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Sergeant Robert DONALDSON (542626) of the Royal Air Force

Lost in aircraft Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842

Death of Death 1940-06-11 .

Served in 149 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 13. at Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/842Sergeant G B Fleming, Sergeant M Murphy, Sergeant R Donaldson, Pilot Officer J R Swift, Pilot Officer M B Dawson and Flying Officer J S Douglas-Cooper: missing presumed dead; Wellington L7800 failed to return from air operations, 11 June 1940.C14502648
AIR81/1047Sergeant P R Donaldson, Sergeant J P Atkinson, Aircraftman 1st Class A G W Miller, Flight Lieutenant D A Ffrench-Mullen and Pilot Officer W A K Carr: prisoners of war; Whitley N1496 force landed at Heligoland Bight, Germany, 9 July 1940.C14502913
AIR81/9041Sergeant R Donaldson: killed; aircraft accident near Ludford Magna, Spitfire P7522, 65 Squadron, 13 September 1941.C16924883

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 11 Jun 40 Aircraft Name Wellington IC Serial Number L7800
Unit 149 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Wellington IC L7800

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pilot OfficerMichael Benedict DAWSON (42205) Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842 1940-06-11149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantRobert DONALDSON (542626) Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842 1940-06-11149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flying OfficerJohn Stainforth DOUGLAS-COOPER (37964) Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842 1940-06-11149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantGeoffrey Bernard FLEMING (581173) Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842 1940-06-11149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantMichael MURPHY (624178) Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842 1940-06-11149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Pilot OfficerJohn Rupert SWIFT (77213) Wellington I L7800  AIR81/842 1940-06-11149 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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263 Sqn losses over Norway May-June 1940Hi guys, Thanks for the info. There are a number of issues with the info in the Air Britain serials. One example being N5720. In Air Britain it has the aircraft as lost in Norway 04/40. This has also been repeated in Hakans Biplane Aces website. I have a copy of Form 78 the aircraft's movement card. It states that the Gladiator was issued to 6 MU on 06/06/39 and probably went into storage. It then went RAF Turnhouse on 03/05/40. The next entry is for 263 Sqn on 18/05/40. Now on 18th May 263 Sqn was at sea onboard HMS Furious. I believe this date may have been some sort of sensus taken of the aircraft that went to Norway on the 2nd Expedition as another four Gladiators, N5693, N5714, N5719 and N5894 have identical 'movements'. Another Gladiator N5905 is reported as being with the Norway Force on 30th April. As 263 Sqn was in transit from Norway to the UK at this time the aircraft would appear to have been allocated to the Sqn for the 2nd Expedition. I then found a combat report from Sgt Milligan dated 23rd May in which he states he was flying N5720 when he encountered a He111 to the West of Salanger. So from these two documents it is safe to assume that N5720 took part in the 2nd Expedition and not the first as claimed elsewhere. As for N5705 that's a typo on my part. I was looking at an old set of notes and as you mentioned it should be N5908. Hakan, Shores (Fledgling Eagles), Franks (FCL), Mason (Gloster Gladiator) and Air Britain all claim N5705 crashed at Bodo on 26th. Indeed Shores mentions that Grant-Ede was flying this aircraft on 25th May when he shot down a FW200. Grant-Ede's combat reports do not mention any serial number. Yet Form 78 has the aircraft as going to Norway in April. So if Sqn Ldr Donaldson mentions that N5705 was lost on 25th April then do we again assume that the aircraft was in Norway during April? I've ordered a number of reports from the NA concerning 263 Sqn in Norway so maybe I'll unearth some more details. I firmly believe that with carefull scrutiny and cross checking I will eventually identify all Gladiators that took part in these two Expeditions. Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 27th May 2008 05:02:14
