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Leading Aircraftman Henry WILLIAMS (1687078) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death:

Death of Death 1944-07-06 Age : 39 years.

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : VIII. D. 15. at Bone War Cemetery, Annaba, Algeria


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/153Flying Officer A F Smith, Pilot Officer J G C Salmond, Sergeant E H Williams, Leading Aircraftman F A S Haynes, Corporal R S Bryson and Aircraftman 1st Class J Booth: missing presumed dead; Wellington IA9234 failed to return from air operations to attack Stavanger Aerodrome, Norway, 18 April 1940.C14141932
AIR81/881Sergeant K H Harris: report of death. Sergeant H H Williams and Flight Lieutenant J C Breese: prisoners of war; Blenheim P6910 shot down near Courgivaux, France, 13 June 1940.C14502527
AIR81/2367Flying Officer J H Williams, Pilot Officer G A Cokayne, Pilot Officer A G Sheppard, Aircraftman R W Reader: injured; aircraft accident, Helwan, Egypt, Blenheim L8478, 45 Squadron, 8 July 1940.C16471879
AIR81/4862Flight Lieutenant L E Dalrymple, Leading Aircraftman N H Williams: injured; aircraft accident, Tiger Moth N6708, 6 Elementary Flying Training School, 14 January 1941.C16688960
AIR81/5553Sergeant J Dobbins: killed; Pilot Officer A K Chappell, Sergeant H Williams: injured; aircraft crashed on return from abandoned operational flight, Blenheim T1806, 236 Squadron, 25 March 1941. Note: Related file 5633C16689651

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F/Sgt J H Williams RAAFI'd be grateful if someone could give me the position filled by F/Sgt J H Williams (Aus. 421459) RAAF on the 206 Sqn Liberator BZ961. The aircraft crashed in poor weather whilst approaching Leuchars on 14 Sept 1944. I have full details of the accident, plus names of the other crew members, and their positions. TIA Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 17th June 2008 05:32:15
Lanc ND645 22. March 1944Hello, I'm looking for confirmation of the following crash details: Operation Frankfurt 22./23. März 1944 35 Sqn Lancaster III ND645 TL-O S/L T Rowe pow T/o 1846 Graveley. Believed shot down by Sgt A Simpson + Paul Zorner and crashed in the vicinity of P/O E H Williams + Giessen. F/L Haigh is commemorated on F/L A Grant pow panel 202 of the Runnymede Memorial. The F/L F Haigh DFM + rest are buried in Hannover War Cemetery. P/O M R Hunter RAAF + P/O H Gray RAAF + kind regards Steve ....Read More.Mosquito on 26th August 2008 03:07:58
410915 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 15-9-1941Hi Henk There is a Trevor Audsley,19, registered at Bath, Somerset in the 4th Qtr of '41 Peter H Williams,19, is registered at Newton Abbot, Devon Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 16th December 2008 10:16:48
420105 - Unaccounted airmen 5-1-1942Henk, RAF Overseas War Deaths 1939-1948 :- 111528 P/O Norman C DAVIES Unit 4 AFTS (EFTS) 1380487 LAC Robin H WILLIAMS Unit 4 EFTS Tiger moth crew ! Mark ....Read More.Marks on 9th March 2009 03:23:17
421031 - Unaccounted airmen - 31-10-1942Hi Henk Turton,29, registered at Trowbridge, Wiltshire Sydney R Williams,25, registered at Caistor, Lincolnshire CWGC has Ienan H Williams,21.I found a Iouan H Williams,21 also registered at Caistor, Lincolnshire. Cwgc has no age for Dickinson and has him at Runnymede. I could only find a Frank Dickinson,45, registered at Ashton, Lancashire.The age is high for aircrew and a KIA so I don,t think that he is the right one. Ham,38, didn't show up but was taken home to Plymouth for burial. Baird also didn't show up but he came from Scotland and is buried at Lanark. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 2nd December 2009 12:48:53
