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Flying Officer Robert Charles BEAUMONT (169061) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Lost in aircraft Typhoon IB JP664  

Death of Death 1944-08-18 .

Served in 84 GSU

Burial/Commemoration Details : Block S. Grave 16. at Wellingborough (Doddington Roa, United Kingdom


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London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
1690611301714 Robert Charles BEAUMONTLondon Gazette supplement : 36389 , Dated 1944-02-18 , Download #36389
169061R C BEAUMONTLondon Gazette supplement : 36597 , Dated 1944-07-04 , Download #36597

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 18 Aug 44 Aircraft Name Typhoon Ib Serial Number JP664
Unit 84 GSU Operating Airfield Country United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Typhoon Ib JP664

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerRobert Charles BEAUMONT (169061) Pilot Typhoon IB JP664   1944-08-1884 GSU United KingdomWellingborough (Doddington Roa

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
Help with AM 1406Dear all, I am researching my grandfather's service during WW2 and have a few questions from his service record I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. 169061 P/O Robert Charles Beaumont completed a tour of operations (According to the Squadron ORB) and was posted to RAF Harrowbeer (i.e. the station where the Squadron was at the time) "not effective, sick" in May 44. A month later, a medical board found him to be suffering "Flying Strain, In + By" (???) and he was downgraded A2B and posted to 84 GSU as a test pilot. In the mean time, he picked up the scheduled promotion to F/O. *** Can anyone explain the "In + By" *** Do medical records still exist? What are my odd of getting hold of the medical board report? This is where things get a little odd. Under the Movements column after the posting details to 84 GSU, he is listed on 14th August 1944 as: "AFAF/3099/44 No 2 PHU AEAF 14.8.44 P) Sup'y, for Disposal" This is then crossed out, annotated "Cancelled" and the details of his fatal accident on 18 Aug 44 (four days later) written in above this. Presumably AFAF should read AEAF. *** Has anyone come across anything similar to this? A helpful lady at the AHB described this as an "administrative posting" to balance the books man-power wise, but it's hard to see why they would need to do this with a unit as large and amorphous as 84 GSU. *** "P) Sup'y for Disposal" leads me to suspect he was being posted out to return to general duties as a pilot. I know they were desperate for experienced Typhoon pilots at the time - is this likely to be correct? *** Is there any chance that the movement order still exists anywhere? Would it tell me anything? *** If the above is correct, surely he would have required a medical board to certify him A1B again? Is it likely that this happened but they simply didn't bother recording it after he was killed? Any light shed on this would be very much appreciated. Regards, Jeff ....Read More.RecklessRat on 15th July 2008 05:11:48
ORBs for 5 (P)AFU and 1 ACRSThanks Al, The name is Sgt R C Beaumont - I received some letters recently which cover a blank spot in his service records between returning from the Arnold Scheme (12 Sep 42) and being posted to 263 Squadron (02 Mar 43). He writes from the Lion Mansion Hotel, Brighton, about having 8 weeks at Brighton and being grounded for 3 weeks after a night flying crash where the aircraft was written off, "lucky to be alive" with cuts and bruises. He also writes of his disappointment at missing a posting to a Spitfire squadron which arrived a few days after the accident, and his gratitude for a positive report on abilities as a pilot and NCO from "The C.O. at Calverly". There is mention of being taken off "the discipline course" and transferred to 'A' Flight (Of what?), and a return to 5 (P)AFU at the end of his time in Brighton. The most notorious "discipline course" at Brighton was of course 1 Aircrew Refresher School, a.k.a. "Prunes" a.k.a. "The Naughty Boys' Course", but I am guessing in the absence of any further information. If he was at 1 ACRS, what was he doing living in a hotel? From the letter, I am assuming it is just before Christmas; I see your website mentions a Miles Master crash, W8455, which was written off at King Sterndale on 12 Oct 42 - could he be a likely culprit? Regards, Jeff ....Read More.RecklessRat on 17th September 2011 03:03:39
ORBs for 5 (P)AFU and 1 ACRSHi Jeff, all that I can add is that Sgt Robert Charles Beaumont (1301714) was on intake No 28 at Tern Hill, 2nd October 1942. Coincidentally, I have just been looking at another airman who was on intake 28 and underwent his training at the satellite airfield at Calveley in Cheshire. This is backed up by your mention of a report mentioning the 'CO at Calverly (sic)'. Having researched all crashes in Shropshire I have not come across his name. I'd say that you will have to look at the 1180's and you'll likely find that he was injured in a crash in Cheshire. Cheers, Tom ....Read More.thorne83 on 18th September 2011 05:32:39
ORBs for 5 (P)AFU and 1 ACRSCould the naughty boys mentioned above be: Albert William James COLWELL 32 killed 7 Apr 44 as a F/Sgt and Robert Charles BEAUMONT 22 killed 18 Aug 44 as a F/O? Both are buried in UK according to the CWGC registers By the way, I don't think either Master W8818 or W8784 were written off as a consequence of the accidents recorded. Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 16th August 2012 01:27:29
ORBs for 5 (P)AFU and 1 ACRSHi Colin, Yes, that's 169061 (1301714) F/O Robert Charles Beaumont, killed 18 Aug 44 at Piddletrenthide, Dorset, flying Typhoon JP664. Colwell I don't know about. I also took the F78's while I was there and neither aircraft has an entry on those dates, suggesting they were repaired on-site. Regards, Jeff ....Read More.RecklessRat on 18th August 2012 08:33:18
440818 - Unaccounted Airmen - 18-8-1944Crikey, a surprise to find him here! [quote]BEAUMONT, Robert Charles - F/O (Pilot) - probably Typhoon Ib - JP664 - 84 GSU [/quote] Correct - F/O R C Beaumont, ex-263 Squadron and posted to 84GSU as a test pilot, struck high ground in bad weather near Piddletrenthide, Dorset, after carrying out a gun test on the Chesil Beach range. The aircraft was Typhoon 1b JP664, as stated. Regards, Jeff ....Read More.RecklessRat on 18th July 2014 04:39:22

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