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This is a database of all commonwealth airforces casualities in the Second World War. The primary data is taken from the CWGC site, but the data is enhanced by the AIR81 data from the National Archives and the Unaccounted Airmen and Airwomen Project that was initiated by the late Henk Welting, and being continued by the forum members. This tool helps you to easily search for a casualty based on partial name or number, exact date or year of death, provide the aircraft associated with the casualty or details. View the month by month coverage details.

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122357 casualty records in this database.
105575 records (86.28%) are "Accounted for".
96815 are related to aircraft incidents and
8762 are non-aviation deaths..

We acknowledge that the data compiled here comes from multiple sources. National Archive ORBs (links given) and other external websites. Even for external websites - it is quite likely that they refer to published material on RAF history and losses. Some of these books/authors are acknowledged in our Essential RAF Researchers Book List. These Authors include (But not limited to) Bill Chorley, Colin Cummings, David Gunby, J J Halley,Ross McNeill and Pelham Temple. Additionally, the data on this site could not have been made possible without the serious contribution and help of the following websites. International Bomber Command Centre | Malcolm Barrass' RAFWEB : Air of Authority | National Archives (UK) | Air Crew Remembered

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Your current query terms 9313 returns 23 records, 18 records (78.26%) have circumstances of death. 5 records (21.74%) do not have details.

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Aircraft Name
Aircraft #
Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details Date UnitCountry Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Aircraftman 2nd ClassLeonard Roy LOCK (649313)  Forum Post 1940-05-04 United KingdomBarnstaple Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassWilfred Cecil MORGAN (931395)   1940-10-29 United KingdomSketty (Bethel) Welsh Congrega
Aircraftman 2nd ClassClifford Austen CROWLE (1179313)  Forum Post 1941-01-09 United KingdomPlymouth City Crematorium
SergeantSamuel COX (869313) Air Gunner Wellington IC Z1148  IBCC 1942-04-15214 Sqdn AIR27 BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery
SergeantDonald Edmund (Don) CARPENTER (931393) Observer Beaufort I DE121   1942-07-25Ferry Training Unit United KingdomStreatham Cemetery
SergeantReginald Percival BILHAM (1293131) Wireless Op Stirling I R9327  IBCC 1943-04-04149 Sqdn AIR27 DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassJohn Melvin PARSONS (931330)   1943-05-17 IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
SergeantAlfred Leslie KING (1579313) Air Gunner Lancaster III JB118  IBCC 1943-09-0683 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery
Flying OfficerWilliam Franklin Max HOWARD (J/9313) Navigator Mosquito II DD685   1943-09-0760 OTU United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery
Aircraftman 2nd ClassCharlie BOOTH (1093134)   1943-09-09 IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery
SergeantJohn Kenneth CUBEY (931386) Navigator Lancaster ED417   1943-11-27103 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery
SergeantJohn Arthur COBBETT (R/193139) Air Gunner Lancaster II DS739  IBCC 1944-01-03432 Sqdn AIR27 FranceCholoy War Cemetery
SergeantVictor Albert KEEN (909313) Flight Engi Lancaster PB195  IBCC 1944-07-0549 Sqdn AIR27 FranceRomescamps Churchyard
Warrant Officer Class IIMelville Stanley WOOD (R/93134) RCAF 2171  Ext Link 1944-07-06145 Sqdn RCAF AIR27 CanadaGoose Bay Joint Services Cemet
Leading AircraftmanCwyn Crunn MORGANS (1079313)   1944-07-18 ItalyFlorence War Cemetery
SergeantRonald David MORGAN (1893132) Flight Engi Halifax BIII MZ730  IBCC 1944-07-18158 Sqdn AIR27 FranceBanneville-La-Campagne War Cem
Flying OfficerMichael Patrick MORETON (169313) Wireless Op Halifax BIII NA513  IBCC 1944-07-1978 Sqdn AIR27 FranceNeufmoulin Communal Cemetery
SergeantWalter KOMER (R/269313) Air Gunner Sunderland III DP197  Forum Post 1944-08-154 (C) OTU United KingdomRosskeen Parish Churchyard Ext
Flight LieutenantGeoffrey COX (179313) Pilot Halifax BIII NA687  IBCC 1945-01-06171 Sqdn AIR27 BelgiumAmbly Communal Cemetery
Flight SergeantJames Arthur BROWN (1393134) Pilot Typhoon IB JP838   1945-05-03181 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyHamburg Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJohn Leonard STAFFORD (931345)   1945-07-19 MalaysiaLabuan War Cemetery
Flight LieutenantSamuel Meek McCRACKEN (49313) Navigator Beaufighter TFX RD507  Forum Post 1945-12-28254 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomWells-Next-The-Sea Cemetery
Flying OfficerJames Brodie REID (193131) Pilot Dakota IV KN229  Forum Post 1946-02-12194 Sqdn AIR27 MyanmarTaukkyan War Cemetery

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The Updated Data in its current form is the copyright of RAFCommands.com unless otherwise stated. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is acknowledged as the source of the primary material.

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