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Sergeant Stanley HAMILTON (1739618) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Air Gunner
Lost in aircraft Lancaster PB363  IBCC

Death of Death 1944-08-18 .

Served in 103 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Plot 6. Row C. Grave 9. at Longuenesse (St. Omer) Souveni, France


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/4313Sergeant W J Barnfather, Sergeant J Westoby, Pilot Officer J Whitsed, Sergeant J Curtis, Sergeant J Perfect: killed; Sergeant W S Hamilton: injured; aircraft accident, Whitley P5090, 502 Squadron, 24 November 1940.C16688411
AIR81/10186Pilot Officer L B Ercolani, Sergeant D A S Hamilton: (RNZAF), Sergeant J B Holdsworth, Sergeant J N MacLennan, Sergeant A G Weller, Sergeant A J N Fry: missing now safe; aircraft damaged by anti aircraft fire, Wellington X3206, 214 Squadron, 8 November 1941.C16998433

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 18 Aug 44 Aircraft Name Lancaster III Serial Number PB363
Unit 103 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country France
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Lancaster III PB363

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerJohn Prescott AUSTIN (176233) Pilot Lancaster PB363  IBCC 1944-08-18103 Sqdn AIR27 FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souveni
SergeantStanley HAMILTON (1739618) Air Gunner Lancaster PB363  IBCC 1944-08-18103 Sqdn AIR27 FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souveni
SergeantKenneth Graham WEBB (924401) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Lancaster PB363  IBCC 1944-08-18103 Sqdn AIR27 FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souveni

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AMES designation and locationAngus Hamilton's "Canadians on Radar" includes an appendix listing 119 AMES locations in SEAC. He has the following info for AMES 5058, note that he has it in a different Sigs Wing than the one you quoted: AMES 5058 Codename: Barge Type: COL (Chain Overseas Low) Signals Wing: 182 Filter Room: Chittagong Region: Cox's Bazar He has listed only those AMES where Canadians were employed, so the absence of AMES 5456 does not necessarily indicate that it was not located in SEAC, but that no Canadians were employed there. See File No. 8 at this link for AMES list: ....Read More.Ken MacLean on 10th December 2007 11:53:10
RAF officer deaths 1.1.29-3.9.39The following is a list in chronological order of all (826) OFFICER deaths for the above period as recorded in the monthly RAF Air Force Lists. The recording of these in the AFL ceased upon outbreak of WWII. Errol By Rank, Surname, Initials, First Names, Awards, Force/Other*, Fate, Date died * All RAF unless otherwise stated Plt Off Carroll R R Raymond Russell Killed 2 Jan 29 Fg Off Cayley E G Edward Gordon Killed 20 Jan 29 Flt Lt Walsh J J John Joseph (RAFO) Died 26 Jan 29 Fg Off Ingle G H C Geoffrey Hugh Conningsby Killed 30 Jan 29 Fg Off Cecil R F B Richard Francis Bain (Lt, RN) Killed 6 Feb 29 Flt Lt Courtney R A Reginald Aloysius MBE Died 13 Feb 29 Flt Lt Bucknall G A F George Anthony Fielding Killed 28 Feb 29 Fg Off Sealy-Allin P N Patrick Nelson Killed 1 Mar 29 Fg Off Peacey A J Arthur John (RAFO) Death presumed on or since 9 Mar 29 Fg Off Burnett Y W Yvon William Killed 18 Mar 29 Fg Off Moon F J Francis Jack Died 23 Mar 29 Plt Off Gibbs H W Hugh Washbourne Died 12 Apr 29 Plt Off Ions E Eustace Died 17 Apr 29 Plt Off Milner L T Lionel Treadway (2nd Lt, KOYLI, TA) Killed 2 May 29 Plt Off Jackson M M Malcolm Menzies Killed 10 May 29 Flt Lt Scholefield E R C Edward Rodolph Clement AFC DCM (Ret) Killed 16 May 29 Fg Off Bayes J W John Walden Killed 16 May 29 Fg Off Butler L Leonard (RAFO) Killed 18 May 29 Wg Cdr Dunville J D John Dunville CBE (RAFO) (hon) Died 10 Jun 29 Fg Off Barrett H B Henry Baillie Died 16 Jun 29 Plt Off Jorgensen J E James Ernest Killed 17 Jun 29 Wg Cdr Adams S E Stanley Edward (Ret) Died 19 Jun 29 Flt Lt Halliday C G Christopher George Killed 27 Jun 29 Fg Off Eyre V O Vickers Osborne Died of Injuries 27 Jun 29 Flt Lt Williams F H Frederick Hubert (Ret) Died 30 Jun 29 Plt Off Bootes R Y Ronald Yule Killed 2 Jul 29 Wg Cdr de Dombasle G C St.P Guy Cyril St.Pourcin OBE Died 7 Jul 29 Plt Off