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Sergeant John SMITH (1323064) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Halifax LK763

Death of Death 1944-02-20 Age : 22 years.

Served in 78 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 238. at Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom


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Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/732Aircraftman 2nd Class W J Smith: report of death. Flying Officer A W G Whitehead, Pilot Officer H M Jones and Aircraftman 1st Class J L Watchous: uninjured; Anson N9439 damaged in air operations over Dunkirk, France, 1 June 1940.C14502616
AIR81/1092Pilot Officer A R Mathias, Flying Officer A W A Whitehead and Aircraftman 1st Class W C Hubbard: report of deaths. Sergeant H W J Smith: prisoner of war; Anson N5220 crashed near Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 11 July 1940.C14502825
AIR81/1343Aircraftman 2nd Class R F Hill, Corporal R W Hollister, Aircraftman 2nd Class A R O Barrell, Corporal S A Croker, Leading Aircraftman G McElrea, Aircraftman 1st Class A E Grant, Leading Aircraftman C H Chilcott, Aircraftman 1st Class A J Smith, Aircraftman 1st Class H Reed and Aircraftman 2nd Class H W Hale: report of deaths. Aircraftman 1st Class A G Kemp and Aircraftman 1st Class F C A Offord: injured in an enemy air raid on a shelter in Gosport, Hampshire, 12 August 1940.C14502983
AIR81/1504Pilot Officer E N Harris, Pilot Officer G D Lane, Aircraftman R H Coomber, Aircraftman W J Smith: injured; Anson N5066, 500 Squadron; aircraft accident, 9 September 1939.C16359535
AIR81/1856Sergeant L G J Smith: killed; aircraft accident, Nether Dysart, Audax K7395, 8 Service Flying Training School, 29 February 1940. Note: With photographsC16471331

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Aircraft Name: Halifax III LK763 Date of Crash: 1940-01-01 20 Feb 44 Unit 78 Sqdn Airfield /Crash Location , United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantGeorge BEAL (1803550) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Warrant Officer Class IIEverett Malcolm COULTER (R/156195) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flying OfficerIan Richard Montagu DOUGLAS-PULLEYNE (138075) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantLawrence Ernest MEARS (1607727) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantRichard Glasson O'NEILL (415949) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantGeorge Frederick REYNOLDS (1415061) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantJohn SMITH (1323064) Halifax LK763  IBCC 1944-02-2078 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Details Took off 0011 20 Feb 1944 from Breighton. Lost without trace.
Source Henk Welting's Database

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26 EFTS ThealeHere we go Dave......................... 21-5-1944: Sgt Arthur TOMKINSON - 856024 - 5014 AC Sqn 22-5-1944: Cpl Robert M. BARKER - 1193827 - 5003 AC Sqn AC2 Maurice J. BERRY - 3032196 - 5003 AC Sqn F/Sgt (Flt Eng) Edward L. BUNCE - 1451621 Sgt (Airgunner) Thomas S. COMBE - 1823102 - 514 Sqn, Waterbeach, Cambs. (514 Sqn lost Lancaster DS633 coded JI-B2 however Combe not listed by Chorley) AC2 Douglas CREED - 3032263 - 5003 AC Sqn LAC Horace S. DAWSON - 1131855 - 5003 AC Sqn AC2 Charles DODD - 1782187 - 5003 AC Sqn Cpl James EDWARDS - 339344 - 5003 AC Sqn AC2 Arthur R. FIELDHOUSE - 1812827 - 5003 AC Sqn AC2 Michael J.L. GIBBINS - 1891512 - 5003 AC Sqn LAC George H. GOODHALL - 1318442 - 5003 AC Sqn LAC Charles HEPTENSTALL - 1643932 AC1 Samuel F. HORWOOD - 1290372 - 5003 AC Sqn AC2 John IRVINE - 2225523 - 5003 AC Sqn LAC William KERMAN - 1441811 - 5003 AC Sqn AC1 Hyman KERSH - 1440746 - 5003 AC Sqn Sgt Robert McL. McDOUGALL - 640386 LAC Lawrence SMART - 1639421 - RAF Regt 2847 Li A.A. F/O (Pilot) John SMITH - 151811 LAC George J. TRUPHET - 1196674 - 5003 AC Sqn Cpl William KING - 93613 Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 28th April 2008 03:53:36
