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Corporal Trevor GRIFFITHS (580571V) of the South African Air Force

Wireless Operator
Lost in aircraft Dakota IV KN332  details/r/C2502975#P191

Death of Death 1945-04-19 .

Served in 28 Sqdn SAAF

Burial/Commemoration Details : Plot 10. Row A. Grave 4. at Mazargues War Cemetery, Marsei, France


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/3355Pilot Officer T N C Burrough, Sergeant A T Griffiths: injured; aircraft accident, Hereford L6072, 16 Operational Training Unit, 20 September 1940.C16687453
AIR81/4551Leading Aircraftman Doddington: injured; Sergeant Griffiths, Sergeant Bond, Aircraftman Davies: uninjured; aircraft accident, Sunderland N9046, 204 Squadron, 11 December 1940.C16688649
AIR81/6306Sergeant Griffiths, Sergeant R Hepple, Sergeant J Richards: killed; aircraft accident at sea east of Gibraltar, Wellington W5687, Delivery Flight J, 7 May 1941.C16755604
AIR81/7521Flight Lieutenant M E Potier: killed; Sergeant D H Wythe, Pilot Officer T Griffiths-Jones: prisoners of war; aircraft shot down and crashed near Tripoli Harbour, Libya, Blenheim DZ9537, 110 Squadron, 9 July 1941.C16756818
AIR81/10229Sergeant E S Bawden, Sergeant R T Griffiths, Sergeant A Murray: injured; aircraft accident, Blenheim Z5810, 13 Operational Training Unit, 9 November 1941.C16998476

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 19 Apr 45 Aircraft Name Dakota IV Serial Number KN332
Unit 28 Sqdn SAAF Operating Airfield Country France
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Dakota IV KN332

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
LieutenantHarry Noel GREENBERG (206825V) Pilot Dakota IV KN332  details/r/C2502975#P191 1945-04-1928 Sqdn SAAF AIR27 FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marsei
CorporalTrevor GRIFFITHS (580571V) Wireless Operator Dakota IV KN332  details/r/C2502975#P191 1945-04-1928 Sqdn SAAF AIR27 FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marsei
LieutenantLloyd Charles LORAM (542593V) Navigator Dakota IV KN332  details/r/C2502975#P191 1945-04-1928 Sqdn SAAF AIR27 FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marsei
LieutenantA F SMITH (205411V) Pilot Dakota IV KN332  details/r/C2502975#P191 1945-04-1928 Sqdn SAAF AIR27 FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marsei

