View Full Version : Farewell - News added by Theo of Henk's passing.

Henk Welting
15th June 2012, 13:43
Dear friends,
This thread is informative and I don't expect any response.
As most of you know I'm already since 2008 suffering from cancer. Yesterday was told by the oncologist that all treatments will be stopped and life expectations are decreasing rapidly.
I'll "stay at the controls" as long as possible but feel sorry that I can't finish the subject "unaccounted" air personnel.
Thank you all for your support and excellent co-operation; keep up the good work.
God bless you all.

15th June 2012, 14:00
Worst piece of news to ever have been on this Forum.
Peter Davies

phill jones
15th June 2012, 14:39
This is indeed very tragic news i am Indeed Very Sorry
phill jones

15th June 2012, 14:47
I am also deeply saddened to hear your news


15th June 2012, 15:23
That is sad news henk, many late nights were spent trawling the Flight magazines and GRO registers, all and any sources.

it was an absolute pleasure to assist you Henk, bringing some facts to attach to all those names!!

Stay safe Henk and keep posting!

James Castle
15th June 2012, 15:25
Dear Henk
There is at least one, and sometimes many posts from you each day. Long may they continue. You are the heart of this forum.
Best wishes

Jim C
15th June 2012, 17:11
So sorry to hear your news Henk. Your efforts in remembering the unaccounted airmen are highly commendable.
Take care and keep fighting.
Best wishes,

Chris Davies
15th June 2012, 17:21
I am so sorry to hear your news,
My thoughts are with you and your family.

I thank you for all the work and commitment you have provided for this forum, you are undoubtedly one of the main driving forces towards its success.

Chris Davies

Unverified 9395
15th June 2012, 17:32

Although we have not corresponded I have followed many of your posts, but regardless I am so sorry to hear the devastating news. Stay strong and keep fighting...


15th June 2012, 18:29
I have followed many of your posts and admire your work.
God be with you.

15th June 2012, 18:39
Dear Henk,

No words can truly express the pain and sorrow we all feel. You have contributed greatly to the success of the forum; there are few of us who have not had reason to use your research, and I, for one, will always be grateful.

You will long be remembered, not only by forumites who have followed your work over the years, but also those outside our community who have - and will - benefit from your many posts. They are a worthy memorial.

With great sadness


Walter Lindekens
15th June 2012, 19:44
Dear Henk,

So sorry to hear this news.

We briefly corresponded back in 2008 and you were instrumental in locating the info I was after out of the Hans De Haan archive. I still owe you one for that.

Thank you again and please keep up the fight.


15th June 2012, 19:48
My thoughts are with you, Henk. Thank you.


15th June 2012, 20:03
Henk, it i very difficult to find any words...
I really appreciated your help with my research during the years and I also hope I was able to add bits and pieces to yours.

Thanks for your long distance electronics friendship

Check your six and keep fighting!


Tim Bishop
15th June 2012, 20:04

I believe all of our thoughts are with you, stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

Kindest regards,


15th June 2012, 20:50
I too am really sorry to hear of your illness.
Thank you for your huge contribution to this forum with your research and knowledge.
I hope your journey is a peaceful one.

15th June 2012, 21:02
Hi Henk
So very sorry to hear your sad news,you will be missed. It has been a pleasure and an honour to feel that we may have helped you in our small ways.
Enjoy what you have and my best wishes to you and your family.
All the very best

Andy Ingham
15th June 2012, 21:34
Thanks for all your help in my research it is much appreciated.
Keep strong! and Keep fighting!
Thoughts are with you!

Errol Martyn
15th June 2012, 22:57
Dear Henk,

Although not unexpected, it is very sad indeed to hear that you are about to bring the Welting research machine in on its final landing with you at the 'controls'. Like so many others on the forum I have benefited greatly from your work (much of which appears with due acknowledgement in the large amendments section of the third volume of my 'For Your Tomorrow' trilogy). I doubt if any other forumite has ever received over 4000 visits to his membership page, which in no small way indicates how greatly we will all miss you and your almost daily posts, and those unique and delightful touches of humour that sometimes graces them.

My thoughts are with you as you set out on your last journey my friend.


15th June 2012, 23:59

Having already expressed my sentiments privately, l don't have much more to say. There is a hackneyed saying that goes - "No one is irreplaceable" - l beg to differ.

