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5th September 2013, 02:11
I will be using this thread to keep members updated on any forum issues, changes, site updates etc.

Any problems related to the forum can be posted as a thread in this section for immediate attention.


6th September 2013, 17:47
Users may have seen to minor changes in the past couple of days..

URLs are now live when they are posted on the forum.i.e they are clickable.
eg. http://www.rafcommands.com/forum

The formatting can be applied using the tool bar on top of this post window

BB Code Formatting

You can also do some simple BB code formatting
[/ b] tags for [B]bold
[/ i] tags for [I]italic
[/ u]for [U]underlined

First Item
Second Item
Third Item

First Bullet
Second Bullet
Third Bullet

I came i saw I conquered

The bulletin board now also supports URLs in Signature.

(The URLS on this board are usually "No Follow" signatures so it really wont help any search engine rankings )

I would request members to use these features responsibily ..

Additionally In response to a query I got :Colours, Smilies etc are NOT enabled and will not be enabled so one need not worry about that.

You can use the User test thread http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?15339-Sand-Box-Thread-Use-this-thread-to-test-out-features-if-you-want-to-practice.&p=90640#post90640 in the Forum Feedback Section to try out the options

7th September 2013, 09:25

Loving the new RAFCommands home page - but how do you leave Blog posts do you need to be a member of wordpress?


7th September 2013, 13:56
Paul. you can register as a member of wordpress on the site. I will also look around if there is a vbulletin-wordpress "bridge" that will help members avoiding registering yet again.

The idea is to make 'articles' out of some of the great posts, or threads from the forum.

I was mentioning to Ross yesterday - he has a couple of threads like http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?13206-RAF-Manpower-and-Deferred-Service and http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?2373-Serial-Numbers-Types that would actually be more readable and readily accessable in the wordpress site. Ditto with any members who would like to contribute detailed articles or posts of archival quality for quick reference.

9th September 2013, 16:33
Great stuff, thanks Jagan for taking this on. I notice the site runs much more quickly now, so assume you've been able to do some spring cleaning. The increased functionality will be welcome too. All the best with it,


12th September 2013, 09:22

When I cut and paste the following link into my browser, I am taken to a "holding" page.


Is this a one off or has the move meant that these links are no longer valid?



12th September 2013, 11:00

Were you able to use the above link correctly in teh recent months?

from what I know, the old DCForum/DCBoard links havent been working for years..

12th September 2013, 11:00

Were you able to use the above link correctly in teh recent months?

from what I know, the old DCForum/DCBoard links havent been working for years..

12th September 2013, 11:33

what was the content of the link above? any distinct keyword or aircraft serial number in it?

Ross did mention these soem days ago, see posts 55 and 57

Jagan, the links to http://www.rafcommands.com/dcforum/DCForumID6/ go to one of those domain holding sites, don;t know what they are called? Calling itself yourSupportServices.co.uk

I didn't think a sub part of a domain could be registered elsewhere. if the old forum messages are missing I beleive I webspidered them sometime in the past - bold me.

12th September 2013, 16:12
The DCForum pages are all still there.

You were never able to link to the directory page and get a list of the file names.

To display you need the full url eg



12th September 2013, 16:30
Sorry to cause a bit of commotion on this one; I did try to PM you Jagan but your box was full.

In essence I just came across the link whilst doing some research for my 35 Squadron project; it related to KU reports for PB343 (http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/archive/index.php?t-22406.html)

I don't know if the link worked before but just thought I would flag it in case it was a glitch in the handover.



15th September 2013, 05:45
Probably bot the right place fr this but I am limited on the PC as of late.

This has always been a bone of contention with me. Ross banned KevinW4, now known on WW2Talk as KevinBattle for c&p LB info as BCL.

I would like to propose that we keep this ban as well as several others Ross banned (Peter Clare)



15th September 2013, 06:49
So as not to reinvent the wheel... Do we have a list of the ne'er do wells in question?

