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RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces Roll of Honour (Courtesy CWGC)

This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The data is taken from the CWGC site. This tool helps you to easily search for a casuality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, or even to locate by cemetary or by unit. The objective of this tool is to help you narrow down the names you are researching. For additional information you would still need to visit the CWGC site.

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Name Number Date/Year Unit Country Cemetary
RankName & NumberDeathUnitCountryCemetary / Memorial
Flight LieutenantRichard Lewis CURTIN (J/27357) 1947-01-15CanadaFonthill Cemetery
Squadron LeaderRobert Andrew BUCKHAM (J/15246) 1947-01-15CanadaBurnaby (Forest Lawn) Memorial
Aircraftman 2nd ClassStanley JONES (2283233) 1947-01-15United KingdomDerby (Nottingham Road) Cemete
Flying OfficerAlfred Henry HARTVIKSEN (C/48974) 1947-01-15CanadaThunder Bay (Riverside) Cemete
Warrant OfficerWilliam John WILLS (343274) 1947-01-15United KingdomCardington (St. Mary) Church C
Flight SergeantJoe MILNER (R/160630) 1947-01-15CanadaCalgary (Burnsland) Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJames Alexander MERRILEES (974938) 1947-01-16United KingdomBootle Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanSamuel Walter OWEN (858153) 1947-01-16925 BalloonUnited KingdomTyldesley Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st ClassArthur Edward MALLETT (847248) 1947-01-16United KingdomHavering-Atte-Bower (St. John)
Pilot Officer WALI MUHAMMAD AWAN (2140) 1947-01-16IndiaDelhi / Karachi 1939-1945 War
Corporal PILOO ERECKSHAW PATEL (11633) 1947-01-17IndiaDelhi / Karachi 1939-1945 War
Leading AircraftmanLeslie Mclean HIRONS (571923) 1947-01-17United KingdomPlymouth (Ford Park) Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st ClassRobert Moore FERGUSON (1297194) 1947-01-17United KingdomSalford (Weaste) Cemetery
Warrant OfficerFrancis John WARDEN (423871) 1947-01-18New ZealandAuckland (Waikumete) Cemetery
Air Sergeant LOYNES (100305V) 1947-01-19EgyptAlamein Memorial
Leading AircraftmanGeorge Evelyn JEFFREY (1371773) 1947-01-19United KingdomHeworth (St. Mary) Churchyard
CorporalThomas MONAGHAN (3024993) 1947-01-19MyanmarRangoon War Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassRonald WILKINSON (2294689) 1947-01-192717 Sqdn RAF RegtIsrael and PalestineRamleh War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJohn Herbert GREEN (1099117) 1947-01-1970 SqdnUnited KingdomSheffield (Shiregreen) Cemeter
SergeantWilliam Albert WHITE (347947) 1947-01-19United KingdomBiscot (Holy Trinity) Churchya
Leading AircraftwomanDiana Marjorie MARKS (459249) 1947-01-19United KingdomAdwell (St. Mary) Churchyard
Leading AircraftmanAlexander Bernard MacDONALD (R/137944) 1947-01-19CanadaSouth West Margaree (St. Josep
SergeantOwen George EALES (2223692) 1947-01-20United KingdomRugby (Whinfield) Cemetery
SergeantJohn RAWLINGS (573772) 1947-01-20IndiaDelhi War Cemetery
Flying OfficerShelley Walter George POTTER (201729) 1947-01-20208 SqdnIsrael and PalestineKhayat Beach War Cemetery
CorporalViola Emma NELSON (107211) 1947-01-20AustraliaAdelaide (West Terrace) Cemete
CorporalDuncan Mcdonald CARMICHAEL (649363) 1947-01-20United KingdomKilpatrick Cemetery, Torosay
Aircraftman 2nd ClassGeoffrey Peter DITCHER (3092487) 1947-01-20United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanCharles Maconnochie BENSON (2226464) 1947-01-20United KingdomPadgate (Christ Church) Church
KapralEdward WARSZAWSKI () 1947-01-21United KingdomTidworth Military Cemetery
Pilot IIStanley HILL (1588731) 1947-01-21United KingdomManchester Southern Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassGeorge Sidney LAWRENCE (3085420) 1947-01-21United KingdomPutney Vale Cemetery And Crema
SergeantAlbert Raymond FRANZ (R/145914) 1947-01-21CanadaKitchener (Woodland) Cemetery
Lieutenant SERVAIS (203461) 1947-01-21South AfricaCape Town (Maitland) Cemetery
Flying OfficerMaurice Frederick ZILLWOOD (167227) 1947-01-22United KingdomRayleigh Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st Class PRITAM SINGH (42721) 1947-01-22IndiaDelhi / Karachi 1939-1945 War
SergeantWilliam LANG (993074) 1947-01-22United KingdomLiverpool (West Derby) Cemeter
SergeantLawrence JARRON (942182) 1947-01-22240 SqdnUnited KingdomByer Moor (Sacred Heart) Roman
CorporalJohn Terrance FRANKS (908920) 1947-01-22United KingdomStreatham Park Cemetery
CorporalAlbert Joseph BROWN (651198) 1947-01-23United KingdomBournemouth East Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassWilliam Clark PLUMPTON (3079571) 1947-01-24EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery
SergeantPaul Lester GIBSON (1808026) 1947-01-24CyprusNicosia War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJean Rene Euclide Raoul DUGAS (R/135339) 1947-01-24CanadaJoliette Cemetery
Flight LieutenantJames Lochhead LOGAN (159462) 1947-01-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantJohn Ambrose HUMBY (951982) 1947-01-24United KingdomOswestry General Cemetery
Flight LieutenantHarold Vincent DOODSON (46813) 1947-01-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Aircraftman 2nd ClassFrederick Dudley Charles AYERS (962234) 1947-01-25960 Balloon SqdnUnited KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemeter
SergeantErnest Anthony GILL (809178) 1947-01-25United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery
Flight LieutenantOliver William GREEN (183526) 1947-01-2584 SqdnIndiaKirkee War Cemetery
Flying OfficerFrederick William Charles HARRIS (201634) 1947-01-25United KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemeter

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