Sgt David Dewi Madoc Davies - 1021734 - Died 13/6/43 - 228 SqdMore than 7 men Andy. Quite correct John. Attacked and damaged the U-564 but shot down into Bay of Biscay by either the U-634 or U-564. The U-564 was sunk the following day by another attack. All including F/Sgt Goldstone, from Brandon, Manitoba, Sgt Shaw from Montreal, Quebec, F/O Agur of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and F/O MacDougall, of Kelowna, British Columbia, are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/O L B Lee F/O D F Hill P/O G F Lough F/O A K MacDougall RCAF F/O R J Agur RCAF Sgt V M Goldstone RCAF Sgt R A Shaw RCAF Sgt R E J Smith Sgt J W Fraser Sgt A Carmichael Sgt D M Davies Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 11th June 2008 11:16:00
More Newhaven WreckageHi Pete, Taking Channel as the declared crash site there were 70 B-17F losses. 54 were built by Boeing at Seattle 4 were built by Vega at San Diego The remaining 12 were by Douglas Date range was 16/02/43 to 24/04/44 The USAAF records are rife with location errors ie the Channel reached up as far as Denmark and the North Sea started at Brest! So the above list is not set in stone. There is one Douglas built B-17F with a Newhaven link as this was where the crew was landed. 16/08/43, 323BS/91BG, B-17F-35-DL, #42-3213, 2Lt E J Smith crew, ALL AMERICAN Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 1st July 2008 04:17:38
411116 - Unaccounted airman - 16-11941Hi Henk I found L E T Smith ,21, in CWGC but the only one that came in the Register was Leslie J Smith,20, registered at Hendon. A change of initial on the Register is not unknown but I wouldn't bank on it being the same man, even though the age might indicate a casualty of Military age and Hendon, an RAF one Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 26th July 2008 01:26:37
410426 - Unaccounted airmen - 26-4-1941Hi Henk, Walter ACKROYD, age 38, registered at Spen Valley (Dewsbury / Bradford, West Yorkshire) Alfred A BAND, Age 20, Northumberland West (Poss. V7619; Hexham is in Northumberland) Thomas MCKENZIE, Age 35, Holywell, Flinshire (Could be either R2271 or L6426) Cyril G W MOORE, Age 23, Wenlock, Shropshire Arthur NAYLOR, Age 21, Wenlock, Shropshire William J PEARSALL, Age 27, North Walsham Frederick SUGGARS, Age 24, Wick, Caithness (Died of multiple injuries following air-raid) Nigel D B WOOD, Age 32, Holywell, Flintshire (Could be either R2271 or L6426) John A ATWILL, Age 26, North Walsham Ivan FIDDES, Age 26, North Walsham (Note: BMD register has Ian Fiddes) Harold P ROBERTS, Age 44, North Walsham William J SMITH, AGE 29, North Walsham Ackroyd is a local name from the Bradford area (my wife's family!). Hopefully others can help with the two Holywell registrations, but North Walsham registrations would certainly fit with the deaths at Coltishall Regards, David ....Read More.RockHound on 7th September 2008 11:23:59
410722 - Unaccounted airmen - 22-7-1941Hi Henk Dock,36,registered at Newton Abbot, Devon Norman Merrilees(no S on the register) registered at Surrey Mid E McENERY,20, registered at Harwich, Essex Francis J smith,22, registered at Wenlock but as a register Office this is in Shropshire and is the normal office for a death at the RAF Hospital at Cosford,and would cover airfields like High Ercall, Sleap etc. There is a Donnington in the area as well.It is part of what become the large new town of Telford There is a George W Smith,21 registered at Paddington, W Central London ,and another,age 37, registered at Surrey N W. There is no age on CWGC for the Smith with the service No 906533 but his unit is given as 24 Sqn which I believe was based at Hendon N London(Hendon is the closer to Paddington).The other Smith on CWGC was 24 and on 7 Sqn which was at Oakington and is in Chorley as dying on 3/5/41 near Oakington returning from a raid on Hamburg, the date also on CWGC.There is a George W Smith,24, registered at Cambridge in the 2nd Qtr 1941 Bennett didn't come up on the register,neither did Watkins but as his unit is 120 Sqn which was in N Ireland he may have died outside England and Wales Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 5th November 2008 04:30:04
