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Aircraftman 1st Class Austin SMITH (1029365) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death:

Death of Death 1943-09-08 Age : 27 years.

Served in 55 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : 8. C. 4. at Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, India


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/266Sergeant J C Robertson, Leading Aircraftman T J Lowry and Pilot Officer N A Smith: report of deaths; Blenheim L9324 shot down near the Hook of Holland, 12 May 1940. Note: Previously missing at transfer, found August 2014C14142091
AIR81/1290Sub-Lieutenant F A Smith, Royal Navy: missing; Hurricane P3545 failed to return from air operations, 8 August 1940.C14502795
AIR81/1732Flight Cadet W A Smith: killed; Audax K7423, RAF College Flying Training School; aircraft accident, Cranwell, 13 December 1939.C16359581
AIR81/1978Pilot Officer R E Orchard, Aircraftman M J Fahey, Aircraftman F A Smith: injured; aircraft accident, Kippen, Blenheim L1500, 141 Squadron, 6 April 1940.C16471270
AIR81/2545Pilot Officer R A Smith: killed; aircraft accident, Lockington, Spitfire R6696, 616 Squadron, 7 August 1940.C16471684

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257 Squadron TyphoonsHi, On 5th March 1945 257 Squadron was disbanded. Five of the pilots (Flying Officers R Logan, W H Ramsey, J A Smith and E J Whitfield and Warrant Officer A Bales) along with five Typhoons were transferred to 263 Squadron. I have found 8 Tyhpoons that were transferred from 257 to 263 Squadrons that may fit the bill. They are JR320, MN811, MP117, PD594, RB309, RB383, RB384 and RB503. Would any 257 Sqn expert be able to tell me which five Typhoons were transferred on 5th March? Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 4th January 2008 05:10:42
Search - RAF - POW - Cottam - Coyne - 30/01/1944hello, The WO344 series at Kew contains the questionnaires filed by the prisoners of war, of all services, that includes Army, Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Royal Air Force, from U.K. and from the Commonwealth, and also from the other countries like Poland, Czechlovaquia, France, Belgium, etc... Please note that not all POWs filed questionnaires. My average is about 80 % of my 'wants' list. Also, some spellings are not correct in Fighter Command Losses or Bomber Command Losses, so you just can't find the questionnaire because the name is spellt differently. I sometimes found reports by pure luck, or random search. Initials of first names are sometimes wrong too, with the same result, but you can search the whole series with the same surname (hopefully not a Smith or Wright or Taylor...) The first part of WO344 deals with the prisoners in Germany, the second part in Japan (but I've never investigated this section, my interest being limited in my area). I don't see any limitation to order documents online from the WO 344 series. I provided the full reference, so if you give that reference and the surname and initials of the airmen (additional details such as Squadron and date the plane was shot down, for double check, is even better), the staff should locate them and copy them very easily, as easily for the Escape & Evasion reports. Good Luck Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 28th September 2008 01:32:06
Gordon Cummings - Mosquito CrashAs a suggestion, Gordon Cummings is registered dead in North Bucks district as is another airman died that same date, F/Lt Roy R Clark 128469, age 22. The other man may have been a commonwealth airman also but the same districts are a good lead. The other non squadron, Rank Sgt or higher airmen that day are E A Smith and W J E Dennis both in Aylesbury district and an R A Wilkinson in Oswestry district. regards Dennis ....Read More.dennis_burke on 11th February 2009 06:25:49
