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Aircraftman 1st Class Thomas ROBINSON (756719) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Lost in aircraft Hampden I P2135  AIR81/2932

Death of Death 1940-08-31 .

Served in 49 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Sec. F/18. Grave 13. at Nottingham Northern Cemetery, United Kingdom


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/2932Sergeant R F Roberts, Aircraftman T Robinson, Aircraftman S Hall, Aircraftman G W Snowden: killed; aircraft accident, Scampton, Hampden P2135, 49 Squadron, 31 August 1940.C16472106
AIR81/5106Sergeant A R Clough, Sergeant D Beal: killed; Sergeant C T Robinson: injured; aircraft crashed on return from operational flight near Wisbech, Wellington R2888, 99 Squadron, 12 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4956, 4964C16689204
AIR81/7618Sergeant B K Madgwick: killed; Sergeant Donelon, Sergeant Roche, Sergeant Robinson, Sergeant MacRae, Sergeant Chambers, Sergeant Tourville: uninjured; aircraft crashed at Northampton on return from operational flight, Stirling W6033, 7 Squadron, 14 July 1941.C16756915
AIR81/8485Sergeant W K Willcox, Sergeant A J G Bull, Aircraftsman T Robinson: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Hampden D858, 25 Operational Training Unit, 14 August 1941.C16924327

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 31 Aug 40 Aircraft Name Hampden I Serial Number P2135
Unit 49 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Hampden I P2135

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Aircraftman 2nd ClassStanley HALL (635364) Hampden I P2135  AIR81/2932 1940-08-3149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomNottingham Southern Cemetery
SergeantRoly Frederick ROBERTS (566679) Pilot Hampden I P2135  AIR81/2932 1940-08-3149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemeter
Aircraftman 1st ClassThomas ROBINSON (756719) Hampden I P2135  AIR81/2932 1940-08-3149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomNottingham Northern Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st ClassGeorge William SNOWDEN (624710) Hampden I P2135  AIR81/2932 1940-08-3149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomManchester (Philips Park) Ceme

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Sgt WD Hilton - FTS / OTU casualty?I was just typing up entried from the 8 FTS ORB and thought I would post the one for the 12th Sept 1940, "Master aircraft N7882 crashed 754206 Sgt Hilton and 954407 Sgt Heppel, both pupils, were killed." I think that adds the final bit. For the 11th Sept it has "Master aircraft N7819 crashed near Edzell while night flying 958131 Sgt Robinson, the sole occupant was killed." I don't have anything for the following days which means there was no mention of any of the accidents. ....Read More.alclark on 21st February 2008 09:30:39
Sgt WD Hilton - FTS / OTU casualty?Gents, I think that I may have unwittingly mislead you re Robinson and Lindsey in the first place. Although they appear on consecutive lines of the death register, close(er) examination of the detail reveals that Robinson died 12th Sept, Lindsey died 4 Oct, So N7715 for Lindsey it is. regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 22nd February 2008 12:31:49
P/O E.D. Parker, RAFVR 76465, GC, DFCThanks, John and Jonny. I wonder what happened to the other crew members of Hampden L4044 that crashed at Carlton Hill, North Carlton, Lincs 8/6/1940. P/O Lockhead Sgt Lloyd Sgt Robinson At this moment the CWGC-site is unfortunately down, but even if it would be working now, I'm afraid it will list too many Lloyds and Robinsons. ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 1st March 2008 01:32:18
401004 - Unaccounted airmen - 4-10-1940Gents I have a copy of the death register for Edzell District which has the names of Robinson and Lindsey consecutively. The writing is hard to read but I can confirm Robinson's death on 12th September (recorded 13th). Apologies for misleading. This means that Robinson was killed in the crash of Master N7819 at Edzell. regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 12th April 2008 04:53:52