Warrant Officer Frank LeslieHenk, McClean is registered at Chichester, I cannot pick out the other 2781 S man from all the other John Hall's but he is not at Chichester. Jacob at Oxford May at Pembroke John Smith is not in the English register Woodhouse at Fakenham Saunders died of natural causes. regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 8th November 2008 10:14:33
Beaufighter NV242, Sept 44Hello, Could anyone help with details relating to the damage of Beaufighter NV242. According to a photo on the AWM collection database (ID no. SUK12874) the aircraft was crewed by pilot F/Sgt John Smith (RAAF) from Bellingen NSW and observer F/Sgt Douglas Jones (RAF) from Wallasey, Cheshire. The caption to the picture indicates the damage was received on a mission to Senk(?) Harbour, Northern Adriatic, circa September 1944. If possible, service numbers of the crew would be very welcome and information of the squadron involved. Thanks in advance. Regards, Drew H ....Read More.AUS on 12th April 2009 09:57:37
Sgt M B Wright killed 22/09/1946Johnnie, I had a look through De Havilland Mosquito crash log by David J Smith and I can't see anything that ties in with the dates/details you've provided.......I don't know how good the info in these crash log books are though so it could have been one that was missed. Even looking back several months on the assumption that the man in question was injured and later died from injuries, I don't see anything that stands out as a possible. Maybe there was something about his death in local Hartlepool newspapers of the time - not sure where you would look for those but someone might have an idea. Regards Linzee ....Read More.Linzee on 21st April 2009 10:00:04
420306 - Unaccounted airmen - 6-3-1942There is an LAC S J Smith in Flight magazine April 23rd 1942. under DOAS Scanned as L.A/C. 8. J. Smith Can't help with Fletcher though. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 6th May 2009 12:27:53
420319 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 19-3-1942Hi Henk To amplify John's post. The Blenheim was on a delivery flight and came down in the sea on the Gibraltar-Malta leg,about 40kms off Cape Bon,Tunisia,apparently after engine failure. The pilot,(if you don't already have him) was F/Sgt A J Smith who is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial where the others are on Runnymede Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 24th May 2009 05:49:17
DFC Citation copyYou might get copy of the text from the London GAzette newspaper. it might be printed in name only and not have a citiation but if you pop along his name and service number if he is "John Smith" we can track it down easy enough for you. As regards an actual certificate then perhaps the RAF Air Historical Branch might be a first port of call? Dennis ....Read More.dennis_burke on 28th August 2009 09:49:31
Sgt. N J Smith, 611 Squadron, 6th July 1941Sgt Norman John Smith was shot down on 6th July 1941 and was picked up in the English Channel, destined to become a POW for the rest of the war. Can anyone please give me any further details? I have his liberation questionnaire which is a little brief as always. Regards, Nick ....Read More.NickFenton on 14th September 2009 01:13:00
Sgt. N J Smith, 611 Squadron, 6th July 1941hello, There are still lots of errors in FCL, even in revised form, as this author has not checked the PoW questionnaires, which is a very valuable source. I've seen most of the questionnaires for the airmen lost in my area, or supposed so, including Norman John SMITH's. I have a few airmen who actually came down in the drink and were captured by the Germans, a few that came down in neighboring département or in Belgium, and the reverse cases as well. The Squadron ORB doesn't give much details about his loss, but tells us his nickname was 'Mushroom', and that he was a "very cheerful little farmer from the West Country". "He was last seen in an attacking position on the tail of a 109. He probably sold himself very dearly". Take off time was 13:35. The other pilots landed 15:15, 15:20. He may have been engaged over Lille, and tried to reach the U.K. and eventually either ditched or parachuted over the water, but only a statement directly from him would give us the exact details. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 14th September 2009 03:43:53
