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Flight Lieutenant George ATKINSON (47413) of the Royal Air Force

Pilot Instructor

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Mosquito NFII HJ659
 Forum Post

Death of Death 1945-03-01 Age : 29 years.

Served in 54 OTU

Burial/Commemoration Details : Grave 3613. at Blyth Cemetery, United Kingdom


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/347Sergeant G Atkinson, Pilot Officer F H Ridley and Aircraftman 1st Class J S Thompson: report of deaths; Battle K9189 crashed at Donchery, France, 14 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502151
AIR81/1393Sergeant G Atkinson: injured; Hurricane P3310 crashed off Southend, Essex, 14 August 1940.C14502759
AIR81/1469Corporal G Atkinson and Leading Aircraftman J Hoare: report of deaths. Sergeant R B Parham: injured in an enemy air raid on Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, 16 August 1940.C14502891

London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
47413565476 George ATKINSONLondon Gazette issue : 35408 , Dated 1942-01-06 , Download #35408
47413G ATKINSON D F MLondon Gazette supplement : 35784 , Dated 1942-11-10 , Download #35784
47413G ATKINSON D F MLondon Gazette supplement : 36271 , Dated 1943-11-30 , Download #36271

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Aircraft Name: Mosquito NF.II HJ659 Date of Crash: 1940-01-01 01 Mar 45 Unit 54 OTU Airfield /Crash Location , United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight LieutenantGeorge ATKINSON (47413) Pilot Instr Mosquito NFII HJ659  Forum Post 1945-03-0154 OTU United KingdomBlyth Cemetery
Flying OfficerAnthony Thomas Russell CLEEVE (160943) U/T Pilot Mosquito NFII HJ659  Forum Post 1945-03-0154 OTU United KingdomCharing (Kent County) Cremator
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400816 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-8-1940Most - if not all - undermentioned names may have been killed in air raids. A place of death registration probably may connect their names to an aerodrome/naval airbase that was bombed. Main Luftwaffe targets for this day were Tangmere (12 dead), Lee-on-Solent and Gosport (7 dead) and Harwell. A - Not listed Flight archives: LAC Percy C. ANSCOMBE - 747143 AC2 William F.G. WEST - 813222 B - Killed on active service (while engaged on non-operational flying duties or on the ground through enemy action): AC2 Richard E. AUSTIN - 1350800 AC2 Stanley COUTTS - 981318 C - Died of wounds or injuries received on active service: AC2 Arthur W. COLLINS - 1356479 AC2 Archibald B. YOUNG - 973820 D - "Missing" believed killed on active service (while engaged on non-operational flying duties or on the ground thrtough enemy action): Sgt Owen J. WEEKS - 370398 - Runnymede Panel 20 (FAA 758 Sqn - may not be in the FAA-book) E - Killed on active service: Cpl George ATKINSON - 565463 LAC Albert E. GAINEY - 356359 LAC Ronald O. HEWLETT - 614759 LAC Arthur J. HOARE - 342664 Cpl Walter H. LEWIS - 350025 LAC Terence J.MORTIMER - 639246 AC2 Jonathan SHEASBY - 948500 Cpl Ronald SMITH - 1356692 Cpl Allan J. STEWART - 334962 AC2 Robert T. YATES - 919260 Proposed aircraft losses in case killed in an aircraft accident: Lysander II - L6861 - 613 Sqn - flew into ground Friskney Flats, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire Tiger Moth II - N6471 - 10 EFTS - dived into ground 2˝ mile NW of Marlborough, Wiltshire F - Already on file as being killed in air raid: Gosport, Hampshire: AC2 Norman Q. CHARLTON - 996363 Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire: Ldg Airman Bernard A. COOKE - FAA/FX.76323 - HMS Daedalus Harwell, Berkshire: AC1 Ernest N. PITT - 906866 - 15 OTU AC2 Edward J. SAUNDERS - 702278 - 15 OTU Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 2nd March 2008 08:26:58
400816 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-8-1940Cpl George ATKINSON - 565463 Cpl Allan J. STEWART - 334962 AC2 Robert T. YATES - 919260 killed in air-raid - full details for the attack and other non-RAF casualties can be read here: A ....Read More.Amrit on 2nd March 2008 02:51:26
George Atkinson 47413Hi Dave, Flt Lt George Atkinson was killed, March 1, 1945, in Mosquito NF 2, HJ569 of 54 OTU Chaterhall. The Mosquito fell into a spin from a low-level roll, crashing into a field just short of Pallinsburn House, at that time a convalescent hospital. Aircraft exploded, Flt Lt Atkinson and F/O ATR Cleave both killed. George Atkinson was buried in Links Cemetery, south of Blyth. His grave has a CWGC headstone on which is carved: 'One Of The Few'. You can find his biography in my book: 'A Gathering Of Eagles'. Best Wishes. ....Read More.northeagle on 19th July 2008 09:55:19