Swaine R M Reginald Montague Killed 11 Jul 29 Fg Off Prince S F Stanley Frank Killed 17 Jul 29 Plt Off Bennett W P D Walter Patrick Dillon (RAFO) Killed 19 Jul 29 Fg Off Williamson J D John Douglas (RAFO) Died of Injuries 27 Jul 29 Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt ) White A S Arthur Statham (RAFO) Killed 29 Jul 29 Fg Off Caulfeild J H Jack Harley Died 30 Jul 29 Lt Wallace M H Michael Hugh (HLI) Died 2 Aug 29 Fg Off Jones W G Walter George Died 4 Aug 29 Plt Off Esler D P H Dermott Patrick Howard (RAFO) Died of Injuries 5 Aug 29 Fg Off Gardner H P L Herbert Patrick Legge (RAFO) Died 11 Aug 29 Fg Off Jones C H Charles Henry Killed 14 Aug 29 Plt Off Wilson J John Killed 24 Aug 29 Sqn Ldr Grosvenor E A Lord Edward Arthur (AAF) Died 26 Aug 29 Plt Off Lucas L E J Lawrence Errington Jeff Killed 10 Sep 29 Fg Off Clarke J John Killed 11 Oct 29 Fg Off Birt L S Lascelles Spence (RAFO) Killed 25 Oct 29 Fg Off Ward A R Albert Rees Killed 28 Oct 29 Fg Off Halliwell J H John Hassall (RAFO) (Capt TARO) Died 5 Nov 29 Fg Off Forbes H V Har ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 10th December 2007 05:33:52
Awards, 2 June 1943The following is a list of some 320 citations which did not appear in the London Gazette but were associated with the Birthday Honours List of 2 June 1943. They include 54 AFC awards, three Bars to the AFC, 12 AFMs, nine ARRCs, 54 BEMs, six CBEs, 17 Commendations, 64 MBEs, 64 Mentions in Despatches, 41 OBEs and two awards of the RRC. While far from complete (the CBE and MiD awards are fragmentary) these may interest some readers who may get the texts from me at My public thanks to Steve Brew and Erroll Martyn who have contributed greatly to this lcompilation. ABBOTT, Harry Percy, Warrant Officer - MBE - 430602 - 3 Sqn - RAF ADAMS, Harold, SL - OBE - 430602 - Bomber Command HQ - RAFVR AFFLECK, John Robert Clark, FS - AFM - 430602 - 24 OTU - RAF AGUTTER, James Francis, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 430602 - 8 AGS - RAF ANNAN, Stewart Hutchinson, SL - MiD - 430602 - 20 OTU - RAFVR APPLETON, James Ronald, SL - AFC - 430602 - TFU Defford - RAF Can ARCHER, Ernest Leonard, SL - AFC - 430602 - 1526 BAT Flight - RAF ARMSTRONG, Rodney Irvine, FL - MiD - 430602 - 1482 Flight - RAF BADCOCK, Edgar Clifford Graham, SL - OBE - 430602 - 211 Group, Mid East - RAFVR BAKER, Francis George, Flight Sergeant - Comm - 430602 - 3 (O) AFU - RAFVR BAKER, Raymond Alfred, FS - AFM - 430602 - 15 OTU - RAF BAKER, George Robert Charles, WC - OBE - 430602 - Air Ministry - RAF BALLETT, Wm Alfred, FL - MBE - 430602 - Stn Swanton M - RAF BANNON, Patrick Mathew, Sergeant - BEM - 430602 - 3201 Servicing Echelon - RAFAux BARTLETT, Geoffrey Cecil Clements, WC - AFC - 430602 - 59 Sqn - RAF BATTY, Reginald Henry, GC - MiD - 430602 - Middle East Met - RAF BAX, Alfred Victor, WC, AFM - Comm - 430602 - AOS - RAF BENNETT, Alan Wilfred, FL - MBE - 430602 - 1 Overseas Aircraft DU - RAFVR BIRCH, Francis Leslie, FL - MBE - 430602 - Staff Pilots Training Unit - RAFVR BIRD, Dennis, Corporal - BEM - 430602 - 106 Sqn - RAF BISHOP, Herbert Frank, SL, AFC - OBE - 430602 - 2 EFTS India - RAF BLACKBURN, Joseph Carlyle, AC2 - BEM - 430602 - Luqa - RAF BLAKE, Gilbert Lawrence, SL - Comm - 430602 - Western Zoyland - RAF BLENNERHASSETT, Richard Markby, FL, AFC - Comm - 430602 - 24 Sqn - RAF BONNAR, Norman John, FO - AFC - 430602 - Benson - RAFVR BOTTOMS, Francis, FL - MBE - 430602 - Sea Rescue Mid-East - RAF BOYER, James, FL - MBE - 430602 - Bodorgan, Stn - RAF BRADSHAW, Norman William, FL - MiD - 430602 - 101 Met Unit - RAFVR BREACH, Frank Harold, FO - MBE - 430602 - 272 Sqn - RAF BRECKON, Ivan Oswald, FL - MiD - 430602 - 23 OTU - RNZAF BRERETON, William, SL, MBE - AFC - 430602 - Air Landing School India - RAF BROWNE, Jessie Katharine Annie, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - 430602 - Henlow Hospital - RAF BROWNE, Stanley Frank, FL - MBE - 430602 - 13 Maintenance Unit - RAF BROWNING, Norman Edgar, FL - MBE - 430602 - Air Training Corps - RAFVR BUCKINGHAM, CW, FL - MBE - 430602 - 103 Sqn - RAF BUCKLEY, Ethel Maude, Acting Matron - A ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 1st March 2008 09:41:07