15th September 2013, 10:49
As I know Peter Clare for one, I strongly disagree with the language ueed above, ne're do well etc.

These people share our love of the subject and disagreed with Ross's rules. They do not deserve this type of terminology used about them.

They copy and pasted text to answer peoples questions, they didn't injure anyone.

Use some common sense as simple posts can be extremely hurtful. Peter for one lost his father in a CC loss so he simply wishes for people to have the answers he didnt have for so many years.

And this thread was not the place for this too be brought up, there is a new forum section
Forum Rules, FAQs, Feedback and News

16th September 2013, 09:43
Well that did not take long for the spammers to surface.

They can post quicker that we can report with the minute anti flood limit on reporting posts.

Mods need access to all active forums if they are to remove spam quickly.


16th September 2013, 13:19
Thanks Ross, fixing that..

16th September 2013, 14:48
I moved the banned users posts to this thread.

If a user earned a permanent ban, there would have been a good reason for that. i do not wish to undo any of it. Nothing personal here.

16th September 2013, 19:36
Ross, back to the DC Forum threads again!

I'm trying to index Henks posts in the nice html format, looking at this one


It has no replies

But there is this thread in the data folder

It does have replies but I see the title was a "recovered thread" - Deals with the same date and unaccounted names.

The format you discussed above


doesn't appear to work in this case (at least it does not right now on my computer at 20:35pm) , I've tried variations of the ID7 I think. Are some just not readable in the html, perhaps this one because it was recovered?

16th September 2013, 20:29
I have a vague idea that the size of archive (ID6) was getting too big and crashing due to the excessive search time causing time outs while new posts were being made.

I started a new archive (ID7) to deal with the immediate problem and recovered the corrupted posts to ID6.

Looks like I did not rebuild the complete html threads at the time for about a dozen of the final threads in ID6.


17th September 2013, 08:13
Ok, not to worry, just checking I wasn't going mental.
I suppose, if the 18788.txt was renamed 18726.txt and replace the old file of that name, it might read in the html format.

19th September 2013, 15:58
A new forum search engine has been added taking advantage of the Google Custom Search Engine feature. It makes searching just a wee bit easier ...


18th October 2013, 12:56
Hi Jagan,

I noticed that a large percentage of the links on the 'Links' page now go to redundant sites. I seem to recall at some point in the past there was a thread running in which people gave links to useful websites (or did I imagine that?). Perhaps a new thread along the same lines would be a way of gathering a new set of live and useful links?

Also (sorry, I'm on a roll!), it took me a long time to realise that the route to get from the forum to the RAF Commands front page was a link in the bottom bar of the page. Would it be possible to make the Royal Air Force Commands logo at the top of each page a hyperlink to rafcommands.com instead of to the forum as there are already other links available to get back to the forum?

Thanks & keep up the great work

18th October 2013, 14:17
Linzee, good suggestions ..

I noticed that a large percentage of the links on the 'Links' page now go to redundant sites. I seem to recall at some point in the past there was a thread running in which people gave links to useful websites (or did I imagine that?). Perhaps a new thread along the same lines would be a way of gathering a new set of live and useful links?
Agree with you that there should be a better set of links to use - there has also been some discussion on starting a Recommended Links/Resources section. Will definitely work on it.

Also (sorry, I'm on a roll!), it took me a long time to realise that the route to get from the forum to the RAF Commands front page was a link in the bottom bar of the page. Would it be possible to make the Royal Air Force Commands logo at the top of each page a hyperlink to rafcommands.com instead of to the forum as there are already other links available to get back to the forum?

I noticed that as well and like you I prefer an easily accessible link at the top of the page. Though many folks would be used to clicking the Logo to go to the forum home page.

I will see if I can add a "link" at the top of the page next to the "forum" text. Right next or to replace "Whats New".. Anyway the Whats New link is non functional (its a "Search feature that is broken)..

Added Later:

Second Request was easier than I thought. Right now a "RAFCommands Home" button appears on the top replacing the rather useless "Whats New".. enjoy!