Crew of Lancastrian G-AHJW 23/11/1948John, From my trilogy 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume Two: Fates 1943-1998)': Supplementary notes - postwar section Mon 22/Tue 23 Nov 1948 ENGLAND Berlin Airlift - returning from Wunstorf, Germany, to base for routine maintenance Flight Refuelling Ltd (Tarrant Rushton, Dorset) Avro Lancaster III G-AHJW/fleet No 28 - on an evening flight, captained by R M W Heath, flew into trees on fog-covered high ground in Conholt Park at Chute, on the Wiltshire-Hampshire border, coming to rest in a copse close to four cottages, where it burst into flames. Thrown out through the escape hatch with his clothes on fire, the Canadian wireless operator was the sole survivor. His three fellow crew members and a supernumerary crew of four travelling as passengers died in the crash. G-AHJW was a Lancaster which had been converted into a tanker aircraft. Flying under charter in the RAF-USAF Berlin Airlift, it had completed 40 petrol sorties to Berlin. (Radio Officer): Dornford Winstan ROBERTSON, Flight Refuelling Ltd - Age 26. 32 ops. During the Second World War Robertson served as a wireless operator-air gunner in the RNZAF and flew an operational tour with 138 Sqn, RAF. He was one of two New Zealanders to lose their lives in connection with the Airlift (see also entry for I R Donaldson, RAF, under 16 July 1949 in the main body of this work) Note spelling of Robertson's middle name. Robertson was born at Dunedin, New Zealand, on 9 Jul 22 Enlisted with the territorial force of the Army 13 Sep 40 Enlisted in the RNZAF as NZ405577 on 17 Dec 40 as a wireless operator (ground) Embarked for the UK and attachment to the RAF on 29 Apr 41 In 1942 was employed at Mount Batten Signals Section Remustered as a WOp/AG in Jul 43 Joined 138 Sqn and flew 32 ops Was injured in training accident to 138 Sqn Halifax LK736 on 17 May 44 (see Chorley 1944/p226) Commissioned 9 Jan 45 Fg Off 9 Jul 45 Reserve 3 Nov 45 Married in UK Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 2nd September 2009 06:22:55
420708 - Unaccounted airman - 8-7-1942Henk, Grp Capt Churchill was lost as descibed by NiallC. Further details are: A. 27 August (1942) Greater things were afoot, however, for a major strike on the Sicilian airfields had been planned, following the lack of reaction during recent fighter incursions. Just before 1300, ten Spitfires from 185 Squadron headed for Comiso, led by Wg Cdr Thompson and Major Swales, followed five minutes later by eight from 229 Squadron, led by Grp Capt Churchill and Wg Cdr Donaldson, bound for Biscari. Finally, Sqn Ldr Woods led off a further eight of 249 Squadron five minutes after the departure of 229 Squadron. Their target was Gela. B. Plt Off (C H) Parkinson, recounts: "As we passed a large town, Vittoria, my leader fired at a tall building. The rest of the section fired also. In the distance I could see a thick, black column of smoke coming from one of the dromes already attacked. I could hear the boys natter as they went in. At last out objective came into view. Biscari aerodrome. I could see a line of about six bombers on the deck, quite close together. Quarter of a mile from the drome my leader, Group Captain Churchill, was hit by flak, started to smoke, and then burst into flames, rolled on his back and crashed into the ground. Rather shook me!" C. APPENDIX I - ROLL OF HONOUR. Spitfire Pilots killed MALTA 1942. 27/8/42 Grp Capt Walter Myers CHURCHILL DSO DFC Takali Wing Spitfire EP339 D. APPENDIX VIII - SPITFIRES BELIEVED TO HAVE OPERATED AT MALTA 1942. Serial No: EP339 Mode/date of arrival: 'Furious' 11/8/42 Aircraft fate/Pilot fate: Grp Capt W M Churchill's personal aircraft; shot down by AA 27/8/42. Grp Capt Churchill - KIA. See: Spitfires Over Malta:The Epic Air Battles of 1942. Cull,Brian (with Frederick Galea) London:Grub Street,2005 A. p.263 B. p.265 C. p.351 D. p.381 Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 18th February 2010 07:20:52
