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Aircraftman 2nd Class John Yates VARLEY (1061417) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

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Death of Death 1941-02-04 .

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : Grave 428. at Tunstall (St. John The Baptist, United Kingdom


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1941 Unaccounted - Henk Welting's File Updates[B]Henks Files [/B] [B]Natural Causes and Hospital Deaths - Part 1 [/B]Aircraftman 2nd Class [b]Clifford Austen CROWLE[/b] 1179313 1941-01-09 RAFVR UK Plymouth City Crematorium [i]1 Wing - Winslow/Cheshire). Died in the Station Sick Quarters of a serious illness.[/i] Leading Aircraftman [b]Donald Leighton POEGAL[/b] R79931 1 MD 1941-01-09 RCAF Canada Toronto (Prospect) Cemetery [i](MB-608). (Toronto/Ontario). Death by natural causes while in the Riverdale Isolation Hospital, Toronto - buried Toronto,[/i] Pilot Officer [b]Charles Henry BUTLER[/b] 82887 1941-01-16 RAFVR UK Putney Vale Cemetery And Crematorium [i]DSO - DSC. Died of natural causes.[/i] Aircraftman 2nd Class [b]Cornelis BAAY[/b] R77721 1941-01-25 RCAF Canada Calgary (St. Mary's) Cemetery [i](Ned). (MB-25). Death by natural causes - buried Calgary/Alberta.[/i] Pilot Officer [b]Ian Riach CURRIE[/b] 85944 261 Sqdn 1941-01-30 RAFVR Malta Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery [i](Ta'Qali/Malta). Died of cerebral malaria - buried Capuccini Naval Cem.[/i] Aircraftman 1st Class [b]Norman STYNE[/b] R56981 2 SFTS (RCAF) 1941-01-31 RCAF Canada Winnipeg (Elmwood) Cemetery [i](MB-737). (Uplands/Ontario). Died of natural causes while in the General Hospital at Winnipeg/Manitoba; reported sick while at #2 SFTS Uplands and was posted to #2 Training Command/Winnipeg for purposes of discharge - buried Winnipeg/Manitoba.[/i] Aircraftman 2nd Class [b]John Yates VARLEY[/b] 1061417 1941-02-04 RAFVR UK Tunstall (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, Lancashire [i]USA). Died of a heart condition at the Northern Infirmary, Inverness.[/i] Leading Aircraftman [b]John George LAWRENCE[/b] 636729 2 SOAC 1941-02-06 RAF UK Exeter Higher Cemetery [i](2 School of Army Cooperation - Andover/Hampshire). Died of a serious illness in a hospital at Newbury.[/i] Leading Aircraftman [b]Edward Brandon CREMER[/b] R85226 1 MD 1941-02-17 RCAF Canada Glenavon Cemetery [i](MB-152). (Toronto/Ontario). Death by natural causes while on embarkation leave - buried Glenavon/Saskatchewan.[/i] Aircraftman 2nd Class [b]John Keir OWEN[/b] R72816 1 MD 1941-02-19 RCAF Canada Malpeque (The People's) Cemetery [i](MB-578). (Toronto/Ontario). Death by natural causes while in the Riverdale Isolation Hospital - buried Malpeque/Prince Edward Island.[/i] Aircraftman 2nd Class [b]Paul Joseph FERGUSSON[/b] R84299 1 MD 1941-02-22 RCAF Canada Cambridge (St. Patrick's) Cemetery [i](MB-225). (Toronto/Ontario). Death by natural causes whilst in the Riverdale Isolation Hospital, Toronto - buried Galt/Ontario.[/i] Aircraftman 2nd Class [b]William Soulsby WHITFIELD[/b] R91108 1 MD 1941-02-22 RCAF Canada Toronto (St. John's Norway) Cemetery [i](MB-810). (Toronto/Ontario). Death by natural causes while in the Christie Street Hospital at Toronto - buried Toronto/Ontario.[/i] Aircraftman 1st Class [b]Leonard Henry HOLMES[/b] 865135 934 Balloon Sqdn 1941-02-26 RAF AAF UK Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery [i](Age 41). (13 BC - Plymouth/De ....Read More.Jagan on 14th March 2019 08:48:06

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