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Sergeant Gwyn LEWIS (580549) of the Royal Air Force

Lost in aircraft Blenheim IV L8746  AIR81/848

Death of Death 1940-06-11 .

Served in 21 Sqdn

Burial/Commemoration Details : St. Aubin-Sur-Scie Communal Ce, France


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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/305Pilot Officer R G Lewis: missing, later reported safe and returned to unit; Hurricane in air operations, 12 May 1940.C14142154
AIR81/712Aircraftman 1st Class H G Lewis: injured. Sergeant H N Horgel and Sergeant J G Maquirey: uninjured; Battle L5498 damaged in air operations, 31 May 1940.C14502489
AIR81/848Sergeant G Lewis and Sergeant A G Murray: report of deaths. Pilot Officer D MacDonald: prisoner of war; Blenheim L8746 crashed at Offranville, France, 11 June 1940.C14502654
AIR81/3508Pilot Officer A G Lewis: injured; baled out, aerial combat, Hurricane V6617, 249 Squadron, 28 September 1940.C16687606
AIR81/5018Pilot Officer R G Lewis: missing believed killed; returning from operational flight over France, baled from aircraft, Hurricane P3920, 1 Squadron, 5 February 1941. Note: Related file: 5021C16689116

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 1941-01-01 11 Jun 40 Aircraft Name Blenheim IV Serial Number L8746
Unit 21 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country France
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Other Aircrew lost in Blenheim IV L8746

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantGwyn LEWIS (580549) Observer Blenheim IV L8746  AIR81/848 1940-06-1121 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSt. Aubin-Sur-Scie Communal Ce
SergeantAlastair Gordon MURRAY (759321) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Blenheim IV L8746  AIR81/848 1940-06-1121 Sqdn AIR27 FranceSt. Aubin-Sur-Scie Communal Ce

