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Corporal Harold MIDDLETON (985229) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve


Death of Death 1943-07-13 .

Served in

Burial/Commemoration Details : 1. B. 11. at Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, India


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Lancaster I PD259 JO-P 463 SquadronSadly I can confirm that the "True Tales" section of Peter Johnson's excellent site seems to be infected, so access that part with caution. The rest of the site appears to be ok. I also posted this on WW2 Chat: This is an extract from the Australian Roll of Honour website: 463 SQUADRON RAAF WORLD WAR 2 FATALITIES Date of Death: 31 August 1944. Source: AWM 64 1/342 (3), 1/343 AWM 237 (63) (64) NAA : A705, 166/5/687 Aircraft Type: Lancaster Serial number: PD 259 Radio call sign: JO - Unit: 463 Sqn RAAF Summary: Lancaster PD259 took off from RAF Waddington on 31st August 1944 to carry out a night non-operational cross-country flight. The aircraft crashed at 2315 hours in the Monadhliath mountains about 10 miles north of Kingussie, Inverness Shire, Scotland, and all the crew were killed. Crew: RAAF 418717 FO Beddoe, R H Captain (Pilot) RAAF 428834 Flt Sgt F M Walker (Navigator) RAAF 418473 Flt Sgt D H Ryan, (Bomb Aimer) RAAF 425617 Flt Sgt T R Dent, (Wireless Operator Air Gunner) RAF WO G H Middleton, (Flight Engineer) RAAF 436790 Flt Sgt S A Abbott (Mid Upper Gunner) RAAF 436579 Flt Sgt B M Glover (Rear Gunner) On RAAF casualty file A705, 166/5/687 held by Archives the following details are recorded in the Court of Inquiry into the accident : A Meteorology report of conditions in the area at the time of the accident stated “Fairly frequent showers in the north of Scotland at the time of the accident. Cumulus and Cumulonimbus clouds extensive to 20,000 feet locally with some reaching to 25,000 feet. Cloud base was locally below 1000 feet in showers and would be covering hilltops. Visibility under cloud in the` area was from 15/30 miles. Temps –30degC to –44degC at 20,000 feet and 25,000 feet respectively. These are far too low for icing to be expected if aircraft was flying at briefed height of 25,000 feet. It was also recorded that the crew had a sound training record and that since at this unit the pilot had done 10 hours as second pilot at night and a four hours daylight exercise with his crew. The briefed height was 25,000 feet and the pilot understood the met. situation. Despatch of training flight was considered justified as a bright moon and icing risk negligible at briefed height.” I was in the room in RAF Waddington only 2 or 3 weeks ago where the prop and other remains are. One part, an injector if I remember correctly, is in such good condition that my RAF companion said he thought the BBMF could be interested in it as a spare for their Lanc! Best wishes Max The A705 Casualty Report is available online, pages 38 and 39 make particularly interesting reading. It suggests pilot error and inexperience as the primary cause. ....Read More.Galgos on 31st August 2008 08:15:56
440731 - Unaccounted Airwomen & Airmen - 31-7-1944COLLINGE, Philip - Cpl - 641192, and PALMER, George Wilfred - Sqdn/Ldr - 86952 were killed along with MIDDLETON, Francis Arnold - F/S - 1151497 in an accident with a hand grenade. An RAF Corporal during battle training with live hand grenades pulled out the pin of the grenade he was holding, but instead of throwing the grenade at once, held on to it. The grenade exploded killing him and two other men. (Gloucestershire Echo, 4 August 1944) COLLINGE is also registered in Plymouth. Martyn ....Read More.Martyn A Critchlow on 18th January 2015 12:38:34
