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Sergeant Gordon William COX (1381469) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Wireless Op./Air Gunner

Circumstances of Death: Lost in aircraft Blenheim IV T2254

Death of Death 1942-06-26 Age : 22 years.

Served in 13 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : II. H. 15. at Schoonselhof Cemetery, Belgium


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Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Aircraft Name: Blenheim IV T2254 Date of Crash: 26 Jun 42 Unit 13 Sqdn Airfield /Crash Location , Belgium
Aircrew details
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantGordon William COX (1381469) Wireless Op Blenheim IV T2254  IBCC 1942-06-2613 Sqdn AIR27 BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery
Flying OfficerPeter Huxly LOOKER (45339) Pilot Blenheim IV T2254  IBCC 1942-06-2613 Sqdn AIR27 BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery
Flight SergeantWilliam George O'NEILL (404496) Observer Blenheim IV T2254  IBCC 1942-06-2613 Sqdn AIR27 BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Mistery man - E H TurnerIn the night of June 25/26th 1942 a 13 Sqdn Blenheim Mk IV crashed near Aartselaar in Belgium. This was Blenheim T2254, OO-A, crewed by F/O P.H.Looker 45339 RAF, F/Sgt W.G.O'Neill 404496 RNZAF and Sgt G.W.Cox 1381469 RAFVR, all KIA. They had taken of from RAF Wattisham at 2350 hrs on 25.06.1942 for an intruder mission to the Nachtjagd base at Venlo. The airmen were buried at the Schoonselhof cemetery. In 1944 Sgt Cox's brother Geoffrey who was with the medical corps managed to visit his brother's grave and sent a letter home to his mother in which he mentioned that the Germans had actually recovered the remains of a fourth airmen named Turner! I found this most intriguing and started to look for evidence, first with the CWGC who were kind enough to advise that because of their workload it would take them quite some time to revert. Then I thought of asking the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva who kindly provided me with copies of all the German documents they had in their archive and that were related to my research. These confirmed that the Germans indeed identified messrs O'Neill and Cox, obviously by means of their ID tags, an E H Turner by means of a Mae West bearing his name and finally an unidentified airman. Turner and the unidentified man were buried in one grave. From eye-witness reports I learned that all of the remains were carried away from the crash in just two caskets. From info contained in the MR&ES casualty report I now know that the MR&ES people looked into the matter in 1947 and that it was confirmed that the "double grave" contained the remains of only one man which had to be F/O Looker. The same report also mentions German death cards stating that the aircraft crashed at 02:39 hrs on the 26th following FLAK damage. This has provided a fascinating sideline story to my ongoing research into the history of Blenheim T2254 and its unfortunate crew but I've often wondered who E H Turner may have been... I hear it was not uncommon for airmen to exchange items of flying kit for want of better fit or what have you and that this has led to misidentification of casualties in a number of cases. When I contacted the RAF Personnel Agency they could not help me any further and there's no E H Turner listed on the CWGC website either. I understand that airmen were allocated their items of flying kit upon arrival at their squadron and that in between flights this kit was kept at a "store". Would each squadron on a multi squadron station (13's home station at that time was RAF Odiham) have its own flying kit store or would this be a centralised affair? Any comments, tips or suggestions will be much appreciated. TIA Walter ....Read More.Walter Lindekens on 17th November 2008 02:44:49
13 Squadron RAF History (moved)Hello , Some N° 13 losses over Belgium : 15/05/1940 Bierbeek - Meerdaal Bos Lysander II 10H00 Oblt Fronhöfer Wilhelm (9./JG26) probably Recce N-1260 13Sqn OO- Authie P/O Ollerenshaw Allan Christie piloot 41729 (KIA) 19 year Auckland City NZ LAC Lucas Charles Francis gunner 937157 KIA) Newcastle-on-Tyne 01/01/1917 Buried at the Louvain-Leuven cemetery 26/06/1942 Wilrijk - Aartselaar Blenheim IV Flak on 0239 uur Intruder / Venlo airfield T-2254 13Sqn OO-I Wattisham P/O Looker Peter H piloot 45339 (KIA) 1920 Kingston 22 year F/S O'Neill William G observer 404496 RNZAF (KIA) 20/05/1920 , Son of Edward and Emily O'Neill (nee Moore) of Kaikohe Sgt Cox Gordon W wop 1381469 (KIA) 22 jyear Schoonselhof cemetery Antwerp 26/06/1942 Houwaart Blenheim IV Oblt Von Bonin Eckart-Wilhelm /Fw Johrden Friedrich 6./NJG 1 01H38 7the victory Intruder / St-Trond - St Truiden airfield Z-6084 13Sqn OO-F Wattisham F/O Frith Peter G piloot 111953 (KIA) 19 jaar Sgt Vinter Henry H W observer 1250069 (KIA) Sgt Plant Robert T wop 1291941 (KIA) Houwaart cemetery Regards Alain12 ....Read More.Alain12 on 4th February 2019 01:18:55
13 Squadron Intruders opsHi Alain What I can get from Warner's "Blenheim" is:- 30/31/5/42 N3616,13 Sqn. lost supporting 1000 Plan raid P/O R Cundy( Boulogne East), Sgt R Stevenson(Calais Canadian) and Sgt J Bennet(Runnymede) all KIA when the a/c came down in the sea 01/02/6/42 Z6186,13 Sqn.Op to Venlo. F/Lt D Redman, F/Sgt P Enna, F/Sgt T Trimmer all KIA.Buried in Reichswald.(Possibly moved there by CWGC) 25/26/06/42 Z6084,13 Sqn.Op to St Truiden, shot down by NJG1, P/O P Frith, Sgt H Vinter, Sgt R Plant all KIA ,buried in Hewaart Churchyard T2254 also shot down by NJG1, F/O P Looker, F/Sgt W O'Neill RNZAF, Sgt G Cox all KIA buried at Schoonselhof Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 26th May 2008 01:28:56