420310 - Unaccounted airmen - 10-3-1942/1-5-1943 (S.Africa and Canada)George Foster age 28 in Bucklow district, Cheshire. He was from and is buried in Nottingham I beleive. Theres a 33 year old Robert J Jones in Birkenhead District, Cheshire and a 34 year old in Andover district, Hampshire Crichton A Smith age 21 in Brentford district, Middlesex. Seems to be on Scotlandspeople born in 1920, Blairegowrie district. I'm poor on UK geography but both aircraft are in Wigton* district, Cumberland, I might be way off there. I can't connect them to either of those to in any case. * Edited post based on Dick's message below. Reaserching too late! ....Read More.dennis_burke on 8th May 2009 07:09:17
F/S. R A. Smith No.220 SquadronCWGC replied: "Thank you for your email of 4 April 2009 about Flight Sergeant Robert Alexander Smith in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery . Our records are based on information given to the Commission by the relevant service authorities after both world wars, and we hold the information that he served with 220 Squadron. We will therefore, require some documentary evidence in addition to the information in the book you hold, before we can make any amendments to our records regarding the squadron he served with. I give below the address of the Personnel Records Unit of the National Archives of Canada should you wish to contact them. Personnel Records Unit, etc etc" I've contacted the Candian archvies and will follow up based on his service record. I was just noting the names above and the burials. F/Sgt R A Smith R/188247 buried in XVII. A. 7. F/Sgt T V Flint R/180859 buried in XVII. A. 8. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 11th May 2009 12:04:30
Liberator Mk II AL seriesHello Commanders, August 3, 2009. Well, I did my owne internet search on the world wide web to find out anything about Liberator AL587 and the search brought me right back here to RAF Commands to Ross our owne Webmaster. It seems the Germans found Liberator AL587 about 66 years ahead of us. I guess I will have to be a junior member here for a long time. On the 'Conferences General Questions (Public)' section a Carol Schurman asked about her husband's uncle 'Albert Bowler' who was MIA. On November 1st & 2nd 2007 the following letters were posted; Hi Carol Is this your husband's uncle: Name: BOWLER, ALBERT HENRY Initials: A H Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flying Officer Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 511 Sqdn. Date of Death: 23/03/1943 Service No: 124347 Additional information: Son of Albert H. and Ethel M. Bowler; husband of Bridget Bowler, of Borrowash, Derbyshire. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 123. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL [Amrit] - - This Bowler was killed when Liberator AL587 was shot down by Lt Ulrich Hanshen of 15,/KG40 in position PLQ 14W/2586 at 14:20 hrs during a transit flight to Gibraltar. F/L G T R Francis F/Sgt C E Ferro RCAF Sgt L G Burry Sgt R P Marvin F/O J S Renouf RCAF F/O R S Tedder AVM R P M Whitham CB OBE MC Sgt F N Boustead F/O J G Green F/Sgt W J Hough RNZAF P/O A H Bowler [F/O - 511 Sqdn.] F/O F Stuart RAAF F/O O A Smith RCAF F/O T J Marriott RCAF Sgt W A Upston Sgt N R Knights Lt P S Skelton Col J E Merin Lt Col L W Armstrong-McDonnell Regards Ross [McNeill] - - Carol, If yes, then according to London Gazette he is Leading Aircraftman to become Pilot Officer (on probation) on 27 June 1942 (LG, 35661) and Flying Officer (on probation) on 27 December 1942 (LG, 35919). Mikkel Plannthin - - Ross, Army Lt.Col found: was Lucius W. ARMSTRONG-MACDONNELL - 51929 of the Irish Guards, attd Combined Operations HQ, commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial Panel 8 Column 2. MERIN was a French Colonel. Will go after his name. Regards, Henk [Welting]. - - I would assume that; Francis, Ferro, Burry, Marvin, Renouf and Tedder were the flight crew of Liberator AL587; Green, Hough, Bowler, Stuart, Smith and Marriott were a full flight crew for a 511 Sqdn. Liberator but were passengers on AL587; Perhaps - Whitham, Boustead, Upston, Knights, Skelton, Merin and Armstrong-McDonnell were VIPs and Army personnel on their way to the war in Africa. It was a terrible loss of life. Perhaps no room for a second navigator but I hope you have room for this letter here. Dad identified Ferro and Tedder in our crew picture back in about the late 1970's. I think we have Ferro in another picture but it is not certain. In the background is some famous square, maybe. Dad seems to have stopped taking pictures of people and listing his crew members after this. Making friends and loosing them may h ....Read More.Patrick on 3rd August 2009 07:47:57
