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Flight Captain The Hon. Margaret FAIRWEATHER () of the Air Transport Auxiliary


Death of Death 1944-08-04 .

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : Sec. E. (White) Joint grave 295. at Dunure Cemetery, United Kingdom


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/642Wing Commander J M Fairweather: missing presumed dead; SS Abukir torpedoed off Ostend, between Belgium and England, 28 May 1940.C14502063

London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
33054Reginald Ruchet FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 35102 , Dated 1941-03-11 , Download #35102
33054Reginald Ruchet FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 35005 , Dated 1940-12-03 , Download #35005
41606Roderick Fairweather MILNELondon Gazette issue : 34733 , Dated 1939-11-14 , Download #34733
41606Roderick Fairweather MILNELondon Gazette issue : 34705 , Dated 1939-10-10 , Download #34705
41606Roderick Fairweather MILNELondon Gazette supplement : 34989 , Dated 1940-11-12 , Download #34989
666801124712 Stanley Whitton FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 35190 , Dated 1941-06-13 , Download #35190
66680Stanley Wh itton FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 35247 , Dated 1941-08-15 , Download #35247
66680S W FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 35773 , Dated 1942-11-03 , Download #35773
84745Clement Wilson FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 34960 , Dated 1940-10-04 , Download #34960
84745Clement Wilson FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 35247 , Dated 1941-08-15 , Download #35247
84745C W FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36248 , Dated 1943-11-12 , Download #36248
84745C W FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 35784 , Dated 1942-11-10 , Download #35784
86410745853 Frederick Wilson FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 34986 , Dated 1940-11-05 , Download #34986
116489961465 James Fairweather ROBERTSONLondon Gazette issue : 35491 , Dated 1942-03-17 , Download #35491
128618Flying Officer Gilbert Walter FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36211 , Dated 1943-10-12 , Download #36211
1286181396340 Gilbert Walter FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 35741 , Dated 1942-10-09 , Download #35741
128618G W FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 35946 , Dated 1943-03-16 , Download #35946
1468131290509 Edwin Arthur FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36323 , Dated 1944-01-07 , Download #36323
146813E A FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36361 , Dated 1944-02-01 , Download #36361
166772John Arthur Thompson PORTER David Alastair FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36893 , Dated 1945-01-12 , Download #36893
166772D A FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 37074 , Dated 1945-05-08 , Download #37074
1776261391294 Fred FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36633 , Dated 1944-07-28 , Download #36633
177626F FAIRWEATHER D F CLondon Gazette supplement : 37639 , Dated 1946-07-02 , Download #37639
177626F FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36898 , Dated 1945-01-16 , Download #36898
1779611365020 Stanley James FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36643 , Dated 1944-08-04 , Download #36643
177961S J FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36787 , Dated 1944-11-07 , Download #36787
177961S J FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 37545 , Dated 1946-04-23 , Download #37545
1897231894228 George William FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 36923 , Dated 1945-02-02 , Download #36923
189723G W FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette supplement : 37174 , Dated 1945-07-10 , Download #37174
351417G A FAIRWEATHERLondon Gazette issue : 36329 , Dated 1944-01-11 , Download #36329

