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This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The primary data is taken from the CWGC site, but the data is enhanced by the AIR81 data from the National Archives and the Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project that was initiated by the late Henk Welting, and being continued by the forum members. This tool helps you to easily search for a casualty based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, provide the aircraft associated with the casualty or details. View the month by month coverage details.

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122357 casualty records in this database.
106340 records (86.91%) are "Accounted for".
97149 are related to aircraft incidents and
9193 are non-aviation deaths..

We acknowledge that the data compiled here comes from multiple sources. National Archive ORBs (links given) and other external websites. Even for external websites - it is quite likely that they refer to published material on RAF history and losses. Some of these books/authors are acknowledged in our Essential RAF Researchers Book List. These Authors include (But not limited to) Bill Chorley, Colin Cummings, David Gunby, J J Halley,Ross McNeill and Pelham Temple. Additionally, the data on this site could not have been made possible without the serious contribution and help of the following websites. International Bomber Command Centre | Malcolm Barrass' RAFWEB : Air of Authority | National Archives (UK) | Air Crew Remembered

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Your current query terms 1942-07-05 returns 38 records, 31 records (81.58%) have circumstances of death. 7 records (18.42%) do not have details.

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Aircraft Name
Aircraft #
For additional details around the circumstances of some of the casualities, Check the "Unaccounted Airmen" thread at 420705 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 5-7-1942
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Leading AircraftmanHerbert Lewis GALE (17341)  Forum Post  Ext Link 1942-07-05 AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJohn CIARLO (776833)   1942-07-05 MaltaMalta (Capuccini) Naval Cemete
Aircraftman 2nd ClassWalter Reginald CROWEST (1471784)   1942-07-05 United KingdomManor Park Cemetery
Aircraftwoman 1st ClassMonica Jean LADNER (2068080)  More Details 1942-07-05 United KingdomPenzance Cemetery
Aircraftwoman 2nd ClassMinnie LAZENBY (2055657)   1942-07-05 United KingdomDore (Christ Church) Churchyar
Aircraftman 2nd ClassArthur WALLACE (1515818)   1942-07-05 United KingdomCheadle And Gatley Cemetery
SergeantErnest Charles CRADDOCK (1196360) Hurricane BP138   1942-07-05 EgyptAlamein Memorial
Leading AircraftmanWilford Arnold Orville SCOTT (R/142786)  Archive Post 1942-07-051 Works Construction Unit CanadaDewberry Cemetery
SergeantJames ALEXANDER (956796) Air Gunner  More Details 1942-07-05104 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptFayid War Cemetery
SergeantJames Falconer ANDERSON (591536) Pilot Blenheim IV R3912  IBCC 1942-07-0513 OTU United KingdomEdinkillie Parish Churchyard
SergeantAdam HOGG (1552074) Observer Blenheim IV R3912  IBCC 1942-07-0513 OTU United KingdomHawick (Wellogate) Cemetery
SergeantGilbert Ingram McBOYLE (1178919) Wireless Op Blenheim IV R3912  IBCC 1942-07-0513 OTU United KingdomBridgwater (Quantock Road) Cem
Pilot OfficerHorace Gordon JAMES (137564) Spitfire Vb AB411   1942-07-05145 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantAnthony Gerald De Baillou MONK (63103) Spitfire BP851   1942-07-05145 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
Leading AircraftmanJohn LOCKHART (R/81706)  Archive Post 1942-07-0515 SFTS CanadaClaresholm Cemetery
Flight LieutenantRobert King PORTER (82424)   1942-07-05207 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomBottesford (St. Mary) Churchya
Leading AircraftmanWilliam Benjamin BOWEN (1029215)  More Details 1942-07-05276 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomLlanelli (St. Paul) Churchyard
Aircraftman 1st ClassRonald Charles ROPER (1473751)  More Details 1942-07-05276 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomChingford Mount Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st ClassRaymond William VALLACK (1401788)  More Details 1942-07-05276 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomPlymouth (Weston Mill) Cemeter
Aircraftman 1st ClassRaymond Stanley St. Clair WHITBOURN (1385051)  More Details 1942-07-05276 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomBramley Cemetery
PlutonowyZygmont WESOLOWSKI (P/794279)   1942-07-05308 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomNewark-Upon-Trent Cemetery
Pilot OfficerBrian William CHALLIS (120162) Hurricane BN385   1942-07-0533 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
SergeantGeorge CUTTER (860457) Wellington IC DV508   1942-07-0537 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
SergeantSolomon MYERS (1132160) Wellington IC DV508   1942-07-0537 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot OfficerGeorge Douglas Brian RAFFILL (129953) Wellington IC DV508   1942-07-0537 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
SergeantKenneth Jermyn SMITH (1258964) Wellington IC DV508   1942-07-0537 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot OfficerPercy Ewart STUMBLES (109033) Wellington IC DV508   1942-07-0537 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
SergeantGeorge TOMKINS (1359708) Wellington IC DV508   1942-07-0537 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
CorporalGerald Sydney FULLER (640497)   1942-07-05413 Sqdn AIR27 Sri LankaColombo (Kanatte) General Ceme
Flight SergeantStanley Oliver SIMPSON (402987) Kittyhawk II AL114   1942-07-05450 Sqdn AIR27 EgyptAlamein Memorial
SergeantPhilip Raymond SWAN (1387580) Pilot Spitfire IIa P7504   1942-07-0553 OTU United KingdomRotherfield Peppard (All Saint
SergeantRussell Stanley PEARCE (413117) Pilot Spitfire IIb P8592   1942-07-0553 OTU United KingdomLlantwit Major Cemetery
Pilot OfficerLionel Derrick RYMER (120932) Pilot Hurricane R2684   1942-07-0559 OTU United KingdomBrighouse Cemetery
SergeantAlexander James Proctor WALTON (1385958) Pilot Magister I L8130   1942-07-05611 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
Warrant OfficerVictor Cecil Mayo WHEELER (566827) W.E. Mechan Magister I L8130   1942-07-05611 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomLeicester (Gilroes) Cemetery
Wing CommanderBrian Gethryn CARR-HARRIS (C/52) Hudson IIIa FH395   1942-07-05FC CanadaKingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery
Squadron LeaderGeorge Patterson CHRISTIE (40081) Hudson IIIa FH395   1942-07-05FC CanadaPointe Claire Lakeview Memoria
Leading AircraftmanClement Stuart LLEWELLYN (1029113) Hudson IIIa FH395   1942-07-05FC CanadaMontreal (Mount Royal) Cemeter

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