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Canadians 103 sqnPlease can anyone confirm that Blumenauer of this 103 sqn crew in april 43 was a Canadian and if any others of this crew were other than British? F/L Blumenauer C.R. Pilot Sgt Proud L. Nav Sgt Wardle T.B. A/B Sgt Whittaker A. W/op Sgt Taylor G.S. F/E P/O Whitehouse W. M/U Sgt Griffiths R.A. R/G thanks Peter ....Read More.rs1800 on 17th May 2008 05:11:24
Spitfire loss - 10th of August 1941hello Paul, Form 540 of the ORB of No. 485 Squadron for 9th August 1941, about Circus 68 to Gosnay, barely mentions that this operation was carried out without incident. Pilots involved were S/L Knight, F/L Wells, Sgt McNeil, P/O Francis, Sgt Griffiths, F/L Norris, Sgt Sweetman, P/O Compton, Sgt Miller, P/O Barrett, Sgt Rae. Taking-off at 10:25, landing back at 12:20 except Sgt Rae who landed at 12:40 in Maidstone. MORRIS' book about the New Zealand Spitfires seems a serious work to me, Errol may advise about it, but no mention of anything particuliar on either 9th or 10th August 1941 in the book, especially a plane down in the Channel. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 29th September 2008 11:59:01
Register of DeathsHi Dave (W) & Alan, Airmen according to CWGC were `HMS Tern` Not `Fern or Fearn` and there is in fact a photo of Keith Foster in the Twatt Airfield collection of Gregor Lamb`s at the Kirkwall Library, he was definately 771 Sq, not 100% about Griffiths but I would think he too was 771, Both were on Orkney at the time of death anyhow, I am just not certain whether they died on land or sea. I am working at the moment with Kevin Heath on Orkney,trying to ID aircraft down in Scapa Flow and still don`t know if the Martinet was one of them, Only Ray Sturtivant`s book states this as far as I know. Regards. Dave. ....Read More.highgroundsman on 13th February 2009 02:11:45
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Whitley V T4235Errol, Thanks once again for your help. 6-6-1943 No.10 OTU Whitley V T4235 Involved in unidentified incident at Abingdon airfield. Crew (Alpha order): 1320942 Sgt GRIFFITHS 1474645 Sgt LITCHFIELD AUS420776 Sgt Kenneth Brandon PERKINS RAAF AUS412683 Sgt Kenneth Alan POTTS RAAF 1576825 Sgt REDBURN AUS420064 Sgt (Air Gnr.) Barrie York SAMUELS RAAF* All OK. * Samuels, later POW, No158 Sqn. 3/4-11-1943. BCL4/374. Can anyone add to/amend the above? TIA. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 24th May 2010 08:18:44
997181 Vincent Mckernan-Wellington lost May 1942The New Zealanders were: NZ404811 Flt Lt (final rank) Peter Duncan McMillan Born Methven 17 Aug 42 RNZAF 1 Dec 40 to 9 Nov 45 Pilot shot down on his 17th sortie PoW # 123 Safe UK 7 May 45 Died Rangiora, New Zealand, 28 Apr 77 NZ401760 (70051 from 1949) Flt Lt (final rank) William Hugh Joseph Griffith (note: not Griffiths) Born Warwick, Queensland, Australia 15 Feb 14 RNZAF 2 Jul 40 to 20 Apr 51 Air Observer shot down on his 19th sortie PoW # 627 Safe UK 10 May 45 Died Tauranga, New Zealand, Feb 2000 Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 24th September 2010 11:41:25
Wellington X ME876There is an interesting uncertainty about just who was in the crew of ME876 on the Steyr operation. The ORB lists as follows: F/Sgt I D Courtney W/O J E T Shepherdly Sgt J H Greenslade Sgt L E Heremelin Sgt J A G Atherton Sgt A Souter But AHB advises that a handwritten list gives a Sgt Griffiths in place of Sgt Souter. David ....Read More.David Gunby on 15th February 2011 02:04:56
Wellington X ME876Hello Col and David, Having carefully re-read my transcripts of my father's diaries and letter, I find that I was mistaken to include 'Hank' in the crew of six. So I think you have it right, David. Definites are: Ivor Courtney James Shepherdly John Greenslade Jack Atherton Louis Heremelin. That leaves one, and it is someone whose first name is Reg, as my father's diary makes it clear that after baling out, he was in Altamura Hospital with Reg, Ivor and John. So if the first name of Sgt Griffiths (who apparently replaced Sgt Souter) is Reg, then we have confirmed our crew. Cheers, Martin. ....Read More.Martin Shepherdly on 15th February 2011 05:35:40