Groundcrew losses 01.01.45Hi, From Geoffs search engine and GRO, but must only remain possibilties Buried Eindhoven. LAC WLV Grist...124 Wing. LAC RW McCristal LAC GW Nicholson...6168 SE. LAC HE Osborne...403 SRU. LAC CA Rabbitt...6168 SE. Buried Brussels... LAC C Cunliffe...65 MU. Corp DC Gregory...6069 SE. AC1 JE Johnson...6069 SE. LAC B Jones...6069 SE. LAC H Williamson...9 Wks Sqdn. Buried Gent. LAC J Sagar...Comm Sqdn 85 Group. LAC T Wilson...5406 G MSU. LAC Jones deleted "ref" Joss. ....Read More.AlanW on 1st January 2010 05:58:11
Lost RAF servicemen of BridlingtonThanks to my above post I've got a couple more names I need help with Flt Lt Ernest Frederick Alexander, 146388, 19/10/1945 LAC Henry Williams, 1687078, 06/07/1944 As usual I've got their details from the CWGC & little else so any info would be appreciated. John ....Read More.John Moore on 18th June 2010 06:11:32
421031 - Unaccounted airmen - 31-10-1942Hi Henk, F1180 Oxford I - BG665 confirms SR Williams and J H Williams as the two fatalities. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 2nd February 2012 07:21:23
RFC/RAF WWI - William Harrison WilliamsFound him (I think) in Feb 1919 Air Force List Gradation List A (Aeroplane Officer) W H Williams 27 June 1918 Then again in list of Aeroplane Officers 2nd Lieutenant W H Williams 27 June 1918 ....Read More.mbriscoe on 18th January 2013 06:56:43
Introduction (and looking for details on 149 Sqn Stirling EF 140)Hi Roxy From "Bomber Command Losses" Vol 4,by W R Chorley,the a/c,coded OJ-B, took off from Methwold at 2359 on 24/Jun to attack V1 sites at Ruisseauville. It came down in the sea off Boulogne,the reason not given. 5 of the crew of 7 were washed ashore and buried in N France. F/L G R B Roe RCAF,pilot, Sgt W A McDougall, F/E. and Sgt A Barber,Rear Gunner are buried at Etaples,F/O H R Murray,W/op is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, and W/O R W G Bryant is in Pihen-Les-Guines. P/O I W Harland , Nav, and Sgt T H Williamson,M/U Gunner have no known grave and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial they were 19 years old and Chorley records that Harland was the youngest Navigator to lose his life in Bomber Command. At the time the Allies were ashore and attempting to break out of the D-Day beachhead, Boulogne was still in German hands so it is possible that the Germans brought the a/c down and also buried those whose bodies were recovered. The two on Runnymede may also have been recovered and buried but were not identified at the time or since. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 21st January 2013 08:27:41
430924 Unaccounted (?)Airmen & Womem 24-09-1943Sedgewick is registered in Wenlock district. User Thorne83 should have details of him from his Shropshire research. He is actually a Died on Active Service listing so probably no connection to an aircraft crash. Ground accident or illness. The wills calenders give his place of death as Albrighton, Shropshire. Normally war related deaths do not have place of death, it usually states 'on war service'. Rose Reece died in Exeter district. Died on Active service, Cas. Com 321 Cannot see for now a candidate for J D H Williams in England & Wales. There is a Jessie D Williams age 20 in Cuckfield district, but this is only a guess. Died on Active service, Cas. Com 320 ....Read More.dennis_burke on 21st July 2013 03:40:40
440706 - Unaccounted Airwomen & Airmen - 6-7-1944Hello, [U]440706 - Unaccounted Airwomen & Airmen - 6-7-1944 [/U] From Henk's List - WAAF UK ROWDEN, Diana Hope - Section Offr9attd. S.O.E. Special Ops Exec - 4193 - WAAF - Runnymede Memorial, Surrey. TROKE, Beryl Winifred - ACW1 (CWGC = Sgt ) - 2089108 - WAAF - Streatham, London. ALGERIA EDWARDS, Aneurin Morgan - LAC - 1296488 - RAFVR - Bone, Annaba, Algeria. EGYPT PEEL, Holmes - LAC - 1023331 - RAFVR - Heliopolis, Egypt. UK GODSELL, Wilfred James - AC2c - 3216003 - RAFVR - Cromhall (St. Andrew), Gl;oucestershire. LAZARUS, Alfred - LAC - 1196518 - RAFVR - Rainham (Federation), Jewish, Essex. MORISSEY, Patrick - Sgt(Flt/Engr) - 1661466 - D F M _ RAFVR - Kensal Green (St. Mary's), R C - London. OLDFIELD, Tom Merton - Sgt - 1180021 - RAFVR - Birmingham (Perry Bar), Warwickshire. SURGEY, John Eady (Uruguay) - Cpl - 1425387 - RAFVR - Lossiemouth Burial Ground, Moray. THOMPSON, Cyril - LAC - 1535592 - RAFVR - Ilkley (Menston), Yorkshire. WISE, Robin Harold - AC1c - 539027 - RAF - Crofton (Holy Rood), Old, Hampshire. From CWGC & Geoff's sites - ALGERIA WILLIAMS, Henry - LAC - 1687078 - RAFVR - Bone, Annaba, Algeria. EGYPT JENKINS, Alfred Roy - Cpl _ 637052 - RAF - Heliopolis, Egypt. PAKISTAN COLLINS, Archibald Kenneth Barnett - LAC - 1242919 - RAFVR - Karachi, Pakistan. SOUTH AFRICA SHARDLOW, Richard Millson - F/L (Obs) - 120650 - RAFVR - Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. [ Anson - 4312 - 47 AS ]. WICKHAM, Walter Pell - F/S (WoP) - 552927 - RAF - Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. [ Anson - 4312 - 47 AS ]. WOOD, Reginald Asquith - F/L (Nav/Bomber) - 109058 - RAF - Queenstown Cemetery, Eastern Cape, South Africa. [ Anson - 4312 - 47 AS ]. UK BLEZARD, Ernest Robert James - F/L (Pilot) - 89841 - RAFVR - Huddersfield (Edgerton), Yorkshire. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 7th April 2014 11:17:57
Informations about 11/22/1943 - Berlin RaidHi, 158 Sqn also sent 17 Halifax's to Berlin on the raid, two returned early. One bomber piloted by F/Sgt M W Skelton was hit by flak around midnight but was able to return to base where his bomber was found to be riddled with shrapnel holes. One bomber was lost when it was shot down near Meppen. HR977 came down with only the Canadian Mid-Upper Gunner surviving (Sgt K H Williams) who spent the rest of the war in a pow camp. The remainder of the crew (all English) are buried in Reichswald War Cemetery. Regards, John. ....Read More.John Williams on 2nd June 2016 08:38:15
List of Guinea Pig Club MembersLooking at list of members I think and hope that H Williams was my father Harry George Williams . Although not a serviceman dad was injured in a sodium fire at his job as a metallurgist in Birmingham. He often spoke about the GP club though I don't think he went to the meetings. J Biel also on the list was my polish godfather Joseph who was injured while flying spitfires and met dad at east grin stead . I plan to visit the hospital when renovations are complete and also the memorial in Staffordshire shortly. ....Read More.Paulwilliams on 1st November 2016 10:44:25
Data Mining the London Gazette WebsiteTo give you an idea of how the data conversion happens. this is the source PDF file [URL][/URL] When using a straight forward copy to text conversion - the output file is this [URL][/URL] The above text file needs everything that is not in yellow highlighted to be deleted - removed (and there are 1197 text files like this) - [B]This is where the volunteers come in first - review the text files to remove the excess information[/B] The RAF stuff that is relevant is only in page 16-17-18 - highlighted in yellow. Now that forms the raw feed for an automation script - and it extracts the following - [QUOTE] Squadron Leader Hugh Lockhart MAXWELL^25046|, No 18 Squadron Awarded a Bar to the DistinguishedFlying Cross Acting Wing Commander John NicholasHaworth WHITWORTH, D F C |26249|,No 10 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant John WilliamSTEPHENS, D F C |40028|, No 107Squadron Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross "Wing Commander Sydney Osborne BUFTON|24184|, No 10 Squadron Squadron Leader Stanley Sinclair BERTRAM|34078|, No 99 Squadron Squadron Leader James Ellis McCoMB |90352|,Auxiliary Air Force, No 611 Squadron Squadron Leader Wynne Somers GoodrichMAYDWELL |25075|, No 53 Squadron Acting Squadron Leader John Stuart