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Second Officer Kethleen Kershaw, ATA CasualtyI note from the details that I have of Kathleen Kershaw that she volunteered for the flight with Captain Fairweather as a nursing attendant for the casualty they were due to pick up, she is described as a Nursing Sister. Does anybody have any details as to whether she was a civilian trained nurse who joined the ATA or a Princess Mary’s RAF Nurse seconded to the ATA? Any info most welcome Tony ....Read More.Tonym on 21st November 2007 04:38:11
Mosquito HK503 belly landing "On the night of 6 October more excitement developed around Le Culot airfield than the Nighthawks had seen since moving to the continent. Early in the evening F/L Gordon Sproule and F/O F. G. Wilkinson were coming in for a single-engine landing when their undercarriage collapsed and the Mosquito finished the run on its belly, much to the grief of the already overworked maintenance crews. Before the runway could be cleared P/O F. E. (Hank) Haley called in on the R/T to say that he and P/O S. J. (Fairy) Fairweather, DFM (RAF), had shot down a Ju. 88 and were coming in on one engine. Because of the previous prang they couldn't land at base and were being diverted when their other engine cut out and they had to take to their parachutes. Just before midnight F/O R. H. Finlayson and his navigator team-mate, F/O J. A. Webster, touched down with the news that they had destroyed an Me. 110. As a sort of finale to the eventful evening an aircraft from No. 410 Squadron force-landed at Le Culot after destroying a German plane and getting badly shot up itself. Fortunately all went well and the squadron diarist summed up the evening's events as "a fairly good night."" A ....Read More.Amrit on 11th December 2008 10:04:32
420330 - Unaccounted airmen - 30-3-1942What were the places of death registration for: A - Died on active service: AC1 Charlesw V. FAIRWEATHER - 1190111 - age 28; AC2 George W.D. HARMER - 1449167, and Cpl John PARSONS - 973617, B - Not found Flight archives: P/O (Obs) Norman WOLFENDEN - 112760. C - Proposed aircraft losses: Anson I - K6254 - 3 AOS - crashed in forced landing near Halfpenny Green. Magister I - R1817 - 22 OTU - crashed in forced landing Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire. Oxford II - T1336 - 2 (P)AFU - crashed on approach at night Brize Norton. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 19th June 2009 08:02:17
420330 - Unaccounted airmen - 30-3-1942Hi Henk Fairweather,28, registered at Uxbridge, Middlesex Harmer,20, registered at Leicester Parsons, 23, registered at Stockport, Cheshire Wolfenden, registered at Andover, Hampshire Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 19th June 2009 01:02:22
420429 - Unaccounted airmen - 29-4-1942What were the places of death registration for: A - Not found in Flight archives: LAC Frank W.G. BARRETT - 1358728 -Age 31; AC2 Cecil J. BRICE - 1561181 - Age 34; AC1 Bernard HAWCROFT - 1035660; F/O Eyre O. IEVERS - 81827; Sgt (Pilot) Peter J.V. JOHNSON - 1165221; AC2 Frank PALFREYMAN - 1480521, and AC1 Charles W. SHUFFLEBOTHAM - 1035506. B - Killed on active service: LAC Ronald J. COOK - 1280357; LAC George A. CORNELL - 1187705 - Age 28; AC2 Harold HOLMES - 1451453, and F/Lt (Flight: F/Sgt) Leonard OTTEY - 43207. C - Died on active service: AC2 (Pilot u/t) James R.H. FAIRWEATHER - 1316928. It's known there was a night air raid on Norwich this day. D - Proposed aircraft loss: Oxford I - R6057 - 14 (P)AFU - dived into ground near Horsham St.Faith. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 10th July 2009 08:52:31
420429 - Unaccounted airmen - 29-4-1942Hi Henk Barrett,30, Hawcroft,20, Palfreyman,19, Cornell,28, and Holmes,21 are all registered at Bulmer, N Yorkshire Ievers,38, Shufflebotham,38,and Ottey,35, are registered in York itself Johnson,22, registered at Norwich Outer, which could connect him to the Oxford at Horsham St Faith. The city of Norwich had it's own registrar and I think any Air Raid victims in the city would have been registered there Fairweather, 21, registered at Newton Abbott, Devon Brice did not come but CWGC has him as a Scot and his family are Scots and he is buried there. Cook didn't come up but I note he is buried at Fulford which is within the City of York's area in E Yorkshire Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 10th July 2009 12:49:41
