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Warrant Officer John Gow SHIERLAW (416107) of the Royal Australian Air Force


Death of Death 1945-04-19 .

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : 6. B. 22. at Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Germany


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Prisoners of War strafed by RAF, April 19, 1945The following from the file of R65193 Warren Elwood MacKenzie, shot down 20 January 1944 with No.419 Squadron: Excerpts from report dated 16 July 1947, F/L C.W. Dufresne (No.4 Missing Research Enquiries Service, Germany) to Air Ministry: “An investigation at Greese reveals that twenty-nine British (Army and Air Force) and one American were buried in the local cemetery. These victims had been P.O.W.’s on the march and were shot up by British planes, just outside Greese on 19th April 1945. They were buried in a collective grave, without coffins. Some on the 19th April, and the rest on the 20th. “I am attaching a copy of the list of those airmen buried there, given to me by Pastor Stube of Greese, who officiated at the burial. Although there are thirty British listed, in exhumation we found only twenty-nine British and one American. The numbers of this list which are ticked off in red, are those which we identified for certain – mostly by their STALAG tags. “It was almost impossible to tell which service some of them belonged to, by the different pieces of clothing they were wearing.” The list attached to this memo, as found in the MacKenzie file, does not have red ticks marks. The list seems to incorporate a variety of numbers (presumably service and POW numbers) and reads as follows: 2571861 and 1094 – Lance Sergeant L.H.J. Goodfellow (no unit, identified as British) 1431168 Flight Sergeant K. Mortimer – RAF – British 1093 Sergeant E. Bardsley – RAF – British 31652 Sergeant J.S. Breytenbach – Army – South African 25505 and 15904 – Corporal Downie – The Cameronians – British 2874561 and 20385 – Corporal G. Moir (no unit, identified as British) 918030 – Corporal P.M. Paton – The Black Watch – British 430 – Warrant Officer G. Moir – RAF – British 3932 – Private R. Woodgate – Australian Forces – Australian 29815 and 25731 – no name or other information listed. A22182 – A.G. Hunt – Essex Scottish – Canadian 26387 and 3235– no name or other information listed. 3263 and 1565563 – Sergeant W.E. Lawton – RAF – British 1385572 – no name given, Royal Army Service Corps – nationality not confirmed. 3566 Flight Sergeant J. Gibbs – RAF – British. 2121 - Sergeant S.J. Wheadon – RAF – British no number – Warrant Officer Shierlow – RAAF – Australian 39152 and 647048 – Warrant Officer F.B. Duffield – RAF – British (there seems to be another number, 874, associated with this name). R65193 – Warrant Officer W.E. MacKenzie – RCAF – Canadian 13064 – Warrant Officer W.P.J. Watson – RAF – British (initials rendered on RAF Commands site as W.J.P.) 24384 and 1388655 – Warrant Officer C.W. Heathman – RAF – British no number – Warrant Officer G. Douglas – RCAF – Canadian no number or rank – Joyce – Essex Scottish – Canadian 994 and R126002 – Warrant Officer V.A. Fox – RCAF – Canadian 24510 – Sergeant L.B.H. Hope – no unit or service – New Zealander 941 – Sergeant Hawkins – no uni ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 13th December 2011 09:40:06
Prisoners of War strafed by RAF, April 19, 1945Hi Henk Storr mentioned the following also killed on 19 Apr 1945 SHIERLAW, JOHN GOW (416107) ; age 23 RAAF Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 17th December 2011 02:55:12
Prisoners of War strafed by RAF, April 19, 1945Henk, Re: Shierlaw: 24/25-3-1943 No.221 Sqn (No.458 Sqn RAAF crew) Wellington VIII LB172 'U' Five aircraft left Luqa, Malta, detailed to carry out armed shipping searches covering the area, East of Sardinia, Maritimo, Palermo and Naples. No important sightings made. Two aircraft failed to return (LB172 'U' and HX522 'K'). LB172 was brought down by flak and crash-landed Trapani, Sicily. AUS416107 Sgt (Capt./Pilot) John Gow SHIERLAW RAAF - PoW - 357/918 AUS401517 P/O (2nd Pilot) Hugh Tannahill LAMBIE RAAF - PoW - L3/1223 (Leg injury) AUS407906 Sgt (Nav.) Reginald White MELLOR RAAF - PoW - 357/915 AUS405057 Sgt (W./Op./Air Gnr.) Francis Oswald RAYMOND RAAF - PoW - 357/916 R/88517 Sgt (S.E./Op.) John Thomas CROUCH RCAF - PoW - L6/894 NZ41621 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) William Paul HERMANSEN RNZAF - PoW - L6/83759 (Both legs broken, head and internal injuries. Believed repatriated.) Also recommend you take a look at BCL6/210 (contains minor errors). Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 18th December 2011 05:14:05

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