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Aircraftman 2nd Class Allen ROBINSON (631370) of the Royal Air Force

Radio Operator (Air)
Lost in aircraft Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450

Death of Death 1940-05-21 .

Served in 115 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Divn. 64. Plot 6. Row K. Grave 7. at Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/450Sergeant F Williams, Sergeant F A G Lowe, Aircraftman 2nd Class T Kennedy, Leading Aircraftman H G Griffin, Aircraftman 2nd Class A Robinson and Pilot Officer D W W Morris: report of deaths; Wellington R3152 crashed near Le Havre, France, 21 May 1940.C14502121
AIR81/3603Sergeant A Robinson: injured; aircraft accident at Flixton Golf Course, Manchester, Master N7514, 5 Flying Training School, 2 October 1940.C16687701
AIR81/4345Sergeant V K Hobbs, Sergeant G Davies, Sergeant A Robinson: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim T1859, 17 Operational Training Unit, 26 November 1940.C16688443
AIR81/4367Sergeant J W Powell: injured; Sergeant R W H Baxter, Sergeant J A Robinson, Sergeant J D Hunt: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hampden P2125, 83 Squadron, 27 November 1940.C16688465
AIR81/4923Leading Aircraftman A Robinson, Aircraftman C L A Dods: killed; landmine explosion at West Wittering, Sussex, 23 January 1941.C16689021

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 22 May 40 Aircraft Name Wellington IC Serial Number R3152
Unit 115 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country France
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Wellington IC R3152

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Leading AircraftmanHarold George GRIFFIN (755893) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450 1940-05-21115 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
Aircraftman 2nd ClassThomas KENNEDY (632947) Wireless Operator (Air) Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450 1940-05-21115 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
SergeantFrancis Alfred George LOWE (581516) Observer Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450 1940-05-21115 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
Pilot OfficerDouglas William West MORRIS (41048) Pilot Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450 1940-05-21115 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
Aircraftman 2nd ClassAllen ROBINSON (631370) Radio Operator (Air) Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450 1940-05-21115 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
SergeantFrancis WILLIAMS (566298) Pilot Wellington Ic R3152  AIR81/450 1940-05-21115 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre

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158 Sqn Halifax DT635 3rd Apr 1943Hi Steve Just in case you haven't got access to RAF Bomber Command Losses Vol 4, W R Chorley, he records the loss as at Munchengladbach with the crew as follows:- F/Lt J D Cole-pilot Sgt R Gowing- F/E P/O R C Stemp- Nav Sgt B J Warr- Air Bomber Sgt A Ward-W/op Sgt W A Robinson-M/u Sst C G Dawson-Tail He records that Cole's parents lived in Alexandria, and Sgt Warr was a Canadian serving in the RAF. A look on the CWGC website should give a start as to Next-of-Kin Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 5th February 2008 02:30:21
26 EFTS ThealeHenk, Oh Wise One, I think we can discount Freda Robinson - The Ladies were not much encouraged to fly in the RAF in WW2 (ATA - Yes!) The remaining gentlemen all seem a bit "long in the tooth" for EFTS pupils. By 1944 the main Works Services required at RAF Theale was pumping the site dry - so I think we can disregard 5003 Sqn (they were The Heavy Construction Mob!!). 2847 Sqn - do not know where they were either (but somebody will!!!). RAF Theale is my "local" WW2 airfield (2.5 km from where I now live!) My "Berkshire Airfields Files" was an attempt to get my local museum interested in modern aviation archaeology - and to record it. But, as they say in The Good Book, "and some fell upon stony ground"!! Nevertheless we will continue with The Good Works! Tks, Henk, and Rgds Peter ....Read More.Resmoroh on 28th April 2008 12:31:09