115 Bomber Sqn Incident "May 1939" Harrow/WellingtonI am now 100% sure quoted date of March 1st is wrong. An article in Saturday 18 March 1939 , Edinburgh Evening News has some more detail on Jakeman's jump Saturday 18 March 1939 , Edinburgh Evening News , Midlothian, Scotland Hung by Foot From Falling ’Plane The terrible ordeal of a young aircraftman, who was suspended head downwards at a height of 2000 feet when his foot caught in a bomb rack as he was making a parachute jump, was revealed in a letter sent to his mother in Newcastle yesterday. The youth, who had a remarkable escape from death, was Aircraftman James G. Summers, stationed at Marham, Norfolk. The bomber, he explained, was engaged in manoeuvres when it developed engine trouble, and the pilot ordered the crew to take to their parachutes. Summers was climbing through a trapdoor when his foot caught, and he was left suspended in mid-air with the aeroplane losing height all the time. Eventually he wrenched his foot from his flying boot, freed himself, and with the aid of his parachute floated gently to earth. There he was faced with ... with a five mile walk, wearing only one boot, to the police station at Sudbury, where preparations for a search party to hunt for him were being made. RAF Marham: The Operational History of Britain's Front-Line Base from 1916 to the Present Day by Delve quotes March 1st, but I have also seen March 15th quoted The ORB says March 16th Marham No 115 Sqn 16.3.39 In night operations over the North Sea the starboard engines of Harrow K6969 cut out at 12,000 feet. The captain acting Flight-Lieutenant L. Vincent, who was at the controls, headed for land but could not maintain height owing to the heavy load. At 1,500 feet over Sudbury, Suffolk the wireless operator an the two air gunners were ordered to abandon the aircraft, their names being:- 526604 AC1 Jakeman, A J 550390 AC1 Smith G K 521969 AC1 Summers J G On abandoning the aircraft by the light series bomb carrier hatch amidships, AC1 Jakeman had the unpleasant experience of having his flying boot catch in the bomb rack. With great difficulty he managed to reach up and release his foot from the boot. All three airman made successful descents, the captain and his second pilot, Pilot Officer O R Donaldson, found that the aircraft was lightened sufficiently to effect a landing at Marham The failure of the starboard engine was due to a cylinder head blowing off Based on the available info I assume this incident happened night of 15th March/16th March. Jakeman immediately wrote to his mother on 16th (to tell her he was ok), she got letter on 17th and the press reported it on 18th (says she received letter "yesterday") I am updating my files to record date 15th March 1939 with this note Note: Vincent was made acting Flight-Lieutenant on 2nd March 1939 ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 10th July 2015 03:41:52
Allotment of service numbers - Middle East 1940Paul Thank you for the reply. I have compiled a many of the service men that I was able to identify via London Gazette and/or CWGC. Listed below. Perhaps some of the forum members have more information on the enlistment of some of them. In any case some might fight the list useful. KUHLE (776088), KEEL (776090), and ARNESEN (776100) were all transferred from Kenya Regiment w.e.f. 19 September 1940. Mikkel Last name, Name (NCO-service number/CO-service number, if known) PITTOCK, Jack Howard (776000/122818) JOHNSTON, Peter Simpson Dickson (776002/) PAGE, Neville Hamilton (776003/) SHAW, James Blyton (776005/116916) NAYLOR, Kenneth (776006/) SCOTT, George Richard (776007/65541) SHUTTLEWORTH, Harold Raymond (776009/65543) WILSON, Michael