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Collision 21st July 1939Flight for July 27th 1939, in the Flying Accidents section, records that Mr David Curig Lewis, Mr Keith Kendle Brown and Mr Alan Pragnell had been killed on July 21st as a result of a collision between an aircraft of Oxford UAS and a civil aircraft from Bekesbourne Civil Flying School. I believe the OUAS aircraft was Hind K5418 but what was the registration of the civil aircraft.? MTIA Dave Molyneux ....Read More.dave bristol on 6th February 2008 02:53:01
Ferry accidentsGentlemen, I hope the enclosed information will have some research value. Norman Malayney ------------------------ On 25 May 1944, 1/Lt. Wayne H. Bowers, 60th Ferrying Squadron was cleared from Scott Field, Illinois, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a P-40. The weather was forecast as scattered to lower broken at 3,000 feet with unlimited visibility. About 20 minutes out of Tulsa the pilot encountered a large thunderstorm. He attempted to go around the storm by heading south. The pilot found a hole in the undercast and started back on course. At this point the weather had closed in and he climbed to 2,500 feet and went on instruments for 25 minutes. When he broke out, he had to dodge rain showers and low clouds at 800 feet. Due to static the radio equipment was useless and the pilot flew for approximately 30 minutes looking for a checkpoint. By this time it became necessary to look for a suitable field for landing. Near Coalgate, Oklahoma, the fuselage tank ran dry and the pilot switched to the wing tank in order to get the few remaining gallons of fuel. A suitable field was located near Coalgate and in the pattern the engine quite again. The wheels and flaps were lowered, the fuel and switches were cutoff. Because of the muddy field, the pilot was unable to keep the aircraft straight and it veered to the left. The aircraft finally came to a stop against a telephone pole. The left gear was sheared off, and wings, fuselage and propeller were damaged. Further examination by the Accident Investigating Officer disclosed that the check value between the front and rear tank was stuck closed, which prevent 35 gallons of fuel from flowing to the engine. The immediate cause of the accident was lack of fuel caused by a defective valve, flying through weather below minimums and faulty navigation were contributing factors. A 180 degree turn when the bade weather was first encountered would probably have prevented this accident. --------------------------------------------------------------- On 25 May 1944, 2/Lt. Darrell C. Judson, 60th Ferrying Squadron, was cleared from Montreal Quebec, to Syracuse, New York in an AT-16. The pilot encountered low visibility south of Watertown, New York and became lost. When his fuel supply ran low, he attempted a wheels-down landing near Vienna, New York. On landing the aircraft turned over due to soft ground. the pilot was not injured. --------------------------------------------------------------------- On 26 May 1944, 2/Lt. Frederick M. Oldfield, 5th Ferrying Squadron, bailed out of a P-39 ten miles west of Bismarck, North Dakota. The engine began to run rough and the pilot observed flames and white smoke indicating coolant trouble, coming out of the engine compartment into the cockpit under the seat. He pressed the mike button and told Bismarck radio he was baling out. He then pulled the emergency door release and bailed out 2,500 feet above the terrain. When the parachute opened, the left s shoulder strap slipped ....Read More.norman malayney on 27th March 2008 12:38:36
Shropshire's casualties and aircraft crashesThought i would add the USAAF men aswell. They were mostly from the 495th FTG, Station 342 (Atcham) piloting P47 Thunderbolt's, although a couple were from High Ercall and units based outside the county. Died 1st Lt Luther J Abel (O-686799). Flew with 84 Fighter Squadron. Major Henry Ovila Asselin (O-399769), USAAF. Buried in Cambridge Cemetery. He was from Suffolk County, Massachusetts S/Sgt (Radio Operator) Roger F Batchelder (31366007). He was from Middlesex County, MA Flight Officer John L Becker (T-190561) is buried in Cambridge Cemetery. He was from Bergen County, New Jersey 2nd Lt. Arthur David Brody (O-767100). Buried in Cambridge Cemetery. From Des Moines, Iowa. Flight Officer Shelby O Buck (T-190615). He was from Cochran County, Texas and is buried in Cambridge Cemetery 2nd Lt Gale E Carson (0-686818). He was from Spokane County, Washington. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery 2nd Lt Donald Eugene Casebier (O-567611). He was from Massachusetts. Born 15th June 1921 in Topeka, KA. Buried In Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery 2nd Lt Fay H Clark (O-714874). He was from Shelby County, Indiana. Buried in Cambridge 1st L Dallas J Clary (O-816748). Possible 397th fighter squadron. 2nd Lt. (Co pilot) John R Clinger (O-205889) Flight Officer Robert E Eble (T-190657), He is buried in Cambridge Cemetery. He was from Essex County, New Jersey 2nd Lt Thomas A Ernst (O-770217). He was from Dougherty County, Georgia. Buried in Marietta National Cemetery, Georgia 2nd Lt John C Eskew Jr (O-774080) was killed. Almost certainly lived at Rapides Parish, Louisiana 2nd Lt David Akers Finney (O-813138). He is buried in Cambridge Cemetery. From Washington DC. 2nd Lt Arvil J Foster (O-686735). Buried in Cambridge. He was Eight Mile, Caribou County, Idaho 1st Lt Alfred William Giacomini, USAAF. From Logan, Logan County, Colorado 2nd Lt (Co pilot) James G Gilbert Jr (O-833518). He was from Albermarle County, VA 2nd Lt. Alan S Green (O-708677) Buried in Cambridge cemetery. He was from Cuyahoga County, Ohio. S/Sgt Charles R Griffin Jr. (10601316). Pilot buried at Cambridge. He was from King County, Washington Sgt (Tail Gunner) Edgar (Ed) P Harris Jr (140955565) Buried in Cambridge. He was from Hinds County, MS Lt Wallace M Hayward (0736204). He is buried in Highland Burial Park, Danville, Virginia. 2nd Lt Morris Howitz (02044425). He was from Franklin County, Ohio. 2nd Lt Clifford W Jensen (O-766541). He was from Alameda, California. buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery, Calfornia. 2nd Lt John R Kerfoot (O-774185). Buried at Cambridge Cemetery. He was from Canyon County, Idaho 2nd Lt Roman H Keyes (O-820508) killed. He was from Oneida County, NY. Buried in NY Sgt (Ball turret) Stanton (Stan) W Keyes (39341328). Almost certainly buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery Sgt (Radio operator) Raymond R Ladurini (17107147)). From Minneapolis, Hennepin County, MN 2nd Lt (Nav) Harold G Lewis (O-92 ....Read More.thorne83 on 26th December 2008 05:08:42
Father in Law DyerTheo. I hope you find this useful. Two extracts from the 1941 and 1945 volumes of Bomber Command Losses books by W R Chorley. 28/29 September 1941. 99 Squadron. Wellington Ic X9761 LN- Op: Frankfurt. Took off 1914 Waterbeach. (It seems nothing further was heard from them.) Crew: Sgt. E Coleman. PoW. Sgt. L Birk. Evaded. SGT. J L Trask. PoW. F/S H G Lewis. PoW. Sgt. R Dyer. Evaded. Sgt. J Dicks. Evaded. 14/15 April 1945. 35 Squadron. Lancaster III PB377 TL-K. Op: Potsdam. Took off 1840 Graveley. In the vicinity of the target an engine caught fire and, as ordered, the crew commenced bailing out. With six departed, and preparing to make his own exit, F/O Bowen-Morris regained control and was able to reach Dutch air space before, at last, being obligated to take to his parachute. F/O V B Bowen-Morris. Sgt. W G Reynolds. Killed. Body never recovered. F/O R H H Dyers. PoW. F/S E G Silcock. PoW. F/S C S Gibbon. PoW. F/S J W Tovey. Evaded. F/S E G Meredith DFM. PoW. I know there is a misspelling of Dyer as Dyers but the initials and the 35 Squadron link make me pretty sure this is your man. Regards, Kevin Mears. ....Read More.Kevin Mears on 1st August 2009 02:24:04
Father in Law DyerHello Theo,Tom,Kevin & Alan, Afraid Bill Chorley's crew details for No.99 Sqn Wellington IC X9761, lost 28/29-9-41 (BCL2/153), needs a substantial re-write. (This is not it - still working on it) Revised crew detail:- 954634 Sgt (Pilot) E COLEMAN POW AUS402634 Sgt (2nd Pilot) Hilary Eldred BIRK RAAF Evaded 973459 Sgt J L TRASK POW 573247 F/Sgt H G LEWIS POW 1381730 Sgt W H DYER Evaded CAN R/65466 Sgt J B DICKS RCAF Evaded (Subject to review) Hence, 1381730 'W H' Dyer, and 1621747/154634 'R H H' Dyer, not the same man. Col ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 1st August 2009 04:33:09
85 Squadron Buffs. Battle of BritainI am at present reading and researching Lewis Whitnell, author of the book Engines Over London published 1949. The book describes his early flying career including serving as a pilot with 85 Squadron during the Battle of Britain, then under the command of Townsend, in fact he appears in the famous photograph of the Squadron Pilots taken after Townsend was wounded. The book describes dog fights during the Battle and the Introduction by MRAF Lord Douglas of Kirtleside confirms this. However his name does not appear on the Battle of Britain Roll. Can anybody shed some light on this. Is he a forgotten member of the Few ? Many thanks of any Gen BCS ....Read More.BCS on 9th December 2012 01:44:31