Attempt to trace relatives of F/O Douglas Aubrey Hamilton[QUOTE=Dyan;11849]with the Birmingham Post and Mail - I wanted a copy of one of my relatives Obituary he was the Editor for many years and I have sent 14 emails and they will not even reply. Unfortunately as I am in NZ its a bit hard to ring them and I have written 3 letters nothing.... so good luck. Dyan[/QUOTE] Quite true about lack of reporter response to emails.I ring & ask for the news desk of a particular newspaper & then to speak to a reporter.The northern newspapers in Yorkshire & Lancashire ,so far ,have been the best at covering WW2 airmen search stories. Now the former wife of Douglas Hamilton has been found she should be able to help with his relatives. Ringing UK from NZ is difficult with the time change but I ring Australia regularly & it means I have to stay up late or try early in the morning UK time to get open shops & official depts .Even if you get a named person to whom to write it may help with the obituary . Sometimes obituaries are on the newpaper's web site. Anne ....Read More.aestorm on 22nd March 2009 03:29:22
F/O. Ethan Allen DFC 7/6/1944Hello Peter/Ross, Ross, I have AUS417634 F/Sgt Murray Rufus GOLDNEY RAAF, missing on 12-4-1944 aboard 547 Sdn. Liberator BZ913. Crew (in alpha order):- 1682055 Sgt Charles Hamilton CROSBIE + AUS422141 F/Sgt Edward DANIELS RAAF + 148451 F/O James Reginald DYER + AUS421846 F/Sgt Keith Reginald FOSTER RAAF + AUS417634 F/Sgt Murray Rufus GOLDNEY RAAF + 1267276 F/Sgt Nigel Henry SUTTON + AUS421867 F/Sgt William George SWANBURY RAAF + AUS410579 F/Sgt Kenneth Wilfred WEBB RAAF + 812291 Sgt Lawrence Albert WOOD + All commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial For 224 Sqn. Liberator BZ915, I have:- AUS414988 F/O Ronald Henry BUCHAN-HEPBURN RAAF + 657007 F/Sgt Geoffrey John Harry FAIRS + AUS420386 F/Sgt Phillip William HOGAN RAAF + AUS422822 F/Sgt John Downton WHITBY RAAF + AUS408388 F/Sgt Max Elwin DICKENSON RAAF + AUS422512 F/Sgt Bruce Alfred HANDS RAAF + AUS418506 F/Sgt Albert Alexander KENNEDY RAAF + AUS422464 F/Sgt Harold John EARL RAAF + 1390853 F/Sgt Leonard James BARNES + 626539 Sgt Arthur COLLINS + All commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 23rd June 2009 09:30:12
Photo of No 19 OTU pilots May 1941Norman, At this time, l would suspect that:- ABEGASSIS is George Edgar Abecassis who eventually became Squadron Leader with 161 Squadron flying Stirlings. He was shot down on 7th October 1944 from Tempsford on operation Tablejam. He became a POW in SL3. A 2 SFTS candidate, l have the rest of his details and have been in contact with his son. PUTTIOK is Wilfred Puttick, died 26th July 1941 whilst with 10 Squadron on Whitleys. REYNOLDS is John Alfred Reynolds, died 8th september 1941 whilst with 51 Squadron on Whitleys. Is GUICK actually Gruer? Is D Iveson the one previously mentioned in your other thread? MARTIN could be Hamilton-Martin, he does not seem to have used his full name but also appears as Hamilton at times. WILLIAMS, was also with 2SFTS but l have no details as yet but beleive that this could be N L Williams. I have quite a lot on No. 56 Course at 2SFTS as my Father was also on this course, which finished on 31st March 1941 so would fit in nicely with this OTU. I would be please to receive a copy of the photo if OK. Regards, Nick ....Read More.NickFenton on 22nd July 2009 03:49:05
RAF Mount Hope, Hamilton, OntarioIn 1943 Mount Hope was home to No. 33 ANS, with Ansons. In late 1944 No. 1 WS moved there from Montreal, they used Menasco Moths, Norsemen, and Stinsons, and later Ansons (not sure if all of these survived that late in the war). Today Mount Hope is Hamilton International Airport, and home to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. ....Read More.Bill Walker on 4th January 2011 07:46:33
420630 - Unaccounted airman - 30-6-1942Hello Henk, AUS404821 F/O Robert Hamilton FRITH RAAF, has no A705 at the NAA. Alan Storr has no idea about a type/serial, simply stating that he was killed in a flying accident. I believe he was aboard No.203 Sqn Blenheim IVF Z7879, which had the engine cut on take-off, stalled and spun in at Abu Sueir on 30-6-1942, and was destroyed by fire. One other candidate for this crash is; 921753 Sgt Lewis Raymond HULME RAFVR, who is buried in an adjacent grave at Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery. Frith and Hulme are both mentioned as Killed on Active Service in Flight. September 3, 1942. Cas Comm. No.149. pp.169-70. Might be a third party involved as well. Perhaps someone could confirm. Frith's older brother, AUS403653 P/O Ernest Francis Hamilton FRITH RAAF, was killed one month later whilst serving with No.10 Sqn RAAF (Sunderland W3994/X). Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 26th January 2011 10:50:36