Unknown Officers, Llanbedr, Sep.-Nov. 1942Dear Errol, Eddie and Tom Thank you very much for your replies; they're a great help. Is there somewhere I can obtain basic information on how Courts of Enquiry into flying accidents worked? In this case, two people were gathered together at short notice, arriving in Llanbedr within 24 hours of the accident, and undoubtedly stayed a few days, in order to discover the cause. How did these CoE's work, in basic terms, and are their reports held somewhere today in the National Archives? Tom, it's clearly difficult to pinpoint Robinson's role at the time - I knew it would be when I asked the question - but do you feel we may assume Robinson fulfilled a flying instructor role as a member of the Llanbedr Station staff? (The Llanbedr ORB makes no mention of his role during this period) Thanks once again for your help Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 5th May 2008 03:44:17
410125 - Unaccounted airman - 25-1-1941Now this is interesting as i have an unknown casualty at RAF Bridgnorth, whose ORB records "one death" in the January 1941 medical report. So it looks quite possible that Robinson was 'my' man. Cheers, Tom ....Read More.thorne83 on 3rd November 2008 02:43:56
420214 - Unaccounted airman - 14-2-1942 (Far East)Hi Henk & Others, From; Bloody Shambles Vol.2. Saturday-Monday, 14-16 February (1942) Saturday, 14 February. Similar fates had overtaken the crews of two of the 62 Squadron machines. The A6Ms apparently shot down the Hudsons flown by Plt Offs Richard Johnson and John Robinson (AE592) as they approached the target; both crews perished. See: Bloody Shambles Vol.2 Shores,C.,Cull,B. & Y.Izawa London:Grub Street,1993. p.91. No.62 Sqn. Casualties 14-2-42 (per G'sSE). 759017 F/Sgt Ronald Frederick BARKER 968251 F/Sgt Gordon Charles Wager GUTERSOHN 966005 Sgt Colin William HARVEY 100543 F/O Richard Arthur Chaffen JOHNSON 955799 F/Sgt Geoffrey POOLE 751555 F/Sgt James ROBERTSON 89831 F/O John Stewart ROBINSON 745908 F/Sgt William TEMPLETON All commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. Difficult, other than pilots', to assign men to aircraft. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 14th April 2009 11:16:11
253 Sqn RAF - 1943Hello, The following may be of interest to other forum users. It is a 253 Sqn RAF aircrew/officer listing circa 1943. This is from the diary of A. Stening (RAAF). Only rank and surnames were included, however, I have added some details based on other documents and some internet searching. Any additions, corrections or comments about names and service numbers would be very welcome. Regards, Drew H CO: S/Ldr BARTLETT Leonard Harold (RAFVR.102959) A Flt comm: F/Lt PLENDERLEITH, Robert (RAFVR.139411) B Flt comm: F/Lt BLAIR, ‘Danny’ New CO: S/Ldr HOPKINSON, Harry (RAFVR.118043) New B Flt comm: F/Lt WATSON, Arthur Wilfred ‘Doc’ (RAFVR.147753) – killed 22 May 44 A Flt: F/O MacDONALD F/O GOLAB? F/O GERKE, Bernard Anton (Aus.416093) P/O WATSON (probably same Watson as above) F/O FINNIE, John Manson (Can.J/21882) – killed 15 May 44 F/O PAWSEY, Frederick William (RAF.49089) P/O HOULE F/Sgt SHORTHOUSE, R C (NZ) F/Sgt RELTON, Colin ‘Rel’ (RAF) F/Sgt WHEATLEY, ‘Pete’ F/Sgt THEOBALD, H L ‘Theo’ (RAF) F/Sgt STENING, Allen (Aus.416625) B Flt P/O WHITTAKER P/O DELANEY, Norman Lionel (Aus.420160) F/O SMITH or SMYTHE P/O CAMPBELL F/O PRENTICE, J S (NZ) F/O WILKS? F/O MUNRO F/Sgt HORTER? F/Sgt WOOTTEN F/Sgt ROBINSON, ‘Robbie’ (RAF) F/Sgt MELVILLE, ‘Mel’ (RAF) F/Sgt BAUGH, ‘Jeff’ (RAF) IO: P/O WRIGHT EO: F/O HUMPHRIES MO: F/Lt WATERS Adj: F/O WHITEHOUSE New Comers W/O MORRIS F/Sgt LAVOIE, Joseph Michael Guy Leroy (Can.R/133000) – killed 6 Jun 44 F/Sgt DEAR, Kenneth (Aus.412922) – killed 16 Apr 44 ....Read More.AUS on 2nd May 2009 10:35:27