BARTLETT[|34°37|» No 58 Squadron Acting squadron Leader John Noel MAHLER|37452|, No 15 Squadron Acting Squadron Leader Douglas PARKER|37009|, No 44 Squadron Acting Squadron Leader Richard KempWILDEY |37437|, No 78 Squadron [Flight Lieutenant John Leighton BECK |37785|,No 214 Squadron Flight Lieutenant Roderick HugK McCoNNELL|33268| Flight Lieutenant Louis Douglas WILSON|33295|-Acting Flight Lieutenant Richard SydneyEdward ALDRIDGE |70836|, No 61Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Charles Brian BEST|41366|, No 40 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant John Colpoys BREESE|33303| NO- 82 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Clair Mansell MayburyGRECE |36168|, No 59 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Thomas MichaelHORGAN |40114|, No 18 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Cecil Dunn MILNE|33273|, No 212 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant David StewartROBERTSON |40141|, No 78 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Derek John AubreyROE |70818|, Reserve of Air Force Officers,No 107 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Patrick John ShawSHAUGHNESSY |37758|, No 50 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Edward JoughinSHEERAN |39045|, No 115 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant John Aloysius SIEBERT|36i55|» No 44 Squadron Acting Flight Lieutenant Theophilus John ScottWARREN |41227|, No 107 Squadron Flying Officer Ernest Reginald BAKER |40660|,No 210 Squadron Flying Officer Terence Malcolm BULLOCH|39373|, No 206 Squadron/Flying Officer Dennis HAYLEY-BELL |39632|,No 269 Squadron Flying Officer Swain MOXHAM |40413|, No 50Squadron Flying Officer William Maxwell NIXON |39677|,No 10 Squadron F ....Read More.Jagan on 31st March 2018 02:20:45
1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationSome more Canadian Burials to June 30 1941 Pilot Officer Geoffrey Fylton MACKIE (J/3470) 1941-02-15 Canada Vernon Coldstream Cemetery Killed when RCAF Training Plane Crashed near Point Anne. Eyewitnesses said the plane nose-dived onto the ice of the Bay of Quinie and eninge buried itself in 20 inches of ice. Pilot thrown from cockpit and body found some distance from wreckage From Bill Walker Web Site North American Harvard 1344 Serving with Central Flying School, RCAF Station Trenton, Ontario, when it crashed into the Bay of Quinte at 10:10 on 15 February 1941. Had 795:45 logged time when struck off. Leading Aircraftman Lloyd George LEE (R/72438) 1941-02-21 Canada Chatsworth (Shiloh) Cemetery Leading Aircraftman Lee was killed in the crash of his Harvard (#2590) aircraft crashed near Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada. [url][/url] Category A damage on 21 February 1941 while serving at No. 2 Service Flying Training School, Uplands, Ontario. Had 342:10 airframe time when struck off. Leading Aircraftman Lloyd Ross LANCASTER (R/52101) 1941-02-25 Canada Rodney (Mclean) Cemetery Ref : Plot 31. Row 2. Lot 5. Sergeant William Henry PREST (R/64134) 1941-02-25 Canada Niagara Falls (St. John's) Cem Avro Anson Mk I 6250 1 ANS RCAF [url][/url] Crew (all killed): Sgt Joseph Goodwin Butcher (pilot, 25, from Carman, Manitoba) Sgt William Henry Prest (observer, 20, from Lucknow, Ontario) Sgt Harry Albert Howarth (observer, 19, from London, Ontario) LAC Lloyd Ross Lancaster (wireless operator, 23, from Rodney, Ontario) Leading Aircraftman Chesley Albert KELLOWAY (798564) 1941-03-02 Canada Barrie Union Cemetery Chesley Albert Kelloway, age 22 was laid to rest with full R.C.A.F. honours in Barrie Union cemetery after His plane crashed to the landing field about a mile from the aerodrome at Camp Borden while flying at night about 11;25 p.m. Sunday. He was flying solo, about 200-300 feet in a "Yale" training Machine at No.1 Service Flying Training School, Camp