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Aircraftman 2nd Class Charles Haig TAYLOR (39587) of the Royal New Zealand Air Force

Circumstances of Death: Died of natural causes while on parade at Ohakea and is buried at Gisborne.
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Death of Death 1939-10-03 Age : 21 years.

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : 73/74. 7. at Gisborne (Taruheru) Cemetery, New Zealand (Map)


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1939 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationThanks Paul. I have added all your suggested additions. Having scanned through the 1939 entries from Henk's files - Following airmen can now be accounted for: 1939-09-17 2 AC Sqdn (RCAF) [B]934 AC2 CAIL, Frederick G.[/B] . Death by natural causes while in the St.John General Hospital, St.John/New Brunswick - buried St.John/New Brunswick. 1939-09-17 HMS Courageous [B]539432 AC1 MILLWARD, Henry L.[/B] (811 sqn) 1939-09-22 9 B&GS [B]616695 Cpl COYLE, Thomas John ('Jack').[/B] Died on ACtive service in a road ACcident on the Pwllheli to Nevin road; death registered at Pwllheli/NW.Wales. 1939-09-25 144 Sqdn [B]528576 AC1 DAVIES, Robert G[/B]. (Hampden - Hemswell/Lincolnshire) Died of injuries following a road ACcident Scunthorpe 1939-09-27 4 Sqdn [B]119522 LAC PAGE, Thomas J[/B]. (Lysander - Mons-en-Chaussιe). Died on ACtive service - killed in a motorcycle ACcident. (Road part [50 vehicles including 4 BSA motorcycles] were embarked at Southampton and landed at Brest). 1939-10-02 1 Equipment Depot C80 Canada [B]S/L IVEY, Hartley S.[/B] (MB-353). (Ottawa/Ontario). Death by natural causes - buried Ottawa/Ontario. 1939-10-03 Ohakea [B]A39587 AC2 Aircrafthand TAYLOR, Charles H[/B]. (RNZAF) - AQ1-72. Died of natural causes while on parade at Ohakea and is buried at Gisborne. 1939-10-09 [B]42601 Cadet Pilot HOPKINS, Robert I. [/B] (Canada). (AF-152/MB-335). Listed by Allison as P/O and killed in training ACcident, death registered at Cambridge. 1939-10-13 [B]753619 AC2 Meteo MONTGOMERY, Robert E.[/B] (Meteo Office - Bicester/Oxfordshire). Two trains collided wrecking the buffet at Bletchley Railway Station (Age 31), death registered in North Buckinghamshire. 1939-10-14 615 Sqdn [B]819059 AC2 KNIGHTS, Leslie V. [/B](Gladiator - Croydon/Surrey). Was a deserter from the Squadron and his body discovered at his home in Addington; he had committed suicide by gas poisoning on or about 1939-10-02. 1939-10-30 [B]620845 AC1 GEE, Thomas.[/B] Death registered at Whitchurch. Struck and killed on the flare path at Shawbury by Oxford N4563. 1939-10-30 20 Sqdn [B]517800 AC1 REED, Frederick[/B]. (Age 24). (Audax - Miramshah-Peshawar/India). Buried Cairo WMC. 1939-11-06 Hobsonville [B]A39658 AC1 Aircrafthand CLINCE, Eric J.[/B] (RNZAF) - AQ1-72. Drowned and body discovered in the upper Waitemata; buried at Auckland. 1939-11-15 [B]70837 P/O SKINNER, Harold W.C.[/B] (Panel 3). Chief Test Pilot "Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd", Woodley, Reading. Died suddenly in a bath at his home of a cerebral haemorrhage. 1939-11-26 [B] 590640 Sgt SKELTON, Kenneth O.[/B] (Age 24). Died of injuries to the base of the brain caused by being knocked down on a road by a motor car; ACquittal of manslaughter; death registered Lincoln. 1939-12-03 942 (Balloon) Sqdn[B] 870969 AC2 FLETCHER, Percy[/B]. Died on ACtive service. (17BC - Hull). (Screen Wall Panel 2) He was drowned in the Humber E ....Read More.Jagan on 3rd December 2018 04:15:31
391003 – Unaccounted Airmen – 03-10-1939Hello, 391003 – Unaccounted Airmen – 03-10-1939 From Henk’s List – NEW ZEALAND TAYLOR, Charles Haig – AC2c – 39587 – RNZAF. Gisborne ( Taruheru ) Cemetery, Gisborne District, New Zealand. UK FRIDAY, Horace William – Air Mechanic – FX.75055 – HMS Hermes – RN. Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Hampshire. From CWGC – Nil. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 6th December 2019 12:12:07
Seeking Cause of deathHello, Seeking the cause of death of these two airmen. 1939 October 3rd. AC2c Charles Haig TAYLOR, 39587, RNZAF. and December 16th. AC2c Wilfred BARRETT, 329872 - RAF. Thanks Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 16th September 2021 07:38:29
Seeking Cause of deathHello, A39587 AC2 Charles Haig TAYLOR RNZAF (Note 'A' prefix in service number): [url][/url] Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 16th September 2021 08:29:02
Seeking Cause of death[QUOTE=Alex Smart;165375]Hello, Seeking the cause of death of these two airmen. 1939 October 3rd. AC2c Charles Haig TAYLOR, 39587, RNZAF. and December 16th. AC2c Wilfred BARRETT, 329872 - RAF. [/QUOTE] Alex Our current DB already has links [url][/url] - forum link which takes you to [url][/url] >> 1939-10-03 Ohakea [B]A39587 AC2 Aircrafthand TAYLOR, Charles H. (RNZAF) - AQ1-72. Died of natural causes while on parade at Ohakea and is buried at Gisborne.[/B] [url][/url] - external link to rafweb - Died in the Princess Mary's RAF Hospital at Halton Are you looking for more detail than what we have already? ....Read More.Jagan on 16th September 2021 09:42:56
Seeking Cause of deathA39587 AC2 Charles Haig TAYLOR RNZAF Sudden Death at Ohakea Aerodrome MANAWATU TIMES, VOLUME 64, ISSUE 241, 12 OCTOBER 1939, PAGE 3 INQUEST CONCLUDED AT FEILDING The inquest concerning the sudden death at Ohakea Aerodrome at 11.40 a.m. on October 3 of Charles Haigh Taylor, of Gisborne, second-class aircraftsman, was concluded at Feilding yesterday by the District Coroner, Mr. J. S. Tingey, J.P. Sergeant Turner represented the police and Mr. McGregor, of Palmerston North, was in attendance representing the relatives of the deceased. Evidence was tendered that deceased suddenly expired while taking part iu physical exercises. Dr. K. G. Salmond, of Feilding, who conducted a post-mortem, gave evidence that death was due to [B]heart failure arising from the narrowing in of an artery and was in no way attributable to the physical training.[/B] The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence. ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 17th September 2021 03:42:32

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