F/S. R A. Smith No.220 SquadronI received and scanned a few pages from R A Smiths RCAF service record and sent them to the CWGC and they accepted this and have updated his online record to reflect 226 Squadron based on this service postings. The service record I received included the other mens service numbers: Pilot 1800942 Sgt Lorkin H J Nav 1579885 Sgt Temple confirming the London Gazette Extracts we found above. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 6th October 2009 09:20:30
1RCAF Hurricanes 15.9.40Thanks alot Henk. There was a SMITH (not to be confused with Smither) crashed at Staplehurst 12.00 in Hurricane V6616, but the BoB Historical Society state 1200hrs: Sevenoaks Kent. 229 Squadron Northolt P/O R.R.Smith wounds to leg. (Baled out after combat with Do215 and Bf110s) The 2 a/c I cited were shot down 'over' T.Wells. I've actually been told very very few a/c actually crashed in the OLD borough of T.Wells! Further details incl' Ross Smither C1594 (Ca) died in his a/c. Arthur Deane Nesbitt C1327 (Ca) died in 1979 (was made OBE 1.1.46). ....Read More.david cullen on 11th October 2009 07:01:15
Mosquito HK225 151 Squadron 18.2.44Using that data I would thus suggest: T/Sgt Ruben A Smith Jr T SG Ruben A. Smith ID: 10601354 Branch of Service: U.S. Army Hometown: Clairborne Parish, LA Status: DNB = Died Non Battle US Rosters of War time dead would suggest his remains were returned to Arkansas after the war. His enlistment record does give him as Army Air Corps ARMY SERIAL NUMBER 10601354 10601354 NAME SMITH#RUBEN#A########### SMITH#RUBEN#A########### RESIDENCE: STATE 88 LOUISIANA RESIDENCE: COUNTY 027 CLAIBORNE PLACE OF ENLISTMENT 0921 Undefined Code DATE OF ENLISTMENT DAY 31 31 DATE OF ENLISTMENT MONTH 08 08 DATE OF ENLISTMENT YEAR 43 43 GRADE: ALPHA DESIGNATION T#SG Technical Sergeant GRADE: CODE 3 Technical Sergeant BRANCH: ALPHA DESIGNATION AC# Air Corps BRANCH: CODE 20 Air Corps FIELD USE AS DESIRED # # TERM OF ENLISTMENT 5 Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law LONGEVITY ### ### SOURCE OF ARMY PERSONNEL 0 Civil Life NATIVITY 88 LOUISIANA YEAR OF BIRTH 21 21 RACE AND CITIZENSHIP 1 White, citizen EDUCATION 7 3 years of college CIVILIAN OCCUPATION 992 Undefined Code MARITAL STATUS 6 Single, without dependents COMPONENT OF THE ARMY 6 Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of the United States under Army Regulations 605-10 CARD NUMBER # # BOX NUMBER 0055 0055 FILM REEL NUMBER 1.48# 1.48# ....Read More.dennis_burke on 10th December 2009 05:16:16
Mosquito HK225 151 Squadron 18.2.44Glenn, you coudl contact RAF Hendon and request the Form 1180 and it hopefully will list a name as pilot, Smith or Jacques. I found him I think again listed with his parents in the 1930 census of America, name spelled slightly different Rubin A Smith Jr, son of Rubin A and Nellie Smith. Also, Glenn you could order Smith's individual Deceased Persons File from the US Army by emailing: request the IDPF for the man above under Freedom of Information rules. You may have to agree to pay a search fee when ordering that many IDPF. It will also take long time to hear back from them, 8 to 12 weeks or more. It will not deal with the crash but might give some clues as to his date and path of enlistment. And don't forget to post back here with anything new you learn. Dennis ....Read More.dennis_burke on 10th December 2009 06:23:19
