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Flight Lieutenant Matthew WOOD (J/5540) of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Lost in aircraft Typhoon IB MN126  Ext Link

Death of Death 1944-08-18 .

Served in 137 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : XXIII. F. 7. at Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian, France


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1071Sergeant S M Wood, Sergeant G T Drew and Pilot Officer E A Wray: missing presumed dead; Blenheim R3815 failed to return from air operations over France, 10 July 1940.C14502683
AIR81/2225Sergeant J M Wood: injured; aircraft accident, Muckley Corner, Oxford R6246, 11 Service Flying Training School, 8 June 1940.C16471472
AIR81/4595Flight Lieutenant A T N Scoltock, Sergeant J H Tiedeman, Sergeant A M Wood, Sergeant E G Rimes: missing believed killed; aircraft lost at sea, Hampden X3063, 49 Squadron, 17 December 1940.C16688693
AIR81/8459Sergeant J Haney: killed; Pilot Officer W Burton, Sergeant K M Woodhead, Sergeant H E Johnson, Sergeant D C Marshall (RCAF), Pilot Officer J G Rogers (RCAF): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight over Germany, Wellington W5416, 104 Squadron, 19 August 1941.C16924301
AIR81/8763Sergeant J N Gilby, Pilot Officer H L Lindo, Sergeant E D Walters, Sergeant R E P Grieve, Sergeant H R Butler: injured; aircraft accident near RAF Elsham Woods, Lincolnshire, Wellington X9813, 103 Squadron, 1 September 1941.C16924605

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 18 Aug 44 Aircraft Name Typhoon Ib Serial Number MN126
Unit 137 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country France
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Typhoon Ib MN126

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight LieutenantMatthew WOOD (J/5540) Pilot Typhoon IB MN126  Ext Link 1944-08-18137 Sqdn AIR27 FranceBretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian

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RAF officer deaths 1.1.29-3.9.39The following is a list in chronological order of all (826) OFFICER deaths for the above period as recorded in the monthly RAF Air Force Lists. The recording of these in the AFL ceased upon outbreak of WWII. Errol By Rank, Surname, Initials, First Names, Awards, Force/Other*, Fate, Date died * All RAF unless otherwise stated Plt Off Carroll R R Raymond Russell Killed 2 Jan 29 Fg Off Cayley E G Edward Gordon Killed 20 Jan 29 Flt Lt Walsh J J John Joseph (RAFO) Died 26 Jan 29 Fg Off Ingle G H C Geoffrey Hugh Conningsby Killed 30 Jan 29 Fg Off Cecil R F B Richard Francis Bain (Lt, RN) Killed 6 Feb 29 Flt Lt Courtney R A Reginald Aloysius MBE Died 13 Feb 29 Flt Lt Bucknall G A F George Anthony Fielding Killed 28 Feb 29 Fg Off Sealy-Allin P N Patrick Nelson Killed 1 Mar 29 Fg Off Peacey A J Arthur John (RAFO) Death presumed on or since 9 Mar 29 Fg Off Burnett Y W Yvon William Killed 18 Mar 29 Fg Off Moon F J Francis Jack Died 23 Mar 29 Plt Off Gibbs H W Hugh Washbourne Died 12 Apr 29 Plt Off Ions E Eustace Died 17 Apr 29 Plt Off Milner L T Lionel Treadway (2nd Lt, KOYLI, TA) Killed 2 May 29 Plt Off Jackson M M Malcolm Menzies Killed 10 May 29 Flt Lt Scholefield E R C Edward Rodolph Clement AFC DCM (Ret) Killed 16 May 29 Fg Off Bayes J W John Walden Killed 16 May 29 Fg Off Butler L Leonard (RAFO) Killed 18 May 29 Wg Cdr Dunville J D John Dunville CBE (RAFO) (hon) Died 10 Jun 29 Fg Off Barrett H B Henry Baillie Died 16 Jun 29 Plt Off Jorgensen J E James Ernest Killed 17 Jun 29 Wg Cdr Adams S E Stanley Edward (Ret) Died 19 Jun 29 Flt Lt Halliday C G Christopher George Killed 27 Jun 29 Fg Off Eyre V O Vickers Osborne Died of Injuries 27 Jun 29 Flt Lt Williams F H Frederick Hubert (Ret) Died 30 Jun 29 Plt Off Bootes R Y Ronald Yule Killed 2 Jul 29 Wg Cdr de Dombasle G C St.P Guy Cyril St.Pourcin OBE Died 7 Jul 29 Plt Off Swaine R M Reginald Montague Killed 11 Jul 29 Fg Off Prince S F Stanley Frank Killed 17 Jul 29 Plt Off Bennett W P D Walter Patrick Dillon (RAFO) Killed 19 Jul 29 Fg Off Williamson J D John Douglas (RAFO) Died of Injuries 27 Jul 29 Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt ) White A S Arthur Statham (RAFO) Killed 29 Jul 29 Fg Off Caulfeild J H Jack Harley Died 30 Jul 29 Lt Wallace M H Michael Hugh (HLI) Died 2 Aug 29 Fg Off Jones W