Proud to have been a Mate,


Arthur Arculus
16th June 2012, 00:17
God Bless Hank and thank you sao much for your previous assistance.

My wife and I wish you and you family - peace.
Digger & Barbara.

16th June 2012, 00:53
So sorry to hear Henk.

Steve Brew
16th June 2012, 01:45
Dear Henk

I am devastated by your news and it saddens me greatly. It has been an absolute pleasure liaising with you both via this forum and privately over the last several years. You have always been a gentleman, always been generous with your information and have helped me significantly with my research into Dutch airmen. Your name is in the acknowledgements of my work.

I can only echo the sentiments of the many forumites before me. You have been a stalwart member of this forum, added significantly to its professionalism and its value as a database and source of reliable information. All the time, you have maintained your sense of humour and courtesy.

You will be greatly missed by us all. Thank you for all you have given us of yourself. Words are difficult to find to express my appreciation.

I wish you and your family peace and comfort.


John Williams
16th June 2012, 02:00
Hi Henk,

So sorry to read of your sad news, thank for all your help over the years, the world will be poor by your loss.


16th June 2012, 03:01
Keep strong! and Keep fighting!
Thoughts are with you!

16th June 2012, 03:04

Although you had told me of your illness I have held out hope and will continue to do so until your mighty pen goes silent.

I can add no further words than the sentiments expressed by everybody here. Your spirit of generousity will never be forgotten.

Travel well, my friend.


Roy Nixon
16th June 2012, 07:39
Hello Henk,
What sad news you give us, you are this Forum and for what it stands for.
Sincere thanks for many years of information you have given to us. Your research will live on for many years, thank you.
We salute you and hope you are able to cope what ever the future holds.

Stein Meum
16th June 2012, 08:49
Hello Henk!
I am so saddened by this news. I hoped privately that it would never come to this end. I'm so glad that we could help each other through our researches and I am very glad we managed to meet when you and Carla visited Norway.

Thanks Henk, and clear skies.


16th June 2012, 09:06

Just to add my thanks and best wishes to you at this time. Your work has been and always will be much appreciated by everyone here.


Tony H
16th June 2012, 10:19

Like others have already stated in this desperately sad thread, I too am one of the "silent few" who have admired your outstanding efforts and dedication in pursuing your dream from afar- as I do not know you

Having served in the RAF for 25 years I have been luckly enought to have been based at the clutch airfields and visted the Netherland many times and seen the affection the Dutch have for both the British and the RAF after all this time. I have also been extremely privilaged to have visited the RNLAF Aircraft (& Missing aircrew) Recovery Unit at Vleigbasis Woensdrecht.

Here we learnt and saw just how absolutely dedicated the Dutch Government are to remember the sacrifices made by the Allies over Holland during WWII, Indeed one village Burgomeester stated it remained a Dutch duty. . .

Regardless of if its the Dutch Government, the RNLAF, small village communities or - as you have brilliantly shown just one individual, the dedication and effect is truly humbling and so many of us here in the UK should be grateful for what the Dutch people and YOU still do to this day in remembering events of 78 years ago

God Bless & "Tot Ziens"

Tony H
78 Sqn
RAF Benson

16th June 2012, 10:44
Dear Henk,

You were one of the first to help me in my forays into aviation research. I was, and remain, inspired and indebted in equal measure.

Sir, I salute you.


16th June 2012, 11:17

Bloody sad news mate. I don't know what to say. I have watched and admired your efforts to remember our Air Forces personnel for a number of years. Rest assured that through the community here and in other places those efforts will continue. There are not many who will leave a legacy like that.

My thoughts are with you and the family

Respectfully yours


16th June 2012, 11:25

There is nothing I can say that has not already been said about your very sad news.

With very best wishes


16th June 2012, 12:13

It is with deep sadness to read your message.
Your great efforts to give unaccounted airmen their rightful place deserve our admiration.
I pray that any remaining day will be one spent in love and friendship.



16th June 2012, 12:21
God Bless You Henk


16th June 2012, 12:49
My thoughts are with you and your family Henk, and they carry my greatest respect for the work you do.


16th June 2012, 13:14
Rest assured that among your many friends, both on this forum and in the wider community, you will never join the ranks of those "unaccounted".
Thank you so much for all your efforts on behalf of those who are unable to thank you themselves.

16th June 2012, 14:31
Dear Henk,

You did it i a noble way. Farewell or farvel in Danish.

