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Flying Officer Tom FRANKS (62319) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Lost in aircraft Whitley V BD272  IBCC

Death of Death 1943-01-06 .

Served in 10 OTU

Burial/Commemoration Details : Panel 124. at Runnymede Memorial, United Kingdom

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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8357Sergeant H Needle, Sergeant S Ambrose: killed; Flight Sergeant M J Leahy: died of injuries; Flight Sergeant N F T Goldsmith: injured; Pilot Officer F W Sturmey, Pilot Officer T Franks, Pilot Officer A J Mulligan: uninjured; aircraft crashed at RAF Roborough on return from operational flight over Brest Harbour, France, enemy action, Flying Fortress AN523, 90 Squadron, 15 August 1941.C16924199

London Gazette Mentions

NumberName /Text London Gazette Details
62319998099 Tom FRANKSLondon Gazette issue : 35134 , Dated 1941-04-11 , Download #35134
62319T FRANKSLondon Gazette supplement : 35634 , Dated 1942-07-14 , Download #35634

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 06 Jan 43 06 Jan 43 Aircraft Name Whitley V Serial Number BD272
Unit 10 (C) OTU Operating Airfield Country United Kingdom
Aircrew details
Source Coastal Command and Fleet Air Arm Losses Forum Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Whitley V BD272