G Walter George Died 4 Aug 29 Plt Off Esler D P H Dermott Patrick Howard (RAFO) Died of Injuries 5 Aug 29 Fg Off Gardner H P L Herbert Patrick Legge (RAFO) Died 11 Aug 29 Fg Off Jones C H Charles Henry Killed 14 Aug 29 Plt Off Wilson J John Killed 24 Aug 29 Sqn Ldr Grosvenor E A Lord Edward Arthur (AAF) Died 26 Aug 29 Plt Off Lucas L E J Lawrence Errington Jeff Killed 10 Sep 29 Fg Off Clarke J John Killed 11 Oct 29 Fg Off Birt L S Lascelles Spence (RAFO) Killed 25 Oct 29 Fg Off Ward A R Albert Rees Killed 28 Oct 29 Fg Off Halliwell J H John Hassall (RAFO) (Capt TARO) Died 5 Nov 29 Fg Off Forbes H V Har ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 10th December 2007 05:33:52
P/O Sorensen and F/L Glen Lynes, North Africa, 1942/3A friend has led me to a small piece of information on a to me unknown Danish pilot (of Toronto, Canada). I am looking for further information on this man - in the first place his unit. "Local Flyer, Bill Olmsted, One of Canadians, Who Are Doing a Good job in Tunisia Increasing Number From Canada Seeing Action on Desert Front ... Flying in the same squadron as Fenwick are six other Canadians: Sgt. Louis Hamilin, Sgt. Donald Rathwell, and P.O. Calvin (Pep) Peppler, all of Winnipeg; Flt.-Sgt. Douglas Husband, of Toronto; F.O. Bill Olmsted, of Hamilton, Ont., and Sgt. John Olsen, of Kirkland Lake, Ont. With another squadron that flies on sweeps with Fenwick and his crowd are P.O. Jim Woodill, of Halifax, Flt.-Lieut. Glen Lynes, of Montreal, who has just been promoted from the rank of pilot officer and leading a flight like Aikman; P.O. C. F. Sorenson, a Dane from Toronto, and P.O. Howard McMinninam, of Frederickton." P/O Harry Elmore Fenwick was posted to No. 81 Sqn at the time. As this squadron was part of No. 322 Wing, I guess it is likely that the squadron in question was also part of this wing. According to Shores (1975, p. 118) No. 322 Wing consisted of 81, 242, 2nd (US) Fighter (Bone), 154 (Djidjelli) and 232 (Constance). It seems likely, that the above mentioned F/L Glen Lynes is Glen Joseph Lynes (46631, RAF) who is later to become Avro test pilot and killed on 20.10.1955, cf. G J Lynes appointment to F/L is gazetted on 12.9.1943 though. According to Ross' PoW lists he is PoW No. 1100 at Stalag Luft 3. Would anyone from these facts be able to guess the squadron for P/O C. F. Sorenson, Dane from Toronto? Thanks, Mikkel Plannthin ....Read More.Mikkel Plannthin on 24th February 2008 01:39:33
NCO Fighter PilotsI am looking for any information on the following NCO fighter pilots. They all were pilots with 127 Squadron in the Eastern Med. 1 - Sgt Buxton, Posted to 164 Sqn Nov 43 2 - F/Sgt R W Harper, Joined 127 in March 1943, returned to the UK with the Squadron in April 44. Last mentioned in the ORB in early May 44. 3 - F/Sgt D G Murphy, Joined 127 in Sept 43, returned to the UK with the Squadron in April 44. Last mentioned in the ORB in early May 44. 4 - F/Sgt J Shuttleworth, Joined 127 in Feb 44. Not mentioned in ORB after end of March 44. 5 - F/Sgt K A Williams, Joined 127 in June 43 from 123 Sqn. He was posted back to 123 Sqn in September 43. 6 - W/O H M Woodward, Joined 127 March 43, posted to 123 Sqn in Nov 43. ORB suggests he was from the USA. TIA Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 25th March 2008 07:10:53
1128796 LAC Ronald Davies MID - 617 SquadronHi All A listing in Chorley's Vol 9 can occur when someone is known to have died on an a/c that was not itself a loss, or could be accident or illness. There is the death of a Ronald Davies age 24 registered at Cambridge in the 1st Qtr of 1945(a possibility for a death at the very end of 1944) but this is a long way from Woodhall Spa (617 Home A/F)and if it was a death in a Hospital one would expect notice on CWGC of burial or cremation. The only possibility I can think of is involvement in an explosion in the Cambridge area that left no recognisable remains but could still be registered as a death. If he was sent, as a specialist?, to deal with a Tallboy Bomb from an a/c that landed away from base and it detonated after removal from the a/c it would fit the "circumstances" and there would be no a/c loss. Just a thought. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 15th April 2008 05:22:16