178 Squadron 14-10-1944The following crew members of 178 Squadron were lost on the 14th October 1944 and are named on the Budapest Memorial. Sgt Robinson, Sgt Molyneux, Sgt Jibson, Sgt Gerrard and Sgt Fiest. Were they from the same aircraft, and did the pilot survive? Any help would be appreciated Regards Peter ....Read More.peter on 6th May 2009 06:25:24
90 Sqn Oct 1943 to June 1944From my records I can tell you the following 90 Sqn crew raided Amiens on 15 Mar 44: Stirling III 'D' EF431 WO Thomas DB - Pilot FO Christie J - Nav F/S Duffett FI - A/B Sgt Miller AW - W/Op Sgt Yates BMG - M/U/G Sgt Robinson JEL - R/G Sgt Wynes AH F/E. Take off Tuddenham 1916. Landed base 2256. 22 x 500 lb bombs delivered at 2103 from 11,000 feet. Rgds Jonny ....Read More.jonny on 11th July 2009 10:50:04
P/O M.E. Tayler RCAF # J16534 95 Sqn Died 28/11/42RE:- 538143 F/Sgt T.W.Robinson I am the sole surviving relative of the above named, who was my late mother’s brother, Sgt Robinson was killed in action 28th November 1942 whilst serving with 95th Squadron, West African Force and was buried with military honours at KING TOM cemetery, Freetown, Sierra, Leone West Africa on 30th November 1942. I am in possession of his RAF Observers and Air Gunners Flying Log Book, two photographs of his burial service and letter regarding his funeral from W/Com V.H. Furlong. I was delighted to read the above account of what happened on the 28th November 1942 I will be happy to send copies of the letter and photographs to any interesred parties ....Read More.Geoffrey Langford on 27th July 2009 12:31:29
P/O M.E. Tayler RCAF # J16534 95 Sqn Died 28/11/42Hello Paul I have now received a reply to my enquiries to Air Historic Branch RAF supplying all the information they hold on Sunderland Serial number DV975. Extract from a letter to Mr. G.Langford from Air Historical Branch (RAF) Ministry of Defence, RAF Notholt. Ruislip, Middlesex. England. Our records show that F/Sgt Robinson was serving as a Flight Mechanic (airframes)/Gunner with 95 Squadron RAF. On 28 November 1942 he was detailed for a non-operational training flight in Sunderland Mark111 serial number DV975. At approximately1805hrs the aircraft approached the river Bunce in order to land. It was seen to Passover the top of Kamatere Island, where it dived steeply and crashed into the water. Four members of the crew survived the crash but sadly seven members of the crew lost their lives. It was not possible to make a detailed examination of the wreckage to determine the cause of the accident owing to the danger from unexploded depth charges, and these had to be blown up several days later. The aircraft had however, been inspected previously and was certified as fit for the flight in question. From evidence available it could only be concluded that Sunderland DV975 had been subject to a highly localized and extremely violent air disturbance which had caused it to crash. I trust this information helps Kind regards Geoff ....Read More.Geoffrey Langford on 29th August 2009 04:04:21
Aircraftsman AJ Rice 14 Sqn PalestineRick, From the March 1938 RAF Air Force List (of officers only), under 14 Squadron: Sqn Ldr Thomas Cathcart Traill, DFC (Sqn CO), posted in 1 Aug 35 Fg Off (acting Flt Lt) Cosme Lockwood Gomm, 30 Mar 37 Fg Off Royd Martin Fenwick-Wilson, 24 Aug 35 Fg Off John Charles McGregor Lunn, 20 Feb 36 Fg Off Michael Henry Tillard Cooke, 8 May 36 Plt Off Desmond Edward Bell, 8 Dec 36 Plt Off Henry Duncan Card, 10 Apr 37 Plt Off Cecil Gordon Scott Robinson, 10 Apr 37 Plt Off Deryck Cameron Stapleton, 10 Apr 37 Wt Off Alec Leslie Whittaker, 13 MAr 37 Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 26th September 2009 06:00:11
