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Leading Aircraftman Ronald WATTS (1251128) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve


Death of Death 1945-07-29 .

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : Column 454. at Singapore Memorial, Singapore


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/5036Flight Lieutenant J M Longley, Pilot Officer D R Watts: injured; aircraft accident, Lysander L6873, 1 School of Army Co-operation, 6 February 1941. Note: Related files: 4956, 4964C16689134
AIR81/6193Pilot Officer D R Watts, Aircraftman G F Owen: killed; aircraft accident, Lysander T1551, 2 May 1941.C16755491

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New Zealand Air Force WW2There is a Sgt Walter Alexander Watts RNZAF who was killed 6.4.41 in the Middle East listed in the Book 'For your Tommorow' Vol 1 by Errol Martyn. Errol will have more details Could be your man but his age is listed as 27 when he died. Regards Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 11th December 2007 06:35:10
156 Squadron's ND345/GT-C on 20/02/1944hello, I can suggest S/L W.C. RICHES' crew, No. 635 Squadron, lost during the night 5/6 July 1944. S/L RICHES had a DFC and bar, flight engineer HARMAN had a DFM as did the air bomber, navigator WATTS and air gunner LOWE had each a DFC, wireless operator REDFERN had a MiD. That makes 4 DFCs, 2 DFMs, 1 MiD. But I'm sure there must be other crew highly decorated, especially in the Pathfinder force, where most were often flying their second tour. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 27th June 2009 03:05:59
420807 - Unaccounted airmen - 7-8-1942Geoffrey Arthur Watts age 32 in Carluke district, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Gerald Jack Watson age 19 Brechin District, Angus, Scotland. DOAS AC2 G J Watson Magazine Oct 8th Name scanned as A/C.l G. J . Watson space between j and full stop! DOAS - Cpl. R. M. McNeill, name scanned as Ctrl. H. H. McNeill; Magazine Oct 15th ....Read More.dennis_burke on 16th October 2009 01:12:19
Pilot Officer Ernest Miller Watts, 405 Squadron and 55 Course 2 SFTSGuys, Pilot Officer Ernest Miller Watts died on 29th August 1941 with 405 Squadron, together with the loss of his crew with the exception of two members. Based on this date, he would have come straight from the OTU. The crew of 6 consisted of PO Ernest Miller Watts, Sgt I B Quinn, Sgt Douglas Miller Hughes, Sgt John William Thomas Davies, Sgt Roy James Hollobone and Sgt D S MacLeod. Quinn and MacLeod became POW's and l will look up there details to find out where they were captured but there is no indication on the reason for the loss. The casualties are buried at Rheinberg War Cemetery. Any ideas? Regards, Nick ....Read More.NickFenton on 21st July 2012 01:32:35
Pilot Officer Ernest Miller Watts, 405 Squadron and 55 Course 2 SFTSHi Nick, I have information about the crash. PO Ernest Miller Watts was (would have been) my uncle (my father Peter Watts and another borther James Watts all served in the RAF in WWII. Peter and James surviving, but both now deceased). Before the war Ernest was a station manager (Hong Kong I think) for Imperial airways. My mother has a number of letters from that period. A letter which Ernest wrote to his Mum and Dad was written on July 4th 1941. He says "I am going off on my first "ops" tonight. So on the fatal operation at the end of August he was not long out of OTU. He didn't post it to them of course, but it was obviously still with his possessions at Pocklington when he died. The letter of most interest to you is a letter from one of the survivors Ivan Quinn to Ernests parents. Quinn says they were shot up and had the left motor and the front turret knocked out by flak. Eventually Ernest gave the order to bale out. The only other fact I have (from Officers Mess, Pocklington) is that the raid was on Duisberg in the Rurh valley. There are also three cards from Quinn and MacLeod, but they are from the POW camp so they were unable to say anything pertaining to the event itself. I hope this is of some help to you and I would love to know what your connection or interest in Ernest and the crew is. If you have any further information for me I would love to know. Please do get in touch. Kind regards Peter ....Read More.PeterWatts on 28th October 2012 07:53:29
