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Aircraftman 1st Class John WARD (1415726) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve


Death of Death 1942-12-12 .

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : 9. C. 6. at Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, India

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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/4935Flying Officer L J Ward, Sergeant G V Jefferson: interned; Pilot Officer E I C Johnson: killed; Sergeant J E Hogg, Sergeant L Greenwood: missing believed killed; aircraft force landed off coast of Eire, Whitley T4168, 502 Squadron, 24 January 1941.C16689033
AIR81/6885Sergeant J Wardrop: killed; Flight Lieutenant P J S Shaughnessy, Sergeant J E Hughff, Sergeant C W Townend: prisoners of war; aircraft force landing in the North Sea off the coast of Holland, Hampden AE127, 44 Squadron 13 June 1941.C16756182

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Lanc JB235/C 49 Sqn 18/19 Nov 43 opPiloted by Plt Off Reg Hales, JB235/C returned from a raid on Berlin on the night of 18/19 Nov 43 with rear gunner Wt Off Hugh Fraser dead as the result of oxygen failure. If there should be a forumite holding a copy of the 49 Sqn ORB for this night's raid could they check and tell me, please, the names of the other crew members? I have already checked John Ward's 'Beware of the Dogs of War', incidentally, but only the above two names are mentioned therein. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered. Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 1st January 2008 04:47:32
War correspondentI just quoted the information for interest. I don't think Pyschic News is quite in the same league as Chorley or John Ward's 'Beware of the Dog'. If you read the whole article the story gets even balmier. ....Read More.John Larder on 15th May 2008 03:40:17
49 Squadron Lancaster PB353 6-7/10/44Linzee Crew on 4th. op (Beware of the Dog at War - An Operational Diary of 49 Sq. - John Ward) Where crew washed up has little to do with location of loss - dyke in Holland produced a body in Denmark, Zyder Zee produced a body in Norway (Missing Belived Killed - The RAF and the Search for Missing Aircrew 1939- Stuart Hadaway) Your Balloon man at 36 was probably a bit old for anything apart from A/G. ....Read More.John Larder on 7th April 2009 04:11:15
410813 - Unaccounted airman - 13-8-1941Hi Henk Ward ,21,didn't come on the register. The nearest I found was a John Ward,no"M", age 27 registered at Clitheroe Lancashire. Your Ward is on CWGC as buried in N Ireland near his home and if he died there he won't be on the register that I can check Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 16th April 2009 01:31:35
Hampden L4077 20/21st July 1940.BEWARE OF THE DOG AT WAR An Operational Diary of 49 Squadron Spanning 49 Years 1916 - 1965 by John Ward has the following: The 12 Hampdens returned home to base with the exception P/O Michie (L4077) and crew. At 04.35hrs and seriously low on fuel, the pilot made a successful forced-landing at Bircham Newton. Thankfully the crew all walked away from the wreck. P/O Michie Pilot (Injured) Sgt Lowe (Injured) A/C Bellamy (Injured) Sgt Corbett (Injured) ....Read More.dennis_burke on 5th August 2009 06:26:02
F/O F E Sinden - KIA 23/05/1944Hello Aubrey, Just a little note, saying F/O Francis E. Sinden, 139840 RAFVR and crew, they were lost on their 7th Operation (NE125). Source: Beware of the Dog - At War (49 Squadron) by John Ward. Regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 1st October 2009 04:54:41