Borden [url][/url] Maybe North American Harvard 2622 - Would Like Confirmation - The Yale report comes from a newspaper report Category A damage on 2 March 1941 while at No. 1 Service Flying Training School, Camp Borden, Ontario. Had 291:30 airframe time when struck off. Pilot Officer Charles GILLARD (J/3109) 1941-03-12 Canada Burnaby Masonic Cemetery Ref : Plot 10B. Sec. G. Grave 4. Leading Aircraftman Eric Henry WILLIAMS (R/54298) 1941-03-12 Canada Ottawa (Pinecrest) Cemetery Collsion between 2 bombing training planes at No 8 Air Training School Moncton. NB Charles 'Chuck' Gillard LAC D C Code Missing - Injured LAC David J Patton of Islington Ont bailed Out and landed Safely 8 Air Training Shool Monc ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 14th May 2019 12:48:15
1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationUpdates/Corrections Leading Aircraftman Chesley Albert KELLOWAY (798564) 1941-03-02 Canada Barrie Union Cemetery Clipped Wings confirms North American Harvard 2622 - The "Yale" comes from an incorrect newspaper report Pilot Officer Charles GILLARD (J/3109) 1941-03-12 Canada Burnaby Masonic Cemetery Ref : Plot 10B. Sec. G. Grave 4. Leading Aircraftman Eric Henry WILLIAMS (R/54298) 1941-03-12 Canada Ottawa (Pinecrest) Cemetery Correct Allocation is as follows Anson 6357 P/O Charles GILLARD (J/3109) Aged 25 RCAF Killed LAC Donovan Currie Cole Seriously Injured R62381 (Pupil Pilot) LAC John David McCosh Patton R69857 RCAF Uninjured Bailed Out (Pupil Pilot) -> later Commisoned from Sgt May 1941 (J.5111) Also Updates Clipped Wings Vol 2 for the '3 On Board' Anson 6273 LAC Eric Henry WILLIAMS (R/54298) Pilot Killed (Flying Solo) Full incident report and cause can be found here [url][/url] Gurney De Lois BARRETT (R/72444) 1941-03-12 William Lewis Nick STARKEY (R/67700) 1941-03-12 Both on Anson 6242 ex W1667 Additionally update for Clipped Wings Vol 2 Page 110 N9652 Anson 1 March 1941 "No Refrence to LAC Flower could be found in the CWGC Records" becauase not killed injured The following were lost when Anson N9652 and N9595 collided at Bradford, near Camp Borden: N9595: Henry DODSWORTH (561105) Eric Alfred RUNDELL (927867) Stanley PORTER (990449) Colin Trevor DOUGLAS (619059) John Langfield Flower #915694 Seriously Injured N9652: John Clydesdale BELL (580239) Maurice Godfrey FOLKARD (999012) Ivor Wilfred JACKSON (1153084) Leading Aircraftsman (Actually AC2) - John Langfield Flower #915694 Injured March 14, 1941 The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 5 Friday. March 14, 1941. Seven English Airnien Killed In 'Plane Collision Near Borden One Severely Injured Survivor Insists Doctor Leave Him to Help His Dying Mates Taken From Wreckage of Two Ships BOND HEAD, Ont., March 13 (CP) Crash of two Avro-Anson bombing planes after a mid-air collision near tljls village today took the lives of seven English airmen. Six were killed instantly when the planes crashed. The seventh d:ed on his way to hospital in Earrie. All were from the Air Training School at Port Albert, Ont. There was only one survivor. Aircraftman J. L. Flower, of Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hants Eng., radio operator In one ol the' planes, who iuffered revei e injur iei which are believed to include a broken back. The Dead, Fit. Sgt M. Dodsworth, of York" and Sgt, J. C. Bell, of Durham, the pilots of the two training planes; Leading Air eraftman M. G. Solkard, Leeds; Leading Aircraftman C. T. Douglas, Sherwood; Leading Aircraftman I. V. Jackson, London; Leading Aircraftman S. Porter. Liverpool; and Leading Aircraftman D. A. Rundell, Bristol. Jackson waslive when he was extricated from the wreckage ol the plane in which Flower was injured. He died on ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 15th May 2019 06:20:13

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