Sgt. B. Sherry RAFVR. 70 SqnHello, Wellington HZ247 confirmed in the undigitised A705 (NAA: A705 166/26/126) of, AUS402959 F/Sgt Allan Roderick McFARLANE RAAF. Crew, tentatively named as: (Alpha order) 1287071 Sgt (Nav./B) John Courtney COMYN RAFVR + R/85471 WOI (Pilot) Ira Irvin KLIMAN RCAF + AUS402959 F/Sgt ( ? ) Allan Roderick McFARLANE RAAF + 1005744 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) George POPPLESTON RAFVR + 979599 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Basil SHERRY RAFVR + All the above buried Tripoli War Cemetery. Coll. grave 8. F. 3-7 Also named in the above crew listing, is: 1350296 Sgt ( ? ) D A SMITH ( ? ). Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 16th December 2009 12:30:05
Does anybody now these menHi Sean, Not having seen the photo, but if there are 7 men in the photo then its most likely his crew. If so then the crew is made up of 1 Kiwi the pilot and 2 Canadians and 4 English. They were; Sgt R A Banks-Martin RNZAF Pilot. Sgt J E L Griffiths RAF F/Eng F/S P A J Rudkin RAF B/Aimer Sgt E W D Roberts RCAF Nav Sgt R J A Cowan RCAF W/Op Sgt H A Smith RAF Mid/Upper Sgt C J Osborne RAF R/Gunner According to Errol Martyn's book they were on a mining operation to lay mines off the German Island of Juist. In Halifax DT483 MH-F. According to Theo Boiten's book on the German Nightfighters they were shot down by Maj Helmunt Lent for his 57th victory. They were shot down 10 km West of Texel in the North Sea. Helmunt Lent was Germany's second highest scoring night fighter pilot in WWII. I hope that helps. Errol will no doubt be on latter with details on the pilot. Regards, John. ....Read More.John Williams on 3rd May 2010 07:23:27
Mosquito HK225 151 Squadron 18.2.44[QUOTE=dennis_burke;40525]Glenn, you coudl contact RAF Hendon and request the Form 1180 and it hopefully will list a name as pilot, Smith or Jacques. I found him I think again listed with his parents in the 1930 census of America, name spelled slightly different Rubin A Smith Jr, son of Rubin A and Nellie Smith. Also, Glenn you could order Smith's individual Deceased Persons File from the US Army by emailing: request the IDPF for the man above under Freedom of Information rules. You may have to agree to pay a search fee when ordering that many IDPF. It will also take long time to hear back from them, 8 to 12 weeks or more. It will not deal with the crash but might give some clues as to his date and path of enlistment. And don't forget to post back here with anything new you learn. Dennis[/QUOTE] I have finally received Ruben Smith's IDPF file. I can confirm he was 10601354 T/Sgt R A Smith and was indeed the pilot of the Mosquito. He had enlisted into the 8th Air Force (USAAF) from the RCAF as the grade of Technical Sergeant, 31st August 1943. His trade was listed as a pilot, there was another USAAF enlisted pilot in 151 Squadron at the time; a T/Sgt Clounch. Looking at the 151 Squadron association website it mentions both pilots, T/Sgt Clounch later returned to a USAAF unit, still as a T/Sgt. So it seems for some reason the USAAF had enlisted pilots, for at least for a while. ....Read More.GlennB on 14th May 2010 12:21:38
GRO-listingsHe is listed as John D Ashcroft 920530 and is listed as 143 Sqn. There is a Sgt J D Ashcroft listed Previously missing, now killed in Action in Flight november 1942. January 29th 1942 magazine lists hims as Missing, the page has a pencil mark on it. there is no other name in the two lists list that I can match to 9 Dec 1941. F/O Douglas A Smith 42899 143 Sqn is buried there also, dated 14 December 1941. GRO lists him as 143 Sqn also. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 16th June 2010 09:11:05