Unknown Officers, Llanbedr, Sep.-Nov. 1942Steve, here's some info on Tomlinson: From RAF Atcham ORB (Sector HQ) there are a number of mentions of Wing Commander G C Tomlinson OBE (later written CBE) DFC, Commanding Officer of Wrexham taking over temporary command of Sector HQ from Group Captain Heber-Percy. These temparary posting occur between July and October 1942. A quick look of the London Gazette finds his Service number as 05214. No mentions of the others going to Llanbedr though. A E Robinson served at 11 FTS, Shawbury prewar. All that i have on him is: P/O (Instructor) Anthony Edward Robinson (39472) (ex RAAF). He was commissioned P/O on 19th February 1937. The LG lists him as being on strength of 11 FTS, Shawbury in October 1938. Promoted F/O 19th November 1937 and then F/Lt 3rd September 1940. He was killed on 10th February 1943 serving as a Sqn Leader with 610 (County of Chester) Squadron. He is also listed on the RAAF Roll of Honour, but no files in Austrlian Archives. Killed flying in Spitfire EE767 when engaged by FW190’s over Caen. Son of Alfred Edward Robinson and of Florence Emily Maria Robinson (nee Crowther); husband of Joan Patricia Myrtle Robinson (nee Leigh), of North Stoke, Oxfordshire. Hope it helps, Tom ....Read More.thorne83 on 5th May 2008 03:30:17
Crew of Lancaster PB397 170 SqnHi All, I am looking for a crew photo of the crew of the above lancaster. On the night of 7/8 Jan 1945 this aircraft collided with 166 Sqn Lancaster NG290 over Munsingen on a trip to Munchen. All 14 airmen were killed and are buried in Durnbach War Cemetery. The cew were; F/O N K Dunlop 419166 RAAF. Sgt J H Pinsent 1852125 from Totquary. Sgt T Miller 873380 from New Stevenson. F/S R S Bennett 1335173 from Hassocks. F/S J Mace 1589239 from Blackburn. Sgt P Day 2213761 from ? F/Sgt C A Robinson 2209776 from Saltney. I have a photo of the Aussie F/O N K Dunlop but I am after either a crew photo or of eack member of the crew. They were on their 8th trip when they were lost. Thanks, John. ....Read More.John Williams on 12th September 2012 02:20:41
S/Ldr Norman 'Cito' RiddellJohn, Hi, This might be yr man? Civil registration event: Birth Name: RIDDELL, Norman C S R Registration district: [?] Kingston County: Surrey Year of registration: 1916 Quarter of registration: Oct-Nov-Dec Mother's maiden name: Stewart Volume no:[?]2A Page no:[?]762 The undermentioned Pilot Officers are promoted to the rank of Flying Officer on the dates stated: — 7th May 1940. Norman Charles Stewart RIDDELL (39899). Fig. Offs. .to be Fit. Lts. (war subs.) : — 7th Aug. 1941. N. C. S. RIDDELL, D.F.C. (39899). Transfer to reserve. The undermtd. (and called up for Air Force service)'.— Fit. Lts.: — loth May 1941. *Flg. Off. N. C. S. RIDDELL, D.F.C. (39899)- Fit Lt. to Sqn Ldr. (temp.): — ist July 1945. N C. S RIDDELL, D F C. (39899). Civil registration event: Marriage Name: RIDDELL, Norman C S Registration district: [?] Kensington County: London Year of registration: 1951 Quarter of registration: Oct-Nov-Dec Spouse's last name Robinson Volume no: [?] 5C Page no: [?] 2171 MarriageFinder™: [?] Norman C S Riddell married Edna A Robinson Civil registration event: Death Name: RIDDELL, Norman Charles S Registration district: [?] Hitchin & Stevenage County: Hertfordshire Year of registration: 2004 Month of registration: February Date of Birth:16 October 1916 District no: 534/1 Reg no: 18C Ent no: 206 DOR: 204 HTH Peter Davies PS There also appear to be some Riddell children born in Chile after the marriage - but do not know if they are traceable. As Norman Charles appears to come back to UK (if the above is, indeed, him!!) then any progeny might be. They might have log books, etc? ....Read More.Resmoroh on 15th September 2012 06:41:19