420429 - Unaccounted airmen - 29-4-1942Anything new I found I've placed an * at the start of the line. A. Not found FLight Archives *AC2 Cecil J. BRICE - 1561181 - Age 34; Kilmarnock District, Ayrshire during 1942 B - Killed on active service: *LAC Ronald J. COOK - 1280357; there is a 22 yaer old Ronald J Cook in York district for Q2 of the register. No age given on CWGC. LAC George A. CORNELL - 1187705 - Age 28; Bulmer, N Yorkshire KOAS AC2 Harold HOLMES - 1451453, and Bulmer, N Yorkshire KOAS F/Lt (Flight: F/Sgt) Leonard OTTEY - 43207. York LAC Frank W.G. BARRETT - 1358728 -Age 31; Bulmer, N Yorkshire KOAS *AC1 Bernard HAWCROFT - 1035660; Bulmer, N Yorkshire KOASA Flight 6th August Magazine scanned as 'Hawcrott' *AC2 Frank PALFREYMAN - 1480521, and Bulmer, N Yorkshire KOAS Flight Aug 6th Magazine, split across two lines. Search for 'freym' *AC1 Charles W. SHUFFLEBOTHAM - 1035506. York KOAS Flight Aug 6th Magazine Scanned as Shufflebotbam *Sgt (Pilot) Peter J.V. JOHNSON - 1165221; Norwich KILLED ON ACTIVE SERVICE-—Fit. Sgt, P. J. V. Johnson; July 23rd Magazine *F/O Eyre O. IEVERS - 81827; York DIED OF WOUNDS OR INJURIES RECEIVED ON ACTIVE SERVICE.—F/O. E. O. Levers. Its both printed and scanned as Levers. Search for F/O. E. O. C - Died on active service: AC2 (Pilot u/t) James R.H. FAIRWEATHER - 1316928. Newton abbot ....Read More.dennis_burke on 11th July 2009 11:52:44
AC1 R. Lawton RAFVR. 22/11/1946Flight Magazine carried this on December 12th 1946 Casualties THE Air Ministry regrets to announce that a number of R.A.F. personnel were killed and injured as a result of a Boston belonging to the Torpedo Development Unit of the Ministry of Supply striking a public omnibus on the road adjoining Weston-super-Mare Airport while approaching to land on November 22nd, 1946. The list of the casualties is as follows: — KILLED.— A/C.2 E. W. Bellamy, A/C.2 J. I. Davis, A/C.2 J. Halliday, A/C.2 E. Jackson, A/C.2 R. Lawton, A/C.2 E. H. Pearson, A/C.2 F. Wilson. DIED FROM INJURIES.— A/C.1 S. Fairweather. INJURED.—A/C. T. E. Ford, A/C.1 J. Allen, A/C.1 E. Briggs, A/C.1 T. W. Southgate, A/C.2 C. D. Carter. A/C.2 N. J. Cooke, A/C.2 T. Hawksford, A/C. F. Tay. The next of kin have been informed. Reading the above, I presume the aircraft crew were not injured or killed as no aircrew reanks are mentioned. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 19th July 2009 10:42:11
Bomber Command Losses 21-22 June 1944Dear Theo I think that Henk is more accurate that my information but I thought I would throw this ito the melting pot. "83 Squadron 1917-1969" Low and Harper ISBN 1 900604 05 1 21/06/44 Lancaster JB180 OL-H 426hrs S/L AR Dunn DFC F/O S Boyle DFM F/O GW Fairweather DFC F/O H Spencer Sgt TN Usher F/O DL Cramp DFC F/S DG Scarff All buried Rheinberg War Cemetery Crash location: Rheinberg (This is where Henk is probably more accurate) Sortie details: Ten aircraft to Wesserling It may iterest you to read that Low & Harper have listed F/Lt RA Walker DFC who was lost on the same raid in Lancaster ND551 OL-V as being "shot by Gestapo and cremated". They have over a page of A4 on the death of Walker, but no further details of the loss of Dunn and his crew. I hope this helps Best wishes James ....Read More.James Castle on 29th March 2010 12:29:17