I will say...we'll meet again.


16th June 2012, 14:48
Dear Henk ,

You did a great job.



Alex Smart
16th June 2012, 15:12
Dear Henk,
My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.
You and your great effort to remember all those airmen & women will not be forgotten.
"Thine are the starry squadrons of the sky".


16th June 2012, 15:31
I don't know what to say, but wish to add my name to what will be , I'm sure, a very long list of tributes.


16th June 2012, 19:42

I can add little to what others have sincerely placed within these messages.

tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

(Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them)


Steve Smith
16th June 2012, 20:28
Dear Henk,

I have been privileged to have corresponded with a number of great Dutch researchers in my 20 years of research, I would like to thank you for your tireless work and patients over the years. Thank you for continuing a long and illustrious line of Dutch aviation historians.


Martin Gleeson
16th June 2012, 23:36

You have been very helpful to us all. You took on a great project which I hope will continue in some form. Thank you very much and God bless you and your family.



17th June 2012, 05:36

I'm so sorry to hear this news. Your passionate research into all those fallen heroes will live on for the benefit of many for years to come. I can't express how impressive it is that you have dedicated so much time and energy into this most meaningful endeavor.

God speed

17th June 2012, 06:54
Hello Henk

I knew about your health and the treatment and I was thinking "so far so good", the cure works.

This is really too bad.

The unaccounted airmen project generated many answers, bringing up second lines units and machines, and more important, so many names, almost anonymous. Anyone of us, at one point or another, directly on the board, or through an internet search, have come across, adding a detail, or finding an answer.

You've always been helpful, either on the board or in e-mails.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Regards from France


17th June 2012, 08:08
I'd like to send a tribute to you and join the many who are thinking of you .


17th June 2012, 08:26
Just returned from my holidays to this very sad news. You have been a major contributor to this forum and my own research.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Jim Corbett

17th June 2012, 08:50
Very very sad news Henk, a tragedy for the forum and the aviation community,

My thoughts are with you and your family,


17th June 2012, 09:26
I also want to say thank you for all you have done for the forum and the research.

My deepest sympathy.

John Engelsted

Theo Boiten
17th June 2012, 10:08
Hoi Henk,

Wat een vreselijk rottig nieuws, ik lees het nu pas. Alle sterkte toegewenst voor jou en je familie. Je mag in ieder geval terugkijken op een geweldig stuk research, waarvoor ik mijn pet afneem. Door mensen zoals jou heeft de historiografie over de luchtoorlog in de 2e wereldoorlog grote stappen voorwaarts gemaakt in de afgelopen decennia.

Heel hartelijke groet, Theo

17th June 2012, 10:27
Dear Henk,
I am deeply saddened by your news. Your passionate "unaccounted" thread has been an inspiration to us all, brought many relatives of airmen the missing years and brought researchers together.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


17th June 2012, 10:47
for all your kindness, knowledge, and your sense of humour even in the bad times. Go well my friend, fly high.


17th June 2012, 11:06
Hi Henk,

I have been offline for a while doing research in other periods and did not see your post.

You had indicated to me a while back that you weren't well and I am very sorry to hear about this turn for the worse.

Thanks for your help with my projects. It was almost most appreciated.

God Bless.

Luc Vervoort
17th June 2012, 12:35
Dear Henk,

My thoughts are with you and your family.

God bless you.

With great sadness,


17th June 2012, 13:06

My thoughts are with you and your family.

May you find comfort, dignity and peace in the days ahead.


17th June 2012, 15:55
Dear Henk,

It is with great sadness that I heard your news. Thank you for your tireless work on this forum, god bless you and your family.

Kind regards,


Matt Poole
17th June 2012, 18:23
Dear Henk,

The nature of our research mostly focuses upon sadness -- losses from decades ago, but your news is an altogether different kind of sadness, one that makes me shudder while sitting at my keyboard far away. Thanks for your inspirational dedication and sharing. Peace to you and your family.


17th June 2012, 21:28
Hello Henk,

like many i am in the silent majority who've viewed your tireless work with great admiration & respect.

thank you so much for the hours & hours of dedication, and God bless


18th June 2012, 01:10

I feel privileged to have witnessed your labour of love. Happy landings.


