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Warrant Officer Ronald OWEN (1316538) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Wireless Op./Air Gunner
Lost in aircraft Dakota IV KJ987  

Death of Death 1945-10-19 .

Served in 48 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : 5. E. 1. at Chittagong War Cemetery, Bangladesh


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/5776Pilot Officer P C Brown, Sergeant F H Butterworth, Sergeant E R Owen: killed; aircraft shot down, enemy action, Wellington R1049, 221 Squadron, 10 April 1941.C16755074
AIR81/7670Pilot Officer H M Owens, Pilot Officer R G Mitchell (RCAF), Flight Sergeant D E Russell, Sergeant R Owen; missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Hamburg, Germany, Hampden AD844, 50 Squadron, 17 July 1941.C16756967
AIR81/8739Pilot Officer W R Hughes (RCAF), Pilot Officer P R Owen, Sergeant D G Forbes, Aircraftsman F B Prest, Sergeant D G Forbes: killed; mid air collision between Spitfire D8586, 412 Squadron and Hampden AD939, 44 Squadron, 31 August 1941.C16924581
AIR81/9213Pilot Officer J R Owen (RCAF): injured; aircraft accident, Master N7963, 56 Operational Training Unit, 20 September 1941.C16997460

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 19 Oct 45 Aircraft Name Dakota IV Serial Number KJ987
Unit 48 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country Bangladesh
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Dakota IV KJ987

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Warrant OfficerRonald OWEN (1316538) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Dakota IV KJ987   1945-10-1948 Sqdn AIR27 BangladeshChittagong War Cemetery

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Awards, 14 June 1945With considerable help from Steve Brew, I am able to provide citations for several hundred awards published in the Birthday Honours List, 14 June 1945 as listed below. Persons interested in citations should contact me. The list is VERY INCOMPLETE with respect to AFC and comparable awards, but is fairlly complete with respect to ARRC, RRC, BEM, MBE and OBE awards. The Mentions in Despatches are far from complete; those that follow are essentially recommendations that began as BEM, MBE and OBE submissions and were down-graded to MiDs before gazetting. ABBOTT, Ronald Harris, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 75 Mech Trans Light RU - RAFVR ACKERMAN, John Darral, FL - MBE - 4506 14 - 1 Armament Practice Camp - RNZAF ADCOCK, John Henry, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 6197 Servicing Echelon - RAFVR ALDER, Cyril Francis Ralph, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - Kemble - RAFVR ALDER, Edward Ernest, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 44 Base Breighton - RAF ALDRIDGE, Clifford, WC - OBE - 450614 - 159 Maintenance Unit, - RAF ALLEN, Anthony Kenway, WC - MiD - 450614 - Balkan Air Force Int* - RAFVR ALLEN, Eric Vernon, Acting Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 3 Sqn IAF - RAF ALLEN, Hervey Roland, FL - MiD - 450614 - MEIU Model Sect - RAFVR ALLEN, Donald Frederick, WC - OBE - 450614 - 222 Group ACSEA - RAF ALVEY, Desmond John, GC - OBE - 450614 - 38 Group HQ - RAF AMES, Douglas, FL - AFC - 450614 - 286 Sqn - RAFVR ANDREWS, Keith Sidney, FS - BEM - 450614 - 34 Wing - RAFVR ANN, John Ernest, SL - OBE - 450614 - * Alness - RAF APPLEBY, Alexander Agnew, FO - AFC - 450614 - 1680 (T) Flight - RNZAF APPS, Ralph William, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 601 Sqn - RAFVR ARCHER, James William, FL - MBE - 450614 - 148 Sqn - RAFVR ARCHIBALD, John Carruthers, SL - MBE - 450614 - 132 Wing - RAFVR ASHFORD, Reginald Wesson, SL - MBE - 450614 - 73 MTLRU - RAFVR ASKEW, John Alfred, Sgt - BEM - 450614 - India - RAFVR ASTON, Samuel James, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 169 Sqn - RAF ATHERTON, George