106 sqn Lancaster W4921 Operation to Nuremberg March 8th 1943Hi Airman, I have the details you are looking for, Lancaster W4921 took off at 1925 and landed back at 04.00. Captain P/O L.C.J. Brodrick. F/Egr. Sgt. G.W. Hancock. Nav. P/O/ G.W. Fairweather. Air/Bmr. Sgt. F.R. Farr. W/Op. Sgt. H. Buxton. M/U. Gnr. Sgt. W.T. Mclean. R/Gnr. Sgt. H. Jones (799) The remarks from the captain state: No Cloud, smoke and haze.Red and green marker flares seen, bombed from 14,000 feet at 23.36hrs. Own bomb seen to burst and also observed many large but scattered fires, which were visible 120 miles away. Took photograph 13/4 miles from aiming point. Bomb load: 1x 4,000lb., 12 SBC.(30lb.) I have all 106 ORB's from 11th.Feb. until 30th.April 1943 if you want any more details of P/O Broderick during this period. Send me a message. Cheers, john ....Read More.twintop on 16th February 2011 05:06:02
106 sqn Lancaster W4921 Operation to Nuremberg March 8th 1943Hello John (Twintop) Does the ORB give any serial number for P/O G W Fairweather by any chance? Cheers Dennis ....Read More.dennis_burke on 1st March 2011 10:36:21
Beaufighter 404 Sq Crashes 1943 Scottish Borders & Hurricane CrashMorning All Our local newspaper the Southern Reporter carries a story this week of a wartime crash near Ashkirk/Dryden just south of Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. None of the books I have on wartime crashes in this area has any mention of this. The Article says in happened in April 1943 with the crew of FSgt Haley and FSgt Fairweather flying a Beaufighter. The article aslo goes on to mention a Huricane that attempted a landing on the road near Askirk which was flown by a Norwegian Pilot - failing to land it crashed at Headshaw A third crash is mentioned at Ashkirk of a "British Plane" crashing in the area around 1940/41 As I said none of these are recorded in any books I have and I am failing badly to uncover much by searching the internet Can anyone out there shed any light on any of the above Regards Frank ....Read More.FTW on 27th January 2012 06:38:37
Mosquito crashed in BelgiumMosquito MM456 came down "5 miles W. of Brussels" on 6 October 1944 in the evening hours. Location matches Schepdaal, give or take a km. Squadron and crew Canadian: 409 Squadron, P/O F.E. Haley and P/O S.J. Fairweather, both had bailed out. The above a suggestion, because one month later than Phil has in his question. Regards, Leendert ....Read More.Leendert on 30th November 2012 11:45:08
431222 - Unaccounted Airmen - 22-12-1943Hello, 431222 - Unaccounted Airmen - 22-12-1943 From Henk's list - UK BOWEN, Gerald Matthew - AC2 - 3005597 - RAFVR - Halstead (St. Margaret), Kent. COCKBURN, George Younnie - W/O - 344580 - RAF - Thornaby-On-Tees, Yorkshire. REYNOLDS, Norman - AC2 - 1665275 - RAFVR - Neath (Ynysymaerdy), Glamorganshire. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - CANADA CRAIG, Charles Fairweather - Sgt - 1266276 - RAFVR - Ottawa Memorial, Ontario, Canada. MORTON, Hugh Weir (USA) - F/L - C7289 - RCAF - Toronto (Prospect), Ontario, Canada. SWIRE, William - Sgt - 1337191 - RAFVR - Ottawa Memorial, Ontario, Canada. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 15th October 2013 08:08:17
431222 - Unaccounted Airmen - 22-12-1943Hello, CANADA - CRAIG & SWIRE. 22-12-1943 No.111(C) OTU Mitchell II FR376 Took off Oakes Field, approx. 2000Z, captained by P/O J. C. McLean RCAF, or P/O A J Wilcox RAAF, on a non-operational flight with a pupil crew to do a routine 2.5 hour navigational night exercise. A ground test of the radio before take off was the last contact with the aircraft which did not use R/T after take off. Three weeks later, the wreck of the aircraft was subsequently discovered in 10 feet of water, seven miles east of Nassau, Bahamas, and about 6.5 miles from the airfield. The aircraft had completely disintegrated, and there was no trace of any survivors. There were strong tides running in the crash area. AUS424499 P/O (1st Pupil Pilot) Arthur Jack WILLCOX RAAF + J/28658 P/O (2nd Pupil Pilot) John Charles McLEAN RCAF + J/13257 F/O (Pupil Nav.) Hibbert Douglas FRYE RCAF + 1266276 Sgt (Pupil W.Op./Air Gnr.) Charles Fairweather CRAIG RAFVR + NZ421988 F/Sgt (Pupil W.Op./Air Gnr.) Bernard Norman PETERSEN RNZAF + 1337191 Sgt (Pupil W.Op./Air Gnr.) William SWIRE RAFVR + All commemorated on the Ottawa Memorial. See: [url][/url] See: p.521 of 535. (per Alan Storr). and... FYT2/173. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 15th October 2013 09:16:09