Servicemen's willsBy a combination of RTFM/RTMI and pressing a few buttons at random I have got a copy of pages 8 & 9 of my RAF Form 64. I have also (ditto) managed to produce it below. I have not proof-read it but it looks fairly good to me!! HTH Peter Davies 8 INSTRUCTIONS AS TO WILLS. (See also para, 6 on page 1) (i) An airman wishing to make a Will should, wherever possible, obtain a copy of the form of Will R.A.F. Form 276. If it is not enclosed in the pocket at the end of this book, it may be obtained on application to his Commanding Officer. Attention is drawn to the notes on the back of the form. (ii) An airman, wishing to make a Will, who is unable for any reason to obtain Form 276, should take a sheet of paper, head it " Will " and begin " This is the last Will and Testament of " (giving his R.A.F. number rank, full names, unit and home address). If he wishes to revoke all previous Wills he should say so. He should then appoint one or more persons as his executors, choosing where possible someone who knows his affairs and who is unlikely to go overseas ; other airman in the same unit and such persons as the Air Officer i/c Records or the C.O. should NOT be appointed. He should continue by stating his wishes as clearly as possible : It is important that he should not only state the full names and addresses of the persons he desires to benefit, but also the sum of money or articles of property which he desires to leave to them. He should then date the Will at the foot and sign it in the presence of two witnesses who should be present together. Underneath the airman's signature the following words should then be written: "Signed by the above-named (here write in the full names of the airman making the Will) as his last Will and in the presence of us both, both being present at the same time, who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses." The witnesses should then sign, giving their occupation and full address. A person to whom any money, property, etc., is left by the Will or the husband or wife of such a person must not be a witness. It is important that the witnesses should sign in the presence of the airman who is making the Will. The witnesses need not read or be aware of the contents of the Will. (Ui) The specimen Will on the opposite page may be adapted. Wherever practicable, a person with legal experience should be consulted. An airman should avoid legal words and technical terms (e.g. " heirs " and " issue ") unless he is absolutely certain of their meaning and effect. (iv) Experience has shown that the pocket of this book is not the safest place in which to keep a Will. An airman who is unable or does not wish to make his own arrangements for the safe custody of his Will may hand it to his C.O. to be forwarded to the Air Officer i/c Record Office or may forward it there himself direct. Wills should not be sent by the microgram or airgraph letter service. (v) An airman " ....Read More.Resmoroh on 5th October 2009 07:24:01
420907 - Unaccounted airmen - 7-9-1942Hi Henk Dootson,20, registered at Ely, Cambridgeshire.?RAF Hospital Green,29, registered at Louth, Lincolnshire.Possibly P9235 Knott,20 and Letch,20, registered at Wisbech, Cambridgeshire which might connect them to Master DL949 and is the same place where your 2 known casualties, Andrew and Bailey are registered Young26, and Jowett,20, registered at Oakham, Rutland which may connect them Jeremiah,19, registered at Essex S West The most likely Edward J Smith,32, registered at Maidstone Kent where he is buried. There was another,aged 29, registered at Burton on Trent, Staffordshire Witney,32,registered at Shrewsbury, Shropshire.He is spelled Whitney on the register I found a William Wolstencroft,32, registered at Wirral, Cheshire but I couldn't find him on CWGC. Must be me -I've found him now -2155!! Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 14th October 2009 01:17:15