18th June 2012, 08:27
Dear Henk,
I have read your last post with profound sadness.
However I believe that your great project on "unaccounted airmen" will be still alive and all your work will be continued by others.
God bless you,

18th June 2012, 09:03

I have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, so when seeing the title of this thread I knew what it was about. I have been dreading this posting since the day you first told us of your illness. I know how you have fault this terrible disease over the last 4 years with courage and dignity. Your unaccounted airmen thread and the work you have done clearing up some of the previous data on commonwealth losses is a fitting epitaph for you and will remain on this web site and others for future research.

God bless you and your family and thank you


18th June 2012, 11:14
Your work will live on, here and elsewhere. May you soar ever higher.


18th June 2012, 12:04
A post from yet another member who you have helped massively and unselfishly with your time and effort. Thank you.You set a true example to all researchers.

18th June 2012, 13:23
Dear Henk,

This was news to me and and I regret I didnt know about this earlier. I wish to say thank you for your efforts in this. and also very thankful for your inputs and help with my questions over the years . You and your family will be in our prayers. It a humble lesson to most of us that we will strive to do many things, we wont be there forever to enjoy the benefits. But the legacy of our work will live on


Tom Allett
18th June 2012, 21:05
Dear Henk,
I am shocked and saddened to read your bad news.
As others have already said, your tremendous work has been Ė and will continue to be Ė an inspiration to other researchers like myself.
Iím sure that you must be mighty proud of what you have achieved to date...you have the respect of everyone on this forum.
Tom Allett

alain charpentier
19th June 2012, 07:01
Long may you run ...


Hans Nauta
19th June 2012, 08:08
Dear Henk,

Apart from our contact via email, we've met several times at the meetings of the Dutch Study Group Airwar 1939-1945. Last time you were honoured as Member of Merit as a result of all your effort and research, which was truly deserved.

I knew about your illness, but also had a silent hope that you would be given time to fullfill your enormous project.

Perhaps there's some distant shore where you will be welcomed by all aircrew whose name you've given a place in history.

Good Flight and Happy Landing!


19th June 2012, 19:17

I don't look in as offen as I should and I was really saddened to read your post.

You are one of the real stars on this forum and always will be.

Thanks for all your help to me it is invaluable in my research.



20th June 2012, 22:20
My input on this forum may have been limited, but I have become aware since the day I joined of the massive contribution you (and your army of followers on RAF Commands) were making towards linking the thousands of names of Commonwealth airmen with their fates. I have corresponded for many years with your fellow countryman Jan Hey, MBE, also stricken with health problems.

I would just like to say that it has been a great pleasure and a privelege to work with you on a few small pieces of the great air-war 1939-45 jig-saw.


Bob Collis

23rd June 2012, 20:05
Dear Henk,
What you did here is great. Sorry to hear about this illness.
Still hoping to read your postings.
Best wishes from Brittany


24th June 2012, 20:54
Dear Henk,
Per Ardua Ad Astra
Gentle landings

Mark Hood
29th June 2012, 20:24
Dear Henk

I hope the comments posted will give you comfort. I also hope you are getting the practical support you need where you live and that you can still tie up a few of those evasive loose ends.

Thank you for the photocopies you posted by letter and your forum postings (6,309 postings)! We are all thinking of you.

5th July 2012, 01:01

Henk and I have had a tremedously rewarding time helping each other out over the last 15 years. No one is more passionate about miitary aviaition history or more willing to help out a fellow researcher than Henk. I will be conveying my thoughts in private to him, but I will say this, his untimely passing will be felt for many years to come.


7th July 2012, 01:42
Nop words can express the strange feelings that invade me when I hear this kind of news once again this year...

Keep on flying
Carlos Guerreiro

10th July 2012, 11:26



Henk Welting
10th July 2012, 16:08
Dear friends,
Difficult to write these words but having serious problems handling the PC any longer. This "probably" will be one of the last postings on this wonderful RAF Commands Forum. Please Ross delete my name from the Members List.
Day by day I 'll try and therefore the word probably put in quotation marks.
I wish you all the best and do hope Ross may go on for ever with this (THE BEST) Forum I ever saw.
God Bless,

10th July 2012, 16:38
Hi Henk,

With heavy heart I will now change your forum membership from active as per your request.

I hope that you will permit me to change your status to Guest to recognise a friend who was always welcome on these pages and on the past versions of the board.

With fond regards


11th July 2012, 20:50

Although we never met or spoke I have been impressed with your work and kindness to forum members ever since I joined the forum, your contribution to the forum is amazing.