430720 - Unaccounted airmen - 20-7-1943What were the places of death registration for: A - Died on active service: AC1 John W.E. HAGLEY - 1478990. B - Killed on active service: Sgt (Pilot) William R. TEE - 656960. C - Not found in Flight Global: F/O Andrew C. REID - 88101 (from N. Ireland), and LAC Kenneth WILLIAMSON - 1355320 - age 36 - RAF Regt. D - Proposed aircraft losses: Wellington IV - Z1315 - 104 OTU - crashed in forced landing Derry Childrens School, near Ballyronan, Co. Tyrone. Master II - AZ504 - 2 FIS - dived into ground Gowanpark, near Brechin, Angusshire. Oxford I - BG236 - 15 (P)AFU - collided with Oxford HN721 and crashed North Farm, Lammy Down, Bishopstone, Wiltshire. Oxford I - HN721 - 15 (P)AFU - collided with Oxford BG236 and crashed North Farm, Aldborne, near Bishopstone, Wiltshire (already as casualties in this accident: F/O D.B.L. JOHNSTONE - RAAF 411930; Sgt [Pilot] L.I. ELLIOTT - RCAF R/154172 and Sgt [Pilot] E.F. TANNER - RCAF R/145424 [from USA]). E - Also looking for info on cause of death of: Sgt Austin SMITH - 1504927 - commemorated Panel 9 Column 1 of the Malta Memorial. He was 144 Sqn at that time flying Beaufighters from Protville in Tunisia, however can't find a matching aircraft serial. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 18th March 2011 12:44:11
296 Squadron 5-6 june 1944The crews (captains named in original post) were engaged towing Horsas with 6th Air Landing Bde to the French coast near Cabourg as part of Phase III of Op Tonga. The Albemarle serials were as shown and the glider 'chalks' and pilots are shown: V1813 - Onley, Chalk 44 - S/Sgt R Steele and Sgt J Green V1739 - Bull, Chalk 45 - S/Sgt W Jones and Sgt J Potts both POW V1775 - Nicholls, Chalk 31 S/Sgt G H E Nye and Sgt A Smith V1439 - Beetham, Chalk 36 S/Sgt L Hedgecock and Sgt C Jackson Bull's aircraft was shot up and his gunner was wounded. A forced landing was made at Ford but the gunner: F/Sgt L Jones died of wounds. This is the best I can find and it comes from: A Noble Pair of Brothers - A History of 38 Group by Wing Commander D H Wood. Old Duffer ....Read More.Oldduffer on 2nd May 2011 04:50:57
Dakota KG694 of 194 Sqn RAF, crashed 14 June 1945 in BurmaCox, Rice and baillie are listed in the RAF Casualty list 566 as Killed in action and wounded in action resp. The same lists contains the following RAF men wounded: WOUNDED OR INJURED IN ACTION.—Sgt. R. Crossley; Sgt. L. W. Simpson. DIED or WOUNDS OR INJURIES RECEIVED IN ACTION.—Sgt, S. Hinds; W/O. A. Smith They might be completely unrelated of course. Perhaps the W/O A Smith ... Smitty? Name: SMITH, ALEXANDER Initials: A Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Warrant Officer (W.Op. [Air]) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 194 Sqdn. Age: 25 Date of Death: 04/09/1945 Service No: 1062088 Additional information: Son of John and Marjory Lowe Smith, of Dunkeld, Perthshire. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: 5. C. 18. Cemetery: MADRAS WAR CEMETERY, CHENNAI Died much later on perhaps? ....Read More.dennis_burke on 14th June 2011 11:46:16
Andrew SAnd the following: 17 Nov 1943 No.149 Sqn Stirling III MZ260 OJ-C Training. Overshot from a three-engined approach and crashed at Lakenheath airfield, Suffolk. Sgt Pilbeam had been Head Boy at Highfield School in Blackpool. Sgt Solomons served under the name of Somers. Those who perished rest in various United Kingdom cemeteries; P/O Lowe RNZAF being taken to Cambridge City Cemetery. P/O G T Lowe RNZAF + Sgt A B Pilbeam + Sgt R A Nicholls + Sgt L J Solomons + Sgt A F A Smith Sgt D W Francis RCAF Sgt S S J Haines See: BCL4/379 and FYT2/161 Errol should be able to tell us more on this one (2 of the 3 survivors were injured). Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 9th December 2011 07:57:27
Sidearms in the RAF during WWIII was issued with a Smith & Wesson .38 plus ammunition at R.A.F Hemswell , when on Lancasters and still have my 'issues book' showing details. ....Read More.cliffnemo on 4th January 2012 04:13:16