49 Squadron - ED785 Lost 17 June 1943Kopernikus I have a copy of the excellent book by John Ward "Beware of the Dog at War - an Operational Diary of 49 Squadron" ISBN 0 9532252 0 8. Within this book, Sgt. Burnside is designated as the second pilot although whether this is from the 49 ORB, I cannot confirm. A forum member may have access to the 49 ORB and will be able to add extra information including whether this was Sgt. Burnside's first operation. Of the flight in question, I would suspect the pilot and captain of the aircraft would have been S/L Storey. Group Captains may have occupied interested spectator positions but S/Leaders, I think, would captain the aircraft. As with all bomber losses with two pilots or, as another example, two air gunners, it is very difficult to confirm whether a specific pilot was flying the aircraft or a specific gunner was M.U. or RG at the time of the loss. Best wishes Douglas ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 13th May 2010 03:57:54
Sgt EG Jones kia 23/05/44John The 49 Squadron book "Beware of the Dog at War" by John Ward records that P/O Graves-Hook and crew were on their 7th operation. Douglas ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 14th May 2010 09:38:21
Legionary Obits 1958-1966Legionary Magazine (now Legion Magazine) has always carried "Last Post" notices - chiefly Canadian army but with many RCAF. The following comprises some 680 names that appeared in issues from January 1958 to July 1966 (the issue of October 1961 happened to have no air force obituaries). They are short, often incomplete, but perhaps better than nothing. I hope to add to these lists (both pre-1958 and post-July 1966), but it is a slow task, usually performed at the end of working day when I am otherwise unwilling to open a new archives box. The date is as given in the magazine, rendered for data entry (i.e. 640903 = date of death being 3 September 1964) and is sometimes incomplete (the entry for BAKER, Charles Martin, gives his date of death only as 630900, meaning the magazine gave the month (September) and year (1963) but not the precise day). Similarly, "Legionary 6411" indicates this was the November 1964 issue that carried the notice, "5811" indicates November 1958, etc. The magazine entries normally indicate the town where the person died (or at least the town where he held Royal Canadian Legion membership) but I have not transcribed such information for the sake of expediting the compilation. ADAMS, John Henry, R260763 - 640903 - Legionary 6411 AFFLECK, William E, F/L, C4444 - 580915 - Legionary 5811 AKERLY, Albert James, Cpl - 590127 - Legionary 5904 AKERMAN, Herman George - 630206 - Legionary 6304 ANDERSON, Charles, F/L J9678 - 630515 - Legionary 6307 ANDREWS, Glenn William (R74506) - 621228 - Legionary 6302 ANNETT, Russell M., rank ? R146068 - 630620 - Legionary 6309 APPLETON, George S. - 580000 - Legionary 5903 AUCOIN, C.P. - 610818 - Legionary 6206 AYERS, Harold P.. F/L - 600622 - Legionary 6008 BAIN, Leslie A., F/O, J48785 - 640111 - Legionary 6403 BAINE, Harold Gordon, LAC, R209777 - 640510 - Legionary 6409 BAKER, C.H. Cpl, R110586 - 640225 - Legionary 6503 BAKER, M.G., Cpl - 620119 - Legionary 6203 BAKER, Charles Martin, R78507 - 630900 - Legionary 6312 BARBER, Robert R., R149305 - 600519 - Legionary 6007 BARSS, E.H., FS, R79880 - 600718 - Legionary 6009 BARTON, E.W., Captain (RNAS/RAF) - 610303 - Legionary 6108 BARTON, John Evelyn - 630209 - Legionary 6304 BATH, Edward Arthur, WO, R263348 - 650220 - Legionary 6505 BAZINET, J.H. Andre, Cpl, R95735 - 610228 - Legionary 6107 BEAMISH, Albert E, LAC - 650618 - Legionary 6509 BEATON, William Angus, Sgt, R110999 - 610801 - Legionary 6109 BECKER, Thomas Charles, Cpl - 640503 - Legionary 6407 BEDDOW, B.V., LAC, R203591 - 611207 - Legionary 6202 BEGG, John A., F/O, J17975 - 651219 - Legionary 6604 BELL, George, F/L - 611121 - Legionary 6201 BENOIT, R.E., LAC, R147729 - 611023 - Legionary 6112 BERG, Herbert, LAC, R154713 - 660214 - Legionary 6605 BINNS, Leonard Driffill, R151541 - 650818 - Legionary 6510 BIRD, Robert P., LAC, R121816 - 590000 - Legionary 6001 BJUR, Karl Henry, LAC, R109308 - 580114 - Legionary 5803 BLAKE, Gerald P., Cpl, R50899 - 65 ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 30th May 2010 06:26:53