Percival Richard Criddle 417621Hi Lauren Melbourne Sun contemporary newspaper report of the SK578 incident on 16.9.43 [IMG][/IMG] Higher resolution (1.22MB) copy available if wanted. Photos of Flt Lt Dudley Marrow’ crew, incl Sgt Criddle are on Australian War Memorial photo database SUK11471 and SUK11472 Photos of EK573 on the water after being shot down on 16.9.43 by 6 Ju88’s of 14/KG (Lt Willi Gutermann involved) are in Chris Goss’s book ‘Bloody Biscay’ as well as various other books. All EK573 crew were uninjured and rescued the next day by HM Woodpecker. The loss of ML735 features in earlier RAF Commands threads posted by Laurent Rizzotti in Oct 2004 and Bengt in Nov 2007 (Thread 673) Regards Richard ....Read More.sunderlandnut on 27th April 2008 11:39:33
Percival Richard Criddle 417621Let's try that again.... Hi Lauren Here is my original message this time with typos corrected. I guess I am having one of those 'senior moment' days. Melbourne Sun contemporary newspaper report of the EK578 incident on 16.9.43 [IMG][/IMG] Higher resolution (1.22MB) copy available if wanted. Photos of Flt Lt Dudley Marrow’ crew, incl Sgt Criddle are on Australian War Memorial photo database SUK11471 and SUK11472 Photos of EK578 on the water after being shot down on 16.9.43 by 6 Ju88’s of 14/KG (Lt Willi Gutermann involved) are in Chris Goss’s book ‘Bloody Biscay’ as well as various other books. All EK573 crew were uninjured and rescued the next day by HM Woodpecker. The loss of ML735 features in earlier RAF Commands threads posted by Laurent Rizzotti in Oct 2004 and Bengt in Nov 2007 (Thread 673) Regards, Richard (sunderlandnut) ....Read More.sunderlandnut on 27th April 2008 06:36:47
Percival Richard Criddle 417621Still can't get the press cutting from photobucket to come up and "All EK573 crew were uninjured and rescued the next day by HM Woodpecker." should of course read "All EK578 crew....." I think I will give up and go to bed now. I am going into hospital for a minor op tomorrow so may be off line for a few days. ....Read More.sunderlandnut on 27th April 2008 06:45:22
F/O William Hywell Anthony Jones - 139316 - Died 14/11/44 - 517 SqdThis is an intriguing loss, and the following details are from "Even The Birds Were Walking" by Kington & Rackliff Halifax C/157 LK962 "On 14 November 1944, Halifax C/157, Skipper F/O W H A Jones DFC, returned from an EPICURE B sortie, and was overhead Brawdy at 19.20 hours. However, the crew were unable to land because of a severe thunderstorm in the area. They were insructed by Flying Control to stand-off until conditions improved, but subsequent contact with the aircraft was lost due to heavy static and very poor R/T and W/T communications. The aircraft did not return and the fllowing day it was spotted floating in the Bristol Channel, not far from Lundy Island, but there was no sign of the crew. Remarkably, the aircraft was still afloat the following day and the RN decided to sink it, since it posed a threat to navigation. No one knows why it stayed afloat for so long. The whole thing was a mystery, particularly as there were no sign of the crew However, in the squadron ORB there is an entry for 2 Feb 1945, under casualties. This states 'Sgt D T Mulligan (MAO) previously reported missing from C/157 on 14 Nov 1944, now reported killed in action' It appears that the body of Sgt Mulligan was washed ashore on a Lancashire beach not far from Woodvale. No date is given but we have to assume it would be some time in January. Later access to the crew list and casualty cards revealed the following details: WO E Poole 2nd Pilot: Signal from squadron 'Body found at sea by trawler and re-buried at sea, 13 Dec 1944' WO J D Rice, WOp/AG: Body washed ashore at Red Wharf Bay near Portreath Sgt D T Mulligan MAO, Body washed ashore on a Lancashire beach (near Woodvale) some six weeks later F/O W H A Jones DFC Skipper: Assumed lost at sea Sgt A B Mason F/Eng: Assumed lost at sea F/Lt F C W Stewart WOp/AG: Assumed lost at sea F/Lt R H Dodsworth, Navigator: Assumed lost at sea WO E S Bruton WOp/AG: Assumed lost at sea" (page 85) A ....Read More.Amrit on 15th May 2008 08:39:25
