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Sergeant John CRAIG (759047) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Lost in aircraft Hudson I P5131  AIR81/854

Death of Death 1940-06-11 .

Served in 269 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 13. at Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/854Sergeant A R Sherwood: interned in Sweden. Leading Aircraftman A Napier: prisoner of war. Temporary Sergeant J Craig and Sergeant G W Robson: report of deaths; Hudson P5131 over Trondheim Fjord, Norway, 11 June 1940.C14502660
AIR81/5592Pilot Officer H J Craig, Leading Airman G J B Kendall (Royal Navy): killed; aircraft accident, Battle K7472, 1 Flying Training School, 27 March 1941. Note: Related file: 5021C16689690
AIR81/8695Pilot Officer J Craig, Aircraftman G D Hempstead: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Defiant N3378, 255 Squadron, 29 August 1941.C16924537

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 11 Jun 40 Aircraft Name Hudson I Serial Number P5131
Unit 269 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Hudson I P5131

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantJohn CRAIG (759047) Hudson I P5131  AIR81/854 1940-06-11269 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantGeorge William ROBSON (580228) Hudson I P5131  AIR81/854 1940-06-11269 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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421031 - Unaccounted airmen - 31-10-1942Both David Rutter and Harold Reid are given the same serial number by CWGC 400833 The nominall Roll gives Rutter just the number 833. Rutters Nominall Roll, Honour Roll and service file give him as 833, his casualty file gives the 400833 number. Probably where the difference comes from. We would need to see the service file really to confirm? The Casualty files notes actually points out the difference in numbers. Maybe a genuine duplication? There are no numbers in the 830-832, or 834 sequence in the Nominall Roll however. they turn up in the national archives however A9301 series: BOURKE JOHN CRAIG : Service Number - 801 ISHERWOOD ALVYN RAYMOND : Service Number - 831 SEEBER HORACE : Service Number - 830 HEADING BERNARD THOMAS : Service Number - 835 etc etc Seem mainly to be much older men born around 1900-1910 H B Reid Casualty file on the Australian national archives suggests the FL879 serial. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 17th May 2011 12:48:33
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Non-Operational Awards, 1 January 1946 (1)A further 410 awards are now transcribed. This is a long post so I shall divide it into two parts. Format is name - rank - award - date - unit - service (for the uninitiated, PMRAFNS = Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service) Citations provided on request. ADAMS, James Francis Henry, WC - OBE - 460101 - Maintenance Command HQ - RAFVR ADLINGTON, Kenneth Harry, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 460101 - Bishops Court - RAF AGAR-STRATH, Frederick Arthur Agar Hawker, WC - MBE - 460101 - 11 Maintenance Unit - RAF AGNEW, Peter Graeme, WC - MBE - 460101 - Control Commission for Germany - RAFVR ALEXANDER, Henry Victor, WC - MBE - 460101 - South Africa - RAFVR ALLAN, John Craig, SL - MBE - 460101 - Rhodesian Air Training Group HQ - RAFVR ALLEN, William Herbert, FL - MBE - 460101 - Air Ministry Special Duties - RAFVR ALLSOPP, Walter Samuel, SL - MBE - 460101 - VCAS Colonel Turnerís Dept - RAFVR ANDERSON, Frank, WC - OBE - 460101 - 40 Group HQ Maintenance Cmd - RAFVR ANDREW. William Monro, WC - MBE - 460101 - Judge Advocate General Office - RAFVR ARMAND, Clarence Eugene, SL - MBE - 460101 - Ministry of Aircraft Production - RAF ARMSTRONG, William David, SL - MBE - 460101 - Aden - RAFVR ARTHUR, Rene Gilbert, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 460101 - Assistant Chief of Air Staff office - RAF ASHWELL-COOKE, John Raymond, FL - MBE - 460101 - Air Ministry (glider operations) - RAFVR AVERY, Reginald William, Warrant Officer - MBE - 460101 - Halton - RAF BAIRD, William Oliphant, SL - MBE - 460101 - Uxbridge - RAFVR BAKER, John Alfred, Warrant Officer - MBE - 460101 - 108 OTU, Transport Command - RAF BANKS, Margaret