God bless


bruce dennis
17th July 2012, 12:02
Henk, your work is your legacy. There are many, many families who do not know who to thank for the closure brought to them by the information you provided, and many more families to come. Members of this forum know, and will remember.


18th July 2012, 10:09
Dear Henk,

If you are able to read this "Thank you" for all you have done; I can't improve on Bruce's words.

May the Lord go with you.


Franek Grabowski
18th July 2012, 14:43
I do not want to be pathetic, so keeping thumbs up. Anytime, anywhere!

19th July 2012, 19:45
I haven't been a member on here for very long, but I am so moved by this thread.

Good luck and God Speed Henk, when you finally "slip the surly bonds of earth, and dance on high on laughter-silvered wings, put out your hand and touch the face of God."

Per ardua ad astra.....

19th July 2012, 21:26
Dear Henk

I visit this forum several times a week in order to learn about one of the most meaningful events in our history. This is made possible because of individuals such as yourself and your fellow research colleagues. I will always be indebted.

Best Wishes to Yourself and Family Henk


jackie skingley
21st July 2012, 10:52
Wishing you all possible support during this difficult time.

21st July 2012, 18:00
It is truly humbling to read all these messages of support and thanks to Henk, and although I was not fortunate enough to know him I should like to add mine. Such people cross our paths rarely in life, and i feel proud to be a member of this forum where he is so highly regarded.

24th July 2012, 05:32
Dear Henk

I lost my wife to cancer earlier this month so I appreciate to a great extent how you must feel. Your bravery is most admirable, in keeping with your research and co-ordination into finding all of the "Missing" personnel.

I am sure that they would all salute your efforts as well.

Rest assured that all of those who view the site are with you.

Malcolm Macdonald

Theo Boiten
26th July 2012, 07:48
Dear all,

I just received the sad news that Henk has passed away -may he rest in peace, we wil remember him for the generous and devoted man that he was.


26th July 2012, 08:25
R.I.P. HENK! I will always remember you and your friendship.


26th July 2012, 08:57
Rest in Peace Henk, you will be remembered for your quiet dedication and the generous manner in which you shared your knowledge, in order to preserve the memory of the fallen. The research community is the poorer with your passing....

26th July 2012, 09:00
My friend Henk was always punctilious in saying 'please' and 'thankyou' on the Forum - and insisted that everybody else did! Let that remain as part of his memorial. And his English (his second language) was better than mine!!!
Peter Davies

26th July 2012, 09:31
Very sad news but not unexpected as he had not replied to an email I sent him soon after he asked Ross to change his status. RIP and thank you


26th July 2012, 09:47
I cannot help but think that He is finally happy now: having an endless chat with all those men and women for whom he's done so much to preserve them in our memory.

Steve Brew
26th July 2012, 10:25
Farewell Henk, it has been a pleasure knowing you.


Errol Martyn
26th July 2012, 10:39
Received the following per email on Wednesday 25th from a mutual contact who is not on this forum:

"today came the expected card from Dutch.

Henk passed away 20th July tomorrow he will be cremated at Slangenburg.

Sad day for all of us."

They say that no one is irreplaceable but Henk comes close to being an exception to that saying.


26th July 2012, 10:43
Very sad news indeed. RiP Henk and thank you for everything you did to remember the fallen. By example, you led.


Laurent Rizzotti
26th July 2012, 10:52
Very sad news,

This forum has lost one of his most active and helpful members.

Thanks Henk for everything you done, rest in peace

Stein Meum
26th July 2012, 11:05
Very sad news, inddeed! I received the card from Carla yesterday. Too short notice for me. I would like to be present and pay my respects to Henk.


Bertrand H
26th July 2012, 11:48
Henk was very helpful and most of our exchanges were with the Free French pilots. I am sad. He will now be with them but not with his family....


phill jones
26th July 2012, 12:03
Henk , you will remain in the hearts of those you leave behind RIP, it was a pleasure to have known you

phill jones

Phil Listemann
26th July 2012, 16:28
Very sorry to read that Henk has passed away. Very sad news.

As he started the thread some weeks ago...Farewell


26th July 2012, 16:37
Very sad news indeed, Henk will be missed by many. My thoughts go out to his family.


26th July 2012, 18:19
Sad news indeed.

