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Squadron Leader George Milner SMITH (49034) of the Royal Air Force


Death of Death 1945-04-19 .

Served in 256 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : II, E, 7. at Argenta Gap War Cemetery, Italy

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London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
49034George Milner SMITHLondon Gazette supplement : 36863 , Dated 1944-12-26 , Download #36863
49034563407 George Milner SMITHLondon Gazette issue : 35628 , Dated 1942-07-10 , Download #35628
49034G M SMITHLondon Gazette supplement : 36520 , Dated 1944-05-16 , Download #36520
49034G M SMITHLondon Gazette supplement : 35858 , Dated 1943-01-08 , Download #35858

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Shropshire's casualties and aircraft crashesHere are those that survived incidents. Hopefully some of the forum users will have a scan down the names and recognize a few names that they have come across in their researches. If so i would be very interested to hear from you all! RAF/RAFVR Sgt (U/T W/AG) Edmond Adair (1083270), POW with 630 squadron. From Northern Ireland. Sgt Arthur James Adams (1238963), RAFVR. Commissioned and renumbered 156036. DFC with 111 squadron. LAC Peter John Anson (960345). 81 Squadron? Commissioned and renumbered 120490. DFC with 135 squadron. LAC C Austin (754533) Acting F/Lt Roy Bailey (43828). AFC with 3 FIS. P/O Leslie Arthur Bale (82166). KIA with 272 Squadron. F/O Geoffrey Harold Banks-Smith (133450). Sgt Cedric Banner (1451951). He was commissioned P/O 23rd May 1944 and renumbered 177255 Acting F/O William Norman Basson (78539) severely injured. MiD. P/O Edward Sutherland Bateman (176695) P/O William Swindburne Bateson (153085). F/Lt Sydney Crozier Robinson ‘Dingle’ Bell DFC and bar (42785). DFC with 144 squadron. Bar to DFC with 619 squadron. LAC Betts (928338). F/Lt William Reginald Bean (109370) 1st and 2nd degree burns to legs and back of neck . F/Sgt J A Beanland (1548790) injured Sgt J H Berry (1336224) injured. 247 Squadron. Sgt A C Best (1425181) P/O Colin Osborne Bibby (152363) slightly injured. POW with 19 squadron. Sgt J R Bird (1458518), F/Sgt A V Black (1253522). LAC Harris Black (923087). KIA with 10 Squadron F/O (Screened Navigator) Jack Stewart Boucher DFM (119892) DFM with 144 squadron. Sgt Henry Arnold Booth (657949), RAFVR . KIA with 43 squadron. Sgt Gavin Carfrae Borradaile (1332645) KIA with 463 Squadron. Sgt Kenneth Bowden (1238484). Commissioned and renumbered 173006 F/O Archibald Gillman Bradley (151457). LAC Alec Brees (1360722). Commissioned and renumbered 106178. DFC 268 Squadron Killed with 245 Squadron. Sgt Douglas Milton Bridges (1387810). Commissioned and renumbered 172067. POW with 166 squadron. LAC Alec Bridgewater Broadbent (1335321). Commissioned and renumbered 156321. KIA with 50 squadron. Sgt (W/Op) J Broomfield (1078967). F/Sgt F J Brown (1337857), P/O Norman McHardy Brown (84958). 41 squadron. W/O R E Brown (748253) P/O James Bryant (166097). Sgt Gerald William Guy Buckland (1376006). Commissioned and renumbered 146720 Sgt (Air Gnr) H Burn (1812636). Acting P/O Charles Roy Bush (42691). From New Zealand. 615, 242, 258 610, 41, 21 Squadrons. DFC. Sgt Samuel Cadman (954080). Commissioned and renumbered 184372 Sgt William Thomas Cake (551017). Commissioned and renumbered 56693 Retired 1965. Sgt Renalt Bernard Capes (741013) injured. F/Lt Edmund Charles Cathels (37905). 403 squadron POW. From Canada. F/O Leonard Vernon Chambers (158018), P/O Gordon Emery Chandler (33559). KIA 264 squadron. Lt Edgar Richard Charlesworth (52413). KIA with 427 squadron. Sgt Harry Walpole Charnock (901005). 64, 19 and 72 squadron. DFM wit ....Read More.thorne83 on 20th December 2008 10:56:55
Hurricane LW-DGentlemen, Further to the picture shown of Hurricane Mk I AG203 coded LW-D. I thought it may be of interest to show you another picture, identical to that shown of Sqn Ldr Colin Leagh-Murray with Hurricane LW-D AG203. Only this picture shows Acting Squadron Leader George Milner-Smith DFC of No. 256 Squadron in front of the same Hurricane. The picture was recently sent to me by his Son (also George Milner Smith) when he sent me his Father's kit. His Son had always thought that Hurricane AG203 was his Father's own Aircraft. Having seen the Leagh-Murray picture that now may not to be the case, but his Father was never able to confirm this. Sadly his Father was shot down by ground fire over Italy on 15th April 1945 in Mosquito JT/A (HK 508). I hope this is of interest on this thread. Ian Bombphoons Vintage Aviation Memorabilia ....Read More.bombphoons on 28th September 2012 02:03:25

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