Hannah, Sister - ARRC - 460101 - Wroughton Hospital - PMRAFNS BARNETT, Oliver Charles, WC - OBE - 460101 - Judge Advocate General Office - RAFVR BARRETT, Arthur Phil, Corporal - BEM - 460101 - 168 Maintenance Unit, Middle East - RAFVR BARWOOD, Henry Gifford, FL - MBE - 460101 - Air Training Corps - RAFVR BAYLEY, Joan Betty, Section Officer - MBE - 460101 - Perchore, Transport Command - WAAF BEECROFT, Beryl Constance, AGC - OBE - 460101 - WAAF Inspectorate General - WAAF BELLAMY, Donald Holmes, SL - MBE - 460101 - Empire Air Armament School - RAFVR BELSHAM-REVELL, Lawrence Cecil, SL - MBE - 460101 - Aircrew Reception Centre - RAF BENTLEY, Kathleen, Sister - ARRC - 460101 - 3 RAF Hospital, Middle East - PMRAFNS BEST, Gordon Livingstone, GC - OBE - 460101 - 1 Training Cmd, Canada - RAF BILNEY, CNH, AC - CBE - 460101 - Bomber Cmd HQ - RAF BIRD, Hadden Carey, FL - MBE - 460101 - West Africa AHQ - RAFVR BIRLEY, Thomas Eaton Hornby, GC - OBE - 460101 - War Cabinet Office - RAVR BLACKSELL, James Edward, Warrant Officer - MBE - 460101 - Queen Victoria Hospital - RAF BLYTH, Frank, Sergeant - BEM - 460101 - Tech Training Cmd HQ - RAFVR BOND, Leonard Royston, LAC - BEM - 460101 - 52 Squadron - RAF BORTHWICK-CLARKE, Ernest Shakespeare, GC - OBE - 460101 - Hunmanby Moor - RAF BOSWELL, Gramam Leonard Wil ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 15th November 2012 05:33:21
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Liberator B MkVI - KL587 crashed Crete 22 Nov 1945Hi, The only further information I can give you is that Flying Officer Craig, no.187089 was my great uncle. Sadly I never had the pleasure of meeting him. His brothers were David Craig who I believe served on Sunderland flying boats and John Craig who served in the Royal Scots. I bucked the trend by serving on minesweepers in the Royal Navy ! ....Read More.Scott Kenneway on 4th June 2016 03:43:26
70th Aniversary of the Berlin BlockadeAs my modest and INCOMPLETE contribution to Berlin Airlift information, I offer the following: BEACHAM, John Desmond, F/O (193258, RAFVR*) - No.53 Squadron - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 December 1948. Born in Birmingham in 1925. Enlisted in RAF, 1943, and trained in South Africa. Commissioned in March 1945. As a navigator who joined Transport Command in June 1946, this officer was posted to No.31 Squadron in India. There he did valuable work on the evacuation of Service personnel and British civilians from that country at the time of the creation of the Dominions of Pakistan and India. He also carried out many sorties in transferring Nationals to their respective countries. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1948 and joined No.53 Squadron in which he carried out transport schedule and special flights to the Middle East and Western Europe. He obtained a Transport Command “B” Category and his work in the air was characterised by the cheerful and efficient manner in which it was executed . In June 1948 this officer was included in one of the original Dakota crew who carried the first loads into Berlin before any other aircraft were available. Flying first from Wunsdorf and then from Fassberg and Lubeck he has completed 113 sorties to date, some of which have been carried out in the worst possible weather for navigation, both by day and by night. This officer’s first-class work and perfect crew cooperation have ensure the safety of the flights. His skill as a navigator and the calm, steadfast judgement with which he has resolved the difficult situations which have confronted him, together with his consistently high standard of courage, enthusiasm and skill, have been an inspiration and guide to the other air crews and his cooperation with his captain has been a shining example of unbreakable [?]team spirit. BENNETT, William Rhys, Signaller II (960996, Royal Air Force) - No.201 Squadron - Air Force Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 December 1948. Born 1912; joined RAF in June 1940 and signed on again in October 1946. Engineer II Bennett is one of most senior Flight Engineers as regards both age and experience in No.201 Squadron. He has always given outstanding service as an efficient [??] Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and as a most reliable member of his flying crew. His devotion to duty is unstinted at all times. Particularly have those qualities come to the fore during the intensive period of flying, under make-shift conditions, necessitated by the participation of the squadron at short notice in the Berlin Air Lift. He has given a most praiseworthy performance of steady, unswerving zeal and devotion to duty during his 125 hours flying as engineer in the crew of a Sunderland carrying supplies into Berlin. His technical skill, his meticulous care for detail, his keenness and determination have been most marked at all times and his performance in the air has set a ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 24th July 2018 06:33:37
Finding Early Service NumbersHi Steve, I think when building the index, i had to remove numbers less than 10,000 for some vague reason that i cant recall now - so it does not have anything substantial 0-10000. Infact if you open the default page, it is sorted by service number and except for one - the second record starts post 10000. Let me look at the raw files to see if I have any data for the lower numbers that I did not load. Edit: Got these in one of my files - about 229 of them that were not loaded. A P STRANGE 8002 Noel Vivian MORETON 8004 E J MOULE 8005 G E NEWTON 8011 M W NOLAN 8015 F A NORTON 8017 G S ODDIE DFC AFC 8021 E S OSBORN 8022 G L ORMEROD 8023 James Theodore PAINE 8026 Louis Henry PAKENHAMWALSH DFC 8027 Stanley Miles PARK 8029 Lawrence Fleming PENDRED M BEDFC 8034 G A H PIDCOCK 8039 Sydney Leo Gregory POPE DFC AFC 8046 S H POTTER 8047 S L H POTTER 8049 W G PRESTON DFC 8055 R C PRETTY 8056 Ysobel Marian GARLAND 8059 William Edmund PURDIN 8061 Sylvester Lindsay QUINE MC 8062 G W C RAVENHILL 8064 Frank Grenville Argyle ROBINSON DFC 8071 ?? Vs W G FRANKLIN 8084 Barnabas Henry Cross RUSSELL 8085 H J T RUSSELL 8086 N M S RUSSELL 8087 Alfred Clifford SANDERSON DFC 8089 H E F SAUNDERS 8092 R C SAVERY DFC 8095 E A SCALES 8098 Francis Harbroe SHALES 8103 r Phyllis LATOUR 8108 Maureen Patricia OSULLIVAN 8109 James SILVESTER 8110 F W SINCLAIR DFC 8113 Henry Allan SMITH 8117 R S SORLEY OBEDSCDFC 8121 C B S SPACKMAN DFC 8123 R de L STEDMAN 8128 J B STOCKBRIDGE 8132 Robert Bruce SUTHERLAND DFC 8138 Ernest TAYLOR 8145 William Edward THEAK 8147 849938 Herbert Ingram HADLEY 8148 C F TOOGOOD 8151 M J GREENBURG MB BCh MRCS L RCP 8152 Edgar Albert TURNBULL 8156 George Oswald VENN 8161 Claude McClean VINCENT DFC AFC 8164 Leslie Edward VINE 8165 J C WALKER 8169 Sidney Herbert WARE 8175 C B WATERS 8178 Henry WEBB 8181 Sidney Norman WEBSTER AFC 8182 T J WEST MC 8186 A F WHITE 8189 W W WHITEHEAD 8190 Cecil George WIGGLESWORTH AFC 8193 T M WILLIAMS MC DFC 8195 C F C WILSON 8196 Asst Sec Off T V A PARR 8198 Eric BURTON 8202 M H BUTLER DFC 8203 John Henry COOPER MC 8207 Eric Delano BARNES AFC 8218 W W BRADFORD 8225 Frank WOOLLEY OBE DFC 8226 E WORMELL 8227 Gilbert Latham ORMEROD 8230 Frederick Robert WYNNE MBE 8232 William Munro YOOL 8233 K M JONES 8234 Reginald Alfred Charles BRIE 8239 1 F W BROWN 8240 Fawcett Hagbert BUGGE 8241 Harold John COLLINS 8246 Catherine Provan CATHCART 8247 D CRAIK DFC 8248 E CUTHBERT 8249 TECHNICAL BRANCH g LUSH 8254 P A LAMPARD 8258 L E A HEALY OBE B E LAWRANCE 8260 M P LEONARD 8262 M H fNiSBET 8273 S W PEARSON 8275 Madeline Kathleen KEECH MBBS 8286 Gwenth Jean Elizabeth JORDAN MBChB 8287 Alfred William DAWSON 8289 1359799 Seymour Idris Powell WILLIAMS 8329 I354946 Cunningham Borthwick Rankin MURDIK 8351 1182749 Cecil Frederick Edward MURRAY 8352 G C HOWITT 8355 Fig ....Read More.Jagan on 20th July 2019 12:56:48
FAA in home waters March 1941FAA in home waters March 1941 3 - Swordfish - 768 Sqn - a/c serial ? - Pilot name/fate ? 5 - Walrus I - 700 Sqn - P5714. Lt. RS Illingsworth, Lt. OM Cheeks & LA. G Mitchell, all killed. 19 - Roc - 760 Sqn - L3105. S/Lt. W Derbyshire & LA. JWJ Howes, both killed. 23 - Gladiator - 759 Sqn - N2302. S/Lt. P Mittell, killed. 27 - Whitley V - 78 Sqn RAF - Z6470. S/Lt. PJ Hoax, MiD. Killed. 27 - Battle Trainer - 1 SFTS - R7472. P/O. HJ Craig RAF & LA. GJB Kendall, both killed. [url][/url] ....Read More.Alex Smart on 10th September 2019 04:49:03

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