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This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The primary data is taken from the CWGC site, but the data is enhanced by the AIR81 data from the National Archives and the Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project that was initiated by the late Henk Welting, and being continued by the forum members. This tool helps you to easily search for a casuality based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, provide the aircraft associated with the casuality or details.

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There are a total of 122374 casuality records in this database. About 12080 records (9.87%) have some details on circumstances of death.
Your current query returns 122374 records,of which 12080 records (9.87%) have circumstances of death. You can click on the result fields to narrow the search.

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Aircraft Type
Aircraft #
RankName, Number, Trade & Details Date Unit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
1e LuitenantCornelis WAARDENBURG () 1944-08-30United KingdomMill Hill Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerWillem Bastiaan STRAVER () 1942-03-15United KingdomGrantham Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerHenry Francis BUISKOOL () 1944-02-13United KingdomMill Hill Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerChristiaan RIEMENS () 1944-08-19IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerJan Johannes Theodorus DRAAYER () 1944-08-24IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerJan Simon ZWART () 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerOtto LEYDING () 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerRobert Jan SALM () 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerHermanus Jan Hendrik DAANEN () 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerBernard VAN AKEN () 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerHendrik Piet LEVY () Navigator 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerRudolf Theodoor BRAAKENSIEK () 1944-09-07AustraliaCairns Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerKarl Gerard VOGLER () 1944-09-15IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerWilly Jan Martin SCHOLTE () 1944-09-15IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerHendrik Jacob VAN RENESSE () 1944-09-15IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
1e Luitenant VliegerPaul Joris DE JAGER () Navigator/Wireless Op. 1944-12-10IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
1st LieutenantLee Donald KERR () Air Gunner 1942-10-18CanadaQuebec City (Mount Hermon) Cem
1st LieutenantEric George ROBERTS () Pilot 1943-10-08GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
1st LieutenantDonald WEST () 1943-11-03BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery
1st LieutenantJ M K PEDERSEN () Air Observer 1943-11-17GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery
1st LieutenantStanley Warren PENNER () 1944-02-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery
1st LieutenantEdmund F BOYLE () Air Gunner 1944-04-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery
1st LieutenantMax E DOWDEN () Pilot 1944-05-22BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery
1st LieutenantHerbert H BALL () 1945-01-30JapanYokohama Cremation Memorial
2e LuitenantFreddy Cuno LIE KOK HIAN () 1944-08-24IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
2e Luitenant VliegerDirk Jacobus KLINK () 1942-06-13United KingdomMill Hill Cemetery
2e Luitenant VliegerLeendert Adriaan ZOETEMEIJER () 1943-12-07MyanmarThanbyuzayat War Cemetery
2e Luitenant VliegerHendrik Christiaan DE JAGER () Navigator/Wireless Op. 1944-05-18United KingdomFaughanvale (St. Canice) Churc
2e Luitenant VliegerFrederik Herman MEYER () 1944-08-24IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
2nd LieutenantHarley W SHOAT () 1942-10-18CanadaQuebec City (Mount Hermon) Cem
2nd LieutenantLincoln Delmar BUNDY () Air Bomber 1944-07-07FranceRom Communal Cemetery
2nd LieutenantEdwin S ROBERTS () 1944-08-20JapanYokohama Cremation Memorial
2nd LieutenantJames E MULLEN () 1945-01-30JapanYokohama Cremation Memorial
Acting CorporalCharles Earl PELKEY (R/85146) 1945-06-02CanadaVancouver (Mountain View) Ceme
Adjudant OnderofficierHermanne Jacobus Jan BECKERING () 1945-08-17United KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemeter
Air ApprenticeDavid Lawrence BANKS (4767) SAAF 611 Forum Post 1939-10-07South AfricaBloemfontein (In Memoriam) Cem
Air ApprenticeClifford Raymond GIE (96892) 1940-08-11South AfricaCape Town (Plumstead) Cemetery
Air ApprenticeM G SMITH (95496) 1940-09-22South AfricaThaba Tshwane (Old No.1) Milit
Air ApprenticeH J DE JAGER (P/5894) 1941-02-06South AfricaErmelo Cemetery
Air Chief MarshalSir Trafford Leigh LEIGH-MALLORY () 1944-11-14Allied Air Commander-in-Chief South East AsiaFranceAllemont (Le Rivier) Communal
Air Chief MarshalSir Charles Stuart BURNETT () Wireless Op./Air Gunner 1945-04-09United KingdomHalton (St. Michael) Churchyar
Air CommodoreGeorge Edward Alexander Edmund WINDSOR () 1942-08-25United KingdomFrogmore Royal Burial Ground
Air CommodoreDesmond Herlouin DE BURGH () 1943-01-17EgyptAlamein Memorial
Air CommodoreSir Henry Nigel St. Valery NORMAN () Wireless Op./Air Gunner 1943-05-19United KingdomClifferdine Wood, Rendcomb
Air CommodoreJohn William Boldero GRIGSON () 1943-07-03ZimbabweHarare (Pioneer) Cemetery
Air CommodoreBenjamin James SILLY () 1943-12-07China, (including Hong KoSai Wan War Cemetery
Air CommodoreBasil Alfred PLAYNE () 1944-02-06United KingdomPontypridd Crematorium
Air CommodoreGeorge Lionel Seymour DAWSON-DAMER () 1944-04-17600 SqdnUnited KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
Air CommodoreReginald PYNE () Pilot 1944-05-17United KingdomGolders Green Crematorium
Air CommodoreGuy Lloyd CARTER () Air Bomber 1944-07-18HQ Balkan Air ForceItalyBari War Cemetery

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