410426 - Unaccounted airmen - 26-4-1941I can't find him in Flight magazine: Walter ACKROYD, age 38, registered at Spen Valley (Dewsbury / Bradford, West Yorkshire) DIED OF WOUNDS OR INJURIES RECEIVED ON ACTIVE SERVICE, June 12th magazine. Alfred VICTOR BAND, Age 20, Northumberland West (Poss. V7619; Hexham is in Northumberland) Note middle initial is V All these men KOAS in June 19th magazine. Cyril G W MOORE, Age 23, Wenlock, Shropshire Arthur NAYLOR, Age 21, Wenlock, Shropshire Frederick SUGGARS, Age 24, Wick, Caithness (Died of multiple injuries following air-raid) All these men KOAS in June 12th magazine. Thomas MCKENZIE, Age 35, Holywell, Flinshire (Could be either R2271 or L6426) Nigel D B WOOD, Age 32, Holywell, Flintshire (Could be either R2271 or L6426) William J PEARSALL, Age 27, North Walsham John A ATWILL, Age 26, North Walsham Ivan FIDDES, Age 26, North Walsham (Note: BMD register has Ian Fiddes) Harold P ROBERTS, Age 44, North Walsham William J SMITH, AGE 29, North Walsham Henk, no need to acknowledge this post unless further discussion/questions. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 28th October 2009 03:35:56
ORB abbreviation...Hello! Everytime I go through the ORBs I find one abbreviation that I can`t decode. Here`s the hypothetic example in which this abbreviation is used: F/O John Smith, pilot, posted from 501 sqn, w.e.f. 05.07.41, P.O.R. 72/41 w.e.f. means with effect from What is this mysterious P.O.R.?? Regards, Gregory ....Read More.Grexx on 29th October 2009 06:58:11
RAF hangars - types used during WWIIPavel This is not an easy question to answer here. There are several websites which attempt to include details of all British airfields and often include photos of surviving buildings. There is also a fairly active forum at Airfield Information Exchange. I would say that one of the key issues is when the airfield was built. Airfields built during the inter-war period will tend to have different hangars from those built after the RAF expansion began. A common pre-war type is the Belfast hangar which was a combination of brick and steel. I am not sure when it was first introduced but the most common type on post-expansion/1936 is the Type T2 which was all steel and as the war advanced many fighter airfields including ALGs acquired a number of small blister hangars similar in appearance but larger than a Nissen hut which could be closed at either end with a heavy canvass curtain. If you search on Google there is quite a lot of stuff including images on the www. A good book is "Britain's Military Airfields 1939-45" by David J Smith. Steve ....Read More.SteveBrooking on 17th November 2009 07:03:41
410722 - Unaccounted airmen - 22-7-1941There is a 25 yr old James George Saunders registered in the New Machar district of Aberdeenshire during 1941. Bennett DOAS Dock DOAS Merrilees DOAS McEnery - KILLED IN ACTION (WHILE FLYING IN OPERATIONS AGUNST THE ENEMY) Saunders DOAS F J Smith - can't say I found him among the many Smiths G W Smith - can't say I found him among the many Smiths Watkins not found, which is not uncommon for probable Northern Ireland Casualties. MIEVILLE and MOSS are both 55 OTU - GRO RAF Note, I also add status for men 18 July in that old thread. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 17th November 2009 01:45:27
53 OTU Mid-air collisions, 1943 & 1944Hello Dave Spitfire IIa P7293 ‘Mandot’ , MCP Jones J/17038 killed, buried in Grave 13520 Brookwood. Spitfire IIa P7826 ‘Sind I’ JP Hunt 150065 killed, cremated at Manchester Crematorium, his name recorded there on panel 15. Spitfire IIa P7820, ’24 Parganas 1’, J Smith 151811 killed. buried St Mary’s churchyard, Embsay, Yorks (Gifts of War, Boot & Sturtivant, Air Britain) Regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 19th November 2009 05:58:53