Mediterranean front, 6 January 1943 : which Beaufighter unit was involved ?From Shores, Ring and Hess "Fighters over Tunisia" Nothing noted near Malta for Jan 6, but on Jan 5, 1943 two Beaus of 227 sqdn swept to the west of the island at 15:10 meeting five He111 near Lampedusa. The Beau of Sgt R J Ward/Sgt L J Charlton was seen to attack one and then collide with it, both aircraft crashing. Perhaps what you are looking for ? Regards, Ian ....Read More.ian94avenge on 26th October 2010 04:29:23
420405 - Unaccounted airmen - 5-4-1942Henk, Alan Storr has not covered No.450 Sqn RAAF Fatalities (well, not online). AUS403484 F/O Gordon Douglas MacPHERSON RAAF + - Kittyhawk I AK732:OK-U AUS403582 F/O John Ward EVATT RAAF + - Kittyhawk I AK895:OK-E Both stalled and crashed within minutes of one another, cause unknown. MacPherson and Evatt had been posted to No.450 Sqn RAAF on the 2-5-1942, and were on their first operation. See: No.450 Sqn RAAF ORB, pp.120-1 & 129 of 1503. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 11th October 2011 07:16:55
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesPerhaps this info might help. 05-NOV-44 KH243 Liberator 178 Sqn Missing on supply drop 7 This aircraft was one of twelve from the squadron, which formed part of a large force of fifty six Wellingtons and thirty five Liberators led by a single pathfinder Halifax of 614 Sqn, sent to drop supplies to partisan forces in the ‘CUCKOLD’ and ‘TOFFEE’ areas of Yugoslavia. Whilst the weather was good and over thirty Liberators dropped nearly 400 containers on ‘CUCKOLD’, this aircraft and the one listed below were attacked by enemy fighters and destroyed. It is believed that two of the crew survived. Warrant Officer Derek George STEWART 31 RAAF Pilot Sergeant Stanley Richard DAVIE 20 Navigator Sergeant William Greig BOGIE Bomb Aimer Sergeant Ivor MATTHEWS 26 Flight Engineer Sergeant Francis William LOUCH 24 Air Gunner Sergeant Gerald Joseph O’KANE 20 Air Gunner 06-NOV-44 KH100 Liberator 178 Sqn Gornigrad, Yugoslavia 8 This aircraft was lost in similar circumstances to that listed above. The whole crew died in the attack or subsequent crash. Flying Officer Amos Edwin Butsford DENOVAN 21 RCAF Pilot Flying Officer Owen Jones COX RCAF Navigator Flying Officer Kenneth Louis CHAPMAN 24 RCAF Bomb Aimer Flight Sergeant John Ward NORMAN 24 Wireless Operator Sergeant Evan Kenneth CORCORAN Flight Engineer Flight Sergeant Willaim Francis BEARY 20 Air Gunner Sergeant Raymond Foot Oliver JAMES 19 Air Gunner Flight Sergeant John Humphrey PARRY 19 Air Gunner You will see slightly different detail but can't remember precisely where the data came from initially. Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 3rd April 2012 10:51:06
W/C Gillan No. 26010 CO 49 SqPavel According to John Ward’s “Beware of the Dog at War – An operational diary of 49 Squadron”, W/Cdr. JW Gillan DFC AFC was C/O between 1 April – 21 December 1940. According to Nick and Carol Carter’s “The Distinguished Flying Cross and how it was won”, The London Gazette recorded the AFC for WC John Woodburn Gillan 26010 as 30/7/1940 : 4675. His DFC citation is as follows : - Gillan, John Woodburn DFC AFC W/Cdr. (26010) RAF 615 Squadron London Gazette 9/9/41 : 5217 (missing) This officer has lead the wing on nineteen occasions since July 1941 and his fine leadership and cool courage have been an inspiration to his fellow pilots throughout all operations. On three recent escort missions, Wing Commander Gillan has displayed especial skill and determination. He has destroyed one and damaged another enemy aircraft. The CWGC site records his death as 29/8/1941 at the age of 34 and his decorations as DFC and bar, AFC. He is buried in Dunkirk Town Cemetery and was the son of Revd. David Gillan and Helen Gillan (nee Drummond) of Edinburgh. -- Douglas ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 24th May 2012 04:03:06
Casualties in Gladsmuir Parish Churchyard.From Chorley's Vol 7, page 98 Sgt S Appley Sgt DFJ Ward Sgt J Pringle Sgt WH Griffiths Sgt J Crossley No survivors listed. Regards, Dave ....Read More.alieneyes on 25th May 2013 11:36:08