New Zealander Stanley Gordon White RAF then RNZAF - What happened to himStan White was a career airline pilot in New Zealand, and was known affectionately (?) as "Doggie", apparently because, despite his occuaption and status, was never very good at maintaining his personal appearance, particularly regarding the standard of his uniform, and some airline official remarked that he "looked like something that the dog dragged in". This knickname seems to have been pretty well known, such that if anybody asked which in particular of the several pilots named White was the one being discussed, all that had to be stated in this case was "Doggie". Incidentally one of the other well known pilots in NZ named White was "Tiny" (who was of that physical stature), initials T W but always referred to by his nickname. His given names were Trevor Watts. David D ....Read More.David Duxbury on 16th December 2012 04:33:37
29 April 1945 collision between 2 MeteorsHello, This fact is very well known, two Meteor F.3s of 616 Sqn collided in cloud on 29 April 1945. Both pilots were killed, S/L LW Watts and F/Sgt Cartmel. The two Meteors invloved were EE252 and EE273. However sources vary whether who was flying what. The 616 ORB gives letter G for Watts and K for Cartmel. What is the truth? Thanks Phil ....Read More.Phil Listemann on 24th May 2016 07:18:41
420807 - Unaccounted airmen - 7-8-1942Hello Cpl Robert M. McNEILL - 1367419 - age 37 - the Evening Despatch of August 13th 1942 reported the following: [I]NIGHT CRASH Airman cyclist killed Verdict of accidental death was recorded at a Stratford-on-Avon inquest on Corporal Robert Montgomery McNeill, aged 36, who was killed in a road accident. Evidence was given that McNeill was riding a cycle without lights down Rumer Hill, Welford-on-Avon, when he grazed another cyclist, lost control, and crashed. It was a dark night and witnesses sadi that McNeill was travelling very fast down the hill. P.C. Lomasney said the cycle had no lamps, no front brake and a rear brake that was "hopelessly out of order."[/I] AC2 Geoffrey Arthur WATTS - 1311456 - the Statutory Deaths Register of the Scotland's People website records that he died at Law Hospital, Carluke, due to a compound fracture of the skull. AC1 Gerald J. WATSON - 1438461 - the Statutory Deaths Register of the Scotland's People website records that he died at Stracathro Hospital, due to a pulmonary embolism. Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 10th January 2018 08:29:38
Sunderland PP103 crash Seletar 27/11/1946 209 Squadron CasualtiesOn 27th November 1946 shortly after 0153 hours PP103 of 209 Squadron took off from Seletar bound for Kai Tak when both starboard engines failed at a height of 800 feet and the aircraft crashed into the water.Six of the crew and seven passengers were killed. I have the occupants as follows:- F/Lt Donald William John SAVAGE 152388 RAF(VR) F/Lt Alan Charles ROGERS 132730 RAF(VR) F/Sgt John Walter WATTS 1573862 RAF(VR) F/Sgt Paul ROBERTS 1623639 RAF(VR) W/O POPLAR F/O David John EVANS 181341 RAF(VR) W/O Albert Donald HATTON 1831882 RAF(VR) F/Sgt Peter Claude LA NAUZE 1891328 RAF(VR) F/Sgt Robert Alexander MCKAIG 1568821 RAF(VR) F/Sgt Wilfred PEACOCK 1033463 RAF(VR) F/Lt John Walter TINKLER 47318 RAF Does anyone know the full identity of W/O Poplar, and the seven unidentified passengers who were killed, plus any that survived. F/Sgt Roberts later wrote an account of the crash which can be seen here [url][/url] It makes for interesting reading. He mentions of the passengers, one was a Brigadier, there were several civillians, and two Canadians of Japanese origin, who were interpreters. A CWG search shows the following casualties in Singapore on that day other than the crew known to have died as:- Major William Charles COX 216439 Royal Army Service Corps Lieutenant Harry FIELDHOUSE OBE 85126 Royal Army Ordnance Corps Sepoy Abdul GHAFUR 17746 9th Jat Regiment Indian Army Naik GOVINDASWAMI 35935 Indian Signals Corps Any assistance would be very much appreciated Thanks Chris ....Read More.cozzy711 on 7th September 2019 11:43:36
F/Lt Patrick Fuller Dillon DFC - 692 SqdnHello, Sharp & Bowyer in their book, Mosquito: Two modified aircraft reached 692 Squadron on 4 February, 1944, after a brief stay with 627 Squadron. Sqn Ldr Watts D.F.C. with Flg Off Hassell, took off at 19.03 on 23 February in DZ647:B. Almost immediately Flt Lt V.S.Moore with Flg Off P.F.Dillon in DZ534:M followed. and ... Flt Lt Val Moore and his navigator, Pat Dillon, were nearing Berlin on 18 July (1944). Mosquito, Sharp,C.Martin & Michael Bowyer, London:Faber & Faber,1971. pp.308 & 312. So, a navigator. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 9th September 2019 09:07:22

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