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This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The primary data is taken from the CWGC site, but the data is enhanced by the AIR81 data from the National Archives and the Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project that was initiated by the late Henk Welting, and being continued by the forum members. This tool helps you to easily search for a casuality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, provide the aircraft associated with the casuality or details. View the month by month coverage details.

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We acknowledge that the data compiled here comes from multiple sources. National Archive ORBs (links given) and other external websites. Even for external websites - it is quite likely that they refer to published material on RAF history and losses. Some of these books/authors are acknowledged in our Essential RAF Researchers Book List. These Authors include (But not limited to) Bill Chorley, Colin Cummings, David Gunby, J J Halley,Ross McNeill and Pelham Temple. Additionally, the data on this site could not have been made possible without the serious contribution and help of the following websites. International Bomber Command Centre | Malcolm Barrass' RAFWEB : Air of Authority | National Archives (UK) | Air Crew Remembered

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There are a total of 122357 casuality records in this database. About 98716 records (80.68%) have some details on circumstances of death.
Your current query returns 81 records,
68 records (83.95%) have circumstances of death.
13 records (16.05%) do not have details. You can click on the result fields to narrow the search.

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Aircraft Type
Aircraft #
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
CorporalEric Charles DODD (801585)   1943-08-11601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
Flight SergeantAlbert Edwin REYNOLDS (801547)   1943-08-11601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
CorporalWilliam James RUSSELL (801576)   1943-08-11601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
Leading AircraftmanStanley Angus WAKEHAM (1318286)   1943-08-11601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
Leading AircraftmanBryn MORGAN (1220896)   1943-08-12601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
Flying OfficerAlfred Abbott TOLLER (139941) Pilot   1943-08-14601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyMilan War Cemetery
Flight SergeantJames SHEARER (1387348) Pilot Spitfire Vc JK321  Forum Post 1943-09-29601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
SergeantDonald Rosslyn MACKAY (1386629) Pilot   1943-09-30601 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomSouth London Crematorium, Mitc
Flying OfficerRonald Sidney BALL (129666) Pilot Spitfire Vc JK645   1943-10-17601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySangro River War Cemetery
Flying OfficerRobert Alexander JOHNSTONE (118477) Pilot Spitfire Vc JL124   1943-10-18601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyBari War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantWilliam Raymond HENDERSON (120740) Spitfire VIII JF806   1944-03-07601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio
Squadron LeaderRoger Joyce BUSHELL (90120) Pilot  Ext Link 1944-03-29601 Sqdn AIR27 PolandPoznan Old Garrison Cemetery
LieutenantCornelius Cecil GELDARD (207319V) Pilot Spitfire VIII JF879  Forum Post 1944-03-30601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalySalerno War Cemetery
Warrant OfficerAndre Emile EID (1383977) Pilot Spitfire VIII JG258  Forum Post  Forum Post 1944-05-15601 Sqdn AIR27 BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery Belgian
SergeantEric Thomas LASCELLES (1588394) Spitfire LFIX MJ389   1944-06-16601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyAssisi War Cemetery
CaptainJames Edward SHARPE (205943V) Spitfire MH622   1944-07-08601 Sqdn AIR27 MaltaMalta Memorial
SergeantMalcolm ORD (1602540) Spitfire LFIX MK576  Forum Post 1944-07-18601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery
SergeantLeslie Albert HOLT (1607002) Pilot Spitfire LFIX MH767   1944-08-09601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyFlorence War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantThomas Harold SMITH (408883) Spitfire LFIX MH778   1944-09-02601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyGradara War Cemetery
SergeantRichard Joseph ADAMS (1803858) Spitfire LFIX MJ984   1944-09-02601 Sqdn AIR27 MaltaMalta Memorial
SergeantCyril HUTCHINSON (625193) Spitfire PT397   1944-09-14601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery
SergeantMaurice YOUNG (1673234) Spitfire PT490   1944-09-17601 Sqdn AIR27 MaltaMalta Memorial
Flight SergeantColin Richard LESLIE (42821) Spitfire PT598   1944-09-25601 Sqdn AIR27 MaltaMalta Memorial
CaptainRaymond Robert HART (205792V) Pilot Spitfire XI PL345   1944-10-07601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery
SergeantKenneth Albert POULDEN (576967) Spitfire PT583   1944-11-05601 Sqdn AIR27 MaltaMalta Memorial
Warrant OfficerArthur Joseph HYNES (419269) Spitfire PT648   1944-11-10601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyFaenza War Cemetery
Warrant OfficerWilliam Frank WATERS (1318727) Spitfire XI PL372   1944-11-13601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyForli War Cemetery
Flight SergeantRobert Lionel CLEMENTS (1808217) Spitfire PT606   1944-11-21601 Sqdn AIR27 MaltaMalta Memorial
Pilot OfficerPeter Curtis ROBSON (188413) Spitfire PT761  Ext Link 1945-04-23601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery
Flying OfficerArnold George Raymond HALLAS (162489) Pilot Spitfire NH231   1945-04-30601 Sqdn AIR27 ItalyPadua War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanHenry Thomas HOLLAND (1241689)   1945-09-24601 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomWandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemete

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