 20 Maytree Crescent, Watford, Herts. Sgt. F/E 156 Squadron Lancaster W4943 on operations to Essen 27/28 May 1943. Shot down by Maj Werner Streib. Streib’s 49th shootdown from a total of 64. Littlewood, Leonard J. R.A.F. 43 Rothschild St., West Norwood, London. SE 27 Sgt. 487 Squadron Ventura AE731 EG-O shot down by Hauptman Wickop and crashed near Haarlem when participating in “Ramrod 16” attacking a power station near Amsterdam 3 May 1943. This was a disastrous raid, of the 12 aircraft dispatched all were ....Read More.David Layne on 27th April 2015 05:12:02
159 Sqn Liberator damaged 23 July 1942Sadly F/Sgt J. H. Hogg in Liberator AL534 was my late step grandfather's son, from Wolviston, Billingham, Co. Durham. ....Read More.Michael Thompson on 7th July 2015 11:48:24

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