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Aircraftman 2nd Class John Thomas MERRIFIELD (167660) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death:
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Death of Death 1940-01-04

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : Row F.F. Grave 18. at Tuckingmill (All Saints) Churc, United Kingdom (Map)

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1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationFrom Henk's Data - First Six months of 1940 yields the following 27: 1940-01-04 167660 Ac2 MERRIFIELD, John T UK Died in Camborne Hospital while on sick leave. 1940-01-18 639482 Ac1 WOOSLEY, Edward J 10 BGS UK Died of natural causes. Death registed in Weymouth 1940-01-21 819085 Ac1 CLEMSON, Henry 615 sqn FR Died of cerebro-spinal fever; buried 400123. 1940-01-26 40241 P/O McCOMB, William R Pilot 102 sqn UK Admitted to York Hospital 400124 suffering from suspected cerebro-spinal meningitis. 1940-01-31 561539 Cpl FERRIS, Ernest A 217 sqn UK Was killed 0430h when he walked into the rotating propeller of an Anson aircraft. 1940-02-11 935512 Ac2 THOMAS, Irwin E UK Committed suicide near his home in Yorton/Shropshire - death registered at Whitchurch. 1940-02-12 570199 Ac2 HOTTEN, Thomas J 53 sqn FR Died of Carbon monoxide poisoning. 1940-02-28 KETLEY, Annie S Sister UK (Princess Mary's RAF Nursing Service). She died from cerebro spinal fever in the RAF Hospital at Cosford. 1940-03-06 513598 Sgt WILLIAMS, William D 114 sqn FR Killed in a non-flying accident - fb: FR1402/Epernay French Nat. Cem./Marne. 1940-03-06 524625 Ac1 PARFITT, Reginald E 615 sqn FR Fell into a canal at night and drowned; buried 400308. 1940-03-16 1043 W/C BLOMFIELD, Richard G UK Age 50, died at Farnborough. Buried 400320 2.30 pm. Death registered at Aldershot. Court martialed pres. for stealing and believed committed suicide. Court martialed 400227 for an "act to the prejudice of good order and Air Force discipline (section 40 Air Force Act) and committing a civil offence (section 41 - but not stated in this case). Found guilty and Dismissed from the Service, however committed suicide 400316 before the findings and sentence were confirmed. 1940-03-21 612430 Lac TOWSE, Edwin A UK Died on active service. He possibly died from injuries sustained whilst flying Audax I, K7397 of No 8 SFTS, which crash landed at Montrose 1940-03-31 R53691 Sgt HOOD, Edward E Pilot US (Trenton/Ontario). Killed in an automobile accident west of Belleville/Ontario - buried New Bloomfield/Pennsylvania (USA). 1940-04-01 645484 Ac2 TAYLOR, Harry J Electrician 605 sqn UK Fell from a/c into propeller arc, suffered severe head injury and died 4.5 hours later at Bignold Hospital. 1940-04-07 633568 Ac2 MENZIES, Andrew D UK Died of tuberculosis and meningitis at the Buchanan Military Hospital. 1940-04-12 2308 F/S OLIVER, Sidney I Clerk Gen. UK Fell while walking on Plymouth Hoe 400406, sustaining a fractured skull; admitted to the Royal Naval Hosp. Plymouth, dying 400412. 1940-04-14 654469 Ac2 JONES, Ernst A Groundcrew 77 sqn UK Was engaged in moving an a/c when he slipped and fell in front of the port u/c. The wheel crushed his body and he died almost immediately. 1940-05-04 649313 Ac2 LOCK, Leonard R UK Died as a result of a fractured skull - death registered in Thirsk 1940-05-11 78606 P/O BUCKLEY, Millard Fillmore UK Died following surgery, f ....Read More.Jagan on 12th December 2018 10:52:22
400104 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-01-1940Hello, 400104 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-01-1940 From Henk's List - UK MERRIFIELD, John Thomas - AC2c - 167660 - RAFVR. Tuckingmill ( All Saints ) Churchyard, Cornwall. WRIGHT, Wilfred - AC2c - 538668 - RAF - 103 Sqn. Drumcree Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Armagh. From CWGC - UK BARRITT, Roy Graham Anthony - P/O(Pilot) - 76454 - RAFVR - 23 Sqn. East Finchley Cemetery and St. Marylebone Crematorium, Middlesex. WILSON, Alfred Andrew - AC2c( A/G) - 624397 - RAF Middlesbrough ( Linthorpe ) Cemetery, Yorkshire. WILSON, Ronald - Cpl(Fitter A/G) - 566297 - RAF - 23 Sqn. Hetton Cemetery, Durham. The three airmen named above were aboard Blenheim I - L1466 - 23 Sqn . WATKINS, Thomas - Sgt ( Pilot ) - 741568 - RAFVR. Campus Lane ( Wesburn ) Cemetery, Lanarkshire. [ Oxford II - N4721 - 8 FTS ]. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 13th June 2020 09:35:42
400104 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-01-1940Everyone is accounted [URL][/URL] [TABLE="class: CWGC, width: 1170"] [TR] [TD]Aircraftman 2nd Class[/TD] [TD]John Thomas [URL=""]MERRIFIELD[/URL] (167660) [URL=""]Forum Post[/URL] [/TD] [TD][URL=""]1940-01-04[/URL][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][URL=""]United Kingdom[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]Tuckingmill (All Saints) Churc[/URL][IMG][/IMG][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Aircraftman 2nd Class[/TD] [TD]Wilfred [URL=""]WRIGHT[/URL] (538668) [URL=""]Forum Post[/URL] [/TD] [TD][URL=""]1940-01-04[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]103 Sqdn[/URL] [URL=""]AIR27[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]United Kingdom[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]Drumcree Church Of Ireland Chu[/URL][IMG][/IMG][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Pilot Officer[/TD] [TD]Roy Graham Anthony [URL=""]BARRITT[/URL] (76454) Pilot [URL=""]Blenheim I L1466[/URL] [URL=""]AIR81/1770[/URL] [/TD] [TD][URL=""]1940-01-04[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]23 Sqdn[/URL] [URL=""]AIR27[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]United Kingdom[/URL][/TD] [TD][U ....Read More.Jagan on 13th June 2020 10:42:28

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