No.148 Squadron loss, 28/29 June 1944Before I ask a favour, I should relate the story which inspires it: On the night of 28/29 June 1944, No.148 Squadron, Halifax II, JP284, was engaged on special operations, ten miles north of Lake Ohridsko, Albania (not sure if this was destination or simply where aircraft was shot down). Full crew were J19924 P/O B.W. Boyes, pilot (Fenwick), 124757 F/O W.A. Pullar (navigator, Lossiemouth, Scotland), 1230960 FS L. Green (bomb aimer, Old Hill, Stafford), 954729 Sergeant W. Griffiths (flight engineer, Wolverhampton), R101924 WO1 W. Gray (WOP/AG, Emo, Ontario), R132964 Warrant Officer Archibald Arnold McCaig (rear gunner, Beauharnois, killed), 1332459 FS V.S.H. Hoy (air gunner, London, killed) and E-17 Pregelj Stanko (Yugoslav Army of Liberation, apparently killed). A report on McCaig’s file reads as follows: "At approximately 11.40 p.m. a gun ground flash was seen on the starboard bow. This was followed by a near burst. Sergeant Griffiths and Flight Sergeant Hoy called out “flak on the starboard bow and starboard quarter”. Pilot Officer Boyes took immediate evasive action, throttling up and turning to port. Another burst occured, apparently a direct hit as the aircraft shuddered violently and seemed literally to jump in the air. Almost simultaneously a further two or three direct hits appeared to be recorded. This action took place within a few seconds. At the third hit, Pilot Officer Boyes ordered “bale out”, then said “wait”, finally “bale out” again. Flight Sergeant Green and Flying Officer Pullar experienced great difficulty in getting the forward hatch clear of Flying Officer Pullar’s table. Flying Officer Pullar, Flight Sergeant Green and Pilot Officer Boyes made their escape in that order. "The height at the time of abandoning the aircraft by these three members of the crew was fifteen hundred and two thousand feet. These members made good landings. While descending Flying Officer Pullar saw the aircraft crash to the ground in a mass of flames. Warrant Officer Gray and Sergeant Griffiths made their way aft to the dropping exit. Sergeant Griffiths and Warrant Officer Gray dropped through the aft exit. There was no sign of Flight Sergeant Hoy or Warrant Officer McCaig during the escape from the aircraft. Pilot Officer Boyes, Flight Sergeant Green, Flying Officer Pullar and Warrant Officer Gray met on the ground. From the Partisans they learned that three bodies were observed at the scene of the crashed aircraft." A further report, dated 8 September 1944, based on survivor interviews, stated: "The aircraft set course from base, Brindisi at 2300 hours and at 2330 hours a pinpoint was obtained on the Albanian coast, position 40 degrees 40 minutes, 19̊ 20'. It was realized that the aircraft was south of track. The navigator ordered an immediate alteration of course to bring the aircraft back to the required track. At position 40̊ 50', 19̊ 50' east, pinpointed exactly by the bomb aimer [Gree ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 21st July 2011 07:23:25
410731 - Unaccounted airmen - 31-7-1941Hi Henk, Henley I - L3433 Crew Sgt Griffiths and AC Polley. Both safe. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 18th October 2011 02:49:01
430820 - Unaccounted airmen - 20-8-1943Fox was killed in a road accident while travelling to No.16 FTS at Newton on his motorbike. Marsh was a crew member of Wellington X3986 of No.6 (C)OTU, which crashed in the Solway Firth. August 20th 1943, “At 11.31 hours Wellington aircraft X3986 crashed in the sea in QY.5664. No survivors. Bombing exercise, strong gale blowing and a rough sea. Our own boat put out and nearly capsized and beached at Anthorn. Second boat put out but with heavy sea running was also beached at Groon Point. A third boat made several attempts to get out but was forced to return. Maryport liftboat patrol, 2 Martinets and Wellington searched area for 5 hours. One occupant seen floating in the water approximately 1 mile north of pier, but had disappeared by the time a circuit was made. 1 dinghy and 2 Mae Wests washed up at Pawfoot. Both side of Solway patrolled by police and Army detachments. Nothing discovered. Crew were as follows:- 1484114 Sgt Waugh (Pilot), 1317513 Sgt Griffiths (Pilot), Aus.421776 Sgt Walters (Nav.B), 1496762 Sgt Marsh (WOP/AG), 1452197 Sgt Manley (WOP/AG), 1452283 Sgt Jackson (WOP/AG).” August 20th 1943, “Wellington crashed in Solway. One survivor seen in water from air, but drowned before A.S.R. reached him. (Gale blowing and strong tide).” Ford's death is registered in the Shrewsbury district, his middle initial is R (Richard) rather than S. Norton is registered in the Birmingham district, probably died as the result of an accident or illness at or close to home. His wife is noted as being from Birmingham and he is buried there. ....Read More.alclark on 28th November 2011 11:20:41