Sgt Robert Paton17/5/42 No.86 Sqn Beaufort II AW248 BX-U Sgt S M Angelo Sgt W A Smith Sgt R McI Paton Sgt F D L Oakwell Op: Shipping strike, RAF Wick, Time up 18:09 hrs Took off with 15 aircraft from the squadron on a shipping strike with four Beaufighters. A/86 had starboard engine failure and returned on one engine. The remainder of formation made land fall at Egero and were about to turn to the south when a message was received from base giving the position of a target to north but with no sighting time given. The formation accordingly turned northwards flying close to the shore and were almost immediately attacked by 18-20 Me109s and a running fight ensued along coast to Feiesten Lighthouse when formation turned and flew southwards again along the coast. During the attack which lasted 20 minutes, 5 enemy aircraft were seen to crash into the sea shot down by G, T, K and D(2) and several more were damaged or probably destroyed. All the 10 Beauforts engaged who returned saw enemy aircraft destroyed during the fight. Beauforts W, L, E and U were seen to be shot down. In addition to the attacks by enemy aircraft, there was continuous intense flak from the shore. The target, the cruiser Prinz Eugen, was not located. Sgt Smith and Sgt Oakwell rest in Sola Churchyard while Sgt Angelo and Sgt Paton are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 11th January 2012 02:54:04
420416 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 16-4-1942Hi Henk, F1180 for Hotspur BT745 has numerous crossing outs in the F/I boxes. But I think that one fatality was caused to 3rd Party i.e. ground staff) Pilot Sgt E A Smith RCAF R/88717 shown as injured Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 29th January 2012 05:59:42
1112554 Sgt A SMITH.Hello, Hoping that someone with access to AIR 78, can provide me with the full name of - 1112554 Sgt A SMITH RAFVR. Appears not to be a casualty, or a PoW. Unable to access the AIR 78 data myself, just at the moment. Any help appreciated. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 12th August 2012 03:08:32
Sgt. B. Sherry RAFVR. 70 SqnHello, Revised entry for Wellington HZ247 (see Post #3): 7/8-5-1943 No.70 Sqn. Wellington HZ247 Took off 2050, Gardabia West, to bomb enemy concentrations on roads south-east of Tunis. The aircraft returned with engine trouble and the Captain contacted base by R/T to get instructions re the jettison of bombs. He was instructed to jettison half the load 5 miles east of the Landing Ground, which he did. On returning to base the aircraft made a circuit and the engines appeared to be running normally. The aircraft was given the green light and it was acknowledged. On going cross wind to the upward end of the flare path, the aircraft was seen to dive losing considerable height. The aircraft then levelled and continued at the same height of approx 600 feet, until on the cross wind leg downwind of the flare path. It was then seen to lose more height and continued to fly on at extremely low altitude until it hit the ground and exploded. It crashed 3 miles from the flare path and was completely destroyed. The accident occurred at 2156 hours. AUS402959 F/Sgt (Captain/Pilot) Allan Roderick McFARLANE RAAF + R/85471 WO1 (2nd Pilot) Ira Irvin KLIMAN RCAF + 1287071 Sgt (Nav/B.) John Courtney COMYN RAFVR + 979599 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Basil SHERRY RAFVR + 1005744 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) George POPPLESTON RAFVR + 1350296 Sgt (Air Gnr.[Rear]) D A SMITH RAFVR - Survived crash. The dead are buried in Tripoli War Cemetery. Coll. grave 8. F. 3-7. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 17th October 2012 08:25:12
430617 - Unaccounted airmen - 17-6-1943His name appears in the Flight magazines as PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING, BELIEVED KILLED IN ACTION, NOW PRESUMED KILLED ACTION Also missing that date Sgt A A Smith 141 Sqn ....Read More.dennis_burke on 19th October 2012 09:02:22
Attack on the German battleship Prinz Eugen on May 17th, 1942Hi, AW248 Sgt S M Angelo Sgt W A Smith Sgt R McI Paton Sgt F D L Oakwell AW251 Sgt J F V Ford Sgt C J Crozier F/Sgt A H Mercer F/Sgt W C Boyle AW293 F/Sgt A D G Hurrell Sgt S A Collins Sgt S J Hoare Sgt F W Parkin AW367 P/O J A Esler DFC F/Sgt R A Linford Sgt W E Ackerman Sgt E P McDevitt Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 12th March 2013 09:54:06

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