Rutherford Damant, FL - MBE - 450614 - 8 Sqn - RAFVR AVIS, Cyril William, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - Burnhan Police HQ - RAFVR BADGER, Kenton Victor, Sgt - BEM - 450614 - 4854 Quarrying Flt - RAFVR BAILEY, James Alfred, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 105 (T) OTU - RAF BAINBRIDGE, Ronald, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 901 Wing - RAF BALKWILL, Edward, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 267 Sqn - RAF BANKS, Edward Huism FL - MiD - 450614 - 31 Base - RAFVR BARRIE, Elspeth, GC - OBE - 450614 - Fighter Command HQ - WAAF BARRY, Daniel, Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 4 Field Signals Unit - RAFVR BARTON, Robert Alexander, WC, DFC - OBE - 450614 - Skeabrae - RAF BATCHELOR, John Bedwell, SL - OBE ½ - 450614 - 422 AFAP - RAFVR BATEMAN, Glen L., Lieutenant-Colonel - MiD - 450614 - AHQ Greece - SAAF BATES, Eric, FL - AFC - 450614 - 1 Parachute Training School - RAFVR BAYLIS, Sidney Albert, Acting Flight Sergeant - BEM - 450614 - 27 Sqn - RAF BAYLISS, Mary, Sergeant - BEM ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 27th January 2008 09:26:47
Awards, September 1943 to January 1944On the old board I posted a list of DFC awards for which I had citations that had not been published in the London Gazette. On the present board I have posted lists of awards gazetted 1 January 1943, 2 June 1943 and 14 June 1945 which had no published citations but for which I am able to provide texts. With further help from others, notably Steve Brew, I can now provide texts for some 434 additional awards gazetted between 17 September 1943 to 14 January 1944. These include citations to awards of the AFC (124), AFM (13), BEM (78), CB (1), Commendations (31), George Medal (11 although these were largely reported with citations), MBE (89), Mentions in Despatches (32) and OBEs (31). I do not pretend that these are complete (the Mentions in Despatches are a woefully small sample of many more numerous awards), but an incomplete listing is surely better than none at all. Some awards are listed with a fraction (BEM 1/2) which indicates that the citation was copied from a mutilated document and is missing words. Anyone seeking a citation to any of these may contact me; my e-mail address is available in the "Membes List" profile. ABBS, William Henry, Corporal - BEM - 440101 - 12 (P) AFU - RAFVR ACKERMANN, Eric George, HFL - GM- 440114 - * special duties - RAFVR ADAMS, Hugh, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 440101 - 502 Sqn - Aux AF ALLEN, Colin Ernest Lower, Captain - GM- 440114 - * crash rescue - SAAF ALWARD, Herbert Andrew, PO - MBE- 430917 - 381 Wireless Unit, NAAF - RAFVR AMES, Stanley Charles Michael, Sergeant - BEM - 440101 - * St. Eval - RAFVR ANDREWS, Leslie Charles, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 440101 - 109 Maintenance Unit - RAF April 13, 2008THOMPSON, Joseph Vernon, Warrant Officer - MBE- 440101 - 13 Maintenance Unit - RAF ARGLES, JG, GC - CBE - 440101 - * Coastal Cmd HQ - RAF ARMSTRONG, Ernest, Acting Warrant Officer - MBE- 440101 - 3 Radio School - RAF ATKINS, Hilton James Valentine, FO - Comm- 440101 - 9 (O) AFU - RNZAF AUSTIN, Graham Walker Beech, SL - AFC- 440101 - * MSFU - RAF AYRE, Henry Woolgar, FL - AFC- 440101 - 1 Aircraft Delivery Unit - RAFVR AYRES, Ernest Alfred, FO - AFC- 440101 - 24 Sqn - RAFVR BAKER, George Wilson Wood, Warrant Officer - MBE- 440101 - * Port Ellen, Coastal Cmd - RAF BAKER, Mervyn Garth, FL - AFC- 440101 - 511 Sqn - RAAF BALLAUFF, Tony, FL - AFC- 440101 - 1651 CU - RAFVR BANKS, Claude, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 440101 - 271 Sqn - RAF BARBER, Robert Hugh, SL - AFC- 440101 - * Martlesham Heath - RAF BARBER, Eric, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 440101 - 456 Sqn RAAF - RAAF BARKER, George Charles Raymond, SL - AFC- 440101 - 43 Air School S Africa - RAF BARKER, Clifford Cockcroft, WC, MB, Ch.B. - Comm- 440101 - 45 Group - RAF BARLAS, Richard Douglas, WC - OBE- 440101 - * NW Africa AF - RAFVR BARLING, Frank Wittwe, Sergeant - BEM - 440101 - 4 School of Techl Training - RAFVR BARLOW, Alfred James, Warrant Officer - MBE- 440101 - * Western Desert AHQ - RAFVR BARR, Hugh, Corporal - BEM - 440101 - 40 S ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 13th April 2008 06:05:18
