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Flying Officer David WARBURTON (74344) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Pilot Instructor
Lost in aircraft Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000

Death of Death 1941-02-04 .

Served in 18 OTU

Burial/Commemoration Details : N.W. corner. at West Knoyle Churchyard, United Kingdom


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/5000Flying Officer D Warburton, Sergeant V C Hill, Sergeant B T Abbott, Sergeant W L Gosden (RNZAF), Flying Officer A Minkiewicz (Polish), Sergeant Z Perkowski (Polish), Leading Aircraftman M Kwiatkowski, Sergeant L Jachna (Polish), Sergeant J Orymak (Polish), Sergeant S Wojciechowski (Polish): killed; aircraft accident, Wellington P1298, 18 Operational Training Unit, 4 February 1941. Note: Related file 5633C16689098

London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
74344754298 Sergeant David WARBURTONLondon Gazette issue : 34700 , Dated 1939-10-03 , Download #34700
74344David WARBURTONLondon Gazette issue : 35005 , Dated 1940-12-03 , Download #35005

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 25 Mar 42 Aircraft Name Hampden I Serial Number P1298
Unit 18 OTU Operating Airfield Country United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Hampden I P1298

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantBernard Thomas ABBOTT (903090) Wireless Operator Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomSonning (St. Andrew) Churchyar
SergeantWalter Lionel GOSDEN (39859) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter
SergeantVictor Clarence HILL (581454) Air Bomber Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomHounslow Cemetery
PlutonowyLudwik JACHNA (P/780645) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter
KapralHenryk Rafal KWIATKOWSKI (P/783272) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter
KapralAndrzej MINKIEWICZ (P/1439) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter
KapralJan ORYNEK (P/781172) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter
KapralZbigniew Jan PERKOWSKI (P/780498) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter
Flying OfficerDavid WARBURTON (74344) Pilot Instructor Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomWest Knoyle Churchyard
KapralStefan Joachim WOJCIECHOWSKI (P/781314) Hampden I P1298  AIR81/5000 1941-02-0418 OTU United KingdomNuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemeter

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430805 - Unaccounted airmen - 5-8-1943Was checking on this one and the death register index includes a Kenneth G HOUGH age 26 on the same page as Preistman and Warburton in Cirencester register. Checked using With a typo on the death index, could Slough, Preistman and Warburton be from one incident. Jack W Bolton is registered in 1942 on CWGC, your a year out on that one Henk. There is a 21 yr old Jack W Bolton registered in Lancaster district in the Oct-nov quarter of 1942. Same as his home town as suggested by CWGC. And this name appears to be llisted as Cpl J W Bolton DOAS in oct 1942 edition of Flight magazine. Coley was with RAF Regt 2834 Sqdn, then based at Wittering? He was born in Kent, 1922. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 5th August 2011 09:50:21
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440412 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 12-4-1944Hello all, Now I have no axe(s) to grind, but is the completed Warburton story more-or-less as described in Wiki, etc? The reason I bring this up is that I retired from RAF Benson in 1998, and there was a lady who lived near the airfield (Anne Williams, I think - Forum c/s COTTESBROOKE(?)) who was campaigning for some sort of memorial to Warburton to be organised at/near RAF Mount Farm. I don’t know what happened to that campaign. Where may the full story (if there ever is such a thing?!!) be found? TIA Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 18th January 2014 08:08:37

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