18th October 2013, 16:19
Yikes Jagan! That was a super fast response, thank you. The new 'RAF Commands Home' button is great, hope others find it handy too. I found I was neglecting those pages because I was too lazy to scroll to the bottom bar to use the link there, good to have them handy to get to now.

Thanks for taking a look at the Links page suggestion too, it isn't urgent but something that would be good to have tweaked in due course. It's always really good to have suggested links from others as I tend to get in a rut and stick to those I have bookmarked previously and therefore probably miss lots of interesting things.

Thanks very much Jagan,


1st April 2014, 20:53
The Forum went down yesterday because we hit the top limit for DB space. I have contacted the Provider and ordered extra space for our database and did some stuff to bring it back up.

I dont yet have a confirmation from the provider that the change has been made (though it should automatically happen when I made a payment). Its almsot 24 hours .. So hopefully the DB space has increased and the forum should work without issues from now on...

Now there could be a slim chance that the host provider has not increased the space and may take a day or two to do the same and we will hit the limit and it will stop working again..

That said if the fix is in place - we are good for a few more years. And I have this on my radar so I will keep monitoring it going forward.

13th July 2014, 01:08
The forums are now RSS feed enabled.

You will note an icon http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/images/misc/rss_40b.png appear on the forum home page - that shows the latest posts in an XML format.

What is an RSS feed?


Its most useful if you are visiting a hundred different sites a day, and you dont want to keep track by visiting all sites. RSS feeds allow new content to be "Delivered" to an inbox..

All your browsers usually have an RSS feed feature. so the moment you start a browser it will notify of new content in the forum you wish to track.

8th August 2014, 14:39
Forum currently has Google Maps BB Code enabled.

example of usage:

The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, United Kingdom,

The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, United Kingdom, 51.481129,-0.280455

16th October 2016, 21:44
Added a "Google Custom Search" box right on top of the forum page. to make it easier to search this site. Right below the RAFCommands Logo and above the "Whats New" link.

bruce dennis
17th October 2016, 12:14
That is gonna be used a lot (once people notice it).
Good work.

6th December 2016, 00:47
Added a strike through BBcode.. just encase the text between [s] and [/s ] tags (no spaces in the tags)

11th July 2017, 03:13
A much awaited change in the "Unaccounted Airmen..." thread series by Henk/Alex Smart.

A total of 867 threads dating from 1940 till mid 1942 were started earlier without the "YYMMDD" prefix. All the threads have now been updated with the Year-Month-Date prefix. Going forward once google indexes the site, the searching of a thread should be easy just by entering the date keyword in the format of YYMMDD

13th July 2017, 03:46
Another feature added.

if searching by date in the CWGC database , You will see a link added to the "Unaccounted" thread from the forum just before the table of results.. eg http://www.rafcommands.com/database/wardead/index.php?qname=&qcntry=&cur=0&qunit=&qnum=&qmem=&qdate=1945-01-22

13th July 2017, 10:05
Interesting feature Jagan, thx

1st October 2017, 15:22
Minor Updates to forum template that we are familiar with.. it is now "Mobile Ready".. meaning no tiny font, no scroll bars etc.. Work still in progress

2nd October 2017, 16:27
Hi Jagan,

It's been a while, but I'm still around... :)

I tried logging on to the site with my phone and noticed that it fit the screen at first. The text was still a bit on the small side but I notice the site still isn't responsive - when I enlarge the view, it doesn't adjust (not html 5 I guess). I know, I know... one step at a time. :)

Also - and you have probably answered this before - are you able to buy the non-www version of the domain? I forgot to enter it properly and I got another ad site pushing me to service files, ancestry etc.

I hope to get back to this war soon, but I am still working on the first one these days. Here is the site of the group I am spending my time with. I edit their print magazine, which only comes out a few times a year.

cobwfa.ca or www.cobwfa.ca (we have both domains).

All the best to everyone. I will try to keep in touch.


