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19th January 2013, 16:40
Every so often, when I sign in to rafcommands, I see a thread started by Henk and now replied to by A N Other at a much later date. Gives me shivers down the spine - except that Henk was an RNAF Warrant Officer. Warrant Officers (in anybody's Air Force) don't just disappear - Warrant Officers are ALWAYS lurking somewhere, ready to pounce! The way this forum works is down to Ross (for providing the mechanism) and - to a large extent - to Henk. If you didn't say 'please', or 'thank you', in posts/replies then you could expect the SWO to give you a "rocket"! Good Forum to be part of!! (as opposed to some I could name, but won't for the sake of delicacy)
Peter Davies

Mikkel Plannthin
19th January 2013, 23:51
"Thank you" for bringing that to our attention. RIP Henk.


James Castle
20th January 2013, 12:20
Dear Peter
Two simple words.... they take seconds to say but mean so much. If somebody takes an interest in a thread and spends the time to offer an opinion or information from their own archives then those two simple words acknowledge their effort.
My grandmother taught me to write thank you letters and said that if someone did not respond to her gifts three times they would no longer recieve any gifts. On can forget once..... but repeat offences are bad manners.
I am sure Henk would be pleased that there are members of this Forum who are keen to uphold his high standards. The mark of a true gentleman as well as an excellent historian.
Best wishes
Keep warm

Tony Kearns
20th January 2013, 13:13
I could not have put it better Peter, it had to be said and by someone like your goodself. RIP Henk
Tony K

21st January 2013, 13:00
Not sure if that's what prompted you to write these words, Peter, but it's been exactly six months since Henk left us.
I remember I received that message via this forum. By a very strange coincidence that had nothing to do with Henk or our research, the same day a friend gave me a quote from Bible readings prescribed for that day, and it was:

Their bodies are buried in peace, but their name liveth for evermore.
The people will tell of their wisdom, and the congregation will shew forth their praise.
(Sirach 44:14-15)

I couldn't believe how very appropriate that was...

RIP Henk

21st January 2013, 13:18
Voytech, Hi,
Frightening in its appropriate context!
I once had a Group Captain Station Commander who admitted that the only thing that frightened him was the Station Warrant Officer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Davies

22nd January 2013, 20:02
Hi Peter.

As a young (21) National Service airman serving at RAF Hendon, I was the SWOs clerk, a wonderful man who would help anyone, but if you upset him, woe betide you. It is often said that the SWO wielded more power on a Station than the Station Commander.