List of Guinea Pig Club MembersSeveral Australian Guinea Pigs. (Maybe...) H.W.BUCKMAN BUCKMAN HAROLD WENTWORTH: Service Number – 413105 RAAF No digital file. Born: 7 Mar 1914 Died: 15 Jun 1997. Residence: 1997 - North Turramurra. R. CLARKSON CLARKSON Ronald Victor 417805 Air Gunner DFC Admitted to East Grinstead Hospital 6.11.1944, (founder member) A.T. COLE COLE, Adrian Trevor (COLE, Adrian Lindley) R.A.A.F. S 'GUINEA PIG" PRAISES PLASTIC SURGEON. Air Vice-Marshal A. T. Cole, C.B.E. D.S.O., M.C., D.F.C, highest ranking member of the Guinea Pig Club, a club open only to fliers whose features or limbs have been restored by plastic surgery, has paid a tribute to the surgeon, who restored his shattered jaw after he was wounded in the Dieppe raid. His story is told In the current issue of the officiai R.A.A.F. magazine, Wings." [url][/url] J. EVANS EVANS John Ernest RAAF 409527 Jack Evans (Melbourne) Jack Evans was a 22-year-old navigator from Melbourne, trapped in the belly of a bomber that had crash landed and was on fire. Halifax III HX 296, 466 Sqn RAAF. The surviving australian navigator who was badly burnt. Went through Rauceby and East Grinstead becoming a Guinea Pig member. F. FALKINER FALKINER Fraser RAAF - (Warrant Officer); Service Number - 400220; File type - Casualty - Repatriation; Aircraft - Spitfire I B W3704; Place - St Omer, France; Date - 27 October 1941 R. GAUVIN GAUVIN Robert Frederick RAAF Sgt W or I on AS (FG 5.8.1943) [url][/url] : On the 19 th May 1943, Tiger Moth N9198 on a non-opera tional day flying instruction, crashed at 1010 hours near County Steeple, Langford, Wiltshire, UK. The Pilot was injured and the Observer was killed. The aircraft flew into high tension cables, while carrying out unauthorised low flying. Crew: RAAF 414555 Sgt R F Gauvin, (Pilot), RAAF 417203 Sgt R N Kemsley, (Observer) Sgt Kemsley is buried in the Salisbury (London Road) Cemetery, UK. C. GILKES GILKES, Charles Kenneth - (Flight Sergeant); Service Number - 420656; File type - Casualty - Repatriation; Place unknown; Date - 7 June 1943, Stirling W7455 1657 Conversion Unit About a dozen were Australian.; Aus.420656 F/Sgt. C. K. Gilkes W or I in Action (Aeroplane 10.12.1943) J.N GUNNIS GUNNIS John Neville F/Sgt. 428524 RAAF (File not digitalised) 16/3/44, 28 OTU Wellington 1c R1183, took off from Castle Donnington for a night exercise but crashed just after becoming airborne owing to the flaps dropping fully down, at 200ft the pilot, F/Sgt Moseley was unable to to retrieve the situation, the aircraft stalled and hit the ground. F/Sgt A.J. Moseley, RAAF, injured. Sgt W.J. Foxley, injured. F/Sgt J.N. Gunnis, RAAF, injured. Sgt A.W.H. Rowley, killed. Sgt E. Small, died later of injuries. (Sgt W. J. Foxley also the Guinea Pig) W.W. HARRIS HARRIS Walter William Wally (Canberra) (Sergea ....Read More.vrajm on 15th November 2016 03:08:14
P/O R H Middleton RAAF VC.Hi All, I have the log book to an Aussie instructor S/L H J Snowden RAAF. He was an instructor at 5 EFTS Narromine in January 1941. At that time trainees were from Course 7, 5 EFTS, among the trainees was LAC R H Middleton. According to Snowden’s logbook the first time Middleton is mentioned is on the 9th January 1941 when he took him up in tiger moth AM48 for 55 mins flying. I wonder if this was Middleton first trip on his training to become a pilot? He took Middleton up a total of 13 times until the end of January. I believe Course 7 graduated in February 1941, Snowden moved on in February to 9 EFTS in Cunderdin in WA. Regards, John. ....Read More.John Williams on 8th April 2019 08:55:43

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