Non-Flying Awards, 13 June 1946 (1)Thanks to Tom Thorne, I can now provide, to those interested, citations for some 330 non-flying awards gazetted 13 June 1946. These represent the following decorations: ARRC - 12 BEM - 145 CB - 1 CBE - 4 MBE - 116 MiD - 1 OBE - 60 RRC - 4 They are as follows: Associate of the Royal Red Cross (ARRC) and Royal Red Cross (RRC) - note, PMRAFNS = Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service HAWKINS, Mildred Anne, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - 53 RAF Hospital, BAFO - PMRAFNS HOSSACK, Beatrice Marie, Miss, V.A.D. Grade I - ARRC - 460603 - Henlow Hospital - PMRAFNS HUDSON, Millicent, Sister - ARRC - Ely Hospital - PMRAFNS JAMIESON, Lucy Norma, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - Hong Kong - PMRAFNS PRESCOTT, Annie Nicol, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - Down Amphey Hospital - PMRAFNS SPENCE, Grace Hannah Bowes, Sister - ARRC - Cosford Hospital - PMRAFNS STEINBACH, Audrey Marguerite, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - 5 RAF Hospital, Middle East - PMRAFNS STEWART, Eva Winifred, Sister - ARRC - Halton Hospital - PMRAFNS STOKES, Phyllis Mary Bettine, Sister - ARRC - Halton Hospital - PMRAFNS TOOLE, Gladys, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - Northallerton Hospital - PMRAFNS WILSON, Margaret, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - Halton Hospital - PMRAFNS WOODWARD, Edith Lucy, Sister - ARRC - Halton Hospital - PMRAFNS ACHESON, Aileen Frances, Principal Matron, ARRC - RRC - Halton Hospital - PMRAFNS CARTLEDGE, Louisa Banham, Acting Matron, ARRC - RRC - Kirkham Hospital - PMRAFNS SUDDABY, Olive, Acting Matron, ARRC - RRC - 5 Royal Air Force Hospital, Middle East - PMRAFNS YOUNGSON, Clementina McLachlan, Acting Matron, ARRC - RRC - Halton Hospital - PMRAFNS British Empire Medal ABBOTT, Jessie Hilda, Sergeant - BEM - Air Member for Personnel - RAAF ALLEN, Robert Parker, Sergeant - BEM - Air Headquarters, India - RAFVR ARNOLD, Jack, Flight Sergeant - BEM - South Africa - RAFVR ATACK, Gilbert, Corporal - BEM - 232 Group Communication Flight - RAFVR ATTERBURY, James George, Sergeant - BEM - Hemswell, Bomber Cmd - RAFVR AUBURN, Ivy, Cpl BEM - BAFO - WAAF AUSTEN, Arthur Eric, Flight Sergeant - BEM - Communication Squadron, ACSEA - RAF BARRINGTON, Kathleen Grace, Corporal - BEM - 691 Squadron - WAAF BATCHELOR, Norman John, Flight Sergeant - BEM - Burnham, RAF Police - RAFVR BEES, Robert Sidney George, Flight Sergeant - BEM - Burnham, RAF Police - RAFVR BEESLEY, Joseph, Sergeant - BEM - Air Ministry, Directorate of Organisation - RAFVR BENNETTS, Henry Gilbert, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 5 RAF Hospital, Middle East - RAF BORRETT, Albert George, Corporal - BEM - Hereford - RAFVR BRANN, Alexander Allison, Leading Aircraftman - BEM - SAC, SE Asia - RAFVR BRERETON, Victoria Miriam, Leading Aircraftwoman - BEM - Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment - WAAF BUCKLE, Ernest Edward, Corporal - BEM - Scampton, Bomber Cmd - RAFVR BUTLER, Kenneth Ewins, Sergeant - BEM - Bomber Command HQ - RAFVR CAMBLE, Re ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 23rd February 2010 12:35:19
AUS10229 F/Sgt D E HOOPER RAAF - +4-1-1945Hi DaveW, It gets worse! My next query involves an unidentified RAAF airman named Sgt/Pilot J SMITH, and you just might be able to help on that one too. It concerns No.11 EFTS, 10/11-9-1941. I'll start a new thread on that one. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 18th March 2010 08:26:24
Sgt/Pilot J SMITH RAAFHello All, One Sgt/Pilot J SMITH (S/No. unit, unknown), is known to have baled out of an unidentified aircraft on 11-9-1941. The location given in my ref, is: Cupar, Tay River, Scotland. Could this be: Coupar Angus, Perthshire? I am left wondering if there is any connection with the mid-air collision between No.11 EFTS Tiger Moths, T7339 and BB680, on 10-9-1941, over Coupar Angus, Perthshire. Grateful for any help. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 18th March 2010 08:54:59
430412 - Unaccounted airwomen and airmen - 12-4-1943Hi Henk, Pilot of N1174 was Sgt L A Hyde, 1199331 - no reported injuries to pilot (first solo on type). Crew for AE142 all safe Sgt D J Smith Sgt Bacon Sgt Dobbie Sgt Evett Martinet HP414 casualties F/L E Metler PAF, P76768 and AC1 D T Jones Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 23rd April 2010 05:52:09

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