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Flying Officer John JOHNSON (164489) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Air Bomber

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Lancaster III ME447

Death of Death 1945-03-01

Served in 166 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : 2. D. 5. at Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany

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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/47Acting Flight Lieutenant R E Mills, Sergeant F W Doodey and Aircraftman 1st Class G J Johnson: missing presumed dead; Blenheim N6150 failed to return from a reconnaissance flight, 11 November 1939.C14142130
AIR81/59Sergeant E B Morgan, Sergeant F G Goodwin, Leading Aircraftman D G Hodge, Aircraftman 2nd Class F J Johnson, Sergeant T E Jones and Sergeant W H Downey: missing presumed dead; Wellington N2911 failed to return from an operational flight, believed to havecrashed at sea, 14 December 1939.C14142176
AIR81/344Aircraftman 1st Class J Johnson and Pilot Officer V A Cunningham: missing presumed dead; Battle L5516 failed to return from a raid near Mouzon, south east of Sedan, France, 14 May 1940. Note: With photographsC14502338
AIR81/4662Sergeant I J Johnson: killed; Flying Officer C M Clementi, Sergeant W T W Large, Sergeant J W H Brown, Sergeant H F Jennings: injured; crash landing on return from operational flight, Whitley P5098, 58 Squadron, 23 December 1940.C16688760
AIR81/7390Sergeant V G Hudson, Sergeant W J Johnson: injured; Sergeant H Morton: uninjured; ground collision, Blenehim V5946, 211 Squadron, 17 June 1941.C16756687

London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
164489I3O456i John JOHNSONLondon Gazette supplement : 36570 , Dated 1944-06-16 , Download #36570
164489J JOHNSONLondon Gazette supplement : 36744 , Dated 1944-10-10 , Download #36744

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Aircraft Name: Lancaster III ME447 Date of Crash: 1941-01-01 01 Mar 45 Unit 166 Sqdn Airfield /Crash Location , Germany
Aircrew details
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantLeslie John JEFFERY (3035068) Air Gunner Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flying OfficerJohn JOHNSON (164489) Air Bomber Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
SergeantCharles Luther MILNER (1051697) Air Gunner Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantGeorge Richard PHELPS (150236) Pilot Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flying OfficerLeslie John RICH (176192) Wireless Op Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
SergeantRobert Thomas TERRY (1881084) Flight Engi Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Flight SergeantWilliam Forrester WEBSTER (1672314) Navigator Lancaster III ME447  IBCC 1945-03-01166 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
Source Henk Welting's Database