420630 - Unaccounted airman - 30-6-1942Thanks Col. Ernest Francis Hamilton FRITH (Sunderland W3994) was also in my files. CWGC omitted in both biograhies that Ernest and Robert were brothers. I've informed CWGC for an update. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 27th January 2011 10:00:40
LAC Hamilton Bruce E. Brock RCAF, 77A; KIFA 17-7-1940.Hallo all, The CWGC only records his initials, as H.B.E. Elsewhere I have found his first two names as Hamilton Bruce. Can anyone please supply the name of the third initial ? Regards, Martin. ....Read More.Martin Gleeson on 10th October 2011 09:16:47
February 1943 - 5Hi All Another batch of casualties for which I would appreciate confirmation or otherwise 21 Feb 1943 Beaufighter VIF, V8410 of No 600 Sqn Sgt GILES, GORDON VICTOR WILFRED (1393344) RAFVR; age: 20 Fg Off SIMPSON, JAMES HAMILTON (130856) RAFVR; age: 20 Wellington III, HF687 of No 1446 Flt Sgt PATEY, GEORGE WILLIAM (1168453) RAFVR; age: 31 22 Feb 1943 Spitfire VC, BR472 of No 59 RSU Sgt GRIFFITH, THEODORE DAVID (1314972) RAFVR; age: 21 23 Feb 1943 Spitfire VA, P8259 of No 1406 Flt Sgt THOMSON, HUGH KARL MARX (1378417) RAFVR; age: ? 24 Feb 1943 Typhoon IB, DN411 of No 56 Sqn Sgt JENNER, KENNETH (1196248) RAFVR; age: 21 25 Feb 1943 Hurricane IIB, HL997 of No 261 Sqn WO II WILLBEE, JACK VINCENT (R/93429) RCAF; age: 21 Mosquito IV, DZ475 of No 521 Sqn Plt Off ORR, NATHANIEL PERCY (139946) RAFVR; age: ? Fg Off PRICE, NORMAN GEORGE (128369) RAFVR; age: 20 Oxford II, N6374 of No 12 (P) AFU Sgt WRIGHT, KENNETH WILLIAM (1238472) RAFVR; age: ? All the best Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 10th December 2011 09:30:57
Squadron Leader Gerald Hans Hamilton-MackHas anyone ever come across Squadron Leader Gerald Hans Hamilton-Mack? From the London Gazette I gathered he was not an "official" Squadron Leader but "given" the rank "during the hostilities". He was quite knowledgeable about SOE Belgium probably because he lived there prior to the war & post war. His offices were: 6th floor Centre Block, Bush House, Aldwych, (Phone) Temple Bar 1581. There are several letters in my uncle, Tobias Biallosterski's PF (Personal SOE file) from Hamilton-Mack to Major Dobson (SOE) and from Dobson back. He requested my uncle's debriefing report pursuant to his return from his first mission in Holland. Dobson replied he would send him the report but to keep it to himself. My uncle was an SOE agent who was dropped on two missions but died unfortunately in Feb 1945 in Holland during his second mission. After reading my uncle's report he queried Dobson about specific Resistance organisations in Holland. He seemed to be well versed in what was going on there as well as knowing the code name for Major Ides Floor who was with SOE Belgium and had assisted my uncle during his escape from Holland to the UK. Lastly, in my uncle's agenda, there is a list of hierarchy at SOE followed by Hamilton-Mack's name with an arrow pointing between PWE<--->PID. So perhaps he was the liaison between Political Warfare Executive and the Political Intelligence Department? Any light that can be shed would be most appreciated. I've looked exhaustively through files at Kew and nothing came up. If nobody has heard of him perhaps someone could suggest where to look further? Many thanks again, Suzanne Biallot-Siebert ....Read More.Suze215 on 22nd June 2012 11:21:37
