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27th July 2012, 08:30

I saw Dennis Burkes suggestion about continuing his Legacy I think it is a worth while exercise. I think we can all contribute - I believe between us all we have all the books required, and I also get the AB Crash Lists.

I have a copy of Henks computer files that were accurate up to a few days before he could no longer communicate with us. The were in WPS format but I have converted them to Word, but a lot of detail is in Dutch and the Index is a bit complex they would be better in Excel.. I am willing to provide them to anyone who is willing to take the collation on (I wish I could do it myself but I work full time and have a young family, and WW2 losses while an interest are not my immediate priority at the moment, but I have another project on the go at the moment which you may have guessed at already) so could not devote much time to it

Please Note: I am NOT willing to share them out to all in sundry because

a) If I use them to help querys on this source I will credit Henk as the source
b) They would get enviablity get a wider distribution which means a) would be lost
c) I have an optimist plan for the future to create a Losses Wiki which provides more info than the standard fare on CWGC and will have as its opening page that it is not my all own work but Henks!- But this is a retirement project and I have two other projects before then!

However, I am willing to have a look see at the files on request

28th July 2012, 17:28

I second that the project be continued.

I have a suggestion on this.

It might be time to think of a collaborative tool that works. Wiki software is one - but it depends on the resources of a server being there for it.

The other alternative are google spreadsheets. i have used them on a limited basis to share information on losses.

eg.. 152 OTU Peshawar - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsYdZaad5RJ0cGRDSjIxUEhGWmgxMUFmalJ1MXBDY Wc#gid=0

I can set permissions so that it is editable, editable only with googlesign in, or editable by only people that i can allow.. right now it is just viewable.. There is a feature for me to revert back to older versions too - just like a wiki..

There was a project a while back about RAF officers death 1930s.. while the information and contributions were excellent, the fact it is in thread format made it unweildy to search..

Just my thoughts..


28th July 2012, 20:55
Jagan and Paul,

I agree. There are many potential projects that have started on the forum as threads, run for a while then inevitably petered out. While the data is archived in the threads, I think it is worth considering online tools like Google that provide a format where data can be more easily found in one place and where they can continue to be enhanced. Would need to establish project champions and protocols but I've been using Google docs for some time for multi-participant project management and they work great.

Could be an ideal way to share and enhance Henk's legacy, as but one example. Building lists of form abbreviations comes to mind as a useful project that that has come and gone over the months but is unlikely to be 'completed' in the current format.


28th July 2012, 21:03
Jagan, it looks interesting. I think that the best practice is to have one or two admins for editing (like here on the forum) and all other can only view the DB.

But anyway I think it will be useful but first of all I suggest to contact Carla if she will agree with such a kind of use of Henk's data. But this needs some time to pass I think.


big tyke
29th July 2012, 13:09
The suggestions set here are a fine way to keep the project Henk started and devoted so much time to going.

Many people who use this forum are completing a single project for personal reasons (such is my own) and as such would view an on line database only out of curiosity. But this curiosity may lead to them being able to add small snippets of information to the list. An example is my own, Henk was looking for 2 ground crew deaths for 428 Sqdn and because this is my Sqdn project I could help.

I agree that admins could be set up to edit but the gathering of information can still be found and passed on to them for inclusion, whist all could see the data grow.

There is another method, where only selected people can alter the data. I have, as part of a committee, access to a members database through Dropbox. Although I have no idea how it all works I can alter the information as an Admin. It may not be suitable for this kind of purpose but it is one more way of allowing multiple Admins.


30th July 2012, 03:29
Hi Nick:

We used Dropbox for a while but it doesn't appear to support simultaneous multi-users as it will create a 'conflicted' copy of the file if two people try to save at the same time - that then becomes confusing to manage.

With Google any number of approved users can work on the file and you can watch users make edits real-time with colour-coded, name-tagged cursors - saves are automatic. So you could be discussing an entry over Skype while making edits real-time - very useful.



big tyke
30th July 2012, 21:21
Hi Robstitt

I see your point, come to mention it I have noticed that there often appears 'conflicted' copies. I therefore agree that Dropbox would not be of any use for a project such as this.

I am sure that the more technically mind members on here will no doubt come up with a solution. I like most others feel that Henks work (with the permission of his family) would be a major aid to many researchers. How many other projects have been started and never see the light of day for others to benefit from.

As long as the original creators of such works are given the credit in full then I hope someone can come up with a solution. I would hope that Henks legacy is to be admired by many generations to come.

I dearly hope my own research projects can be completed before I too come to the end of my time.