Coastal Command DetachmentsHi Eddie Chorley's, "In Brave Company", about 158 Sqn Ops, very briefly mentions these detachments in broad support of the "Torch" landings in N Africa, but does not give much detail. He mentions F/Lt Sparke(no initials) as being i/c a 5 aircraft detachment to Beaulieu but gives no further info. For the detachment to Manston he mentions 4 Captains but no crew detail. The pilots were F/Sgt R Owen,F/Sgt Roberts, Sgt E Smith and Sgt J M Wylie Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 22nd May 2008 03:59:32
Sqd Ldr L H Trent VCThanks for that. I have a log book to a pilot who was training at 3 FTS from September 1951 to May 1952 when he was suspended from flying training (reason F5200 whatever that means). On the 21st of December 1951 he seems to fly as second pilot in Harvard 356 with a Squadron Leader Trent, and the end of month flying for December 1951 and March 1952 is signed by a Squadron Leader L H Trent who I assume is L H Trent VC. The log is also signed by a Wing Commander J ??-Cole, and another Squadron Leader who I cannot make out (although he does fly with a Sqn Ldr Pye, Sqn Ldr Owen, and Sqn Ldr Misselbrook who I have not yet identified.. Johnnie Johnnie ....Read More.johnnie214 on 23rd May 2008 04:54:37
Sqd Ldr L H Trent VCJohnnie, The only names mentioned in the book for this period (at the FTS) are: Gp Capt John Glenn (the CO) Freddie Rump (a Rhodesian who replaced Glenn) Sqn Ldr Owen Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 23rd May 2008 06:52:37
Sqd Ldr L H Trent VCThank you for the further information on the log. Does it say much in the book about Owen. I assume it is the same Sqn Ldr Owen that he flew with on May 7th. Also, what does PSA stand for in relation to Pye? Johnnie ....Read More.johnnie214 on 24th May 2008 11:55:35
Sqd Ldr L H Trent VC[QUOTE=johnnie214;9825]Thank you for the further information on the log. Does it say much in the book about Owen. I assume it is the same Sqn Ldr Owen that he flew with on May 7th. Also, what does PSA stand for in relation to Pye? Johnnie[/QUOTE] Johnnie, Owen is menitoned in passing only, when Trent and he were tested for upgrading from B2 to B1 instructor ratings (passed practical but both failed theory). psa = graduate of RAF Staff College Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 24th May 2008 06:11:54
RAF BenbeculaAM805 F/Sgt W A L Ireland Sgt R J Edgar RCAF Sgt R North Sgt C P Jenkins RAAF All commemorated on Runnymede Memorial. FA704 W/C R B Thomson DSO F/Sgt A F Chisnall F/L J F Clark F/O J L Humphreys Sgt F Sweetlove Sgt R H Senior Sgt R Owens F/L Barrett All rescued safe. 842 Sqn Swordfish Sub/Lt W J D Pettigrew RN Sub/Lt J E Chilton RN PO L K Cox RN All killed Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 3rd August 2008 02:16:32
Awards, AFC, AFM, Commendations, 1945The following should have been included in my first post Kings Commendations gazetted 14 June 1945 ACTON-BOND, Edward, FL - 12 (Pilots) AFU - RAFVR AQUINO, John Dunbar, FO - 6 Sqn RIAF - RIAF BEAVINGTON, Ronald Burt, FL - 42 Air School South Africa - RAFVR BLUNT, Leslie Richard Dickinson, FO - 6 Sqn RIAF - RIAF BOWES, John Foster Lyon, FL - 17 SFTS - RAFVR BROMWICH, Richard Thomas, FL - Central Gunnery School - RAFVR CHEANEY, Joseph Humfrey, FL - 233 Sqn - RAF CLARKE, Henry Reginald, FL - 23 Maintenance Unit - RAFVR COTTON, Kenneth, FL - 27 EFTS Rhodesian Air Training Group - RAFVR