140 Sqdn Mosquito (MM359) accident May 9. 1944Hello Pavel , Looking at the ORB from N140 Sqn i only found this: 29/04/1944 MM359 flew a mission with F/O EGE Parry and Sgt Ashby HH 30/04/1944 MM359 flew a mission with F/O HK Joseph ans P/O PGG Lewis. Regards Alain12 ....Read More.Alain12 on 8th January 2015 12:58:04
George J Dawson[B]Norman Henry Teakle[/B] b. 20 Jan 1895 (Reg Lewisham 1d 1225) 1914-1918 Service (S/27834) in 5th Btn Rifle Bde. 1916 Service (R/32774) in 22nd Btn KRRC. m1. Q3 1916 m Hilda R Dicketts (Reg Rochford 4a 1208). m2. Q1 1933 m Vera S Pogreboff (Reg Kensington 1a 258) 16 Aug 1933 Travelled to Quebec from S’oton aboard Empress of Britain. Occupation ‘Director’. (there were other trans-Atlantic crossings). 17 Jan 1939 On trial at Central Criminal Court for stock market fraud. 18 Jan 1939 Judge ordered “Not Guilty” verdict. 1939 Census Living at 21 Cale Street , Chelsea, London, England m3. Q2 1946 m Genia Boardman (Reg Chelsea 1a 943). d. 3 Jul 1951 Davos-Platz, Zurich (GE 46.801884 9.835931) GRO Consular/Simon HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 27th June 2018 02:33:03
1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationAircraftman 1st Class [B] Richard Ingram GEDDES (548203) [/B] 1940-03-28 United Kingdom Macduff (Myrus) Cemetery DIED ON ACTIVE Service Births, Marriages, Deaths Birth. Marriage, Death GEDDES. —Mrs R. Geddes. Mr and Mrs T. Gregory and Family, wish to thank all friends and neighbours, also officers and men. R.A.F.. for kind expressions sympathy extended to them in their recent, sad bereavement; also for the many floral tributes recieved - 20 Moray Street Macduff Published: Tuesday 02 April 1940 Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland Type: FamilyNotice | Words: 1177 | Page: 7 | Tags: none TRIBUTE TO AIRMAN Macduff's Air Casualty.—The funeral of First Aircraftman Richard Ingram Geddes on its way to the Myrus Cemetery, Macduff. ... Published: Wednesday 03 April 1940 Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland Type: Illustrated | Words: 21 | Page: 3 | Tags: none --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leading Aircraftman [B] George Albert GOSDEN (546220) [/B] 1940-04-03 United Kingdom West End (Holy Trinity) Church WEST END DEATH END BEREAVED The funeral took place on Saturday at Holy Trinity Church, West End. of Leading Aircraftsman George Albert Gosden, who died in hospital on Wednesday last week. The service, which was conducted by Wlng- Comdr. the Rev. R. M. Bankcs-Jones ... Published: Saturday 13 April 1940 Newspaper: Surrey Advertiser County: Surrey, England Type: Article | Words: 263 | Page: 5 | Tags: non --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flight Lieutenant [B] Alfred ALEXANDER (36222) [/B]Pilot 1940-04-09 United Kingdom Ash Cemetery [URL][/URL] Airspeed Oxford P1933 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aircraftman 2nd Class [B] John Walliss WELLS (953769) [/B] 1940-04-10 United Kingdom Bickenhill (St. Peter) Churchy Of Meningitis Death Notice Published: Friday 12 April 1940 Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post County: Warwickshire, England Type: Illustrated | Words: 1033 | Page: 10 | Tags: none --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aircraftwoman 2nd Class [B] Dorothy Ethel CALDER (889998) [/B] 1940-04-11 United Kingdom Halton (St. Michael) Churchyar FULL MILITARY HONOURS AT HALTON Miss Dorothy .Ethel Calder, who on March 11th last enrolled as a private in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, and who died from injuries she received in a runaway car accident at Leighton Buzzard Wednesday evening of last ... Published: Friday 19 April 1940 Newspaper: Bucks Herald County: Buckinghamshire, England Type: Article | Words: 271 | Page: 1 | Tags: none ----------------------------------------------------------------- ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 19th December 2018 09:24:33
Chief Inspector Accidents 1939[B]Vernon Sydney Brown[/B] b. 10 Jan 1889 (Reg Lewisham 1d 1180) 6 May 1922 Sqn Ldr V S Brown left London for Bombay aboard the RMS Soudan. Mar 1939 Wg Cdr(Ret) V S Brown, Chief Inspector of Accidents 2 Jun 1942 Hon Gp Capt V S BROWN, OBE, granted the rank of (Hon?)Air Cdre. 1 Jan 1946 Cessation of duty: — Air Cdre. (honorary) V. S. BROWN, C.B., O.B.E. Malcolm’s RAFWEB has a long biog. HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 17th September 2019 05:30:16

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