George Atkinson 47413Hi guys, just read the threat about George Atkinson, he was my Great Uncle and some what of ahero of mine. All I ahve seen and been led to believe from the family (including his wife Pat) say he was killed in a training accident on a Beaufighter not a Mosquito... He served from 1936 flying Hart trainers, Hurricanes in th Battle of france and Battle of Britain and for a while on Spit Mk 1's while with 151 at North Weald. He was awaded the DFM and baled out over the thames esturay earining the "catapillar". Confrimed 3 "kills". after the BoB went to training squadron for "rest" in canada and returned on Mosquitos flying some of the famed low lever raids, one of which he picked up a length of telepphone cable on his wing. It was after thsi tour he ended up at RA Lucheas and was killed 12th March 1945... I would like to know where any information is written aout him, as I am trying to trace as much as possile about my great uncle. I am in the process of getting the RAF records and medals. Thnanks David Petters ....Read More.davidjpetters on 26th May 2010 06:06:58
George Atkinson 47413Hi David, Your information is a little off on one or two points. George Atkinson joined the RAF from school as an apprentice and passed out there on August 16, 1934 as a metal rigger. He served overseas at Atbara and Khartoum with 47 Squadron. Flying training began in September 26, 1937. He joined 151 Squadron in 1938 and remained with it until October 1941. He did not fly operationally again during the Battle of Britain after he was shot down in August. He never flew Spitfires. He was posted to East Fortune, Scotland, as an instructor on the Defiant, October 31, 1941. Later posted to 96 Squadron, Defiants. From October 15, 1943 he was posted to Canada as an instructor on the Mosquito and he remained there in that role until December 31, 1944. On his return he was posted to Chater Hall and it was from there that he flew his last flight and crashed into the grounds of Pallinsburn House. He did not, as far as I know, fly in Beaufighters and he took no part in the Mosquito raids. you should find a bit on here http// His grave is in Blyth Cemetery, Links Road, not far from his home: which still stands. Best Wishes, Robert. ....Read More.northeagle on 26th May 2010 07:15:23
F/O CleaveWas this his instructor? Name: ATKINSON, GEORGE Initials: G Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flight Lieutenant (Pilot Instr.) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Age: 29 Date of Death: 01/03/1945 Service No: 47413 Awards: D F M Additional information: Son of Robert Smith Atkinson and Isabella Atkinson, of Blyth; husband of Patricia Chadney Atkinson, of Harlow, Essex. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Grave 3613. Cemetery: BLYTH CEMETERY ....Read More.KevinW4 on 3rd June 2010 05:02:03
Accuracy of Fighter Command Losses series by N. FranksHi everyone, I'm starting this thread to sample people's opinions on the FCL series by N. Franks. I was trying to find the shot down information on Sgt George Atkinson who according to other sources, was shot down on August 13,1940 in Hurricane P3310 while flying with 151 Sq. There is no entry in FCL Volume I for this incident. This is not the first time I have been unable to find an entry for a particular incident. I even bought the revised FCL Volume I to see if this improved over the previous edition and I'lll admit I'm slightly disappointed. What do other people think? ....Read More.KAKI3152 on 24th December 2010 01:32:22
Accuracy of Fighter Command Losses series by N. FranksIn A book such FCL a number of omissions and mistakes will creep in but at least it can be used as a starting point. I have noted that another of my interests: Ralph Vincent Hogg, missing from a patrol in December 12, 1940, is also missing. Recently, I pointed this out on another forum and was informed by a poster, who had in turn been informed by N. Franks himself, that this was due to the pilot being killed on a non operational flight, which was not so. On George Atkinson, there are a few mistakes as to the date he was shot down: I have made that mistake myself. As already pointed out the correct date is in Battle of Britain Then And Now: It is also in the squadron's ORB, which is online here, hopefully Robert. ....Read More.northeagle on 25th December 2010 07:13:25