DANCE, William John, Corporal - (Brave Conduct) - Bomb Disposal Wing, - RAFVR DEVITT, John Anderson, Corporal - 45 Air School, South Africa - RAFVR FAIRBANK, George, FL - Heavy Glider Training Unit - RAFVR HEANES, Harry John Collis, Warrant Officer - 11 (P) AFU - RAF HILTON, George, Flight Sergeant - 61 Air School South Africa - RAF JAMIESON, John Peter, FL - 45 Air School, South Africa - RAFVR JONES, Arthur Owen, FL - 231 Sqn - RAFVR MASILLAMANA, Ezra D'Sylva, FO - 6 Sqn RIAF - RIAF McDONALD, Morton Edgar, FO - 105 (T) OTU - RAFVR McGILL, James, FL, DFC - 25 Air School, South Africa - RAFVR McKENNA, John Francis Xavier, GC, AFC (deceased) - AAEE - RAF MERCHANT, Henry James, FL - 62 Air School, South Africa - RAFVR MILLINGTON, John Henry Voyce, SL - 24 Sqn - RAF NIXON, Ronald Julian, FO - 233 Sqn - RAFVR PAVER, Alban Harwood, WO - 511 Sqn - RAFVR PASCOE, Harry Angus MacKay, FL - 6 (P) AFU - RAFVR PETERSEN, Theodore Ivan, FL - 22 SFTS Rhodesian Air Training Group - RAFVR RAYBOULD, John Henry, FO - 231 Sqn - RAFVR ROBERTS, Dennis Arthur, FO - 105 (T) OTU - RAFVR ROBERTSON, James Albert, FO - 1527 BAT Flt - RAFVR ROSE, Leonard John, FO - 231 Sqn - RAFVR SHERMAN, Arthur Roger, Sergeant - 45 Air School South Africa - RAF SINGH, Randhir, FO - 3 Sqn RIAF - RIAF SMITH, Reginald Sidney, Corporal - 45 Air School South Africa - RAFVR SOUTHEY, Ernest Albert, SL, AFC - 5 (P) AFU - RAFVR STANBRIDGE, Brian Gerald Tiwy, FO - 31 Sqn - RAFVR TAYLOR, Arthur Graham John, FL - 6 (P) AFU - RAFVR THORNE, Leonard Gordon, FL - 24 Sqn - RAFVR TINK, Owen Edgar Kilsby, PO - 233 Sqn - RAAF TOBIN, James Richard, SL, AFC, deceased - Blackburn Aircraft - RAF TOWNER, Reginald, FL - 44 Air School South Africa - RAFVR WEBBER, Harry, Warrant Officer - 4 (O) AFU - RAFVR WILLIAMS, Alfred, FL - 27 EFTS - RAFVR ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 13th September 2008 10:40:34
How to find 1939- 40 Squadron 75 sorties?hello Russ, Yes it's possible. You'll have to access the Squadron Operations Record Book, at The National Archives, Kew, London. This document is microfilmed and the reference is AIR 27/645. You may also want to check the appendice, in AIR 27/649. I usually go backwards, from the date the crew was lost, until I can't find them anymore. Depending on O.R.B.s, in the form 540 (monthly résumé), there's often a page with "postings in" and "postings out", which are also useful. Errol Martyn has an entry about this loss in his book "For your Tomorrow" volume 1, page 88. This book is about New Zealanders and list the other 4 crew members. Rear Gunner OWEN is mentioned as flying his 7th ops. In his volume 3, Errol mentions that Cameron was posted to No. 75 Squadron on 11th May 1940, that Owen was posted to the Squadron on 24th April 1940, but attached to No. 214 Squadron from late May to 9th June, and that Watson was posted to the Squadron on 27th november 1939 (when it was still designated NZ Squadron), and that he flew 15 ops. Cheers Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 8th January 2009 02:46:12
Lancaster ND620 Lost 24/25 March 1944Was Peter Owen Fenner 1058300 on ND620 when it was lost? The Lancaster Archive website refers to a P O Owen as being one of the crew members who died, but I can not find a record of him in CWGC and so believe this to be a typographical error, possibly on some original data. Regards Martyn ....Read More.Martyn A Critchlow on 5th June 2009 02:22:31
Lancaster ND620 Lost 24/25 March 1944Name: FENNER, PETER OWEN Initials: P O Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 166 Sqdn. Age: 21 Date of Death: 24/03/1944 Service No: 1058300 Additional information: Son of Raymond Henry George and Kathleen Fenner, of Rotherham, Yorkshire; husband of Iris Fenner, of Rotherham. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: 6. C. 2. Cemetery: BERLIN 1939-1945 WAR CEMETERY ....Read More.Amrit on 5th June 2009 02:28:28