"Edna Robinson" - WAAF Agent??I worked with a former officer in 2nd Bn The Lincolnshire Regt. Apparently, at the end of WWII, his unit was given over to the 'Graves Concentration Unit' and their role was fairly obvious, in that they brought in the remains of casualties to the war cemeteries. He described one incident where his team recovered the remains of a WAAF female agent, whose name he recalled as: 'Edna Robinson', from somewhere in (what is now) the Czech or Slovak Republics. The place he named - and pronounced phonetically - was BAN SHE PA TREE KA but obviously it was spelt differently. Several years later and during a passing piece of research, I found this lady's grave recorded in the CWGC registers. Her name was not, however, Edna Robinson but something similar. I passed on to other things and then became 'lost' when I tried to backtrack and have never been able to find the record again. Please can somebody point me towards on line records of WWII females lost in Europe (outside UK) or give some other advice on where to turn - short of trawling the CWGC registers for each country! Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 18th July 2013 01:29:18
"Edna Robinson" - WAAF Agent??Ada Robinson ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 18th July 2013 06:19:53
"Edna Robinson" - WAAF Agent??Col & Paul, Gentlemen, Thank you for your prompt and fruitful response to my request for help tracking down Ada Robinson. In part, I was looking in completely the wrong area, as I felt sure I was dealing with Europe, when I should have been looking in the Middle East. Interesting that, having been brought to the Prague War Cemy, the lady was then exhumed and removed to Israel and that presumably post 1948. Unfortunately, I suspect my colleague, who first told me about this lady, is no longer around himself as he was in middle age when we worked together over forty years ago. Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 19th July 2013 01:18:38
Hanover 22 September 1943 Raid Squadron listNick I am not sure if your received my e-mail but this is the information recorded in the 199 ORB for the raid to Hanover on 22/23 September 1943 :- Operation No. 87 : Night of the 22/23rd. September 1943. Twelve aircraft were detailed to attack Hanover all of which took off and returned. Stirling Mk. III EF505 : EX-K F/Sgt. WH Chappell : Pilot Sgt. LJ Crossman : Navigator Sgt. TJ Higgins : A/B Sgt. PCW Sellers : WOp/AG Sgt. D. Oxley : F/E Sgt. RG Knights : M/U Sgt. WR Dunkley : R/G Up : 18.57, Down : 00.27 Hanover. Target attacked at 21.35 hours 16500 feet, 191 degrees magnetic, IAS 150. Weather clear. Target identified by green TI’s. Good fires seen burning at Hanover on crossing coast on way back 200 miles away Stirling Mk. III EE947 : EX-D S/Ldr. K. Humby DFC : Pilot F/O IJ Robertson : Pilot F/Sgt. WJ Earle : Navigator F/Sgt. DW Arben : A/B W/O WRS Noyes : WOp/AG Sgt. GE Pimlott : F/E Sgt. WER Davies : M/U Sgt. G Nixon : R/G Up : 19.02, Down : 01.01 Hanover. Target attacked at 21.37 hours 15000 feet, 190 degrees magnetic, IAS 180. Weather clear. Target identified by scattered green TI’s in built up area. Bombed on green T.I. markers. Good fires in built up area and much smoke seen for 200 miles. Stirling Mk. III EF972 : EX-C F/Sgt. TA Austin : Pilot 2nd. Lt. C Carlson : Navigator F/Sgt. LJ Laurence : A/B F/Lt. JW Kerr : WOp/AG Sgt. J. Grout : F/E Sgt. RFR Morgon : M/U W/O GC Murray : R/G Up : 18.44, Down 00.46 Hanover. Target attacked at 21.39 hours 15000 feet, 150 degrees magnetic, IAS 180. Weather clear. Target identified by green T.I. markers. Markers in sight when bombs released. Large fires : smoke up to 12000 feet. Fires seen for an hour after leaving target. Stirling Mk. III EF508 : EX-G F/Lt. WR Pettit : Pilot Sgt. KA Robinson : Pilot Sgt. F Hartwright : Navigator F.O L Francis : A/B Sgt. JR Serjeant : WOp/AG Sgt. R Currie DFM : F/E Sgt. GW Tye : M/U Sgt. JE Phipp : R/G Up 18.53, Down 00.25 Hanover. Target attacked at 21.34 hours 16000 feet, 195 degrees magnetic, IAS 170. Weather clear. Target