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Aircraftman 1st Class Arthur KENT (1350617) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Circumstances of Death:

Death of Death 1941-02-13 Age : 27 years.

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : Sec. H. Grave 1358. at Cardiff Western Cemetery, United Kingdom


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AIR81/4985Aircraftman G W Pope: killed; Aircraftman E S Orbell: died of injuries; Aircraftman E S Death, Aircraftman A Kent; injured; enemy action at RAF Waterbeach, 3 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5651C16689083

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410213 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 13-2-1941What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: ACW2 Gertrude E. ELLNER - 424920 - killed on active service; AC1 Arthur KENT - 1350617 - in Flight 6-3-1941 (page 198) only reported as being wounded or injured on active service; AC2 Neil C. MacLEAN - 1365880 - not found Flight archives; AC2 Edward H. McBRIDE - 1354550 - not found Flight archives, and Apprentice Leonard H. OLIVER - 577424 - not found Flight archives. Proposed aircraft loss for this day: Defiant I - T3918 - 2 FPP - crashed on approach Cosford. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 5th August 2008 06:21:44
!!!Lancaster JB221 - No 97 Sqdn - Crash on 25./26. November 1943!!!Hello Felix, we have been asked not to place details of living relatives on this site but I'm sure someone will send you PM's or emails with guides or assistances. One simple method is to find the name of their home town where CWGC says they come from and write a letter to the newspaper for that town or area. From looking at the 1930 US census I would guess that Brown then lived in Hillsborough, Florida, parents Wilber and Rita matching up. In 1920 the family were in New York. He had a brother and a sister in 1920. Watson is from Hawes, Yorkshire, some of the board members should be able to help you with that. Tutt's wife at least is named coming from Tenterden, Kent. That might not be where his parents were from. He was born in a Kent district and had perhaps one younger brother who died in 1912. That brother might have family. It also seems that Bernard and his wife had a child in 1942 so he might be still alive. I see there is no hometown details given for George Smith on CWGC, that name will be fairly common. Difficult to trace him. But the 'authorities' should be able to help you with all this. Since Carlos M Brown was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force you must contact the the Canadian Archives and request from them his service records. The extracts will be free, the full service record will will incur a charge. The contact details for the Canadian Archives are here: You must check out the link above as it contains their procedures. It may take a few months for the records but worth the wait usually. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 10th January 2010 08:10:00
Did Marine Units recover bodies?A good chance that if the body was in the water any length of time all identification would be lost. A lot of local churyards have "unkown" CWGC grave either RAF, RN or MN where bodies have washed up. You refer earlier to no CWGC record -why would ther be for a German body? I'll Xpost your query on a Kent forum to see if anyone knows of a German burial of around that date in Thanet. Pete ....Read More.Pete on 23rd July 2010 04:36:03
Gordon Howard - aircrew or not?Hi Don't know if anyone can help me solve a (family) mystery that I really wish I'd pursued while my late father was still alive. According to the Service Record sent to me by RAF Disclosures, Cranwell, my father enlisted in January 1942 (aged 19) and was initially assessed as unfit for flying duties but advised that he could reapply in 4 months. He then served as an AC2 then AC1 anti-aircraft gunner at RAF Hawkinge and RAF Ronaldsway before being admitted to Kent and Canterbury Hospital in March 1943 and being discharged as physically unfit for RAF service in May 1943. This all seems straightforward. The background information on the record definitely checks out as being that of my late father, even though I don't have his actual Service Number. However, two problems which puzzle me. First - I have a studio photo of him, (tentatively dated on the back as "on leave c1941"), in which he is clearly wearing a forage cap with the white "Aircrew in training" flash. My Dad's only living contemporary, (his sister-in-law, whose husband was also serving in the RAF at that time), also distinctly remembers my Dad's cap having the white flash. Second - I have another photo, (which, I was led to believe, was spotted in and copied from a book on the RAF in WW2), in which my Dad (at that time in his 80's), identified himself and named all of the other 6 crew members. Unfortunately, my Dad rarely talked about his time in the RAF and when he ever did it was usually in the form of matter-of-fact snippets as opposed to accounts of any experiences, e.g that he had once been based at Holme-on-Spalding Moor, that he had been trained on Anson's (amongst others) and flown Wellingtons, Bostons and Lancasters. He also claimed that the indigestion from which he suffered all through his life was the result of being trapped by the flying column when his plane crash-landed in a Kent hop-field - which is why he said he ended up in hospital. I could go on but have no wish to bore other subscribers. I guess what I'm asking is whether anyone has any ideas about the conflict between the evidence of the photos and the RAF service record. Thanks. ....Read More.Barry on 20th July 2011 05:52:38
421RCAF Spitfire abandoned nr Tonbridge? 1943Roy, dare I ask where you obtained the Map reference please? Its a Kentish Apple Orchard full of I think ripe Apples as I speak. Franz Von Werra crashed his Bf109 only 500 yds to the East of this spot in September 1940! Marden have an active group of enthusiasts who produced a survey of losses a few years ago. THis one is not listed. It would be great to add this information to their survey if in fact it was here. Dave ....Read More.david cullen on 23rd September 2011 07:56:34
Individual letters Hampdens 50 & 106 SquadronDear Hans I have looked in Postlethwaite's "Hampden Squadrons in Focus" and can see nothing in there either. But a little search did turn up the following on: CAMPBELL, P.B. Warrant Officer II, RCAF. Pilot. 415 Squadron, RCAF. Died 43rd February 18 Aged 22 He was killed, together with 3 fellow crew members, in Handley-Page Hampden, serial AE435 (GX-U). The aircraft was based at RAF Thorney Iceland but was operating from RAF Docking. The crash was at 20.30hrs, on take-off for a convoy strike off Ijmuiden. The Civil War Diaries Defence that report, "Police evacuated nearby houses due to an unexploded torpedo in the wreckage. Paul Campbell, a Canadian from New Brunswick, and his 3 Canadian crew members were buried with full military honors on 24 February 1943rd (See also F / O & KRMaffre WOII ZMNiblock & WOII REVokey) Source: (This Web site seems to be down though) Also on is: The Hampden I P4323 was initially issued to 16 OTU RAF before transferring to 106 Sqdn. It took off at 0200 hrs on 24 February 1942 from RAF Coningsby on a mining operation in the region Eglantine. Hit by flak Navy, it crashed in the Heligoland Bight. All the crew were killed and are buried in Kiel was Cemetery. Crew: Sgt Stanley Arthur Kent (pilot), KIA Sgt Reginald Stephen Anderson (observer) KIA Sgt Albert William Blake (wireless operator / air gunner) KIA Sgt Ronald Stanley McLeod (wireless operator / air gunner) KIA It looks like out of all your numbers I have only found AE435 (GX-U). I hope this is useful and accurate information. Best wishes James ....Read More.James Castle on 5th November 2011 03:45:33

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