Lancaster ND620 Lost 24/25 March 1944Thanks Amrit, I possibly wasn't clear, I started with Peter Owen FENNER in CWGC, but believe he is wrongly shown in ND620 as P O Owen. It was an airman called OWEN who I could not trace, because I think it is an error. Sorry for the confusion Martyn ....Read More.Martyn A Critchlow on 5th June 2009 02:41:06
Cookson crew, No. 462 (RAAF) SquadronCol, Errol, Andy, I wish to thank you for your kind reply and help!!! It is much appreciated. Andy I have sent you an email. Halifax III aircraft MZ296 crashed behind 'Wijnegemhof', a small 18th century castle located at Erps-Kwerps, Belgium. The aircraft made a hole about 3 to 4 metres deep in the ground. I spoke with several villagers of Erps-Kwerps, however none seem to rememeber any parachutes landing in the area. Perhaps somebody can help me answering the questions I have about the following two crewmembers: - Two questions with regard to a Flying Officer named Pratt O.D. (RNZAF): 1. I found the following account on (New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Vol. II) CHAPTER 14 — Bomber Command and the Battle of Germany) and wondered whether this account is related to the crash of Halifax MZ296 on October 15th , 1944 and whether the person involved really is Owen Dallas Pratt RNZAF Nav. 425934 ? 'Occasionally these grim experiences had their lighter side. When one New Zealand navigator, after baling out from his crippled Lancaster, crashed through the roof of a granary in a Dutch village, the people sleeping below mistook his arrival for that of a delayed-action bomb and hastily left the building, leaving him trapped until daybreak. The navigator, Flying Officer Pratt(2) of No. 462 Squadron, tells his story thus: We jumped at seventeen thousand feet. There was a terrific gale at that height and I thought I should never get down as I was being blown along almost horizontally. At long last I saw a dark mass below me. Then a church steeple flashed by and I went crash through a roof. I found myself swinging by my parachute harness in inky darkness and released myself. I think I was knocked out for half an hour. When I came to it was still dark and I felt all the way round the walls and gradually realised that there was no door. I could see a glimmer of light from the hole I had made in coming through the roof and managed to climb through it to the roof top. I shouted and shouted without result for a long time, but when light finally came there must have been half the village packed into the streets below. When the police finally rescued me I found I had crashed through the roof into a loft twenty feet high with only a trap door exit in the floor. (2) Flying Officer O. D. Pratt; born Invercargill, 12 Sep 1912; accountant; joined RNZAF May 1942'. 2. Also found an article about a Flying officer named Owen Pratt with the RNZAF in the Australian newspaper The Age. The article is dated Feb. 19, 1945. I wondered whether the airman in the article is Owen Dallas Pratt RNZAF Nav. 425934 ? 'Flyer's Debt Now Paid Adopts Child of Dead Couple A two-year-old baby Dutch girl, clutching a piece of paper, was among 500 Dutch children who last week reached England from Holland. The paper in the child’s hand contained only the name and address of a New Zeeland bomb ....Read More.Dirk on 22nd June 2009 07:13:44
Unrecoreded German bomber. Mayfield Sussex.Hi does anyone have details of an unrecorded German loss in Mayfield parish, Sussex? A farmer states that 4 German airmen were laid out dead by the local police in his yard. Does this finally account for the following undetermined account from Baxter Owen & Baldocks Kent losses (book)? qte: '29.8.40 S of Tunbridge Wells. Do 215 0028, 4/AufKLGr This was the last a/c in a formation when it was attacked by Sgt Howes of 85sqn. Went down streaming black and white smoke. Shortly afterwards 2 chutes were seen to open & then a tall column of smike. Uffz Vogel killed, Uffz Goebbels, Kamolz missing. Fw Mavrer killed. Based Belgium (single unconfirmed report).' Dave ....Read More.david cullen on 16th September 2009 05:02:50