440804 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 4-8-1944Hello, 440804 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 4-8-1944 From Henk's List - UK BULMAN, Harry - LAC - 1093742 - RAFVR - Southport (Duke Street) Cemetery, Lancashire. CARTMELL, Frank - Cpl - 1141195 - RAFVR - Oldham (Chadderton) Cemetery, Lancashire. FUKES, Robert Stanley - Cpl - 1475101 - RAFVR - Chester (Blacon) Cemetery, Cheshire. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - ATA FAIRWEATHER, The Hon. Margaret - Flight Captain - ATA - Dunure Cemetery, Ayrshire. [ Proctor III - LZ801 - ATA ]. INDIA SHIRES, Raymond Blythe - Sgt - 1040116 - RAFVR - Delhi war Cemetery, India. SMITH, George Arthur - LAC - 1247881 - RAFVR - Ranchi War Cemetery, India. UK WOOD, Alan Frederick William - F/S (Pilot) - 1448751 - RAFVR - Birmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Warwickshire. ZIMBABWE CLEMENTS, Raymond Thomas - F/O (Pilot Instr) - 137428 - RAFVR - Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery, Zimbabwe. HOOD, Eric Francis - LAC - 975870 - RAFVR - Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery, Zimbabwe. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 7th May 2014 06:14:45
441223 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-12-1944Hello, 441223 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-12-1944 From Henk's List - BELGIUM NECK, Colin Glover - P/O - 178124 - RAFVR - Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerpen, Belgium. GREECE MILLEN, Thomas Edwin - AC1c - 1461808 - RAFVR - Phaleron War Cemetery, Greece. UK FAIRWEATHER, Albert Arthur - F/S (Pilot) - 1322950 - RAFVR - Harrow (Eastcote Lane) Cemetery, Middlesex. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - PAKISTAN SEDDON, Thomas - Cpl - 1120045 - RAFVR - Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 24th October 2014 08:32:44
441223 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-12-1944Hi BELGIUM NECK, Colin Glover - P/O - 2 TAF Base. GREECE MILLEN, Thomas Edwin - AC1 - 372 RSU UK FAIRWEATHER, Albert Arthur - F/S (Pilot) - possibly killed whilst flying in Beaufighter VI, KV966 of No 54 OTU, which flew into high ground near Berwick on Tweed whilst flying in cloud at night. PAKISTAN SEDDON, Thomas - Cpl - 151 OTU. Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 25th October 2014 05:50:03
441223 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-12-1944NECK, Colin Glover - P/O – 178124 - Died Of Wounds On Injuries Received On Active Service MILLEN, Thomas Edwin - AC1c – 1461808 - KOAS FAIRWEATHER, Albert Arthur - F/S (Pilot) – 1322950 - KOAS SEDDON, Thomas - Cpl – 1120045 - DOAS Martyn ....Read More.Martyn A Critchlow on 25th October 2014 08:09:30
450404 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-04-1945Hello, 450404 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-04-1945 From Henk's List - GERMANY GPR(AAC) FAIRWEATHER, John Strang - S/Sgt - 3056208 - The Glider Pilot Regiment, A.A.C - Durnbach War Cemetery, Bayern, Germany. HOWELL, Eric - AC1c - 1405048 - RAFVR - Reichswald Forest Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. JAMAICA LESLIE, Sefton Linford (Jamaican) - AC2c - 724676 - RAFVR - Kingston (Up Park Camp) Military Cemetery, Jamaica. UK AY Abdullah - Air/Lt (U/T) - Turkish Air Force - Brookwood - [ killed in traffic accident ]. [url][/url] HOPKINS, George Reginald - AC1c - 904475 - RAFVR - Grove Park Cemetery, London. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - ITALY PRITCHARD, Dennis Gordon - F/S (Pilot) - 1604063 - RAFVR - Salerno War Cemetery, Italy. NETHERLANDS EDGELLER, Peter Frederick - LAC - 3007916 - RAFVR - Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. REPUBLIC of IRELAND BAYLOR, Richard Kenneth - Sgt (Nav U/T) - 1036710 - RAFVR - Castlehyde Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. UK FEATONBY, Horace Garth - F/L (Pilot) - 128984 - RAFVR - Redcar Cemetery, Yorkshire - [ Oxford I - L4601 - 17 FTS ]. FISHWICK, George - AC1c - 1512868 - RAFVR - Salford (Weaste) Cemetery, Lancashire - [ Oxford I - L4601 - 17 FTS ]. ROSCOE, Fred - LAC - 1018427 - RAFVR - Chester (Blacon) Cemetery, Cheshire - [ Oxford I - L4601 - 17 FTS ]. TAYLOR, John Albert - F/O (Nav) - 166533 - RAFVR - Brechin Cemetery, Angus. USHER, Kenneth frederick Leslie - P/O (Nav) - 166731 - RAFVR - West Bromwich (All Saints) Churchyard Extensions, Staffordshire. WINSER, Benjamin Curtis - F/S (Pilot) - 575706 - RAF - Chester (Blacon) Cemetery, Cheshire. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 13th February 2015 09:06:14
420429 - Unaccounted airmen - 29-4-1942Hello AC2 Cecil J. BRICE - 1561181 - Age 34 - the Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website records that he died at 9.00 p.m. at The Infirmary, Kilmarnock, due to carcinoma of the lung and secondary carcinoma of the brain. AC2 (Pilot u/t) James R.H. FAIRWEATHER - 1316928 - the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette of May 8th 1942 reported the following: [I]WHERE WERE LIFEBUOYS? Coroner's Comment At Devon Inquest Returning a verdict of "Accidental death" at an inquest on Friday on James Robert Fairweather, aged 21, aircraftman, who was drowned while bathing from Torre Abbey Sands, the Coroner (Mr. Ernest Hutchings) said he could not understand why lifebuoys were not kept at the spot considering that the public were allowed to bathe there. He was of the opinion that had these existed this man might have had a chance of being saved. Evidence showed that deceased, disregarding advice from his fellows, went into the sea to bathe but got into difficulties. His comrades ran to the sands but no lifebuoys were to be found. Planks and ropes were thrown without effect. P.C. Bennett told the Coroner that since the fatality a lifebuoy had been placed at the spot.[/I] Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 30th October 2017 06:59:41
70th Aniversary of the Berlin BlockadeAs my modest and INCOMPLETE contribution to Berlin Airlift information, I offer the following: BEACHAM, John Desmond, F/O (193258, RAFVR*) - No.53 Squadron - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 December 1948. Born in Birmingham in 1925. Enlisted in RAF, 1943, and trained in South Africa. Commissioned in March 1945. As a navigator who joined Transport Command in June 1946, this officer was posted to No.31 Squadron in India. There he did valuable work on the evacuation of Service personnel and British civilians from that country at the time of the creation of the Dominions of Pakistan and India. He also carried out many sorties in transferring Nationals to their respective countries. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1948 and joined No.53 Squadron in which he carried out transport schedule and special flights to the Middle East and Western Europe. He obtained a Transport Command “B” Category and his work in the air was characterised by the cheerful and efficient manner in which it was executed . In June 1948 this officer was included in one of the original Dakota crew who carried the first loads into Berlin before any other aircraft were available. Flying first from Wunsdorf and then from Fassberg and Lubeck he has completed 113 sorties to date, some of which have been carried out in the worst possible weather for navigation, both by day and by night. This officer’s first-class work and perfect crew cooperation have ensure the safety of the flights. His skill as a navigator and the calm, steadfast judgement with which he has resolved the difficult situations which have confronted him, together with his consistently high standard of courage, enthusiasm and skill, have been an inspiration and guide to the other air crews and his cooperation with his captain has been a shining example of unbreakable [?]team spirit. BENNETT, William Rhys, Signaller II (960996, Royal Air Force) - No.201 Squadron - Air Force Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 December 1948. Born 1912; joined RAF in June 1940 and signed on again in October 1946. Engineer II Bennett is one of most senior Flight Engineers as regards both age and experience in No.201 Squadron. He has always given outstanding service as an efficient [??] Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and as a most reliable member of his flying crew. His devotion to duty is unstinted at all times. Particularly have those qualities come to the fore during the intensive period of flying, under make-shift conditions, necessitated by the participation of the squadron at short notice in the Berlin Air Lift. He has given a most praiseworthy performance of steady, unswerving zeal and devotion to duty during his 125 hours flying as engineer in the crew of a Sunderland carrying supplies into Berlin. His technical skill, his meticulous care for detail, his keenness and determination have been most marked at all times and his performance in the air has set a ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 24th July 2018 06:33:37
461122 - Unaccounted Airmen - 22-11-1946Hello, 461122 - Unaccounted Airmen - 22-11-1946 From Henk's List - UK BELLAMY, Eric Wilfred - AC1c - 1598231 - RAFVR. Hull Northern Cemetery, Yorkshire. DAVIS, James Ithel - AC2c - 3059401 - RAFVR. Llandeilo Fawr ( St. Teilo ) Churchyard, Carmarthenshire. FAIRWEATHER, Sydney Gordon - AC1c - 2291223 - RAFVR. Mortlake Cemetery, Surrey. HALLIDAY, James - AC1c - 2291411 - RAFVR. Dumbarton Cemetery, Dunbartonshire. JACKSON, Edward - AC2c - 2260394 - RAFVR. Manchester ( Gorton ) Cemetery, Lancashire. LAWTON, Roy - AC1c - 2285878 - RAFVR. [ note: spelling of name LAUGHTON ? ]. Bromborough ( St. Barnabas ) Churchyard, Cheshire. PEARSON, Ernest Henry - AC2c - 2296456 - RAFVR.+ Ewell( St. Mary ) Churchyard Extension, Surrey. WILSON, Frank - AC2c - 2258573 - RAFVR. Upperthong ( St. John ) Churchyard, Yorkshire. The airmen named above were killed when Boston AL467 struck a bus that they were travelling on. SHAW, John Neville - F/Lt - 83133 - RAFVR. West Stoke ( St. Andrew) Churchyard, Sussex. From CWGC - AUSTRALIA HULME, Ernest George - W/O - 4545 - RAAF. Springvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 11th August 2018 07:18:07
Visitor Comments on Old Forum Archive ThreadsCarmelo Lenzi · Commented on [URL][/URL] In April 1945, near the village where I have a house, crashed the British Spitfire fighter. The local people can say that the pilot was dead when they came to the plane, so they buried him at the village cemetery, but no one knew who was by name because at that time nobody check this. There was no priest in the place because he escaped for fear of German soldiers. After then Yugoslav Army, which was heading towards Trieste, where they met the 8th British Army, was informed of the event. A few years later, British soldiers arrived from Trieste and excavated the body and transported it to unknown places. After the event, the airplanes were also loaded onto animal tracton wagon and taken away to unknown place. I heard about the event from an older countryman, and then I wanted to find out who was a pilot, so I started to research almost a year ago with interviews the still living villagers from that period. In some local documents, I saw the date on April 29, but I did not find the nam…See More [I]Public · 14w [/I] Robin Shields · Commented on [URL][/URL]... Looking for details of the incident regarding the above Public · 14w Nick Oram · Commented on [URL][/URL] Hi I am researching 411 pilots for a COmpany that flies a restored 411 Spitfire. Does anyone have any information on Ross Linquist Please? Public · 16w Louiss Bouchee · Commented on [URL][/URL] Hello Ron I know a bit about Ron Hemming his mother was my surigate grandmother so to speak , I know he was injured at some stage during the later stages of the war , I know he also saw active service , he was an only child Mrs Hemming took me under her wing when I was six until she passed when I was twelve she would talk