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Warrant Officer Victor Cecil Mayo WHEELER (566827) of the Royal Air Force

W.E. Mechanic

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Magister I L8130
 Forum Post

Death of Death 1942-07-05 Age : 24 years.

Served in 611 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Sec. E.E. Grave 239. at Leicester (Gilroes) Cemetery, United Kingdom (Map)


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Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Aircraft Name: Magister I L8130 Date of Crash: 05 Jul 42 Unit 611 Sqdn Airfield /Crash Location , United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Casualities in Magister I L8130

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantAlexander James Proctor WALTON (1385958) Pilot Magister I L8130  Forum Post 1942-07-05611 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
Warrant OfficerVictor Cecil Mayo WHEELER (566827) W.E. Mechan Magister I L8130  Forum Post 1942-07-05611 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomLeicester (Gilroes) Cemetery

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Sgt AJP Walton, plane crash near Kenley 5 July 1942To expand a little on Ross' reply (which draws on the highly useful casualty db of this site), by drawing on a couple of other sources to hand: Miles Magister I L8130 One of a batch of 214 aircraft constructed by Phillips and Powis Ltd of Woodley under Contract 706823/37, delivered to the RAF between March and October 1938. First served with the Station Flight, RAF Debden (no date), then to 611 Squadron (no date). The aircraft "stalled during low aerobatics and crashed Woldingham, Surrey 5 July 1942" [I]Source[/I]: J Halley [I]RAF Aircraft L1000-N9999 [/I](Air Britain 1993) Malcolm's equally useful [I]Air of Authority [/I]Casualty db entry confirms broadly, that "He was killed whilst flying in Magister I, L8130 of No 611 Sqn, which flew into the ground at Woldingham in Surrey." [I]Source[/I]: [url][/url] Members area/Casualties - 3 - 5 July 1942 Woldingham is within four miles or so of Kenley aerodrome. Some more information lies in the 611 Squadron Operations Record Book at the UK National Archives, where a preview can be checked on line or downloaded for a small fee. See AIR 27/2110/37 [I]Summary of Events [/I]July 1942 [url][/url] This records the death of Walton and his passenger (Wireless Mechanic W/O VCM Wheeler 566827), in starkly condemnatory terms which may be distressing. and AIR27/2110/38 [I]Record of Events [/I]July 1942 [url][/url] The Squadron record of operational sorties for that day. Includes an early morning [I]Rhubarb[/I] patrol by Sgt Walton, in Spitfire BM366 (which served with four Squadrons between 1942 and January 1945, when it was at last struck off RAF charge). See Halley [I]RAF Aircraft BA100-BZ999 [/I](Air Britain 1985). ([I]Rhubarb[/I]: an offensive patrol over enemy territory aiming to attack targets of opportunity/draw up opposition). Don Clark [url][/url] [INDENT][I]Postscript[/I] If you've not done so, you may wish to apply for a copy of his RAF Record of Service which though brief and recorded in service acronyms can be of interest. There are a number of conditions you'll need to follow and the fee is 30 pounds: see [url][/url] While some casualty records have been transferred to UK National Archives, it's not a collection I'm across and a search on Walton 1385958 did not find a record for him on my search at [url][/url] . It is also possible to apply for a copy of the Casualty File as explained here - for another 30 pounds: [url][/url]. Someone else here may be able to advise you better on these records.[/INDENT] ....Read More.Don Clark on 5th March 2020 02:16:37
Sgt AJP Walton, plane crash near Kenley 5 July 1942Hello, A little more on Walton's unfortunate passenger: In January 1934, 65 young hopefuls arrived at RAF Cranwell as 6M12/6J12 (29th) Entry to train as Wireless Operator Mechanics (6M12) or Instrument Makers (6J12). During their training they gained 4 from Senior Entries, 4 ceased training, while 3 of their number were re-classed to later Entries, leaving 62 to pass out in December 1936. One of the 6M12's, was: Number: 566827 Surname: Wheeler Initials: W H [sic] Known As - Remarks: Class A. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 5th March 2020 08:40:41

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