WW2 Crash Bisham Woods (Berkshire)Sorry about the lack of information on this (at the moment), but my sister in law recently went for a Walk in Bisham Woods (Berkshire) and found a memorial to a WW2 airplane crash in the woods. Now this is news to me.. Unfortuately, she did not remember much, except maybe returning or going to France.. Now I have asked her to take me to the spot so I can glean more infmration (and she said she will, as it will 'not be easy to find'). The question is has anyone here got a crash in Bisham Woods (Berkshire) on any list. Sorry for the lack of info at present Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 27th May 2008 05:57:34
n. ireland crashes - crew detailsHi Lyffe, yes i do have a good account of this crash as it occurred in my local area, see Henks crew list above, it agrees with my list for - dt 642, i have written a number of reports but can not post it as attachment so will provide as much information as i can. first crew details - lenz, edwards, - pilots. cook - flt engr. heaton - navigator. thomas -observer. turril - w-op mech. / ag. snider, fraser,hembruff - w-op / ag. fraser + hembruff buried st. catherine, killead,Co. Antrim. lenz + heaton + snider buried in Glenavy roman catholic, Co. Antrim. lenz from saskatchewan,canada. heaton + snider + hembruff from ontario, canada. fraser from Br. Columbia,canada. edwards from luton. cook from newcastle-upon-tyne. thomas from newport. turril from woodstock. crash details - crash site does not agree with Henks, there is a shanes castle, randalstown but this is not the site of the crash according to my information, the crash site is on the edge of my home town, Antrim, as told by a local fireman who attended the scene, as reported in the local paper. This report follows - aircraft, halifax mk2, DT 642, took off from aldergrove for a routine training flight, when over the castle grounds in Antrim the aircraft turned suddenly and lost height and the wings clipped large trees at clotworthy house,the wings were torn off and the stricken craft was catapulted across the sixmile river coming to rest at what is now the site of the Antrim forum. The massive explosion sents sheets of flames into the air, a fire crew was sent to tackle the fire, when it had died down the wreckage could be investigated, one body was found, and within a few minutes five more found, one with a opened parachute on, at day break three more bodies found on the other side of the river. At first light a senior airman came to see the crash scene and identify the bodies.There was a stark reminder of the crash six months later when a bomb was found close to the site of the crash, two officers from aldergrove worked on the bomb, it was eventually detonated. This is a slightly edited version. regards Mervyn. ....Read More.fletch on 24th September 2008 03:28:57
#9 (o) A.F.U. Penrhos, Nth Wales May/June 1942Hi All, I have another photo of attendees (including my father) on the above dates at Penrhos. I am hoping that forum members will be able to help in determining or adding to the service of the following airmen. I have searched the CWGC site and have some info which may or may not in some instances be correct. 1. Ted Gray RNZAF 2. Joe Whelan RAAF 3. Tom Woodhouse RAAF 4. Dan Duffy RAAF 5. Norm Cunningham RNZAF 6. Doug Simpson RAAF 7. Chips Woods RNZAF 8. Tom Caracavich RAAF 9. Max Burcher RAAF 10. Rolly White RNZAF 11. Bill Veysey RNZAF Of the above the following I have been able to source information on. 3. Tom Woodhouse RAAF may be from CWGC Flt Sgt Thomas Woodhouse 403846 died 8/11/42. 7. Chips Woods RNZAF may be from CWGC Sgt Robert Alan Francis Woods 411964 Air Gunner with 44 RAF Squadron died 30/5/43. 9. Max Burcher RAAF may be from CWGC WO Reginald Maxwell Burcher 411440 died 30/7/43. 10. Rolly White RNZAF may be from CWGC Sgt William George Henry White 41717 Air Gunner with 75 RAF Squadron died 17/12/42. 11. Bill Veysey is from CWGC Sgt William John Veysey 404583 W.Op/Air Gnr with 9 RAF Squadron died 31/1/43. Information on the circumstances surrounding his loss would be appreciated. As far as the remainder of these airmen are concerned I have been unable at this stage to find any details. It is made harder I appreciate by the fact that I only have 'Nicknames' as given by my father on the back of photo. If forum members are able to assist me I would be most grateful. Copy of the photo can be supplied if any would like to have it. Regards, Rob Jerram. ....Read More.RobJ on 13th August 2009 11:25:15