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401002 - Unaccounted airmen - 2-10-1940Hello Henk The death of Robert W Ammon aged 35 was registered at Hendon. The death of Eric G Clark aged 20 was registered at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. The death of Basil J Johnson aged 21 was registered at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. The death of Roger MG Zambra aged 26 was registered at Salisbury, Wiltshire. Shrewton LG is only 12 miles from Salisbury so that suggests Zambra on Master N7749. Regards Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 7th April 2008 08:04:17
John Johnson 159 Sqn Liberator KH159Hi all, Could anyone provide me with more details on the crash of Liberator KH159 on 12 Nov 1944. It was apparently on a minelaying op to Moulmein, Burma, when it was lost. I have the crew names from Robert Quirk's 159 Sqn pages ( and his a/c notation but wondered if there is anything else in Chorley or other books. I happened to meet the former lady friend of Capt. John Johnson,the pilot, yesterday at his old high school. He is one of my boys of Malvern Collegiate Institute. Thanks. ....Read More.dfuller52 on 14th January 2009 04:00:34
John Johnson 159 Sqn Liberator KH159[QUOTE=dfuller52;22068]Hi all, Could anyone provide me with more details on the crash of Liberator KH159 on 12 Nov 1944. It was apparently on a minelaying op to Moulmein, Burma, when it was lost. I have the crew names from Robert Quirk's 159 Sqn pages ( and his a/c notation but wondered if there is anything else in Chorley or other books. I happened to meet the former lady friend of Capt. John Johnson,the pilot, yesterday at his old high school. He is one of my boys of Malvern Collegiate Institute. Thanks.[/QUOTE] former lady friend of Capt. John Johnson is my grandma and her name is Soyna Munro ....Read More.WO.David_munro on 1st February 2009 12:18:42
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The Rev John Johnson DFCHi, the Rev John Johnson from Shropshire died on February 19, aged 86. According to the death notice in our paper he had the D.F.C. We are obviously working on an obituary - can anybody supply any details of the award? No doubt he became a man of the cloth after his RAF service. Thanks hellcat1839 ....Read More.hellcat1839 on 24th February 2010 06:25:04
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RCAF pilot J9142 S/Ldr Robert George ‘Bob’ WESTNorman, I may be able to help you with your search for a photo of Sq/Ldr. Robert George ‘Bob’ West J/9142 RCAF who was the pilot of Halifax III LW620 MP-G which crashed on the 23 June, 1944at Hotham landing out field close to the 76 Squadron base at Holme-upon-Spalding Moor. I have been researching the pilot and aircrew of LW620 and hope to document them in some detail. My uncle, Air/Bmr. Fl/Sgt. James Johnson 1556755 RAFVR (the spelling of his surname with the addition of a ‘t’ is incorrect as published in ‘TO SEE THE DAWN BREAKING’) was one of the aircrew who died returning from the sortie at Laon on LW620. Recently, I visited the grave of Air/Gnr. Fl/Sgt. Thomas Glen 639111 RAF in the churchyard of St. Leonards, Heston and decided to trace an obituary notice for him in the archives of Housnlow Library. I found a column entry for him in The Middlesex Chronicle of July 1, 1944 which was very informative. He was married in 1943 to a local Heston girl and was born in Bridge of Allan, Scotland. There is much detailed information about his education, career, hobbies and family. His father is described as a parks superintendent of Castle House, Dunoon, Argyleshire. As fellow Scots, I am sure that he and my uncle would have been friendly. Have you been able to acquire a photo or obtain any additional information on ‘Bob’West? I would suggest contacting the Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan library who may be able to help through their local history archives, The Moose Jaw Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans or perhaps by checking the archives of the local Moose Jaw Times Herald for any related editorial or obituaries of the period. It is worth remembering that in the USA the term ‘Necrology’ is used rather than ‘Obituary’ although Canadians seem to prefer the use of ‘Obituary’. The navigator on LW620 was another Canadian Fl/Lt. Peter Scott Milliken J/10425 RCAF who may have had an obituary notice published in his home town of Sinclair, Manitoba. I recently found a b/w professional portrait photograph of my uncle and two other aircrew in RAF uniform which had been removed from his personal photo album. From memory the photos contained in the album were mostly of cities in Canada (he trained in Hamilton, Ontario) and air-to-air photos probably taken with a camera gun (crosshairs on the photos) of training aircraft in formation. The photo album may be in the care of my younger brother who, incidentally, also served the RAF being based at Akrotiri then Gütersloh. I will try to locate it. The two other aircrew shown in the photo have the physical looks of North Americans and are perhaps West and Milliken. I can try to identify their insignia which could help. I can scan the photo and forward you a copy. My late father, John Johnson was enlisted into the RAF during WW2 serving as a LAC W/Op. He was stationed throughout the Middle East and accumulated many hours flying duties in Ansons, Wimpeys, captured Junkers 52’s (HK919, HK920) and the thr ....Read More.oldpewter on 26th February 2011 03:48:40
103 Sqn (Battle) FTR 14 May 1940I have been curious for many years about the graves marked "Unknown Airman of the RAF" which can be found in many cemeteries in Europe - very many miles inland (so unlikely to be chaps washed up on beaches). One example is Remilly-et-Aillicourt Communal Cemetery (15 miles SE of Mezieres), there are 3 graves there, 2 identified RAF airmen from 14 May 1940, the Pilot and WOp/AG of a 103 Sqn Battle I L5516, P/O VA Cunningham and AC1 J Johnson, reported shot down 5km SE of Sedan - and one unknown chap. I have heard that some Battles actually did fly with only 2 crew, but I wondered if this one had a third crewman who was killed and for some reason had not been identified. I wondered if - with the list If these similar instances which I have compiled, I might have some luck in trying to ID any of these chaps with a good database and a better library (both available), I am not trying to second-guess the MREU bods who had enormous dedication and MOD resources but didnt have computers. Any thoughts ? As another example there is an RCAF Flying Officer buried at Durnbach War Cemetery and his headstone gives a date 6 Jan 1945. There are at least 8 possibilities I have found so far. ....Read More.PeteS on 21st July 2011 12:04:24