I come across his 'Unaccounted Airmen' posts so often during my research these days - gone but never forgotten...


David Gunby
26th July 2012, 18:34
As Errol said, Henk as as near to irreplacable as anyone can be. A true researcher and true gentleman. RIP Henk.


26th July 2012, 18:47
Sad news indeed RIP Henk, your tour of ops completed.

26th July 2012, 18:49
Henk epitomised the camaraderie and generosity that exists between researchers in the sharing of knowledge, he set an example to us all. May he rest in peace.

Tim Bishop
26th July 2012, 20:28
My thoughts go out to Henks Family and friends...............Henk - God's speed and thank you.


26th July 2012, 20:48

Take care. Now you will know the answers. Can just imagine you up there chatting with the boys.


John Williams
26th July 2012, 21:13
RIP my friend and God speed.


26th July 2012, 21:19
Sorry very sad to hear of Henk's passing. Henk's research and what he shared willingly and openly with so many others will stand as his monument. He will be sorely missed. Blue skies.

"If I climb up into heaven, Thou art there;
If I go down to Hell, Thou art there also.
If I take the wings of the morning
And remain in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there also shall Thy hand lead me,
And Thy right hand shall hold me."

Psalm 139 (The Airmanís Psalm)

26th July 2012, 22:02

Whilst never having met you in person I feel that I have lost a great friend, may your memory live on R.I.P


26th July 2012, 23:17
I have to agree with Nick here. I have no doubt whatsoever that over the last six days Henk has accounted for ALL his chaps.

Rest in Peace, my friend.


27th July 2012, 08:41
Thank you, Henk.

Scott McIntosh
27th July 2012, 16:53
Blue skies Henk,

May your memory and dedication remain with us always.

27th July 2012, 17:01
over 1150 unaccounted personell threads, that was a lot of late nights and frantic searching of Flight magazines etc.

Rest well Henk, well earned.

Andy Ingham
27th July 2012, 18:37
Sad news, but always will be remembered in this Community. RIP Henk.

27th July 2012, 18:56
Just to add my sorrow at Theo's sad news of Henk's passing.
I never met him anywhere other than on the Forum but I still feel the loss of one of the best of my friends. If there is contact with his family please pass on my condolences.
Let us mourn his passing ,by all means, but let us also celebrate the fact that we once had the privilege of knowing him, and benefitting from that comtact.
RIP Old Friend

Jim C
27th July 2012, 23:54
Goodbye Henk, and thank you for all you have done to make sure the unaccounted airmen will not be forgotten.
Rest in peace.

28th July 2012, 08:28
Sad news indeed. Henk was one of the most senior of the "elders" of our research community and the world is a poorer place for his passing.

Hedd perffaith hedd Henk.

Corffwys mewn hedd fy ffrind. Diolch i chi, o bob un ohonom

28th July 2012, 16:37
As Greg said, it is a very sad news.
Henk is an example for all of us.
Such a great man!


Steve Smith
28th July 2012, 17:28
Following on from above...

A true gent and decent bloke, will be missed by all.


29th July 2012, 14:41
Never say in grief he is no more, but only say in thankfulness he was! A great example to us all.


29th July 2012, 15:09
Warrant Officers in any Air Force don't just disappear. They are always lurking! Let us make sure that what Henk did remains as a monument to his patience with newcomers, his pursuit of accuracy, and his friendly approach! His efforts in our field will only be equalled, but never surpassed!
Peter Davies

30th July 2012, 12:20
Thank you Henk for all you did for me personally and for the Forum.Thank you for your patience,your knowledge,your accuracy right up to the end.God Bless you.B

30th July 2012, 19:58
RIP Henk, thanks for all your brilliant work.

30th July 2012, 21:21
RIP Henk - and condolences to your family


31st July 2012, 20:38
RIP Henk. You did a great job for many people.

Nicola Musgrave
3rd November 2018, 06:53
I was searching for my relative, PO Thomas Adamson, who was killed in WW2 in Canada. I came across the information in the Forum that Henk and Chris Charland
had posted. I joined the Forum in the hope of contacting Henk but to my sadness I saw that Henk had passed away. I just wanted to say - just the brief information Henk had posted gave me more information than I had ever had before and I am very grateful. I want to thank Henk for his obvious hard work and for posting the information about Thomas. Without such dedicated historians we family tree researchers would be stuck! Thank you Henk! Rest well, sir...