March 1943 - 5Hi All Last batch for March for which I looking for confirmation or otherwise. 20 Mar 1943 Wellington III, DF706 of No 70 Sqn Sgt BRODIE, RICHARD WILLIAM (656492) RAF; age: 24 Sgt FISHER, GEORGE (999680) RAFVR; age: ? Fg Off JOHNSON, LEONARD JOHN (120548) RAFVR; age: 22 Sgt MacCORMACK, JAMES (1371644) RAFVR; age: ? Flt Sgt MOSS, ROY JOHN (1333667) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt RUTTER, PERCY ROBERT (1325173) RAFVR; age: 27 Spitfire VC, ES302 of No 152 Sqn Sgt ROBERTS, KENNETH (655773) RAF; age: 23 21 Mar 1943 Wellington II, W5382 of No 104 Sqn Sgt DAVEY, THOMAS JOHN (635453) RAF; age: 25 Sgt TAYLOR, IRVINE (1386652) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt GRIFFITHS, STANLEY (1027465) RAFVR; age: 22 Wellington VIII, HX575 of No 179 Sqn Sgt BELL, STEPHEN (1378876) RAFVR; age: ? Fg Off ELISHA, FREDERICK CHARLES (48467) RAF; age: 26 Sgt KELLY, BERNARD (126232) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt PRESTON, GEORGE (1203378) RAFVR; age: ? Sgt SUTTON, HENRY GEORGE (1359710) RAFVR; age: 29 Spitfire VC, ES361 of No 225 Sqn Fg Off COBB, ARTHUR NORMAN ELDRIDGE (65522) RAFVR; age: 23 22 Mar 1943 Kittyhawk III, FR256 of No 260 Sqn Sgt STOHR, OSCAR MICHAEL (776165) RAFVR; age: 22 Wellington IA, N2876 of the CGS Flt Sgt DAVIS, EDGAR JOHN (984441) RAFVR; age: 27 23 Mar 1943 Wellington III, DF698 of No 70 Sqn Plt Off BEBBINGTON, ARTHUR DENNIS (141140) RAFVR; age: 26 Sgt LITTLE, HENRY WILLIAM (1027322) RAFVR; age: 29 Sgt RUTHERFORD, ROBERT (1367207) RAFVR; age: 25 Plt Off SMITH, WILLIAM AUSTIN (142224) RAFVR; age: 33 Sgt THOMAS, DAVID WARREN (1186868) RAFVR; age: 31 Sqn Ldr TINNE, JOHN ANTHONY (37135) RAF; age: 30 24 Mar 1943 Hurricane IID, HV856, HW298 or HW177 of No 6 Sqn Flt Sgt HARRIS, FRANK (655491) RAF; age: ? Halifax II, BB277 of No 58 Sqn Fg Off AYLES, RONALD ARTHUR HENRY (104482) RAFVR; age: ? Sgt MILES, THOMAS ALBERT (655531) RAF; age: 21 Sgt SAUNDERS, DAVID STEPHEN (1265915) RAFVR; age: ? Fg Off SMITH, JAMES CALDWELL (117650) RAFVR; age: 30 Sgt TRIVITT, BERNARD CHARLES (1021846) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt VESELY, WILLIAM ANTONIN (1114321) RAFVR; age: ? Sgt WATSON, ADAM (635645) RAF; age: 25 Hudson IIA, FH227 of No 459 Sqn Flt Sgt OAKES, WALTER HAROLD (405082) RAAF; age: Hurricane IIB, HV414 of No 151 OTU Sgt WOOLLEY, WILLIAM ARMSTRONG (658470) RAF; age: 24 26 Mar 1943 Lysander III, T1521 of No 8 AGS Sgt HUTSON, ALFRED ERNEST NORMAN (1331970) RAFVR; age: 22 Sgt LEE, STEWART (1319349) RAFVR; age: 21 28 Mar 1943 Beaufighter VIC, JL547 of No 235 Sqn Plt Off BULLEY, RICHARD LAWRENCE (130312) RAFVR; age: 22 Flt Sgt SOMERVELL, DAVID EDWARD (415189) RAAF; age: 33 Mosquito I, W4054 of No 540 Sqn Fg Off NELSON, WILFRED DFC (112719) RAFVR; age: 31 Flt Sgt GRANT, ALLEN (655391) RAF; age: 28 29 Mar 1943 Typhoon IB, R8888 of No 609 Sqn Sgt JACKSON, HENRY WILLIAM (1238595) RAFVR; age: 20 30 Mar 1943 Baltimore ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 30th December 2011 02:27:51
473052 Acw 1, Margaret Amelia KnightI have received an email from the Editor of the WAAF Ass. News who gave me the number of a Margaret Griffiths who trained with and was a colleague of Margaret Knight. I have been in touch with her and it appears that she was Corporal I/C Messaging Watch at South West Signals who received the message that LACW Margaret Knight had been struck and killed by a revolving propeller at RAF Tarrant, Rushton at 0750 on 1st November 1944. She was unable to give any further details. However, I have ascertained that RAF Tarrant became a glider base in October 1944 and I appreciate that gliders require propeller driven aircraft to become airborne but can any member advice me what function an LACW would be involved in that could possibly bring her into contact with an aircraft propeller? Tony ....Read More.Tonym on 26th July 2013 09:28:43
Missing 09/01/1942Crew of L-7322 F/O Bayley George Reginald (MIA) 88024 Sgt Toohill Noel Messines RAAF (MIA) 404786 Sgt Harris Alexander Gordon (MIA) 920869 Sgt Griffiths Richard Vivian (MIA) 1180830 F/Sgt Jones John Elias DFM (MIA) 551817 Sgt Goldie Peter Charles Herbert RAAF (MIA) 406450 Sgt Seymour William Rex RAAF (MIA) 407808 Sorry for the mistake Phil ....Read More.Philippe Dufrasne on 15th May 2018 04:48:15

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