Awards - Non-RCAF in RCAF unitsThe Air Force Association of Canada has carried (among other things) awards to RAF, RAAF and RNZAF personnel who were decorated for wartime services in Canada (as flying instructors, for example). To this has been added data on RAF, RAAF, RNZAF and some USAAF personnel who were decorated for service in RCAF units overseas. This material will be available using the following procedure: Visit the main Air Force Association website ( Click on SEARCH TOOLS Enter a name you seek AND check off the appropriate group - in this case, "Commonweakth Air Forces Serving in RCAF during WWW II." A list of persons so entered appears below. By way of illustration of format, an entry like BEAUMONT, PO Philip - DFC - 440919 - 427 Sqn - Nav - indicates that Flight Sergeant Anthony George Abbott was awarded a DFC on 19 September 1944 for services in No.429 Squadronand and that his trade was that of navigator. ABBOTT, FS Anthony George - DFM - 441114 - 405 Sqn - WOP ADDY, Sgt Frederick - DFM - 450119 - 432 Sqn - FE ALDHOUS, WO BJ - Comm - 440101 - 33 EFTS- Canada ALDRIDGE, SL FJ - Comm - 450421 - 34 SFTS- Canada ALLEN, Sgt IBW - BEM - 460101 - 31 ANS- Canada ALLEN, WC W - MBE - 460101 - 1 Y Depot- Canada ALLISON, SL Wm Ezekiel - DFC - 430420 - 424 Sqn - (P) AMEY, FL JWT - AFC - 450421 - 36 SFTS- Canada AMIES, FS Robert John - MiD - 450101 - 434 Sqn - F2A ANDERSON, FS James - MiD - 440114 - 61 Base - F2E ANDERSON, FS JB - AFM - 430101 - 31 EFTS- Canada ANDREW, FO Philip Alfred - DFC - 431029 - 420 Sqn - BA ANDREW, Sgt John Francis - MiD - 450614 - 426 Sqn - FE APPLETON, PO Eric - DFC - 441006 - 429 Sqn - FE ARLETT, FL Ronald - MBE - 430528 - 34 SFTS- Canada ARMOUR, PO Wm John (AUS) - DFC - 450508 - 428 Sqn - (P) ARMSTRONG, FS Reginald Ragnor - DFM - 440815 - 408 Sqn - AG ARMSTRONG, FS Robert - DFM - 420414 - 420 Sqn - Nav ASHFIELD, FO Kenneth Thornby - DFC - 440512 - 415 Sqn - Nav ASHMORE, WO James - MiD - 440608 - 6 Grp HQ - WEM ASHTON, Sgt John Norman S - DFM - 430917 - 419 Sqn - FE ATKINS, Cpl Cyril - MiD - 420611 - 407 Sqn - Arm, cit ? AUTEN, WO James Robert - MiD - 440114 - 61 Base - WEM, cit ? BACON, Sgt EAH - AFM - 420611 - 34 SFTS- Canada BADGERY, FL Frank A (AUS) - DFC - 440915 - 431 Sqn - Pilot BADLEY, LAC DL (NZ) - Comm - 430302 - 12 SFTS- Canada BAILEY, FO John Brian G - DFC - 430611 - 431 Sqn - Trade ? BAKER, PO John Robert - DFC - 440606 - 432 Sqn - Nav BAKER, SL John - DSO - 440609 - 405 Sqn - * BALL, WC Benjamin - OBE - 430101 - 1 TCHQ- Canada BALLANCE-STUART, SL Fred* Wm - MiD - 440114 - 62 Base - Admin BANCROFT, Sgt George Arthur - DFM - 451207 - 405 Sqn - FE BANNISTER, FO Roland - DFC - 450413 - 434 Sqn - AG BARBER, FL CP - Comm - 430101 - 32 SFTS- Canada BARCHAM, FO Leonard John - DFC - 441205 - 404 Sqn - Nav BARNES, PO Arthur - DFC - 441117 - 431 Sqn - Nav BARRETT, SL GGN - AFC - 450101 - 1 CFS- Canada BARRON, FL Hubert James - Comm - 440901 - 112 Wing- Canada BARSHAM, ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 19th December 2012 07:02:37
Berlin airlift casualtiesHello there, Thanks Col for your input, I had seen this but as my date for Henry Paterson's death was being 21-3-49 I could not tie it in, but maybe he died on 21-3-49 after the crash of York 1, G-AHFI on 15-3-49. The Aviation-Safety.Net only gives 3 crew killed out of 3 occupants. Radio Officer Hamilton is not listed as a survivor as the site does not list names, so which a/c was Hamilton in? Thanks Dennis for saying Henry Paterson is listed in 'Candy Bombers', so I must find it on-line. Again, thanks gents for your help. Roy ....Read More.Roy Nixon on 30th April 2013 09:45:11
440317 - Unaccounted Airmen - 17-3-1944Simon, Just a reminder on, 1486631 Sgt John HALL, and 1333983 Sgt Gilbert Douglas James HAMILTON. Both were killed on 17-2-1944, not 17-3-1944. [url][/url]. The information on 1203032 LAC John William BAINBRIDGE, if correct, is most welcome. There is little information on this incident in the Australian records. It should also be noted, that AUS405843 Sgt Hamilton Alexander DOUGLAS RAAF, suffered multiple injuries on 12-12-1942, when No.53 OTU Spitfire IIa P7442 crash-landed at Water End Farm Coaley, Gloucestershire, after engine failure (believed due to throttle failure). Sgt Douglas was admitted to RAF Innsworth Hospital, and underwent a lengthy period of convalescence. Thanks. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 6th December 2013 04:22:35