Sgt F A UpstonHe looks to be a passenger. From Cummings' "Though Without Anger": The aircraft departed from Gibraltar at 10.36 hours local time on a transit flight to RAF Lyneham. However, the aircraft did not arrive and was lost without trace. Errol Martyn records in his book "For Your Tomorrow" Volume 2, that the aircraft was attacked and shot down by fighters over the Bay of Biscay at 14.20 hours and that one of the attacking aircraft crashed into the sea during the engagement. Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Thomas Raleigh Francis RAFVR Pilot Flight Sergeant Carlo Ernesto Ferro RCAF Co-Pilot Flying Officer John Stanley Renouf RCAF Navigator Sergeant Richard Price Marvin RAFVR Flight Engineer Sergeant Lloyd George Burry RAFVR Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Pilot Officer Richard Sidney Tedder Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Air Vice Marshal Robert Parker Musgrave Whitham CB OBE MC RAF Flying Officer John Gordon Green RAFVR Sergeant Frederick William Boustead RAFVR Flight Sergeant William John Hough RNZAF Pilot Officer Albert Henry Bowler RAFVR Pilot Officer Frank Stuart RAAF Flying Officer Owen Albert Smith RCAF Flying Officer Terence James Marriott RCAF Sergeant Wilfred Archibald Upston RAFVR Lieutenant Paul Seymour Skelton RN HMS Medway Lieutenant Colonel Lucius William Armstrong-MacDonnell Irish Guards Colonel J E Morin Free French Forces A ....Read More.Amrit on 7th December 2009 04:19:48
No.1484 Flight - August 1942His death is registered in Buckrose district, Yorkshire. Same date, same district of registreation and both are in the same Killed on Active Service list: Name: POTTS, ARTHUR OWEN Rank: Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Age: 20 Date of Death: 13/08/1942 Service No: 1057542 Additional information: Son of Charles Arthur and Clara Potts, of Hull. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Grave 537. Cemetery: HALTEMPRICE (ANLABY TRANBY LANE) CEMETERY This site on another crash lists them as a TT flight with Defiants. I could only find a google history hit for this from the WW2chat forum: "Flt Sgt DR Lord/13 Aug 42/buried Surrey He was pilot of Defiant L6981 of 1484 Flight which crashed during gunnery training at Scurfdike Farm" And then more: Check that link for details. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 10th December 2009 04:58:10
Old thread "Special Duties - Portugal"Hi, Let's see what I can ad to this thread. To read you can try "Spitfires and Hurricanes in Portugal", From Mario Canongia Lopes and also the "The aircraft with the cross of Christ" from the same author. This are old bilingual books (portuguese and English). Specially the first one referes to the trade between Portugal and England when the Azores agreement was signed. You will probably only find this items in the Portuguese Air Musuem. This were very limited editions. Try to go here and then click on "LOJA" (Shop) down in the right and then "Publicações". I have no idea if they sent it out to foreing countries. If you try and nothing hapens let me know I will try to reach a air force officer to see what can be done. Now from what I have. When the agreement was signed Portugal showed is aprehension with the fact hat the germans could use this as one excuse to invade. Portugal and Spain had signed a peace treaty and mutual help in case of agression from a third party. Franco was in Power in Spain since 1939. he had beaten the republicans in a civil war with the help of Portugal and germany, between other fascist countries. And they also had - and still have - the Gibraltar problem with the British to take care. So Salazar considered