90 Sqn Oct 1943 to June 1944[QUOTE=jonny;31694]From my records I can tell you the following 90 Sqn crew raided Amiens on 15 Mar 44: Stirling III 'D' EF431 WO Thomas DB - Pilot FO Christie J - Nav F/S Duffett FI - A/B Sgt Miller AW - W/Op Sgt Yates BMG - M/U/G Sgt Robinson JEL - R/G Sgt Wynes AH F/E. Take off Tuddenham 1916. Landed base 2256. 22 x 500 lb bombs delivered at 2103 from 11,000 feet. Rgds Jonny[/QUOTE] Hi thanks that info showing him as pilot and crew is perfect do you have any more a few either side would be fantastic (read beg )even a couple with D B Thomas listed . cheers and thanks I am aware of the records being at Kew but as in i in South Australia its really out of the question .I have his Full service record ,DFC chisel named details and dated 1944 39-45 star ACE bar france and Germany,Def ,war,NZ service medal pictures ,birth death, ,obituary,newspaper cuttings etc ,etc but only 2 missions he was on the other was operation titanic 5/6th june dropping window and dummy paras called ruperts over rear enemy lines to confuse the germans Tony ....Read More.DFC on 26th October 2009 07:16:20
BofB Combat report unidentifiedThe F/Lt Robinson refered to with 601 sqdn is Michael Robinson, later W/Cmdr and killed in 1942/3. Regards,, Ian ....Read More.ian94avenge on 27th January 2010 10:22:02
Watson J W J41735 / 424 Tiger SquadronI am trying to do some research into P/O JW WATSON RCAF who died April 5th 1945 whist attempting an emergency landing at Booker Airfield. he was the Pilot of RF150 QW (Willie) of 424 Squadron. The crash on the 5th is well documented on the internet and an article featured in a magazine titled "After The Battle" written by David King and Peter White. The Article goes on to say " On March 31st, Watson took "Willie" as part of a force of 428 bombers to attack the Blohm and Voss shipyards at Hamburg. The bomber stream was attacked by some 30 ME262 jet fighters and , as the Canadians were some ten minutes late over the target, they did not enjoy the full protection of the fighter escort and so bore the brunt of the German attacks. "Willie" was attacked by two of the jets, but when the rear gunner, Flight Sgt Howes, engaged one of them, all four of his guns jammed. Flight Sgt Robinson, the mid upper gunner engaged the other which went down trailing blue flames and was officially credited to him. Would any forum menbers happen to have the 424 squadron logs that cover this period that may possibly list this credit ? or point me in the direction of finding them. Any help would be very much appreciated Regards Brett ....Read More.brett361975 on 26th March 2010 05:31:47
Sgt J C Kneubuhler - Baltimore CrashSgt Robinson and his crew (Gwynne, Bridgewater, Doddington) was lost over the Aegean Sea 5-10-1943 on Baltimore FA557. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 28th March 2010 10:09:43
430411 - Unaccounted airmen - 11-4-1943Marshall died of injuries resulting from the crash of Anson EG361 on Lord's Seat near Keswick in the Lake District. The following are the entries from the 5 AOS Record Book April 8th 1943, “Anson EG305 piloted by Sgt Robinson and Anson EG361 piloted by Sgt Motby reported missing.” April 8th 1943, SSQ, “Anson aircraft G3 & D3 reported missing.” April 11th 1943, “Anson EG361 located, all crew killed.” April 11th 1943, SSQ, “Information received to the effect that Anson aircraft D3 discovered 10-4-43 in Cumberland hills near Keswick. All occupants received multiple injuries resulting in death, except Sgt Marshall who died at 08.00 hrs 11-4-43 after transfer to Civil Hospital.” And this is from the No.2 (O)AFU ORB April 10th 1943, SSQ, “##### the 14.00 hrs detail on Thursday 8.4.43 was reported found on Lords Seat Hill, 8 miles N.W. of Keswick. F/O Crane proceeded in the ambulance to the spot arrived at 23.00 hrs. Of the crew of five, one man, 1576777 Sgt Marshall, W. was found to be still alive and he was removed to Keswick Cottage Hospital, where he died next day at 8.55 hrs, from fractured skull, shock & exposure. The remaining four members of the crew, J14740 P/O Finbow H. R118358 P/O Duff R.A. 934034 Sgt Cooney J. 657929 Sgt Motby H. had all died instantaneously their bodies, together with that of Sgt Marshall were removed to RAF Millom for disposal.” ....Read More.alclark on 22nd April 2010 12:52:46