450714 - Unaccounted Airmen - 14-07-1945Hello, 450714 - Unaccounted Airmen - 14-07-1945 From Henk's List - EGYPT DALLIMORE, Toni Charles George - LAC - 1727239 - RAFVR - Suez War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. IRELAND, Republic of LAWLESS, Joseph Patrick - AC2c - 2204786 - RAFVR - Lucan (St. Mary's ) Catholic Cemetery, County Dublin, Republic of Ireland. UK CAMPBELL, John - W/O - 591321 - RAF - Kettle Cemetery, Fifeshire. REID, James Hamilton - F/L - 53257 - RAF - Auchterarder Cemetery, Perthshire. WARREN, Albert Thomas - F/S - 50883 - RAF - Hither Green Cemetery, London. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - NORWAY MORRISON, David Goldwin - LAC - 1696625 - RAFVR - Oslo Western Civil Cemetery, Norway. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 28th July 2015 12:15:22
Seeking help with locations of 883 AMES in 1944I suspect you are plagued with requests for help from those, like me, looking into their family history. If so please excuse another approach. I am more of a keen amateur military historian (WW2 not really my period) than a genealogist so am coming to this from a historical angle following up a story I have just learned from an Uncle claiming that my father may have been involved in, and wounded at, the battles of Imphal/Kohima (8 March to 3 July 1944) whilst serving on ground radar. Certainly I recall he had significant scars (perhaps shrapnel) over both legs but he never wished to speak about his war service other than humorous stories of goats eating his uniform etc. I also know how unreliable oral history is, especially as whatever my father may have told him was over twenty years ago as he died back in 1989. I have a copy of his service records from which I have gathered the following: My father, 1716529 LA/C J.C.J West, served with 670 AMES until 22 May 1944. I have discovered from a PDF of "Canadians in Radar in South East Asia, 1941-45" (Angus Hamilton) that unit was located at Dohazar, near Chittagong, as part of 182 Signals Wing. Nowhere near those battlefields. He then transferred to 883 AMES on 22 May 1944 - this date is right in the middle of the Battle. Now I don't know but to me that sound an unlikely transfer date for a non-combatant into an ongoing battle. He then transferred to 5029 AMES on 5 Sept 1944. The same source (Hamilton) give a location for 5029 as Observation Hill, the location of which hill I have not been able to establish. But they are also part of 182 Signals Wing and as Type 5 radar appears to be Chain Overseas Low I suspect that is a role that would be far enough back from the front line not to have been involved in either battle (they were over anyway) or any possible aftermath. I'm prepared to be corrected but I can find not mention of an Observation Hill near either battlefield. I am minded to discount the story as inaccurate from what I have learned above but not quite. Maybe he was involved in Imphal/Kohima but was wounded later (in a separate action or from some sort of accident?). I know enough about oral history to know how easily stories get compounded or confused, especially with the passage of time and second or third hand. Interestingly his service record shows him at the British Military Hospital at Shillong in Meghalaya between 4 Oct and 2 Nov 1944 and not re-posted to 5029 AMES until 2 Jan 1945 with a simultaneous promotion to CPL. Assuming the period post discharge from hospital may have been recuperative, and may tie in with his leg wounds I saw. Anyway, to make certain I am now trying to come at it from the opposite end and establish where 883 AMES was located at the relevant times - of the battle and in October when he was wounded. If he wasn't wounded at Imphal/Kohima where was he? Can anyone help or point me in the direction of a source which might. I am based in Edinburgh, so ....Read More.notquitekarpov on 12th August 2015 03:10:20
Remember RhuIn memory of those who died while serving with RAF Helensburgh I will be sending a Poppy Cross to be placed on the war memorial at nearby Rhu, Lest We Forget them as their names are not recorded there. Among the fatalities: the complete crew of Lerwick L7248 while trying to solve inherent handling problems with this type of aircraft. The Short Scion fitted with a experimental hull crashed killing scientist Mr H G White. His young assistant James Hamilton sank with the Scion but survived to become Sir James Hamilton, knighted for his design work on Concorde. I think this reflects the mettle of the men and women who served with RAF Helensburgh (Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment). Their numbers are reducing. Sir James and Aircraftman