Possible Beaufighte crashFound it: Mosquito HJ659, 54 O.T.U. 1st March 1945. On demonstration flight, completed two unauthorised slow rolls and spun into ground. Crashed in to the grounds of Pallinsburn House (at the time being used as a hospital) near Coldstream. Flt Lt George Atkinson DFM (47413), age 29, was from Blyth, and had flown with 151 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. Hope this helps. Jim ....Read More.JimCorbett1977 on 13th September 2011 04:11:12
Possible Beaufighte crashTop work Jim! 'Charterhall Story' has the pilot as F/O ATR Cleeve (sic) killed. There's a lot more info about Atkinson here: Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 13th September 2011 05:22:54
Possible Beaufighte crash47413 F/L G Atkinson DFM RAFVR (Flying Instr) (29) buried Blyth Cemetery 160943 F/O A T R Cleeve RAFVR (u/t) (22) Charing (Kent County) Crematorium Keith ....Read More.Keith Bryers on 15th September 2011 04:47:31
DFM Citation look up pleaseCould anyone please look up the following DFM citation for 565476 Sgt. George Atkinson 151 Sqn, Gazetted 7 March 1941 regards Chris ....Read More.Chris Davies on 18th September 2011 02:29:48
DFM Citation look up pleaseChris From Ian Tavender’s “The distinguished Flying Medal Register for the Second World War” : - Atkinson, George : 565476 Sergeant, No 151 Sqn. L.G. 7/3/1941 : Pilot. Air 2/8890 Sergeant George Atkinson has served with No. 151 Squadron for over 16 months and, except for a period in hospital after he had been shot down, he has been in action with them on all possible occasions. His devotion to duty and keenness maintained over this long period of day fighting are of an exceptionally high order and in night fighting, he is continuing to set an example of the highest order. He has shot sown two enemy aircraft and possibly three others. 28th January 1941 Remarks by Station Commander : - I agree with the remarks of this Sergeant’s Squadron Commander. He has at all times shown exceptional keenness and his devotion to duty is of the highest order. He has carried out a great deal of war flying and still retained his keenness and desire to get into the air on active operations against the enemy. He is a splendid example to the rest of the Squadron and I strongly recommend him for the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal. Best wishes Douglas ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 18th September 2011 04:06:17
421206 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 6-12-1942Hello, The following is known on the loss of Hudson VI FK522: 6-12-1942 No.1 OADU Hudson VI FK522 Took off Portreath in transit to Gibraltar. The aircraft took off climbing in the normal direction over the sea, and then it started a turn to port gradually, but lost height until it hit cliffs at 0525, and exploded on impact. 913390 Sgt John Walter Cameron KIDD RAFVR + 656489 Sgt Philip Henry MOULTON RAF + AUS411316 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Reginald Joseph HAIRE RAAF + J/9847 F/O Robert Joseph GUNN RCAF + 4693135 Craftsman George ATKINSON REME + Kidd, Haire & Gunn are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Moulton on the Malta Memorial, and Atkinson is buried in Sherburn-in-Elmet (All Saints) Churchyard. Other than Hardman, have no firm details on casualties amongst the rescuers. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 2nd October 2011 09:21:19
450301 - Unaccounted Airmen - 01-03-1945Hello, 450301 - Unaccounted Airmen - 01-03-1945 From Henk's List - BANGLADESH ARNISON, Christopher William Gray - LAC - 1794502 - RAFVR - Maynamati War Cemetery, Bangladesh. ITALY OPIE, Francis Colin - W/O - 364911 - RAF - Naples War Cemetery, Italy. UK ANDREWS, John Sidney - F/L (Pilot) - 83686 - A.F.C - RAFVR - Oxford Crematorium, Oxfordshire. INNOCENT, Dennis Herbert - LAC - 1527827 - RAFVR - Birmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Warwickshire. WOOD, Harold George - Cpl - 1115119 - RAFVR - Liverpool (Allerton) Cemetery, Lancashire. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - INDIA GIBSON, John Ethelbert - LAC - 1078803 - RAFVR - Imphal War Cemetery, India. UK ATKINSON, George - F/L (Pilot Instr) - 47413 - D.F.M - RAF - Blyth Cemetery, Northumberland. CLEEVE, Anthony Thomas Russell - F/O (Pilot U/T) - 160943 - RAFVR - Charing (Kent County) Crematorium, Kent. WILDE, John Harrison - F/O (Nav/WoP) - 152954 - RAFVR - Audenshaw Cemetery, Lancashire. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 9th January 2015 08:43:59