For Errol Martin: Stirling EF215, 75 Sqn, 4/5 Mar 44Errol, On rafcommands forum on 18 March 2007, you wrote: "Loss of Stirling EF215/M, 75 Sqn, 4/5 Mar 44" Since publication of the entry below in the second vol of my trilogy 'For Your Tomorrow' it has been suggested to me that this aircraft crashed on the 1250 metre high Puy Mandon. Can anyone confirm this, please, and also clarify exactly where Puy Mandon is located (have checked some websites but what little there is there seems to relate mostly to daring souls chucking themselves off the top in hang gliders). Many thanks in advance for any assistance offered. Errol "Sat 4/Sun 5 Mar 1944 BOMBER COMMAND SOE operations to various drop zones (by 76 aircraft - 3 lost) 75 (NZ) Squadron, RAF (Mepal, Cambridgeshire - 3 Group) Stirling III EF215/M - took off at 2051 on SOE Operation TRAINER 124, to drop supplies in the Puy-de-Dôme west of Clermont-Ferrand, and flew into a mountain side near Rochefort-Montagne, 25km WSW of Clermont-Ferrand. Taken into custody by the French Police and later made a prisoner of the Germans, the RAF mid-upper gunner was knocked unconscious in the crash but otherwise unhurt. He awoke to find himself the sole survivor. His six comrades are buried at Clermont-Ferrand. The Squadron had dispatched 14 of its aircraft that night, but dense low cloud down to 500 feet, coupled with ground haze, prevented all but four making their drops. Captain: NZ404978 Sqn Ldr Raymond Johnson WATSON, DFC, RNZAF - Age 27. 967hrs. 43rd op(?) Navigator: NZ421713 Fg Off Hugh William HENDERSON, RNZAF - Age 24. 382hrs. 9th or 10th op. Wireless Op: NZ421977 Plt Off Arthur Stanley JONES, RNZAF - Age 28. 289hrs. 13th op. Rear Gunner: NZ42349 Flt Sgt Robert James Ian MELVILLE, RNZAF - Age 26. Watson, lost on his 8th op with the Squadron, had previously completed a tour in the Middle East with 162 Sqn, RAF." Note: the non-New Zealanders were: Sgt C Beech (+) Flt Sgt R M Woods (+) Sgt C B Armstrong (PoW) During an other research I found on a french forum a witness of the crach. You'll find find a map of the monument erected to the fallen crew at this link: The monument at this link: With this map you'll can find the place of the crash which was 700 meters South-East from the actual monument at the altitude of 1232 meters just on the border of the road D983. You'll also see that Clermond-Ferrand is North East. Here's also a link to a french newspaper article: The man named Oleg Gorchaerse was with a scout team at the moment of the crash and remembers very well this crash. When Oleg arrived at the crash site, nearly all had been taken away by the germans but he remembers having found in the aircraft a strange syringe with written on it 'Morphyn' and some french languages leaflets. He didn ....Read More.Bruno on 28th December 2009 09:48:59
Assistance sought with escort fighter incidents on Ramrods, Oct.-Nov. 1944Steve I have checked the 126 Sqn ORB This is what I can find. 28.10.44 'S/L Plagis led sqn of 12 A/C on RAMROD1350 escort to 257 Halifax and Lancaster bombing Cologne..................6 of our A/C landed on the continent but later returned to base.' F/L J Flinterman 1420 - 1630 F/O A Tate 1420 - 1620 F/L L Frost 1420 - 1720 F/O G Vullers 1420 - 1720 F/O J Rae 1420 - 1535 F/O G Tunnadine 1420 - 1630 S/L J Plagis 1420 - 1535 F/L J Garden 1420 - 1720 W/O J Borbay 1420 - 1635 W O K Loe 1420 - 1710 F/S J Luffman 1420 - 1510 F/O E Cousins 1420 - 1635 No further details but was probably due to weather. 6.11.44 Sqn of 13 A/C led by W/C Bird Wilsonwilt S/L Plagis leading a section of 4 on RAMROD 1361 escorting 200 Lancasters bombing GELSENKIRCHEN. Uneventful escort, flak intense and accurate in target area. 3 A/C landed on continent but later returned to base. F/L R Pearce 1305 - 1545 F/O G Tunnadine 1305 - 1545 S/L J Plagis 1305 - 1545 F/S J Bolton1305 - 1545 P/O J Grant 1305 - 1545 F/O G Vullers 1305 - 1545 F/O F Rae 1305 - 1545 W/C Bird Wilson 1305 - 1545 F/L J Garden 1305 - 1430 F/L M Woods 1305 - 1500 F/L G Braidwood 1305 - 1430 Sgt J Daltry 1305 - 1325 F/O A Durham 1305 - 1605 2 October 1944, Ramrod 1306, troop concentrations SE of Arnhem 322 Sqn.: 1 A/C landed S. of Eindhoven - F/O P A Cramerus but no further detail in ORB. Regards Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 20th February 2010 04:31:42
