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Aircraftman 2nd Class James FARRELL (1837131) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death: James FARRELL is one of the 6.28% of the airmen from the Second World War, whose cause of death is not known. Can you add details on how he died? Please contact us at admin ^ to let us know

That being said, 93.72% of the airmen killed during WW2 now have a cause of death established. Search our Database to find out more!

Death of Death 1944-09-21

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : St. Fintan. Grave F/2. at Dean's Grange Cemetery, Ireland, Republic of (Map)


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promotions airmenHello, I had a question related the promotions of airmen.What was the policy in that matter.Did it depend how long an airman was in the service,how many hours flown or missions? I am asking this connecting to an airman of the RAAF (William James Farrelly) who crashed with his Lancaster of 50 squadron in my hometown Zwolle december 17 ,1942.He became POW and during his captivity he was first promoted to Pilot Officer august 24,1942,then to Flying Officer February 24, 1943 and then to Flight Lieutenant august 24, 1943. I just wondered what were the grounds for the promotions since he was in captivity. Is there someone who can recommend a book who deals with this subject or a website? Mike ....Read More.mike on 19th January 2010 06:15:05
promotions airmenIn the LG of 12 Jan 43 he picks up a DFM and is still ranked as a Flt Sgt Aus 404628 Flight Sergeant William James FARRELLY, Royal Australian Air Force, No. 50 Squadron. The RAAF, RCAF, RNZF, etc, etc, all had slightly different rules regarding automatic Promotions. But unless I've missed something the dates in Mike's Post don't quite fit? HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 19th January 2010 07:51:31
440921 - Unaccounted Airmen - 21-9-1944Hello, 440921 - Unaccounted Airmen - 21-9-1944 From Henk's List - EGYPT GILL, Maxwell Currie - Sgt (A/G) - 1431849 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. HATLEY, Henry Morris - Sgt(Nav) - 1616368 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. IRELAND FARRELL, James - AC2c - 1837131 - RAFVR - Dean's Grange Cemetery, County dublin, Republic of Ireland. UK BUTLER, Bertie - AC1c - 867047 - RAF(Auxiliary Air Force) - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (St. Nicholas) Cemetery, Northumberland. STROWGER, Eric Leopold Ralph - Cpl - 637395 - RAFVR - Penzance Cemetery, Cornwall. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - EGYPT ANDREWS, Geoffrey Albert - Sgt (WoP-Air) - 1818852 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. BENNETT, Edward - Sgt (A/G) - 1079635 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. BROOKES, Norman - Sgt(Pilot) - 700885 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. McILVEAN, Andrew Mcdonald - Sgt(Flt/Engr) - 1825728 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. WOODCOCK, Francis Gerald - Sgt(Nav) - 1803898 - RAFVR - Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt. INDIA WRIGHT, Harold - LAC - 1388018 - RAFVR - Kirkee War Cemetery, India. UK HODGKINSON, Peter - F/S (Pilot) - 920334 - RAFVR - Highgate Cemetery, London. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 27th June 2014 08:48:03
AC2 James Farrell - details of a death in 1944I am really sorry if this is the wrong place to add this query and if so, I understand it being removed. This is my very first post so again, apologies if incorrect. [LEFT][B]First Name: [/B] James [B] Initials: [/B] J [B] Surname: [/B] Farrell [B] Nationality: [/B] British [B] Date of Death: [/B] 21/09/1944 ....Read More.leecz2020 on 15th August 2020 03:51:49
AC2 James Farrell - details of a death in 1944Hello, Can you please let me know AC2 James Farrell's home town. Thanks Deric. ....Read More.Deric Brock on 2nd September 2020 06:11:10
AC2 James Farrell - details of a death in 1944Many thanks for your rely, I am looking for a James Farrell who came from Coventry. Regards Deric. ....Read More.Deric Brock on 3rd September 2020 07:06:30

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