Len Townsend, both involved in the Scion experiments, passed away recently. My late father Bob Bird was the MAEE photographer at RAF Helensburgh. The Poppy Cross is in remembrance to them, too. Sixteen, possibly 17, people died in these flying accidents that continued to the end of 1945, claiming the lives of aircrew who had seen action operationally. It was tragic that they survived the war only to die in this way between October and December 1945. RAF Commands Forum is a fitting place to record their service to the country. MAEE made a major contribution to the defeat of U-Boats and improved ways of rescuing ditched RAF crew. Lest We Forget. robin bird, Wallasey Cheshire ....Read More.robin bird on 30th October 2015 06:10:05
Sergeant David Walter Hunter Hanson, 1956I now have a copy of the accident report into the crash of Brigand RH831 sent from The National Archives (TNA). Their licence conditions allow me free use of the data subject to acknowledgement of source.All items within double inverted commas in this posting are copied verbatim from TNA Reference, “BT 233/329 – C691176”.I have tried to present all salient facts, warts and all.Court of Inquiry.1.“The aircraft was returning after being airborne for 50 minutes from an abortive A.I. sortie. The pilot joined the circuit on the dead side of the airfield for landing and then called the tower to the effect that he had complete engine failure. He then attempted to carry out a belly landing by turning towards the airfield in a steep diving turn, but undershot and struck some trees and the ground with his port wing. The aircraft then broke up, burst into flames and came to rest.“2.“It is the firm conclusion of the Court that the accident was caused by the pilot selecting ‘FUEL ISOLATING COCK – OFF’ instead of ‘SUPERCHARGERS – ‘M’ GEAR’. This would result in the engines cutting simultaneously after a brief interval.The normal procedure is to exercise the superchargers in ‘S’ gear before rejoining the circuit for landing, and this is recommended in Pilots’ Notes. It is considered that the pilot did this and then, reaching back to return the levers to the ‘M’ position, he operated the fuel isolation cocks instead, and turned them ‘OFF’.This is borne out by the fact that the superchargers were in ‘S’ gear after the crash and the actual cocks on the fuel isolating system were closed.”3.“No blame can be attached to anyone but the pilot, who committed an error of airmanship.The superchargers should be exercised at a safe height. The Court considers that this height should be a minimum of 3,000 feet. This would enable the pilot to realise, and correct his error should he operate the wrong controls.Consideration should be given to modifying the fuel isolating cock levers by embodying a suitable catch in the ‘ON’ position to avoid unintentional operation.”4.“6th Witness ……………… I am the Unit Q.F.I. and Fighter Command Instrument Rating Examiner. On 7th March, 1956 I flew with Sergeant Hanson on an Instrument Rating re-test. I was re-testing him since on the previous test his instrument take-off and controlled descent had not been satisfactory. On this occasion the test was satisfactory. During this test an engine failed during the final stages of the Q.G.H. under adverse conditions. On my instructions Sergeant Hanson carried out the feathering drill and I carried on and landed the aircraft. During this incident Sergeant Hanson was calm, but his reactions were somewhat slow. On his conversion to the Balliol and Brigand aircraft he was methodical, but very slow. I consider his flying ability, however, to be of average standard. Question 1On returning to the circuit and selecting “S” gear to exercise the superchargers would it be possible for the pilot to sel ....Read More.Don Busby on 20th November 2015 05:29:02