430201 - Unaccounted airmen - 1-2-1943What were the places of death registration for: A - Died of wounds or injuries received on active service: Sgt (WOp/Ag) Ernest GREENWOOD - 1030029. B - Died on active service: AC2 George E. BROWN - 1804479; AC1 Walter W.J. CLAMP - 1287373 - age 43 - 909/910 (Balloon) Sqn (East Ham, London); AC2 Edward H. STANBROOK - 1872646; LAC Robert H. STEVENSON - 1348051, and AC2 William WOOD - 1416907 - age 28. C - Proposed aircraft loss: Whitley VII - Z9135 - 3 (C)OTU - crashed in forced landing Hubberts Bridge, Lincolnshire (already as a casualty on this a/c: F/O T.E. BACH - RCAF J/22560). Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 7th March 2010 10:59:14
430201 - Unaccounted airmen - 1-2-1943Hi Henk Sgt (WOp/Ag) Ernest GREENWOOD - 1030029. - he has been mentioned on a previous thread as a possibility for 7 (C) OTU, Wellington, HX430 AC2 George E. BROWN - 1804479; - Stratford, Warwickshire AC1 Walter W.J. CLAMP - 1287373 - age 43 - 909/910 (Balloon) Sqn (East Ham, London); - Ilford, Essex AC2 Edward H. STANBROOK - 1872646; - Biggleswade, Beds (CWGC states 2 Feb 1943) LAC Robert H. STEVENSON - 1348051, - not Eng/Wales AC2 William WOOD - 1416907 - age 28. - Millom, Cumberland Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 7th March 2010 11:05:52
Anti Aircraft Co Operation UnitsColin, Hi, In the immediate post-WW2 and for a few year after we are still in Air Ministry territory, rather than MoD. The THUM flights from Woodvale, for example, were contracted out to Short Brothers & Harland. Short Bros may have employed pilots to do this job (and, maybe, the AACU) who had been recently released from the RAF. Some may have been operational on the types that they were now being required to fly as civilians. Nevertheless, I suspect that Air Min laid it down tbat they had to have a formal Conversion Course. In some cases it might have been only 10 minutes on the ground with the "student pilot" (recently off a sqn operating that type!) being able to convince the instructor that he knew which switch/knob did what and when! HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 11th May 2010 12:20:09
Ju 88, Woodbridge, 25/6/1944Hi All ... No, not the one that got lost and turned up as a surprise present for the RAF. The latest project is looking at the emergency airfield at RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk. (From the ORB, absolutely amazing how some of those a/c made it back home, and the damage described). Anyway, in the ORB there's an entry dated 24/6/1944 (although also a reference further on, of the bodies being recovered on 25th following the 'crash at 00.20') referring to a Ju 88 'shot down at Wantisden Heath, 2 miles from Woodbridge'. Three Luftwaffe aircrew were found killed in the wreck and 1 injured crewman taken to Ipswich Hospital. A fifth crew member's body was then found on 26th. The funerals took place at Woodbridge Cemetery on 28th and the dead were named as Lt H G Kasper Oblt G Hupka Uffz B Morweiser and Uffz P Werkhausen. (No name given for the guy who was captured). Just wondering if anyone has any info about this Ju 88, it's identity / unit, whether it had been on an intruder op (night fighter?) or on a bombing raid, and how it may have been brought down: by anti-aircraft fire or by one of our n/f's. As always, very hopeful that one of our experts will know! Cheers Ian ....Read More.ianh on 18th August 2010 03:53:24
July 1942Dear Malcolm "2. McCORMICK, TERENCE (590892) RAF - age Unknown was killed on 9 Jul with No 5 (C) OTU, who lost two aircraft that day, Hampden I, AE137 and P2100, which if any was he in?" Hampden File P2100 5OTU 19/7/42 Flew into a hill 2m SW of Maybole, Ayrshire. Sgt WE Rayner (K) Training AE137 50Sq 5-6/8/41 Missing, cause not known. Sgt DG Fothergill, Sgt SO Hirschfield, Sgt H Smith, Sgt A Davies. All buried Reichswald. Bombing Karlsruhe. Hampden & Hereford Crash Log P2100 5(C)OTU 19/7/42 Flew into steep hill in good visibility at 10.45 hrs and burnt, Mockrum Wood, 2m SW of Maybole, Ayrshire. Local flying One killed, Cat E AE137 5(C)OTU 9/7/42 Stalled and spun in at 11.07 hrs after engine failure, one mile east of Turnberry airfield. Local Flying training. One killed. Cat E Both entries for P2100 are on the 19th not the 9th. It looks like the Crash Log may have your man.... Hampden File is very different! Happy hunting James ....Read More.James Castle on 27th August 2010 05:44:09