400816 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-8-1940AIR 81/1469 1940 Jan 01 - 1941 Dec 31 Corporal G Atkinson and Leading Aircraftman J Hoare: report of deaths. Sergeant R B Parham: injured in an enemy air raid on Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, 16 August 1940 Martyn ....Read More.Martyn A Critchlow on 3rd February 2015 02:09:53
Blenheim 11 Sqdn collision on 5th April 1943 over Burma - Matheson and BesleyTwo Blenheims collided near target on Burma on 5th April 1943 . Aircraft were Z9667 and Z7648. Both aircraft were seen spinning away into the ground interlocked - and one parachute was seen to open. Crew of Z9667 were [B]S/Ldr W. R Matheson, [/B]F/O Edward Francis APPLETON (400067) and F/Sgt Thomas Joseph WIXTED (404225) . Crew of Z7648 (above) [B]F/Sgt H. Bealey (or BESLEY)[/B], P/O George Atkinson FOSTER (407418), and David Thomas ANDREW (400247) I cannot locate Matheson or Besley/Bealey in CWGC - Did both of them or one of them survive as POWs? OTOH did i get their names wrong? The remaining four listed above with numbers are shown in CWGC as buried at Taukyan Cemetary ([URL=""]link[/URL]) ....Read More.Jagan on 3rd September 2018 06:40:43
Blenheim 11 Sqdn collision on 5th April 1943 over Burma - Matheson and BesleyJagan, From Dr Tom Roberts' 'Wingless': BESLEY, Harvey F/Sgt/F/Off MM. 402942 Pilot. Born: Inverell, N.S.W. 18/4/1914. 11 Sqn RAF - 2 MRU - Blenheim (IV. Z9667). Meiktila airfield, Burma. 5/4/1943. His aircraft was involved in a collision with anotherf Blenheim during an airfield attack. He successfully baled out. Later he escaped on a march, with Sgt Ronald Trobridge HADDEN 406936 (99 Sqn), F/Off John Jameson WILSON 402431 (82 Sqn) and Cpl Douglas Percival EASTGATE VX65572 (AIF). (Held at) Camp prison , Rangoon. NB. Besley late wrote an account of his Air Force career entitled, Pilot-Prisoner-Survivor - Six Years in Uniform. Toowoomba:Darling Downs Institue Press(Q,land),1986. and ... MATHESON, William Ronald. S/Ldr. 406253. Born: Perth, W.A. 17/10/1916. 11 Sqn RAF. 1 MRU - Blenheim IV Z7648 AD- . Meiktila, 5/4/1943. Matheson was flying Number 7 in a formation of nine Blenheims at 15,000 feet in an attack on Meiktila aerodrome. A collision with Number 5 resulted in a fire and bale out. The aircraft crashed six miles north of Pywabe, Burma. He was captured together with F/Sgt BESLEY 402942 from the other Blenheim IV Z9667. Matheson and Besley were apprehended by armed natives who beat them up and handed them to the Japanese. They were confined to a police cell where they were threatened, beaten and deprived. On 2/5/1943 they were transferred to Rangoon prison. Then on May 29th most prisoners were evacuated and flown in an Army 97 bomber to Bangkok, hence to Singapore at Kalang civil airport and from here to Changi. Later they were imprisoned at Malai Camp in Malaya. (Held at) Rangoon Prison. Killed: P/O Edward Francis APPLETON 400067 (Nav.), F/Sgt Thomas Joseph WIXTED 404225 (WOP/AG), F/Sgt George Atkinson FOSTER 407419 (Nav.) and F/Sgt David Thomas ANDREWS 400247 (WOP/AG). See: Wingless:A Biographical Index of Australian Airmen Detained in Wartime. Roberts,Tom (Dr.) Ballarat:Author,2011. pp.92 & 322. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 3rd September 2018 07:55:37
George Atkinson 47413Dave, Atkinson and Cleave in my files both on HJ659 of 54 OTU; crashed on terrain of Pallisburn House, 3 miles E of Goldstream (Pallisburn House at that time in use as a hospital). Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 19th July 2008 09:03:32
450301 - Unaccounted Airmen - 01-03-1945Hi BANGLADESH ARNISON, Christopher William Gray - LAC - 321 MU. ITALY OPIE, Francis Colin - W/O - 159 MU. INDIA GIBSON, John Ethelbert - LAC - 358 Sqn. UK ANDREWS, John Sidney - F/L (Pilot) - registered in North Cotswold. INNOCENT, Dennis Herbert - LAC - registered in Newark. WOOD, Harold George - Cpl - registered in Liverpool N. ATKINSON, George - F/L (Pilot Instr) - killed whilst flying in Mosquito II, HJ659 of No 54 OTU, which spun in from a roll near Coldstream. CLEEVE, Anthony Thomas Russell - F/O (Pilot U/T) - see Atkinson. Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 10th January 2015 05:18:30

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