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This is a database of all RAF aircraft serial numbers. Currently this contains over 251,000+ look ups for Serials of RAF aircraft. This tool only tells you which aircraft would have been assigned a particular number series.. In many logbooks, Pilots would have noted only the number component and left out the alphabet component. This tool helps identify the possible aircraft based on the serial number patterns. The data in this page is based on this forum post made by Ross McNeill and by the book on RAF serials by Bruce Robertson. The original serial list was from AM 78 lists and so were for serials allocated to built airframes, delivered to the RAF or impressed from other sources. The intent was to record from the AM78 all the RAF serial that were issued to finished airframes that formed RAF contracts. The list may include some blocks of numbers that were never issued to a production aircraft. Over time these non-issued numbers will be cleaned up from the database

Please note there is some additional information hosted in this Database regarding aircraft fates or allocations. This tool is only useful to find out which aircraft shares a common numerical serial with another, or to validate an existing or incorrect serial, and trying to identify the aircraft based on incomplete serials noted in logbooks.

Update Jan 2018: We have enhanced the search feature by linking various images of the individual aircraft. The icons indicate if there is a "Loss" record against that aircraft (We are limited only to SEAC losses partially as of now) and if there is an individual image against the aircraft. Click on the Image icon to 'drill down' to more details.

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There are a total of 251858 Records in this database

RAF Aircraft Lancaster Serials

Records Found: 7564
7564 Records
L Series : 43
R Series : 257
W Series : 407
DG Series : 1
DS Series : 200
DT Series : 2
DV Series : 200
ED Series : 537
EE Series : 83
FM Series : 130
HK Series : 199
JA Series : 156
JB Series : 394
KB Series : 300
LL Series : 290
LM Series : 509
ME Series : 450
ND Series : 541
NE Series : 59
NF Series : 82
NG Series : 318
NN Series : 100
NX Series : 200
PA Series : 271
PB Series : 691
PD Series : 233
PP Series : 101
RA Series : 121
RE Series : 102
RF Series : 170
RS Series : 46
RT Series : 30
SR Series : 107
SW Series : 119
TW Series : 90
TX Series : 25
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