identified by scattered green T.I. markers. Good fires seen on leaving target from Dutch coast. Much black smoke. Stirling Mk. III EH909 : EX-Z Sgt. MAN Hodson : Pilot Sgt. BP Higginson : Navigator Sgt. R Taylor : A/B Sgt. DG Wood : WOp/AG Sgt. J. Taylor : F/E Sgt. AJ Quar : M/U Sgt. WH Boyden : R/G Up 18.52, Down 00.54 Hanover. Target attacked at 21.35 hours 13500 feet, 156 degrees magnetic, IAS 180. Weather clear. Target identified by green T.I. markers. Bombs aimed at centre of T.I. markers : large building seen in bomb burst flashes. Considerable flash seen which lit up buildings nearby. Stirling Mk. III EE941 : EX-U Sgt. R Catterall : Pilot Sgt. JR Ison : Navigator Sgt. LK Hunter : A/B Sgt. H Biffen : WOp/AG Sgt. WK Short : F/E Sgt. FA Smith : M/U Sgt. K Pilmore : R/G Up 18.48, Down 00.51 Hanover : Target attacked at 21.36 hours 16000 feet, 139 degrees magnetic, IAS ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 22nd August 2013 12:35:33
Sqd. Ldr. A. E. RobinsonHello Steve, Sqdn. Ldr. Anthony Edward Robinson was my husband's relative by marriage to 'Tony's' wife Joan Patricia Robinson (nee Leigh). Tony was a supernumerary with 610 Squadron after coming over from Australia. He served with 11 FTS, Shawbury pre-war as P/O (Instructor) (ex R Australian AF). He was commissioned P/O on 19 February 1937. The LG lists him as being on strength of 11 FTS, Shawbury (Shropshire) in October 1938. Promoted F/O 19/11/37 and then F/Lt 03/09.40. Also served with 619, 238 & 66 Squadrons. MPD 10/02/43 aged 28 years. Flew EE767 'DW-E 02/02/43 and BL563 'DW-U' 06/02/43. Shot down by flak/Fw 190s near Caen in Spitfire Vb EE767 'DW-N' on Circus 261 escorting bombers. (This information was provided by Michael Lewis, 610 Squadron Association) He flew with Jonny Johnson and we have the transcript of his final sortie and conversation with Jonny after he had been hit. (We would not want to post the transcript here but would be willing to send it to you as a scanned copy.) We only have one photograph of Tony on his wedding day and are currently trying to see whether the museum at Hawkinge is able to help us with a service photograph. Please feel free to get in touch, my husband would be able to give you more detailed information. ....Read More.sigridleidig on 20th November 2014 04:19:50
2209976 Sgt Allen Robinson Air GunnerOggie/(Colin) 2209976 in Block 2200000-2212749 “UK Enlistments – Padgate” from Oct 1942 Assume he was 18 in Oct 42. Therefore (3 x dots!) Birth around Oct 1924. You can have:- Allen Robinson b. Q1 1925 Reg Oldham 8d 1200 (MMS Greaves) b. Q4 1921 Reg N. Bierly 9b 105 (MMS Lodge) b. Q2 1921 Reg Barnsley 9c 650 (MMS Hudson) There may be more if we push the Birth year back earlier than 1921, but I would bet some of your money on the Q1 1925 Oldham Allen Robinson! Need to check Forename(s) against 2209976 Robinson, Allen, in AIR 78 (there is an Allen Leonard Robinson also b. Q1 1925. This one d. Nov 1994 Watford 5361B B36D 109). And, indeed, check Allen/Allan, etc! Perhaps need to knock quite loudly on some other ‘woodwork’ to see what falls out (siblings, rellies, progeny)? HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 2nd December 2016 08:51:04
83 sqn Pathfinders[QUOTE=Neilw;65000]Have the ORB for 83 squadron if you want anything from it Neil[/QUOTE] Hi Neil I wonder if you can help. The Sgt I work for has bought some medals and memorabilia for a 2009976 Sgt Allen Robinson AG. Would you be able to look at the ORBs and see what the names of his crew mates were and what Ops they did while on 83 Sqn. Will it also tell you what LFS or OTU they were posted in from? Best wishes Dee ....Read More.Oggie2620 on 8th December 2016 03:10:56
