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This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The primary data is taken from the CWGC site, but the data is enhanced by the AIR81 data from the National Archives and the Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project that was initiated by the late Henk Welting, and being continued by the forum members. This tool helps you to easily search for a casuality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, provide the aircraft associated with the casuality or details.

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There are a total of 122374 casuality records in this database. About 12080 records (9.87%) have some details on circumstances of death.
Your current query returns 55 records,of which 7 records (12.73%) have circumstances of death. You can click on the result fields to narrow the search.

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Aircraft Type
Aircraft #
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Aircraftman 1st ClassFrederick William WANSTALL (547434) Forum Post 1939-09-06208 SqdnEgyptCairo War Memorial Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st ClassFrederick Douglas LINAKER (537514) Forum Post 1939-11-07208 SqdnEgyptCairo War Memorial Cemetery
SergeantJohn Felix MULDOWNEY (537426) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Lysander L4714 AIR81/3788 1940-10-15208 SqdnEgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerDavid Mervyn Boughey DRUCE (72022) Pilot Lysander L4714 AIR81/3788 1940-10-15208 SqdnEgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanRobert Joseph REDMOND (528107) 1940-11-09208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flying OfficerLaurence Trevor BENSON (40876) Hurricane I N2611 AIR81/4958 1941-01-29208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Aircraftman 2nd ClassRichard Noel LLOYD-HUGHES (966659) 1941-03-22208 SqdnEgyptCairo War Memorial Cemetery
Flight LieutenantJames Robin ALDIS (33362) Pilot Hurricane I Z4364 AIR81/6806 1941-06-08208 SqdnSyriaDamascus Commonwealth War Ceme
Flying OfficerCedric West HOLDSWORTH (40913) Pilot 1941-06-15208 SqdnSyriaDamascus Commonwealth War Ceme
Flying OfficerKeith Ernest MACROSTIE (41192) Pilot 1941-06-15208 SqdnSyriaDamascus Commonwealth War Ceme
Aircraftman 1st ClassStanley Maurice LAWRENCE (906737) 1941-06-16208 SqdnSyriaDamascus Commonwealth War Ceme
Pilot OfficerGeorge Frank TALENT (80071) 1941-07-17208 SqdnIsrael and Palestine (incGaza War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantDonald Escott WAYMARK (41506) 1941-11-10208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flying OfficerJames PATERSON (43979) 1941-12-26208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flight LieutenantErrol William SEYMOUR-HOSLEY (70788) 1941-12-27208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Second LieutenantJames Sterling IDDESON (32766) 1942-01-03208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Wing CommanderGuy Pendrill CHARLES (26079) Pilot 1942-01-13208 SqdnLibyaBenghazi War Cemetery
Flying OfficerJohn FORTUNE (84994) 1942-01-14208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
LieutenantBeverley W. SCHILD (102363) Pilot 1942-02-02208 SqdnLibyaTobruk War Cemetery
Flying OfficerKenneth George Charles DAVIES (44522) 1942-02-09208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flying OfficerBrian Arthur Blake ATTWOOD (84985) 1942-02-14208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Aircraftman 1st ClassLeslie Maurice WALDREN (908523) 1942-03-26208 SqdnEgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery
CorporalErnest ALTON (941311) 1942-06-08208 SqdnEgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery
Warrant OfficerJack Albert BUDD (564132) 1942-06-08208 SqdnEgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerWilliam GLENN (118198) 1942-06-16208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
LieutenantGerald Tollemache SEDGWICK (103699V) 1942-06-27208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flying OfficerJohn Cyril BUCKLEY (44821) 1942-07-18208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flight LieutenantCharles Sidney Beattie MONTAGU (86433) 1942-07-24208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot OfficerPeter Alaric WORTH (120644) 1942-08-02208 SqdnEgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerRichard FILSON-YOUNG (120745) 1942-08-17208 SqdnEgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery
Flying OfficerWalter John Evelyn ARDLEY (65499) 1942-08-29208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Wing CommanderJohn Kane ROGERS (39761) 1942-09-01208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot OfficerMalcolm Ramsay HAWORTH (135171) 1942-09-07208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Flight LieutenantAntony Peyton Ventris STRACHAN (43556) 1942-09-20208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot OfficerRichard Keeble FOOKES (120779) 1942-09-28208 SqdnEgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerEarle Vincent GARMAN (J/8364) 1942-09-29208 SqdnEgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery
CorporalJames Arthur WISEMAN (571872) 1942-09-30208 SqdnEgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memoria
Flying OfficerRichard Henry Douglas ESHELBY (118497) 1942-11-02208 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
CorporalColwyn Vivian JACKSON (1006182) 1942-11-06208 SqdnEgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery
Flying OfficerKenneth Arthur MARRIOTT (115836) Pilot 1943-01-16208 SqdnEgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memoria
Leading AircraftmanDennis Hudson FRANCE (1081497) 1943-04-05208 SqdnIraqHabbaniya War Cemetery
SergeantThomas Jepson CAMPBELL (538960) 1943-05-30208 SqdnSouth AfricaJohannesburg (West Park) Cemet
Flying OfficerJohn Dalton WILSON (120659) 1943-07-03208 SqdnLebanese RepublicBeirut War Cemetery
Flying OfficerKenneth Ford OLDHAM (136202) 1943-08-25208 SqdnLebanese RepublicBeirut War Cemetery
Flying OfficerJames Hope BEGG (123878) 1943-10-08208 SqdnIsrael and Palestine (incRamleh War Cemetery
Squadron LeaderArchibald Victor MASLEN (88877) Pilot 1944-04-02208 SqdnItalySangro River War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantJohn Raymond SAVAGE (118493) Pilot 1944-04-24208 SqdnItalySangro River War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerKeith Albert BAYLISS (162252) Pilot 1944-06-06208 SqdnItalyCassino War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanHarry GRIFFITHS (1201821) 1944-10-02208 SqdnItalyFlorence War Cemetery
Flying OfficerJohn Ronald GLASS (163114) Pilot 1944-10-27208 SqdnItalyFlorence War Cemetery

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