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerTom FRANKS (62319) Whitley V BD272  IBCC 1943-01-0610 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flying OfficerHenry Jack GODFREY (46212) Whitley V BD272  IBCC 1943-01-0610 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantRaymond JOHNSON (941850) Whitley V BD272  IBCC 1943-01-0610 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantHerbert WATTS (967613) Whitley V BD272  IBCC 1943-01-0610 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantRichard Stanley WILLIAMS (657974) Whitley V BD272  IBCC 1943-01-0610 OTU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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2 Blenheims from 4 (Continental Ferry Flight), 18/06/1940There are a number of mentions of his missions with 21 Squadron in "Valiant Wings: Battle and Blenheim Squadrons over France" by Norman Franks. As a final comment Franks states that he was killed in 4 Ferry Pool. A ....Read More.Amrit on 6th April 2008 07:22:54
Spitfire L1093 54 SquadronHi Dave This may confuse matters but Franks FCL Losses Vol 1 has this a/c as Scrambled at 1855 and shot down off Dover flown by P/O S J A Evershed who was killed, and CWGC has him as commemorated at Runnymede Panel 8. Both CWGC and Franks have the date as 9/7/40 Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 30th October 2008 12:52:10
23 Sqn - 3/4 Jan 1941Thank Paul and Dick. Dennis As you say I suspect Franks has V G F Coleman's rank wrong and he was captured as Flt Sgt, perhaps, was promoted to WO in captivity and then escaped. On return to UK he was commissioned and went on to became Act Sqn Ldr and receive MiD. C H A Colman obviously flying a different aircraft which came down in the sea earlier with his body being washed ashore as stated previously. Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 24th February 2009 03:04:33
31 Squadron AirmanMartyn/Norman, To save you the trouble of a look-up, here is what Franks has to say: Appendix C. Squadron Aircraft. Douglas DC3 MA929 June 1942. First in the Indian Skies/Franks p.235 Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 26th August 2009 09:22:19
420612 - Unaccounted airmen - 12-6-1942Dennis, Thanks for that, sorry about the duplication but did not read your message above before doing the bit about Franks. I got my list from newspaper cuttings held in the library and then used CWGC. We have several graves at Hardwick and what did start me off on this was that one grave had three ladies in and one was Tayor but she did not get mentioned in the paper cuttings. Ray Wilsons book 'Red Alert' mentioned 18 civillians and Taylor was not mentioned there and so it went on. I think that is all of the 42 initially mentioned but there is also a papper cutting for the 50th aniversary which did indicate there were more than that at the time? Thanks for the use of your list and will will now get on with a 'small' piece for the magazine. Regards Ian ....Read More.Ian Hall on 8th September 2009 02:53:20
Sgt Medway William ThomasHi Alain Franks records in FCL Vol 1, 2 610 Sqn losses on that sortie. Medway in L1003 and F/o A R Mitchell in L1016.However, in another book, Air Battle for Dunkirk also by Norman Franks he records a quote from F/Lt J Ellis 610 Sqn in which he ends with the statement " We lost 2 pilots on this sortie, F/O Medcalf and Sgt Medway" Both Medcalf and Medway are on CWGC for 27/05/40 Sorry if it has become confusing Edit:- There doesn't seem to be an appropriate Mitchell death on CWGC for that period,so it is possible that Franks is mistaken about Mitchell Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 28th October 2009 07:00:53
Lancaster ED860 156/61sqdnsHi Dick, Confusion is'nt the word, having just checked through the 61sqdn ORB, i'm convinced ED860 must have had a twin:-) as on 22nd Oct 43 she appears twice on the same op to Kassel, one being flown by F/O Fitch and the twin by F/Lt Scott, just goes to show how sloppy the records are. I've just ordered the AM Form 78 for her to see what that states for the transfer date but would have thought that Franks would have consulted this file anyway. I'll send you the list i have from the two ORB's, which i'm working out for the son of a pilot who flew this a/c with 61sqdn in 1944, you will see just why the transfer date of 20th Aug has thrown everything out. ....Read More.AlanW on 11th January 2010 08:31:57
F/Lt Whittington JackAlain/Dick This is what I have regarding the death of F/L Whittington. Spitfire IX PT772 9N C Dive Bombing Took off at 1050 hrs from B.57, Lille Nord, France tasked with dive bombing enemy gun positions near to Breda, Holland. F/Lt Whittington failed to return and was posted as missing. It is believed that his aircraft was hit by Flak in the target area. F/Lt Whittington is buried at Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerp, Belgium. It is likley that Franks is incorrect with the reference to Flak in the Calais area. The German Garrison at Calais surrendered to the Allies on 1 October 1944. The 127 sqn F540 lists the location of the target as being D.94. This is near Breda. For some reason the 127 Squadron F541 refers to Calais but this is incorrect. This is probably where Franks gete the reference to Calais. The 84 Group ORB's also refer to dive bombing op in the Breda area in support of the Polish Army advance. His body were not found until May 1948. Regards Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 4th May 2010 02:53:22