450115 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-01-1945Hello, UK (1) 769448 AC2 Aba BARDICEV (aka Robert WILLIS) RAFVR. Aircraftman 2nd Class Aba BARDICEV (a Czech), joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (in the Middle East), but became involved in special operations under the name of Robert Willis with the code name "Anticlimax". He participated in the highly-secret Operation "Amsterdam" but was captured by the Germans on Christmas Day 1944 whilst trying to buy food dressed in a British uniform. He was executed at Mauthausen on 15 January 1945. See: Unearthing Churchill's Secret Army:The Official List of SOE Casualties and their Stories. Grehan,John & Martin Mace. Barnsley:Pen & Sword Military,2012. p.241. It should be noted, there is alternative advice available : MI9/A Force in Hungary. MISSIONS. AMSTERDAM. + Rafael REISS aka Sgt Stephens aka Sgt Stephenson/Stefan RICE RAFVR. + Sgt Zvi BEN-YAAKOV aka Jindrich GRUENHUT aka 2Lt M JAMAY (UNCLE). Chaim CHERMESH aka Martha MARTINOVIC (AUNTIE) +Haviva aka Chaviva REIK aka Ada ROBINSON. ANTI-CLIMAX. + Abba BARDICHEV/BERDICZEW/BERDICHEV aka Lt Robert WILLIS. + Rafael REISS - see AMSTERDAM. See: Through Hitler's Back Door:SOE Operations in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria 1939-1945. Ogden,Alan. Barnsley:Pen & Sword Military,2010. pp.10-11. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 10th October 2017 11:36:54
1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationSome more Canadian Burials to June 30 1941 Pilot Officer Geoffrey Fylton MACKIE (J/3470) 1941-02-15 Canada Vernon Coldstream Cemetery Killed when RCAF Training Plane Crashed near Point Anne. Eyewitnesses said the plane nose-dived onto the ice of the Bay of Quinie and eninge buried itself in 20 inches of ice. Pilot thrown from cockpit and body found some distance from wreckage From Bill Walker Web Site North American Harvard 1344 Serving with Central Flying School, RCAF Station Trenton, Ontario, when it crashed into the Bay of Quinte at 10:10 on 15 February 1941. Had 795:45 logged time when struck off. Leading Aircraftman Lloyd George LEE (R/72438) 1941-02-21 Canada Chatsworth (Shiloh) Cemetery Leading Aircraftman Lee was killed in the crash of his Harvard (#2590) aircraft crashed near Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada. [url][/url] Category A damage on 21 February 1941 while serving at No. 2 Service Flying Training School, Uplands, Ontario. Had 342:10 airframe time when struck off. Leading Aircraftman Lloyd Ross LANCASTER (R/52101) 1941-02-25 Canada Rodney (Mclean) Cemetery Ref : Plot 31. Row 2. Lot 5. Sergeant William Henry PREST (R/64134) 1941-02-25 Canada Niagara Falls (St. John's) Cem Avro Anson Mk I 6250 1 ANS RCAF [url][/url] Crew (all killed): Sgt Joseph Goodwin Butcher (pilot, 25, from Carman, Manitoba) Sgt William Henry Prest (observer, 20, from Lucknow, Ontario) Sgt Harry Albert Howarth (observer, 19, from London, Ontario) LAC Lloyd Ross Lancaster (wireless operator, 23, from Rodney, Ontario) Leading Aircraftman Chesley Albert KELLOWAY (798564) 1941-03-02 Canada Barrie Union Cemetery Chesley Albert Kelloway, age 22 was laid to rest with full R.C.A.F. honours in Barrie Union cemetery after His plane crashed to the landing field about a mile from the aerodrome at Camp Borden while flying at night about 11;25 p.m. Sunday. He was flying solo, about 200-300 feet in a "Yale" training Machine at No.1 Service Flying Training School, Camp Borden [url][/url] Maybe North American Harvard 2622 - Would Like Confirmation - The Yale report comes from a newspaper report Category A damage on 2 March 1941 while at No. 1 Service Flying Training School, Camp Borden, Ontario. Had 291:30 airframe time when struck off. Pilot Officer Charles GILLARD (J/3109) 1941-03-12 Canada Burnaby Masonic Cemetery Ref : Plot 10B. Sec. G. Grave 4. Leading Aircraftman Eric Henry WILLIAMS (R/54298) 1941-03-12 Canada Ottawa (Pinecrest) Cemetery Collsion between 2 bombing training planes at No 8 Air Training School Moncton. NB Charles 'Chuck' Gillard LAC D C Code Missing - Injured LAC David J Patton of Islington Ont bailed Out and landed Safely 8 Air Training Shool Monc ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 14th May 2019 12:48:15

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