451023 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-10-1945Hello, 451023 - Unaccounted Airmen - 23-10-1945 From Henk's List - NETHERLANDS BELL, Thomas Hamilton - Wng/Cdr (Gunner)[Henk has - Gunner ] - [CWGC & Geoff's sites has - 14563493 - Royal Artillery (attd 661 A.O.P Sqdn RAF) - Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Gelderland, Netherlands. NEW ZEALAND ROWE, William Alfred - Sgt - NZ416619 - RNZAF - Christchurch (Bromley ) Cemetery, Christchurch City, New Zealand. UK GLISTER, George Henry - AC1 - 1649477 - RAF - Doncaster (Rose Hill) Cemetery, Yorkshire. JENNINGS, Arthur Robert - AC2 - 1894503 - RAFVR - Rochester (Strood) Cemetery, Kent. POTTER, Charles William - F/S - 330756 - B.E.M - RAF - Rougham (St. Mary) Churchyard, Suffolk. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - INDIA HIRST, Norris Tomlinson - LAC - 1496587 - RAFVR - Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, India. KENYA DYER, Francis Charles - F/O(WoP-A/G) - 196414 - RAFVR - Kisumu Cemetery, Kenya. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 2nd January 2016 10:29:19
India GCI station namesI am looking at Beaufighter Night sorties where references to SWINDLE HIGHSPOT JOBEY DUNLOP and MENTOR are recorded. These are clearly GCI control stations does anyone know of any records or maps where these stations were located. I know that many were mobile stations as opposed to permanent any help welcome. If anyone has a copy of 'Canadians on Radar in S E Asia' by Angus Hamilton it might hold some references. Many thanks. ....Read More.colinpateman on 8th October 2017 02:19:53
India GCI station names[QUOTE=colinpateman;129211] If anyone has a copy of 'Canadians on Radar in S E Asia' by Angus Hamilton it might hold some references. [/QUOTE] The PDF is available on Robert Quirk's website [url][/url] but no references to the names. ....Read More.Jagan on 8th October 2017 04:45:45
William Arthur "Bill" Waterton AFC & Bar, GM (18 March 1916*– 17 April 2006) 42288I am reading Empire of the Clouds by James Hamilton-Patterson and his has a chapter on Bill Waterton and he has access to his log book and archive He says he was with 242 Sqn when he was hit over Dunkirk late May 1940 he quotes the serial as Hurricane L1852 he was badly injured and in hospital for 3 months A knowledgable contact of mine says this “Hi Paul. L1852 was not with 242sqd but 229sqd. The only info I have at moment is that it was damaged in combat over Dunkirk on the 29th of may . Pilot unknown at present. Aircraft went to 10 mu on the 6th of June 40.” Waterton wiki page says Incident was May 25th Can anyone clear all this up ? Thanks Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 28th May 2018 12:41:42
Lawrence of Arabia aircraft use ?Hello, One more of Lawrence's "Pilots": [url][/url] - see: pp.16-18 of 27 (PDF) and ... [url][/url] - Scroll down to Download PDF document - go to pp.154 & 156 of 167. Players: 6218 Lt (Pilot) George Clifton PETERS Australian Flying Corps (later DFC) 457 Lt (Obs.) James Hamilton TRAILL Australian Flying Corps (later DFC) Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 7th August 2018 03:14:29
Fg Offr William (Bill) F Stock RCAF R74385/j7812Roy There's a W. F. Stock mentioned here: [url][/url] [I]Course 29: May 26 - August 8, 1941 Wing Commander Elmer Fullerton presented wings to 43 graduates (J/6707) Walter James Hill; +(J/6708) Davis Hamilton Perry - 427 Sqn., London, Ont.; +(J/6709) Louis Vernon Longley, No. 3 C & FF St. Hubert, Paradise, N.S.; (J/6710) Wilfred Davis - AFC; +(J/6711 - R/74790) Donald Patrick McDonald - KIFA 142 Sqn.; +(J/6712) John Alan Burkitt - 6 SF/58 Sqn., Brandon; (J/6713) Kenneth Alexander Mackenzie; (J/6714) Allen Perkins Spaulding; +(J/6715) Richard Archibald Dunbar - 260 Sqn. DAF, Edmunston, N.B.; (J/6716) Harlow Ralston Hollis; (J/6717) Harvey Kavaner; (J/6718) William Irvin Gordon - 403/416 Sqns.; +(J/6719) William Zoochkan - 403 Sqn., Rainy River; (J/6720) Clifford Borden Hess - DFC 432 Sqn., Iroquois, Ont. W.F. Stock[/U; F. Costello, +(R/74317) Patrick Redmond Roach, 17 Sqn., Kirkland Lake; Hazen Smith Anderson - PoW; +(R/78316) Harold Joseph Fox - 66/249 Sqn. Malta; (J/14086) William Haworth Hall - DFC 15 Sqn., Winnipeg; (J/23020 - R/75805) Ross Armer - AFC, Hamilton; +(R/75615 - J/18125) Stuart Pennington - DFM 426 Sqn., Dundas, Ont.; A.E. Roberts, Calgary; +(R/77267 - J/15737) James Emmett McNamara 416 Sqn.- 1435 Flt. Malta - KIFA 421 Sqn. [/I] However, that service number and Stock brings up: [url][/url] [I]Course 34 - July 27 - October 7, 1941 Other graduates included: (J/7812) John Andrews Stock. [/I]See also:[I] [url][/url][/I] Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 26th November 2018 09:18:55

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