Looking for details of 10 OTU Whitley 14 March 1941COL BRUGGY Great info - much interest. Would be much appreciat on what "Franks,Norman & Eric Zimmerman" has to say about activities on 9 May 1943. Briefly I know Halifax HR743 (58 Sqdn RAF/N, pilot F/S J.A. Hoather, DFM) attacked U666 At 10.28 hours and was shot down killing all crew. Then around 12:30 my uncle's crew (10 OTU St Eval Whitley BD278 "C" Pilot A.J Salvage) sighted the same U666 dropping 5 D/C's (6th hanging up). Sub dived. Then 10 minutues later they sighted and attacked another sub (does Franks,Norman & Eric Zimmerman have any info on this? - I don't know whcih sub it was?). D/Cs expended could only straff and took hits then returned to base. Am really interested on what Franks,Norman & Eric Zimmerman has to say about that day Cheers Rodger ....Read More.rmventuri on 15th May 2012 08:52:52
Looking for details of 10 OTU Whitley 14 March 1941Thanks Col, Chorley also misspelled but later corrected Salvage. Milliken, the rear gunner, was my uncle. Guessing that Franks and Zimmerman must be relying mostly on German records as the ORBs characterize the attack quite differently quoting Up 0732 Down 1600 0817 B.Rock. 1054 sighted 2 Spanish trawlers. 1225 sighted and attacked U/Boat with D.Cs and gun fire. Attacked U/Boat in posn MRWD 1713. 5 D.C's Torpex (1 hanging up) were released from 50 ft. 5 secs after U/Boat had submerged. Explosions were observed, the nearest estimated 55 ft short of apex of swirl and 40 ft to port. Nothing further was seen. At 1236 a second U/Boat was seen in posn MRWD 2917. As a/c approached U/Boat opened fire and bomb aimer replied with front gun obtaining hits on C/T. A/C passed over U/Boat at 50 ft. and R/G opened fire and obtained numerous hits on C/T and hull. A/C was hit in tail plane with 1 small calibre bullet. As A/C passed out of range U/Boat was seen to dive. 1555 Travose Head. Sea moderate, swell, no rain, weather fair. Visibility 6-8 miles. Patrol 2500 ft. end quote At any rate I need to purchase a copy Cheers Rodger ....Read More.rmventuri on 16th May 2012 02:56:07
RAF Pomigliano 1945/46Frank Dodsworth my cousin died 1997/8 in Sunderland and is the person you were seeking. I too have a photo with the names back row; f/s Howes, f/s Dommet, f/s Swinock, Frank, LAC Johnson, front row; f/o Grinrod, f/lt Lister, w/o Turner and f/o shepard, dated Pomigliano April 1946, they are pictured at the rear off side of a single decked bus. Frank's wife is in poor health and her memory has gone, all she remembers of the 1940's era is that Franks pilot was a Canadian, she can't find his flight service book and think it unfair to press her in her present state of health, her son is not exactly helpful (disinterested) in his fathers RAF past. Any ideas why his service records are not available? I have no records of his service only a few stories from my brother told to him by Frank when home on leave. Can you confirm he was downed three times? Also that he flew over 70 missions? Have loads of questions and no answers. Regards. Malcolm Carruthers. ....Read More.Malcar on 12th July 2013 05:23:11
12 Grp Casualty on 11 Grp Circus 124, 15 April 1942Could someone please assist with identifying a 12 Group pilot who baled out into the Channel but was rescued by ASR HSL on 11 Group Circus 124 to Desvres Airfield on 15 April 1942? The three participating 12 Group units were 411, 609 and 616 Squadrons. I can find little in a simple Google search, but Franks has a "Sgt Miller RAAF" of 616 Squadron listed in FCL as 'engine failure, baled out into the Channel off Dungeness in Vb, BL754, rescued by HSL, but states he was on 10 Grp Circus C-1 to Cherbourg. On the other hand, the 11 Grp ORB Appendix indicates that a pilot of 616 Sqn (un-named) baled out into the Channel off Dungeness and was rescued by HSL. Can anyone confirm the identity of the 616 Sqn pilot who baled out on 11 Group Circus 124, please? Thanks Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 2nd March 2014 06:31:56
U-561 claim, 15 July 1942, eastern Med.I appreciate your info, Peter, but the U-Boat Net material is based upon the incorrect Franks/Zimmerman book details I provided. See my thread (no replies yet) of four days ago entitled [B]"Liberator AL566 loss, near Benghazi, 15 July 1942"[/B]. It has the very strong evidence that AL566 came down several hours earlier, roughly 800 miles to the west (near Benghazi), and while in formation with other Liberators for an attack on Benghazi. Not a sub-hunting op, and there were fighters and AA fire involved in the AL566 loss. So the mystery remains as to which four-engined high-wing solitary aircraft with a large fuselage -- estimated to be a flying boat -- tussled with U-561 on 15 July 1942. Was it a Sunderland, as the U-boat crew though? Was there no aircraft shot down? Franks and Zimmerman found no other candidate, just AL566, but AL566 was in no way involved in action with U-561 on that date. Assuming that loss details have been pored over for years, but there is no second candidate to replace AL566, something looks very fishy here. Cheers, Matt ....Read More.Matt Poole on 26th March 2016 12:02:42
Spitfire IX BS294 and BS137. Error on 133 “Eagle” Sqn ORB for 26 Sept. 1942 ?Gildas, I'm not sure what you're getting at. Never-the-less, take a look at the complete site: [url][/url] You can find a listing of the Fighter Command Losses for 26th September, 1942, here: Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War - Volume Two 1942-1943. Franks,Norman L R. Earl Shilton:Midland Publishing,1998 pp.67-8 Keep in mind that Franks' work is now 20-years- old, and a lot of research on the topic has been published since. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 12th June 2018 10:12:21
Query about parachute jump claims 1940-1941 made for Paul W. Rabone, RAFHello Peter, I think it's pretty clear that Franks and Wynn are simply repeating Mitchell's 1945 book - they would have been wise to state their source and qualify the statements therein accordingly. Unfortunately, as you know, much ORB and the like material relating to the Battle of France did not survive that conflict, so we may never get to establish the true facts. Cheers, Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 4th August 2018 06:33:41

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