he was to exposed and wanted something to reinforce the air arms from the army and the navy and also the army so he could at least make some oposition to any invading force. He knew England was unable to help. He also knew he could hardly resist but at least he could show some military power. In any case there was one escape plan. The goverment would escape to the Azores or Madeira islands in case of attack and continue to work from there. Besides this territories Portugal had also Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Goa (India), Guinea Bissau, Macau and Timor. In fact to many reasons to not get involved in this war as we laked men a arms to keep the colonies for long. Besides Salazar was a smart guy and he knew that the USA would nor allow the gap in the Atlantic to continue open for the u-boats to do as they wanted. Rooswelt had already the plan Félix ready for the invasion of the islands. Churchil was able to stop him and negociate... Salazar seeing that a war was on the way had started one rearmement program in early 30's. He started with the navy and rebuilt the fleet. The possesions in Africa, India and so obliged him to have a great and strong fleet. In the end of the 30's he was negotiating with the Germans, Italians and British. He wanted modern airplanes for the navy and the army and also cannons and other material. When the war started all the negotiations stoped. nobody was ready to give up material. England sent some Mowhaks and some other outdated airplanes and that was it. When the agreement was signed in August 17, 1943 there was already one agreement to get planes, barrage ballons and canons. From the Book and from papers I have Portugal received ....Read More.solrac on 27th January 2010 06:22:38
44 Squadron (Rhodesia)Hello We are looking for help. On October 15 2011 we will organise a memorial for Hampden KM-N (or W ?) of 44 Sqd shot down in Belgium on October 14 1941. The whole crew lost his live. We are looking for contact with Airfield Waddington, 44 Sqd Association (is this excist) and relatives of the crew : Pilot Edgar Owen (Rhodesia) Navigator Gerald Edmondson (RCAF - Canada) Radio operator Gordon Shearer (RAF) Tailgunner Sgt Bagley (RAF) All help is welcome. Please contact me by email : ....Read More.Wings of Memory on 16th January 2011 03:57:57
44 Squadron (Rhodesia)Hello Wings of Memory, A quick check of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site using 'Google' search engine revealed the following three casualties: (I was unable to find the fourth casualty you mentioned - Bagley, using a range of spellings, for this date) 1) Pilot: 778393 Sergeant Edgar OWEN, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR). 44(R)Sqn. Age 25. Son of Percy Bryant Coxen & Jacoba Susara Sophia OWEN of Borrowdale, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. Grave 1106 Wassmunster Communal Cemetery, Belgium. 2) Air Observer (Navigator):R65819 Flight Sergeant Gerald EDMONDSON, Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). 44(R)Sqn. Age 25. Son of George & Marguerite EDMONDSON; husband of Evelyn A.L. EDMONDSON of Norwood, Ontario, Canada. Grave 1105 Wassmunster Communal Cemetery, Belgium. You could request to see copy of his RCAF service records from "Library & Archives, Ottawa, Canada" which may provide further details about the crash on 14 Oct 1941. The records are free of charge but you will have to wait about 6 months for them to arrive. 3) Wireless Operator/Air Gunner(Wop/AG): 982669 Gordon SHEARER, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR).44(R)Sqn. Age 20. Son of Arthur Gordon & Meggie SHEARER of Leadgate, County Durham, England. Grave 1108 Wassmunster Communal Cemetery, Belgium Perhaps someone else could provide details of the operation/crash? thank you. Norman ....Read More.namrondooh on 17th January 2011 12:34:57