Stirling W-7572On august 25 1942 Stirling W-7572 from N° 149 sqdn crashed near Thieulain in Belgium . The crew : Sgt Baker D.A. (EVD) - Sgt Downing J.B. (POW) 574193 – Sgt Berthelsen F.J. RNZAF (EVD) – Sgt Robinson (POW) -Sgt Williams H. (POW - WIA - EVD) – F/S Wood V.S. (POW) – Sgt Jenkins T.J. (EVD) . Can someone help me with the first names of the crewmembers. Regards Alain12 ....Read More.Alain12 on 26th March 2011 12:05:43
Stirling W-7572Alain The WWII Escape and Evasion Information Exchange website Lists the following: Sgt Thomas John Jenkins Sgt F John Berthelson Sgt Douglas A Baker Unfortunately, for Sgt Robinson & Sgt Williams it only gives their initial, not the full first name Hope this is of some help. Interestingly the Squadron History "Strong by Night" records that on the mission on 18 August this crew brought back OJ-P W7589 on two engines, crash landing at Feltwell after being attacked by fighters on it's return from Osnabrück. Dave ....Read More.Dave_Richardson on 26th March 2011 01:44:29
Stirling W-7572Crew were: Sgt Baker. D. A; Capt. Sgt Berthelson F J Observer; Sgt Williams. H. W/Op; Flt Sgt Wood. V. S. M/Upper; Sgt Downing. J. B. Flt Eng; Sgt Robinson. G. F/Gunner; Sgt Jenkins. T.J. R/Gunner. Took off Lakenheath 21.22 FTR. Target Frankfurt. One aircraft crashed and burnt out 10 Mins after take-off- all killed. Other seven (of 9) bombed with "Good concentration of fires shown..." From 149 ORB, ....Read More.149Nut on 21st April 2011 09:46:16
269 Sqn North Africa-September 1943A post on another forum requests information of a death on 269 Sqn on 19 September 1943 from injuries sustained on the previous day. R/92182 WO Edward Handley Robinson RCAF died of injuries on the 19 September 1943. The poster's information is that Robinson was a crewmember of an Albemarle. Do any forum members have the 269 ORB for that date? Wondering if it was a combat injury or an accident and names of other crewmembers and their fates. Cheers, Ken ....Read More.Ken MacLean on 29th May 2013 05:23:02
Can you help identifying this Pathfinder Air Gunner from his photograph?You say, old family papers. Can you give details on family concerned...surname perhaps. If family is your family, and surname is Robinson, then i have a F/Sgt Robinson (A/G) in my copy of the 83sqdn ORB, but of course, this is only one of probably many A/G's called Robinson. ....Read More.AlanW on 27th April 2017 11:50:37
Can you help identifying this Pathfinder Air Gunner from his photograph?Hi Alan, thanks for your reply the photograph was found in my grandmother's (nee Goodwin) papers. She was married to my Grandfather Samuel Robinson, but this isn't Sam , I suspect he was a boyfriend . I've got the rest of those generations pretty well mapped out and there isn't a single RAF connection , either before or after ww2 cheers Mark [QUOTE=AlanW;125667]You say, old family papers. Can you give details on family concerned...surname perhaps. If family is your family, and surname is Robinson, then i have a F/Sgt Robinson (A/G) in my copy of the 83sqdn ORB, but of course, this is only one of probably many A/G's called Robinson.[/QUOTE] ....Read More.Fugazi1965 on 27th April 2017 05:16:45
Wellington X LP197We have had some people in Israel who are trying to find out details of the above crash that happened, they think on the 25th August 1944. Aircraft was with 76 OTU and crashed near Ceasarea in Israel. It seems that some of the crew were Fl/Sgt. Cyril Gilbert Roy Adams DFM, Sgt. Robert Henry Breach, P/O. John Johnstone, Fl/Sgt. Thomas Robinson, Fl/Sgt. Samuel Charles Williams (all killed). But they said that there were two survivors. 1 of them visited their Kibutz at a later date. Any ideas? ....Read More.pietrzak309 on 23rd December 2017 04:28:27

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