Bristol Blenheim Mk IV - T2254The above Blenheim has been the object of ongoing research for quite a few years now and although I've amassed quite a bit of information already I wonder if any of the kind folk on this forum might contribute a bit more! Following information is provided by the Aircraft Movement Card held by the RAF Museum : - taken on charge by RAF on 31.08.40 she was allocated to 27 MU (Maintenance Unit) - allocated to 40 Sqdn on 05.09.40 but this was changed to 18 Sqdn the same day - suffered a Cat “B” accident on 04.12.40 and repaired by SAS (Servicing Aircraft Section) Airwork - taken on charge by 23 MU on 24.02.41 - transferred to 19 MU on 19.03.41 - taken on charge by 13 Sqdn on 23.07.41 - after a flying accident Cat “AC” taken allocated to 43 Grp D/A (43 Group Deposit Account – a list of aircraft awaiting, or undergoing, repair or modifiation) on 16.08.41 - handed over to CRO (Civilian Repair Organisation) for reparation on site on 22.08.41 - taken over again by 13 Sqdn on 11.09.41 - Cat “AC” flying accident on 09.03.42, repaired on site by CRO - taken on charge again by 13 Sqdn on 24.03.42 T2254's service life ended when it crashed near Aartselaar in Belgium on 26.06.1942 at 02:39 hrs after being damaged by FLAK. F/O Looker, Flt/Sgt O'Neill and Sgt Cox lost their lives. As you can see above the a/c suffered three flying accidents, the last of which I was able to identify because Flt/Sgt O'Neill actually described it in one of his letters to his mother. As for the two others, the RAF Museum do not hold the Aircraft Accident Card for T2254 so would there be any other sources where one could find either this document or other info about the accidents? Their is no mention of these accidents in the 18 Sqdn or 13 Sqdn ORB's. As for T2254's service with 18 Sqdn - would anyone be able to give me the aircraft's individual code letter? A photograph would be even better! For the record, during its stay with 13 Sqdn T2254 wore the code letters OO-I . Any help or info will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Walter ....Read More.Walter Lindekens on 12th December 2008 02:44:42
Dominies of No 2 SS, Yatesbury 1940Hi Pavel, I too have an interest in No 2 SS Dominies, developed as a sideline of my ongoing quest to document the history of 13 Sqdn Blenheim T2254 and its unfortunate crew. The Blenheim's Wop/AG Sgt Gordon Cox trained as a Wop at No 2 Signals School in Yatesbury in April/May 1941 and his logbook I find he flew in following Dominies during his stay there : R2485 / R5922 / R 5930 / R 5980 / R5926 / R5948 So as you can see a few of the Dominies you mentioned were still in service at that time. Actually, R5922 is a bit special in that she survived the war and subsequent civilian service and is currently being restored at the Brussels Army Museum (40 min by car - on a Sunday! - from where I live) - I can tell you it was a bit special to stand "face to face" with an aircraft that Sgt Cox had actually flown it. Here's a link giving more details on this aircraft's history and restoration : It may also interest you to know that there is an RAF Yatesbury Association, link below : You can contact their webmaster and archivist Bill Wauxhall via the site, he is a most helpful gentleman. We met when he passed through Belgium last year and he actually went the trouble of visiting the graves of Sgt Cox and his crewmates to put down a wreath in name of the RAF Yatesbury Association! Can I ask why your interest in these aircraft? I would dearly like to find a photo of any of Sgt Cox's Dominies whilst serving with No 2 Signals School but sadly the RAF Yatesbury Association don't have any. Cheers, Walter ....Read More.Walter Lindekens on 15th November 2010 04:29:09
10 S.R.C. BlackpoolDave, Pete, David, Thanks for resurrecting this oldie! Sgt Gordon Cox, Wop/Ag in 13 Sqn's Blenheim T2254 and killed when the a/c crashed on 26/06/42 was posted to No 10 S.R.C. on what looks like 08/11/40 (handwriting on his service record not too clear). One of the photographs that Gordon's niece kindly sent me shows him and a bunch of other young men in front of a stylish arcaded façade. None of the men wear any brevets, chevrons nor cap flashes so early on in their air force careers. One of my UK contacts when shown the photo immediately thought of the Savoy Hotel in Blackpool and a quick internet search indeed found me a photo of the Savoy, one of the façades perfectly matching the one in the photo. Nice touch is that when Gordon's photo is enlarged on the pc one sees a sign behind one of the windows stating "Cocktail Bar is Open"! The fact that the hotel was used as a backdrop to the photo does not imply the men were actually billeted there I guess. The hotel is located on Queen's Promenade (street name changed over the years perhaps?). David, I'd love to see the photo you mention so I can compare with Sgt Cox's. Perhaps we can do a swap, feel free to e-mail me at walterDOTlindekensATtelenetDOTcom. Cheers, Walter ....Read More.Walter Lindekens on 20th January 2013 03:05:31

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