44 Squadron (Rhodesia)Hello Does any one know who to find family of the Rhodesian airman, Sergeant Edgar Owen (RAFVR 778393), son of Percy Bryant Coxen and Jacoba Susaria Sophia Owen of Borrowdale Salisbury Southern Rhodesia ? Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe I believe and Salisbury is Harare. Would contacting Borrowdale or Harare help ? ....Read More.Wings of Memory on 19th January 2011 03:47:39
581430 Francis Harold BANFIELD 203 Squadron 19/11/40Thanks for your help with this Malcolm, I'm thinking the others on board were 539168 William Reay BLACKBURN 84995 Ronald Owen STOCK GIVAN Just basing that on thr date and unit. Regards Alistair ....Read More.AB64 on 21st November 2011 04:25:53
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesPerhaps this info might help. 05-NOV-44 KH243 Liberator 178 Sqn Missing on supply drop 7 This aircraft was one of twelve from the squadron, which formed part of a large force of fifty six Wellingtons and thirty five Liberators led by a single pathfinder Halifax of 614 Sqn, sent to drop supplies to partisan forces in the ‘CUCKOLD’ and ‘TOFFEE’ areas of Yugoslavia. Whilst the weather was good and over thirty Liberators dropped nearly 400 containers on ‘CUCKOLD’, this aircraft and the one listed below were attacked by enemy fighters and destroyed. It is believed that two of the crew survived. Warrant Officer Derek George STEWART 31 RAAF Pilot Sergeant Stanley Richard DAVIE 20 Navigator Sergeant William Greig BOGIE Bomb Aimer Sergeant Ivor MATTHEWS 26 Flight Engineer Sergeant Francis William LOUCH 24 Air Gunner Sergeant Gerald Joseph O’KANE 20 Air Gunner 06-NOV-44 KH100 Liberator 178 Sqn Gornigrad, Yugoslavia 8 This aircraft was lost in similar circumstances to that listed above. The whole crew died in the attack or subsequent crash. Flying Officer Amos Edwin Butsford DENOVAN 21 RCAF Pilot Flying Officer Owen Jones COX RCAF Navigator Flying Officer Kenneth Louis CHAPMAN 24 RCAF Bomb Aimer Flight Sergeant John Ward NORMAN 24 Wireless Operator Sergeant Evan Kenneth CORCORAN Flight Engineer Flight Sergeant Willaim Francis BEARY 20 Air Gunner Sergeant Raymond Foot Oliver JAMES 19 Air Gunner Flight Sergeant John Humphrey PARRY 19 Air Gunner You will see slightly different detail but can't remember precisely where the data came from initially. Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 3rd April 2012 10:51:06
RAF Squadron badgesGood Morning Phil, Sorry to appear a 'smarty pants' but 'H M Edourd VII' died in 1910, I think you mean 'Edward VIII'. The framed copies of the badges as approved by the King are displayed at the RAF Club in London. I'm sure a note asking if somebody could check the date on the badges would give you the answer you require and for all the badges involved. The club secretary is Mr Peter Owen. Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 16th October 2012 05:36:00
605 Sqn losses, Operation Clarion, 22/02/45Hello everyone I'm trying to tie up some codes for the Mosquitoes lost by 605 Sqn on Operation Clarion on February 22nd 1945. According to Shores and Thomas' Second Tactical Air Force, Vol 3 (pages 427 and 430), they lost the following: HR355/UP-K - shot down by flak, c.13.00 hours, I F McCall and T Caulfield PoW PZ406/UP-D - failed to return, c13.10 hours, E L Jones and G Phillips both killed PZ409/UP-Q - failed to return, c13.10 hours, J G Enticott killed and D C Hinton PoW PZ416/UP-H - hit by flak, crashed near Eelde, c.13.10, R J R Owen and G Thirwell both killed HR205/UP-K - hit by flak, crash-landed Blackbushe, 15.00 hours, A V Rex and R Burrow unhurt So, there are two wearing the codes UP-K, and according to other sources PZ416 was with 418 Sqn and was lost on a night intruder mission the same night... Can anyone clear up the anomalies? Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 14th February 2013 10:22:09

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