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RAF and Commonwealth Air Forces Roll of Honour (Courtesy CWGC)

This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The data is taken from the CWGC site. This tool helps you to easily search for a casuality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, or even to locate by cemetary or by unit. The objective of this tool is to help you narrow down the names you are researching. For additional information you would still need to visit the CWGC site.

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Name Number Date/Year Unit Country Cemetary
RankName & NumberDeathUnitCountryCemetary / Memorial
Aircraftman 1st ClassRonald Philip PEGDEN (3058083) 1947-01-03EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassThomas Patrick WILMOTH (1908885) 1947-01-10EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery
Air Sergeant LOYNES (100305V) 1947-01-19EgyptAlamein Memorial
Aircraftman 2nd ClassWilliam Clark PLUMPTON (3079571) 1947-01-24EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery
Flight SergeantAlbert Edward KING (347938) 1947-01-27EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery
SergeantPhilip Stanley LAWLESS (1809853) 1947-02-09EgyptFayid War Cemetery
CorporalJohn Richard HEATH (1861627) 1947-02-12EgyptSuez War Memorial Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanGlyndwr Arthur WILLIAMS (412301) 1947-03-10EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Ceme
Aircraftman 2nd ClassAnthony William SPENCER (3077995) 1947-03-18EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Ceme
Gunner IISamuel James NICHOLL (3225012) 1947-04-18EgyptFayid War Cemetery
SergeantWilliam John Boultbee WHALL (570575) 1947-04-21EgyptFayid War Cemetery
SergeantPeter STOODLEY (2313484) 1947-05-01EgyptFayid War Cemetery
SergeantEdward John SHAW (3050870) 1947-05-11EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Paul WOZNITZKA () 1947-05-12EgyptFayid War Cemetery
CorporalRoy Kenneth YOUNG (3080619) 1947-05-12EgyptPort Said War Memorial Cemeter
Aircraftman 1st ClassHarry FLORENCE (2262660) 1947-05-17EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassDonald Carr RICHARDSON (2257474) 1947-05-25EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Warrant OfficerWilliam Edward LAWDER (515977) 1947-07-04EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Ceme
Squadron LeaderHumphrey Francis Warren FRY (201234) 1947-07-10EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Rudolf REITERMAYER () 1947-07-13EgyptFayid War Cemetery
CorporalJohn Francis RUFF (3058362) 1947-07-15EgyptPort Said War Memorial Cemeter
Josef LAUSECKER () 1947-07-17EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassGeorge James FINNIGAN (3063338) 1947-07-28EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanDouglas Edward Beale EASTWOOD (1891076) 1947-08-09EgyptFayid War Cemetery
CorporalMichael Francis SEXTON (578718) 1947-10-01EgyptAlamein Memorial
Navigator IIEric George William GRUBB (1605294) 1947-10-01EgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot IIRonald Frank WHITE (1316962) 1947-10-01575 SqdnEgyptAlamein Memorial
Leading AircraftmanDouglas BERTRAM (2262669) 1947-10-01EgyptAlamein Memorial
Leading AircraftmanAlan WATSON (3080263) 1947-10-01EgyptAlamein Memorial
Pilot OfficerPercy Thomas SYDENHAM (58519) 1947-10-01EgyptAlamein Memorial
Squadron LeaderMichael Lewrance BLOCK (75927) 1947-10-01EgyptAlamein Memorial
SergeantJoseph Henry Rodney HAZLE (365442) 1947-10-03EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Aircraftman 1st ClassWarnock LONGRIDGE (4010914) 1947-10-05EgyptFayid War Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassWilliam Edward BELLIS (4012248) 1947-12-18EgyptFayid War Cemetery

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