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Aircraftman 2nd Class Walter Edward SIVIER (R/83161) of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Circumstances of Death: Died at Windsor, Ontario, due to bilateral bronchiecstasis. He had been admitted to the Riverdal Isolation Hospital on February 3rd, diagnosed with scarlet fever with bronchial pneumonia.
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Death of Death 1943-03-17 Age : 21 years.

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : Sec. 14. Grave 227. at Windsor (Grove) Cemetery, Canada (Map)


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430316 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-3-1943What was the place of death registration for ACW2 Daisy W. BROWN - 2063996, who died on active service. Also looking for unit and possible cause of death of AC2 Walter E. SIVIER - RCAF R/83161, buried Windsor, Ontario, Canada, whose name I couldn't find in Flight Global. Regards and thanks, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 31st March 2010 05:13:11
Canadian War Dead RecordsPresentation is a bit rubbish but here you go. The list is Name Date of Death, PLace of Burial and serial number if one is presented. Charles F Acheson 13 Apr 1946 Montreal, Quebec, Canada R.216441 Andrew Adamson 3 Oct 1943 Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada R .1 3 0 4 4 3 Peter Allan 7 Nov 1942 Calgary, Alberta, Canada R . 60661 Charles Melvin Allan 8 Apr 1944 Calgary, Alberta, Canada R. 140052 Fred Allen 4 Mar 1943 Britannia Heights, Ontario, Canada Jack Amstrong 10 Oct 1945 Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada R.180270 Charles william Anders 15 Oct 1942 Monction, Canada 543724 Marino harold Anderson 26 May 1945 Winnipeg, Canada R.215787 Alice L Anderson 14 Jun 1946 Rama Reserve, Ontario, Canada W.309838 Leslie L Anstey 28 May 1946 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada R.130984 Luther ARTHUR Appelt 23 Aug 1943 Montreal, Quebec, Canada R 50936 Arthur Campbell Archibald 27 Oct 1945 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada R 150558 George Ludwig Austin 2 Feb 1942 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada R. 61410 Hubert Borden Austin 3 May 1947 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada R .52600 Melvin arnold Backstrom 16 May 1944 Edmonton, Edmonton, Canada R 272043 William G Ballantyne 29 Jan 1946 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada R 222000 Richard J Balley 20 Jul 1946 Milton, Ontario, Canada R. 184675 Rosslyn G Banford 5 Nov 1944 Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada R.103420 Herbert Evan Paul Barnes 30 Jul 1942 Strathroy, Ontario, Canada Ronald Batcheldor 11 May 1943 Monction, New Brunswick, Canada 1632363 John Beattle 20 May 1945 Seaforth, Ontario, Canada R . 63839 Jean Baptiste Belanger 13 Sep 1944 Quebec, Quebec, Canada 7590 Roderick Belli-bivar 30 Dec 1938 Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada John Bennett 10 Feb 1945 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada R . 81220 Herbert J Berry 21 Aug 1946 St Catherines, Ontario, Canada R.139191 Percy Thomas Billett 11 Jul 1947 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Richard Henry Bird 9 Nov 1945 Winnipeg, Canada R .56955 Harold John Birmingham 29 Jul 1946 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada R .103239 Colin lisle Bishop 27 May 1943 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada AUS.418499 Clarence L Bishop 31 Jan 1946 Calgary, Alberta, Canada R. 103569 James Elwood Bjork 9 Sep 1947 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada R.79701 Harry Blain 23 Jun 1944 Toronto, Ontario, Canada R.53163 Donald Keans Blakney 13 Jan 1946 Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada R137646 Roger Serge Guy Boissonneault 2 Oct 1947 Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada 16528 Hyman Bonder 20 Sep 1943 London, Ontario, Canada R.129606 Tom duncan Boner 13 Apr 1942 North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada 1219441 Frederick Charles Bower 10 Dec 1944 Toronto, Ontario, Canada J.39459 Kenneth john Bowler 17 Dec 1942 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 1315079 John fisher Boyd 23 Oct 1941 Huntsville, Ontario, Canada J.5290 Frederick george Bradley 11 Jan 1942 V ....Read More.dennis_burke on 5th November 2012 11:49:40
430316 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-3-1943Hello AC2 Harry J.G. ELLIS - 1807919 - registered Chelmsford. AC2 Walter E. SIVIER - RCAF R/83161 - his R.C.A.F. service records show that he died at Windsor, Ontario, due to Bronchiecstasis, bilateral. He had been admitted to the station hospital on January 27th 1941 with Bronchitis, then transferred to Riverdale Isolation Hospital on February 3rd suffering from Scarlet Fever. He was discharged from the R.C.A.F. on July 9th 1941 as 'Physically unfit for any form Air Force Service.' Regards Simon . ....Read More.wwrsimon on 28th February 2018 11:59:44
1943 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationJagan A start on the Canadian casualties: Flight Sergeant Daniel Archibald [URL=""]BRAND[/URL] (R/119996) - Nothing in his R.C.A.F Service File apart from 'killed during air ops' but Henk had him in Beaufort L9828: [url][/url] Leading Aircraftwoman Olive Goddard [URL=""]WALSH[/URL] (W/301792) - her RCAF service file records that she died at Deer Lodge Hospital, Winnipeg due to carcinoma of the breast. Aircraftman 2nd Class Walter Francis [URL=""]O'CONNELL[/URL] (R/135869) - his RCAF service file records that he died after being discharged as physically unfit for duty. He had been in Christie Street Hospital, Toronto being treated for sarcomatosis of the left loin, having been admitted on October 8th 1942 suffering from influenza. He was disharged from hospital on January 22nd 1943, and the record states "this man's relatives have been warned that transferring him from the hospital may be fatal. They were told in November that the outlook in his case was spite of the warning, this boy's people are determined to take him home and he was discharged today [22.1.43]." The Canada War Graves Register (Circumstances of Death) records that he died at Babylon, New York, due to general Carcinomatosis, death due to service. Corporal Joseph Ernest Gabriel [URL=""]MARTEL[/URL] (R/96673) - his RCAF service file records that he died post-discharge, having been discharged on medical grounds. No further details. CorporalLionel [URL=""]GREGORY-ALLEN[/URL] (R/87988) - his RCAF service file records that he died post-discharge, having been discharged on medical grounds. The Canada War Graves Register (Circumstances of Death) records that he died at Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver due to chronic tonsillitis and coronary thrombosis. Death was due to service. Leading Aircraftman Harvey Franklin [URL=""]LAWRENCE[/URL] (R/109424) - his RCAF service file includes a death certificate which records that he died at Colonel Belcher Hospital, Calgary, death being due to haemorrhage and sarcoma, right maxilla. Aircraftman 2nd Class Arnold Leo [URL=""]GALENZOSKI[/URL] (R/167756) - his RCAF service file records that he died post-discharge, after being discharged as physically unfit for duty. The Canada War Graves Register (Circumstances of Death) records that he died at Christie Street Hospital, Toronto due to acute myocarditis and pericarditis. Death due to service. Leading Aircraftwoman Isabel Luella [URL="http://www.rafcommands. ....Read More.wwrsimon on 17th April 2020 06:18:40

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