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RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces Roll of Honour (Courtesy CWGC)

This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The data is taken from the CWGC site. This tool helps you to easily search for a casuality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, or even to locate by cemetary or by unit. The objective of this tool is to help you narrow down the names you are researching. For additional information you would still need to visit the CWGC site.

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Name Number Date/Year Unit Country Cemetary
RankName & NumberDeathUnitCountryCemetary / Memorial
Pilot OfficerJohn Noel Laughton ISAAC (90721) 1939-09-03600 SqdnUnited KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
Flying OfficerAlbert Anthon VICKERS (90084) 1939-11-16600 SqdnUnited KingdomDaviot Parish Churchyard
CorporalLaurence David ISAACS (800520) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsRotterdam (Crooswijk) General
Squadron LeaderJames Michael WELLS (90081) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsRotterdam (Crooswijk) General
Pilot OfficerRobert Wyatt Hamilton ECHLIN (77117) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsPiershil Protestant Churchyard
Pilot OfficerMichael Herbert ANDERSON (90497) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsSpijkenisse General Cemetery
CorporalBasil Arthur KIDD (800235) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsRotterdam (Crooswijk) General
Leading AircraftmanHerbert Charles William HAWKINS (800567) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsSpijkenisse General Cemetery
Flying OfficerCharles Roger MOORE (90098) 1940-05-10600 SqdnNetherlandsRotterdam (Crooswijk) General
Flying OfficerPatrick Claude HANNAY (90097) 1940-05-24600 SqdnUnited KingdomCranbourne (St. Peter) Churchy
Leading AircraftmanJames Dempster SHORT (74937]) 1940-05-24600 SqdnUnited KingdomNorthwood Cemetery
SergeantFrancis John KEAST (801399) 1940-08-08600 SqdnUnited KingdomWhitstable Cemetery
Flying OfficerDennis Neve GRICE (70266) 1940-08-08600 SqdnUnited KingdomCharing (Kent County) Cremator
Aircraftman 1st ClassJohn Benjamin William WARREN (628804) 1940-08-08600 SqdnFranceCalais Southern Cemetery
SergeantJohn William DAVIES (938521) 1940-09-07600 SqdnUnited KingdomRoundhay (St. John) Churchyard
SergeantAlbert Frederick Charles SAUNDERS (748574) 1940-09-07600 SqdnUnited KingdomWandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemete
Aircraftman 2nd ClassAlec Arthur BURGESS (1156188) 1940-09-13600 SqdnUnited KingdomFrome (Vallis Road) Cemetery
SergeantDavid Ernest HUGHES (40920) 1940-10-03600 SqdnUnited KingdomWhyteleafe (St. Luke) Churchya
Aircraftman 2nd ClassCharles Frederick COOPER (1003497) 1940-10-03600 SqdnUnited KingdomHeath Town (Holy Trinity) Chur
Pilot OfficerColin Anthony HOBSON (42566) 1940-10-03600 SqdnUnited KingdomBanstead (All Saints) Churchya
Pilot OfficerPeter Richard Scott HURST (41421) 1940-10-23600 SqdnUnited KingdomCatterick Cemetery
SergeantThomas Norman WILSON (754004) 1940-12-20600 SqdnUnited KingdomCatterick Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanDerek John LING (937983) 1940-12-24600 SqdnUnited KingdomRomsley (St. Kenelm) Churchyar
Pilot OfficerGeorge Henry HOLMES (84682) 1940-12-26600 SqdnUnited KingdomCatterick Cemetery
Group CaptainJohn Barker Hereward ROGERS (15128) 1941-03-13600 SqdnUnited KingdomGlasgow Crematorium
SergeantAllan Ralph SMITHER (800665) 1941-07-12600 SqdnUnited KingdomIllogan (St. Illogan) Churchya
Pilot OfficerFrancis Herbert SCHUMER (84970) 1941-07-12600 SqdnUnited KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
SergeantAlexander SMITH (1050686) 1941-08-22600 SqdnUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantBernard MARTIN (741593) 1941-08-22600 SqdnUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantAlfred John LIPSCOMBE (759213) 1941-09-20600 SqdnUnited KingdomHendon Cemetery And Crematoriu
Squadron LeaderGeorge Edward Thomas SCRASE (90675) 1941-09-28600 SqdnUnited KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
Pilot OfficerRoyston George Carpenter RUSBRIDGE (60828) 1941-10-19600 SqdnUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantJoseph Robert CARNEY (1101795) 1941-10-19600 SqdnUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantEdwin John Forgan GRANT (749872) 1941-12-01600 SqdnUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight LieutenantJohn Guthrie FLETCHER (70798) 1941-12-01600 SqdnUnited KingdomPlymouth City Crematorium
Flight LieutenantColin Gordon IMLAY (84317) 1941-12-15600 SqdnFranceSt. Brieuc Western Communal Ce
Flight SergeantPeter Griffin PEARCE (916157) 1941-12-15600 SqdnUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Pilot OfficerHarry Waldo YIELDER (47362) 1942-08-21600 SqdnUnited KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery
SergeantLeslie George PEACOCK (1335245) 1942-08-21600 SqdnUnited KingdomEast Wickham (St. Michael) Chu
Aircraftman 1st ClassHerbert STOKES (1029232) 1943-01-12600 SqdnAlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery
SergeantGordon Victor Wilfred GILES (1393344) 1943-02-21600 SqdnAlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba
Flying OfficerJames Hamilton SIMPSON (130856) 1943-02-21600 SqdnAlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba
Leading AircraftmanPeter Patrick NAUGHTON (641577) 1943-05-04600 SqdnTunisiaEnfidaville War Cemetery
Flying OfficerClifford Ryland GEORGE (135425) 1943-05-14600 SqdnAlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba
Flying OfficerRichard BASTOW (119349) 1943-05-14600 SqdnAlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba
Flying OfficerHarold Raymond ADAMS (133680) 1944-01-29600 SqdnItalyBolsena War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerJohn Thomas LYONS (169487) 1944-02-01600 SqdnItalyNaples War Cemetery
Flying OfficerPhilip Ivan RHODES (127252) 1944-02-18600 SqdnMaltaMalta Memorial
Flying OfficerReginald CHANDLER (126688) 1944-02-18600 SqdnItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio
Flight SergeantDenis Arnold MORLING (1334218) 1944-02-21600 SqdnItalyBolsena War Cemetery

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