Magister crash 24th July 1941Hi Peter, From the F1180 Pilot was Sgt S J Johnson, 745519, 39 hours solo on type, 220 hours solo on others. C of I Ref A277525/41 15:45 hrs Engine failure during flight. Miss? Chose field, discovered to be grain field, decided to land in adjacent field. Engine cut, stalled and damaged u/c. AOC. No discip action. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 18th March 2012 08:24:39
Magister crash 24th July 1941Ross, Is it possible that the service no of Sgt S J Johnson could be 754519 (the same numbers but in sligtly different order)? W/O Stanley Joseph Johnson, RAFVR had the service no 754519. He was killed in a crash on the 1 September 1942. When he was killed he belonged to No.255 squadron but had been with No.409 Squadron from late summer 1941 to 17 March 1942. His name came up on Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum when I first tried to find the full name of Sgt Johnson. Regards, Peter ....Read More.phasselgren on 18th March 2012 11:21:00
Magister crash 24th July 1941Hi Peter, Yes, looks like a transposition error in the F1180. Looking at AIR 78/86 part 7 does not show any other possible S J Johnson. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 18th March 2012 01:40:14
35 Squadron LossesGoulding - we discussed him here before, not conclusive: And he is dicussed here also: Goulding is registered in Salford district, aged 25. Seems to be a late registration in January 1941, the death having been in late Dec 1940. He is listed as killed on active service in Casualty communique. The closest I can find for I G Johnson is a Irvin J JOhnson aged 20 in Bulmer district, North Yorkshire, which would contain Linton on Ouse. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 13th November 2012 07:05:49
149 Squadron Fund in 1950Greg, John Johnson got a Christmas card from Nick, so he is still around. I will ask JJ for a contact :) He is not in the best of health, so I am told. Pavel, look forward to your contact :) Alan ....Read More.149Nut on 9th January 2014 12:40:11
Sgt(A/G)Ronald Edgar Tootell 2220183 of 149 SqnHello, I am researching the above airman (rear gunner?) who was KIA over Hohenbudberg on the night of 8/9th February 1945 in a Lancaster? of 149 Sqn some of his crew were:- O.A.K Jones - A.L Lovett & Arthur Grey. I would be grateful if anyone give me more information on this incident. There is a memorial plaque at 'The National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Derbyshire. Could it have been Lancaster NF976 'OJ-O' mentioned by John Johnson in his book '149 Squadron'. Regards, Rol ....Read More.Roundhead on 28th July 2015 04:19:49
RAF Marham Check-upHi, Hoping someone can check the RAF Marham Station ORB for July 28/29th 1942. I am hoping it may record details of any 218 Squadron take-offs and landings. The squadron was based at Downham Market at the time, but two crews Sgt J Johnson and P/O MacQ Farquharson borrowed two Stirlings from 218 CF and operated from Marham. The 218 CF ORB confirms this but I would just like confirmation. TIA Steve ....Read More.Steve Smith on 11th September 2015 04:32:53
LAC Leslie John Johnson 1265900 (moved)Hello All - LAC Leslie John Johnson 1265900 I am researching the above Airman’s WWII service, the results of which I intend to give to one of his sons as a surprise birthday present as he has often expressed an interest in it. Thanks to his brother I have obtained the Form 543 for the above Airman which I have mostly managed to interpret, but have been stuck with a few ‘oddities’! I also have a very brief account given by Leslie himself in 1993 but know that there are discrepancies between it and the ‘Official’ records and as he died in 1998 am unable to clarify anything. [B]Question 1[/B] – He was posted to 456 Sqn, Valley, in Sept. 1941. Entered In the “Reason” column is “BX”. What is this most likely to mean? (I have looked at quite a few sites offering explanations for the various “Reason” codes and understand that there cannot be a single definitive reason for a particular code. The same code is repeated in March, 1942, when he was posted to 12 OTU at Chipping Warden). [B]Question 2[/B] - He was posted to 10 OTU, Abingdon, in Nov. 1941. Entered In the “Reason” column is “B”. Again, what is the likely explanation for this? He then joined 210 Sqn at Oban in December, 1941, reason “X” (Possibly Miscellaneous section of the units POR), but the next entry is to ‘SHQ Oban’, Reason “F” (I think - poorly written) on 28 Dec, 1941. In his own account Leslie stated – “Did a gunnery course here, was now a fitter AG and was able to get away from the normal routine at base.” However, his 543 has no mention of him ever being anything other than a F.Mech E (Flight Mechanic, Engines) and the only entry under ‘Special Qualifications’ is for the Beaufighter VIF in 1943. In December 1941 his rank was that of AC2, becoming AC1 in December 1943 and finally LAC before 31/12/44, and there is no mention of him ever attending any aircrew course. [B]Question 3[/B] – Can anyone offer a likely explanation for the above? Could it have been an ‘informal’ course after which he was assisting the regular gunnery fitters? On 3 Nov, 1942 he was posted to ‘255 Sqdn. (PPO)’. Reason – ‘X’, and then on 26 Nov 1942 to ‘EAC Africa’. Reason - ‘C’, and then to ‘255 Sqdn’ again on 7 Dec 1942. Leslie’s own account states that he volunteered for an overseas posting while at Oban and joined 255 Sqn at ‘Hulton, Bucks’ (sic). (As the Squadron was at Honiley at this time I believe this to be a memory lapse on Leslie’s part, as he also remembered this time as being the ‘early summer’ of 1942!) He goes on to state “…we sailed from Liverpool in a big convoy…on the SS Maloja, docked at Bone, N. Africa after a ten day nightmare. I embarked a boy and disembarked a man”. However, th ....Read More.malcwayland on 25th October 2015 10:05:37
1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationFlying Officer Basil Raynham ROLFE (08078) Test Pilot 1940-03-05 United Kingdom Elloughton (St. Mary) Churchya [url][/url] [QUOTE=94avenge]As a Flying Officer Basil Rolfe was killed on March 5, 1940 when Botha L6129 of the Blackburn Company dived into ground near Flixborough, Lincs, during a test flight. Also on board was John Johnson, B.Sc (FTO/Blackburn), who died from his injuries.[/QUOTE] ....Read More.Jagan on 16th December 2018 02:19:21

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