Wellington VIII HX774Col This may have nothing to do with the Wellington crash but less than 12 hours after F/Sgt. Sorensen and three of his crew were found in the sea off Brest Rock, Turnberry, the Scottish Statutory Death records indicate that four other aircrew were found in Mochrum Wood, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire at 3.45 p.m. on 7 August 1943. They were as follows : - F/O John Henry Willox Johnstone 414043 RAAF (Pilot) F/Sgt. Eric Douglas Lee 414413 RAAF (Obs). F/Sgt. Sydney Raymond Greer 417028 RNZAF (W.Op/AG) F/O Leslie Norman Buttimore 417194 RNZAF (W.Op/AG) On 23 August 1943, the body of Sgt. Robert Davie-Speirs 1382723 RAF (W.Op/AG) was found in the sea 1 mile off Culzean, Ayrshire. Could it be just co-incidence that another aircraft was lost in the same area on the same date? Certainly Kirkoswald is no more than 6 miles from Turnberry and Culzean is only another 6-7 miles North of Turnberry. Best wishes Douglas ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 27th August 2010 11:19:12
Wellington VIII HX774Hello Douglas, Buttimore, Greer, Johnstone and Lee were lost on the 7-8-1943 in No.1 TTU Hampden TB.I X3026, which flew into a high hill in low cloud and rain at Mochrum Wood, 2 miles west of Maybole. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 27th August 2010 11:27:09
Wellington VIII HX774Dear Col It looks like Mochrum Wood was a dangerous place. See Malcolm's thread on July 1942.... Hampden & Hereford Crash Log P2100 5(C)OTU 19/7/42 Flew into steep hill in good visibility at 10.45 hrs and burnt, Mockrum Wood, 2m SW of Maybole, Ayrshire. Local flying One killed, Cat E Best wishes James ....Read More.James Castle on 27th August 2010 12:45:42
Wellington VIII HX774[QUOTE=COL BRUGGY;52846]Hello Douglas, Buttimore, Greer, Johnstone and Lee were lost on the 7-8-1943 in No.1 TTU Hampden TB.I X3026, which flew into a high hill in low cloud and rain at Mochrum Wood, 2 miles west of Maybole. Col.[/QUOTE] Col / Henk Thanks for the information. Douglas ....Read More.Theletterwriter on 27th August 2010 05:06:31
New Zealand Airman.Hi, Steve, I missed your posting at the end of July and am very pleased that I just stumbled upon it. I have a wealth info for you on Eric, including a 2005 letter from him and a copy of his 10 or so page mini-memoir highlighting his RNZAF wartime career, complete with many photos. Well, my photocopy of a copy is hardly ideal, but I'll scan the pages for you. With luck you'll be able to get a better quality copy from Eric himself. He is still listed in the phone book at the same address where I wrote him in the early 1990s...will send you contact details in a few hours, when I get a chance. You have probably seen at least two of the three photos of him in the collection of the Australian War Memorial; ID Numbers SEA0243 and 0244 list him by name in the captions. Also, he is unnamed, wearing the hat (and a jacket, unlike in the other two photos), in 0242. 0243's AWM caption erroneously flips the identities of Lt. John Kerr and Eric's friend and fellow RNZAF pilot/prisoner F/Lt Cliff Emeny RNZAF (a Mossie pilot shot down in Burma, and a Defiant air gunner who survived considerable air combat with 264 Sqn during the Battle of Britain). Speaking of Cliff Emeny, Eric O. was the main speaker about 5 years ago at the New Zealand book launching of "The Three Wings, Cliff Emeny's Story" by Tom Woods -- which was based on Tom's extensive interviews with Cliff. It's an excellent book about a fascinating character, with much about Rangoon Jail, and it includes photos 0242 and 0243, with captions. (That's how I know Eric is in 0242...and he is also wearing the same hat and jacket in another photo in the book.) Cliff, Eric, and several other ex-Rangoon Jail POWs, including W/Cdr Lionel Hudson RAAF, volunteered to stay behind to organize the repairs on Mingaladon aerodrome (Rangoon's airfield). I have a copy of W/Cdr Hudson's report on this activity -- I bet I sent it to you at some point. The Emeny book provides even more detail. I will scan the materials this weekend and will then e-mail you. Cheers, Matt ....Read More.Matt Poole on 3rd September 2010 02:15:59