431202 - Unaccounted Airmen - 2-12-1943Hello, Re: UK - DUDDRIDGE. 2-12-1943 No.6(C) OTU Wellington VIII LB137 Took off Silloth, to carry out a non-operational training exercise. The aircraft failed to return, and it was found the next day crashed into a hill on the southern tip of the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland. All the crew were killed. It is believed the aircraft became lost and that owing to low cloud was probably flying low when it crashed. 132785 F/O (1st Pilot) Harry Oxley DRANSFIELD RAFVR + 1337561 Sgt (2nd Pilot) Jeffrey Alfred DUDDRIDGE RAFVR + AUS420449 F/O (Nav.) Charles Clifton COOPER RAAF + NZ422003 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Robert John WARDROP RNZAF + AUS412750 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Victor Francis SUTTOR RAAF* + AUS422126 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Reginald Francis CANAVAN RAAF + Dransfield is buried in Sheffield (Abbey Lane) Cemetery. Duddridge lies in West Coker (St. Martin) Churchyard. The others rest in Campbeltown (Kilkerran) Cemetery. * F/Sgt Suttor RAAF, was aboard the "Oronsay" when it was torpedoed and sunk by the Italian submarine, "Archimede", off the west coast of Africa on 9-10-1942. Along with other personnel, he was picked up by the Vichy French Sloop, "Dumont D'Eurville", and taken into Dakar and interned. He was eventually released after the "Torch" landings, and later continued his journey to the UK. More info can be found in Errol Martyn's FYT2/168 & FYT3/493. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 4th October 2013 06:42:27
5 Group 1940John Ward's excellent "Beware of the Dog at War - an Operational Diary of 49 Squadron 1916-1965" confirms shows 49's C.O. as "Gillian", not Gillan. Could be a typo in my book, but you might want to just double check which spelling is correct Custer :-) All the best, Greg ....Read More.greg on 14th February 2014 06:34:40
450616 - Unaccounted Airmen - 16-06-1945Hello, 450616 - Unaccounted Airmen - 16-06-1945 From Henk's List - Nil From CWGC & Geoff's sites - CYPRUS JONES, Norman Price - F/S (Nav/WoP) - 1623542 - RAFVR - Nicosia War cemetery, Cyprus. [ Beaufighter TF.X - NV628 - 79 OTU ]. WRIGHT, Frank Tarrant - Sgt (Pilot ) - 1607855 - RAFVR - Nicosia War Cemetery, Cyprus. [ Beaufighter TF.X - NV628 - 79 OTU ]. INDIA BIRCHENALL, John Wardley - LAC - 1439393 - RAFVR - Delhi War Cemetery, India. PAKISTAN TAYLOR, Peter - F/S (Pilot) - 16232283 - RAFVR - Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan. [ Hurricane IIc - LD407 - 9 FU ]. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 22nd May 2015 08:30:00
450616 - Unaccounted Airmen - 16-06-1945Hi JONES, Norman Price - F/S (Nav/WoP) - Beaufighter TF.X - NV628 - 79 OTU ]. WRIGHT, Frank Tarrant - Sgt (Pilot ) - Beaufighter TF.X - NV628 - 79 OTU ]. INDIA BIRCHENALL, John Wardley - LAC - Signals Centre, Delhi. PAKISTAN TAYLOR, Peter - F/S (Pilot) - Hurricane IIc - LD407 - 9 FU ]. Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 23rd May 2015 05:55:53
1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationSecond Lieutenant Pieter WARDEN (P/6814) 1940-05-23 South Africa Krugersdorp Cemetery Again thanks to Marie on Geni No cause of death but at least Full Name: Pieter John Warden Born 11 Oct 1919 ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 2nd January 2019 03:29:27
1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationSecond Lieutenant Pieter WARDEN (P/6814) 1940-05-23 South Africa Krugersdorp Cemetery Again thanks to Marie on Geni No cause of death but at least Full Name: Pieter John Warden Born 11 Oct 1919 According to Clipped wings vol 2 he was killed In an accident to an unidentified SAAF Hart of Central Flying school Kimberley on this date He was the handling pilot and killed the other crew member was uninjured 85 Years SAAF identifies it A Hart 331 Also A Hawker Hart I (331), was involved in an accident in the Kimberly area, fatally injuring 2 Lt PJ Warden, the second crew member survived the accident. (A/I) ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 2nd January 2019 03:34:04

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