Fulton Campbell (776010/160062) WHITE, Rodney William (776012/65512) TWEEDIE, Graham Calderwood (776013/) REYNOLDS, Herbert Gordon (776015/65511) BUDD, John Comyns (776017/115859) BLACKBURNE, Dennis Ivor (776018/118994) LEACH, Stephen John (776020/65510) MOLE, Arthur Howard (776021/) WHILES, Stanley Dennis (776023/) DATE, Gerald (776027/) WISHART, Lindley Miller (776028/) HURLEY, John Joseph (776030/66003) EDGE, Richard (776032/66002) CASSAR, Henry John (776034/) DU PLOOY, Stephen Gerald (776035/128959) KUHLE, RAF, Knud Fleming van der Aa (776036/) PILLING , Hector Garrick (776038/65540) SHILLITOE, Peter Gerald (776039/65542) JONES, George (776041/) FLINT, Kenneth Fielder (776043/65535) CALLENDER, Charles Francis (776046/68777) CAUCHI, Anthony William (776048/) DAGSETH, Hans Torleif Erik (776052/101472) JENKINSON, George Richard (776054/126848) BAKER, J. H. (776057/) COWEN, Geofrey Brian (776058/) TRIDWELL, Gordon Frederick (776059/64879) MAGSON, Roland William (776060/) NAPER, Merrick Oliver Lenox (776061/136171) DOCKER, Frederick Alfred MacDonald (776062/) RAVN, Hans (776065/65984) NIGHTINGALE, Ernest Ivo (776067/) ANDERSON, William Muir (776068/175201) KENNEDY, David Charles (776073/101471) RIDLEY, Jack Leigh (776074/160042) HIRST, Reginald Frank William (776076/) PARK, Douglas Stewart (776077/130676) SMITHYMAN, Wilfred Reginald (776078/120870) NASH, Robert (776079/136021) HARVEY, Lynn (776080/101473) HILL, Robert George McMahon (776081/116106) HULLNECK, Gilbert Rodney (776085/) BOON, Denis Murdock (776086/) WORTHINGTON, Robert Bell (776087/) KUHLE, Sven Eric (776088/113841) KEEL, Poul Ulrik Axel (776090/101474) PITKIN, Roy Livingstone (776091/) DAVIDSON, Malcom Stuart (776092/65981) COWLEY, George Stanley (776094/130830) BIGGAR, William Sproat (776095/112483) HELBERG, Fritjov (776096/) MCDERMOTT, John Henry (776098/169904) GUNN, Ian Donald (776099/162633) ARNESEN, Arne Oddvar (776100/117460) HALL, Martin Selby (776101/117616) FIGGIS, Claude Lawrence Dundas (776102/157698) HILTON, John Robert (776105/139815) TWEEDIE, Douglas Noel (776106/112439) DURHAM, Royce Harold (776107/143684) KOPPERUD, Kaare Magnus (776108/118405) BRENT, Trevor Montague (776117/) JOHANSEN, Erling Ulleberg (776119/68414) KROGSBØL, ....Read More.Mikkel Plannthin on 27th December 2016 02:36:26
Flt Sgt Callender RCAF (VC!) February 15th 1944Hello, Another "Callander RCAF": 6/7-6-1944 No.407 Sqn RCAF Wellington III HF149 Missing from anti-submarine patrol. C1462 S/L (Pilot) Desmond William FARRELL RCAF + J26823 F/O (Pilot) William Phoenix JOHNSTON RCAF + J21741 F/O (Nav.) Alexander Donaldson CALLANDER RCAF + (401 Sqn on CWGC) J8644 F/L (WAG) Wallace Hilton BROWN DFC RCAF+ J86816 P/O (WAG) Clarence John HALL RCAF + J17847 F/O (WAG) Eric Charles Noel KENT RCAF + All commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 15th March 2018 07:26:21
Gladiator II N5908 Photo NorwayA very interesting photo. Personally I've long believed N5908 was not on HMS Glorious when it was sunk. In the signals traffic of the North Western Expeditionary Force there is a signal identifying the aircraft "crashed" on take off at Bodo by Jack Falkson on the 26th May as N5908 - the aircraft in the photo. Most secondary sources (Fledgling Eagles, Fighter Command Losses and AB RAF serials) identify the aircraft in this 26th May incident as N5705, but the Form 78 for that aircraft indicates strongly (specifically the authority by which it was struck off charge) that it was in fact lost during the first expedition and not the second. Sqn Ldr Donaldson's draft report on the first expedition tends to confirm this - indicating N5705 was the aircraft force-landed in the snow by Dudley Forrest through failing to change over to main fuel tank on 24th April 1940. So perhaps what we're looking at with this photo is the aftermath of Falkson's accident, perhaps added to by some attempt to destroy the aircraft on evacuation? NiallC ....Read More.NiallC on 20th January 2019 05:16:46

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