New Zealand Airman.[QUOTE=Matt Poole;53188] "The Three Wings, Cliff Emeny's Story" by Tom Woods -- which was based on Tom's extensive interviews with Cliff. It's an excellent book ... Matt[/QUOTE] Matt, Sadly, I have to disagree with you on this, I'm afraid. I sent in the following letter to the New Zealand monthly mag, 'Pacific Wings' in 2005. They declined to publish it for reasons that I shall not go into here, but my comments are still valid: Reviewer Janic Geelen in your August issue describes Tom Woods’ recently published biography of Cliff Emeny, The Three Wings, as ‘a magnificent job in telling it as it was’ and that it ‘excels in the little details about the people cliff met’, and endorses it unconditionally as being ‘highly recommended’. To the contrary, this work regrettably contains copious errors and promotes many old and long ago discredited myths, such as the claim that the RAF’s daytime Defiant operations on one occasion shot down 37 ‘enemy bombers [sic]’ without losing a plane’. Most of the photographs are poorly reproduced and some strangely captioned - e.g. Vilderbeeste 111 [sic], while Blenheims are described as Beauforts (ironically pictured on a Valentine’s ‘aircraft recognition’ card). Woods’ account appears to be little more than a verbatim record of interviews conducted when his subject was in his 80th year. As historians well know, reliance on such ancient though sincerely held memories is always fraught with danger, especially when an author fails to carry out elementary research and cross checking. Of particular concern to me, as compiler of volumes on casualties, is an entry on page 179 where Emeny tells of the death in a Mosquito training accident of ‘a young New Zealand pilot’ of 45 Squadron who ‘hadn’t been very well trained’. Albeit unnamed in the book, the man referred to is easily identified as Flight Lieutenant John Harper Reeves of Hororata. Though ‘young’, Reeves was in fact only six weeks Emeny’s junior and prior to enlistment had been nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. He was a very experienced pilot with over 1500hrs to his credit (including almost a year as flying instructor), some 160 being on the Mosquito, including a long ferry flight out from the UK to India. Emeny’s memory further played him false in stating Reeves came from Rakaia and that he crashed ‘on his first run’ (it was the second) and ‘into the target’ (he didn’t). There is a similar account earlier on regarding the accidental death of 45 Squadron’s CO, Wing Commander Stumm, also in a Mosquito; again the implication (and again the pilot unnamed) is that pilot error was solely to blame. No mention is made of the fact that Stumm’s aircraft was observed both from the air and on the ground to suffer catastrophic structural failure. The Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Far East, no less, in his remarks upon the Court of Inquiry’s findings of pilot error regarding Reeves’ crash, was of the view that in light of more recent investigations ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 3rd September 2010 03:55:25
RNZAF Flt/Srgt S.R.Greer Turnberry Scotland 1943Ken/Alex, There were two Hampden crashes on Mochrum Wood/ Mochrum Hill, P2100 on 19/7/42 and X3026 on 7/8/43 which confuses the locations somewhat. Back in the mid eighties my friend and I found wreckage at two different locations with the aid of the farmer at Mochrum Farm. First location of wreckage was just below the summit around the track on the South face which consisted of small pieces dug out by rabbit burrows, part of a bomb sight and some melted parts. Second location was in the woods next to a cattle trough at a spring on the south side and consisted of engine cowls and small airframe parts possible left by the recovery crews. Without part numbers for a clue it would be impossible to say which aircraft belongs to the wreckage. The crash at Balig farm was Beaufighter X8263 of 488 sqn which hit the hillside not long after takeoff on 7/8/43 . The crew were two Sgt.'s from Newzealand, D.G Masters(Nav) and R.C O'Gara (Pilot) both are buried at Knighton Cemetery, Radnorshire. From my files we located the crash site with the aid of the farmer from Balig and found some small parts on the hill above the farm. Greer and Lee were on Hampden X3026. PM me with 'e'mail address if you would like a map. Alan. ....Read More.AL90 on 28th July 2011 07:14:04

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