about Ron and her husband she was a lovely lady I still have an Easter jacket she crocheted for me when I was six I'm fifty now and living in Australia , I would love a copy of a photo if at all possible. Public · 16w · View Thread Shannon Erin O'reilly · Commented on [URL][/URL] I have a facebook page "RAF Newmarket" Feel free to join. Public · 17w David Allwright · Commented on [URL][/URL] ASU = Administrative Services Unit. It is the mobile catering Support Unit Based at RAF Hullavington, Near Chippenham, Wiltshire. Their role was as the catering element added to RAF detachments sent overseas. Public · 17w Nick Bond · Commented on [URL][/URL] I lived next door to Sqn Ldr Ian Popay for many years. Sadly passed away quite a few years back now! Public · 18w David Tudor · Commented on [URL][/URL] See Express and Star article posted on this on April 11th 2018. Bram ....Read More.Jagan on 22nd August 2018 06:19:16
Some Successful Candidates to RAF Halton 1934Found this list in Published: Friday 03 August 1934 Newspaper: Sheffield Independent County: Yorkshire, England I have spent 5 mins checking some names and found 3 Service Numbers I would expect all to be in the 5669nn 567nnn range - and will give an indication of when thee number allocated Both Pacey and Gurnell were both born in 1918 and so were 16 year old 'Boy Entrants' - i expect most of them will be This may help if you have a service number but no full first names and not on Air 78! maybe if anyone fancies a challenge fill in some of them missing numbers! R.A.F. EXAM. RESULTS YORKS. AND LINCS. SUCCESSES The results of the competitive examination for the entry of aircraft apprentices to the Royal Air Force, announced yesterday, include two boys from a S heffield secondary school, and one from Hathersage, near Sheffield, as well as many successful candidates from the Lincolnshire district. The successful Sheffield entrants are John Arras Wesley and George Edward Golding, both of Nether Edge Secondary, School, Sheffield. Other candidates who passed were: Kenneth Packer. Doncaster Junior Technical School, Doncaster; Peter Gurnell. Lindsey. Lines.: #566980 Leslie Sneesby, Drax Grammar School, Yorkshire (West Riding); Maurice Raw. King’s School. Pontefract: Stanley Frederick Spedding. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook; George Crapper. Hcmsworlh Grammar School, Yorkshire (West Riding): Fred Harris. Stonebroom Evening Institute. Derbyshire; George Edwin Ridd, Netherthorne Grammar School. Staveley; #566991 Geoffrey Arthur Packman, Queen Elisabeth’s Grammar School, Mansfield; Sydney Bramley, Netherthorne Grammar School. Staveley; Charles Eric Palmer, Mexborough Secondary School Frederick Ronald Sullivan, Royal Hospital School, Scunthorpe: James W. C. Johnston. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook: Arthur Ellis. Sowerby Bridge County Secondary (Yorkshire West Riding); James Samuel Ferrigan. Royal Hospital School. Holbrook: and John Harmon. Wath-on-Dearne Grammar School. OTHER SUCCESSES Frank Lorrain Clay and E. Malcolm Stockwell. Royal Hospital School. Holbrook Ronald Lindley, Wakefield. Queen Elisabeth’s Grammar School; Francis Stevens and Charles V. S. Churcher, Royal Hospital School. Holbrook; Eric Godber. Doncaster Junior Technical School; W. S. G. Evans, Harrogatr Grammar School: R. F. S. Callwood. Pocklington, Yorkshire West Riding; L. Bertram Fletcher and Clifford J. Heale. Royal Hospital School, Holbrook; James Wood Swan. Harrogate Grammar School: Frederick George Forster, Richard Lionel Duncan. George Bowyer. William Henry Hodson. and Thomas J. Prior, the Hospital School. Holbrook; Robert Bell Spencer, Yorkshire West Riding; and Cyril Douglas Lister. Gainsborough Grammar School. Lines. William Henry Goole Grammar School; Jack Anstess. Wath-on-Dearne Grammar School; Colin Broome. Hemsworth Grammar School. Yorkshire West ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 10th October 2018 07:00:22

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