2nd October 2017, 22:34
Hi David,

The forum listing and the forum listing with threads list do come up responsive


The Single Thread view showing posts however is still not working as it should.. i have almost given up!

Thanks on the tip on the non-www domain.. Let me get fixed with the service provider.


8th November 2018, 03:11
Implemented a "Thank You" System for the post.

A quick way of saying Thanks - in the lower left portion of the post there is a "Thanks" Icon that can be used.

Multiple people can express their appreciation without creating additional "Thank you" posts

8th November 2018, 08:22
Hi Jagan, thanks for introducing this new feature.
I think it might be find useful by some members in some particular cases but I would still prefer an individual post with "thank you" which seems to me more "personal".


bruce dennis
8th November 2018, 08:38
Hi Jagan,
Might be a good idea but my first reaction is the same as Pavel's. Also, a post quite often includes a bit more than the 'thanks' message and keeps the conversation moving forward.
Speaking as a dinosaur, the echo of Sociail Media in a 'thanks button' will take some getting used to but let's see, you may have added a popular tool.
So, what do others think?


8th November 2018, 10:57
Exactly Bruce, my first thought was "Thanks" button is like a "Like" button on Facebook for example.
It is easy to click on a button, but the other thing is to write a proper reaction.

Well it looks like I am also a dinosaur:-)

But let's see - I am not against this feature - we can offer an option to those who may like it.


18th December 2018, 22:54
I keep getting a message to say:-
"You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

It seems to happen if I have been logged out and try to reply to a thread or if I go to a members page and try to click to find their most recent posts to name a couple of examples.

I'm able to log in and post and it doesn't appear to happen if I am logged on.

I'm assuming this is just a glitch in the system and I can just ignore?


6th January 2019, 11:00
My IP has now been banned three times in recent months. The last time was over the previous 2 days. On each occasion I have completed the message box politely asking to know the reasons why my IP has suddenly been booted, and what the forum staff are doing to stop it happening again. To date, no one has bothered to respond.

Being a Mod on another forum, I know how much of a drain it can be to your domestic existence, however, with all due respect, can someone have the courtesy to answer the questions please?

Many thanks


bruce dennis
6th January 2019, 12:19
Hello Jonny,
This is an ongoing problem and Jagan is working on it. See the 'FORUM ISSUES' sticky under GENERAL ...


... and you will see that others have had the same experience.
We are sorry that members have a problem of this type but there seems to be a random element in the 'who-when-why' of how the problem arises.

As to the lack of response, which has clearly caused you some annoyance, I was unaware of any of your messages. Now that you are logged in, I trust the matter can rest while Jagan has a look at the loggin records? I will make him aware.


6th January 2019, 17:12

Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue. I will of course maintain a more patient approach now that I understand how the land lies.

Rgds and thanks again


10th February 2019, 01:08
Test Post to see if error message is coming up

22nd March 2019, 16:45

I just got a warning message when clicking on a Google search link to this page:


Message as follows:

"Your connection is not secure
The owner of www.rafcommands.com has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site."

Obviously the site's working fine, or I couldn't post this, but I thought it worth mentioning.



22nd March 2019, 20:49
Hi Simon,

that can be ignored.

The reason for it is that the search returned https:// instead of a http:// URL. Former is more secure to send information over. But the certificate is not implemented on this site yet.

Since we dont collect any credit card numbers, bank acount numbers etc :) we should be fine.

Additionally i had earlier tried to implement a short cut URL system so the result should have returned http://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/ (https://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/MM911)<serial> or http://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/details.php?uniq=< (http://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/details.php?uniq=MM911)serial> .. the former sometimes does not work - i have not been able to resolve that issue.. but the latter will work (if it has the uniq=xx123 in the URL)

I need not state the obvious but make sure the password you use on the Forum is a different one than you use for your banking accounts!

28th April 2019, 04:43

I was banned again this week. This is my fifth 'IP banning' and it is getting damned frustrating now. As I'm not the only one this is happening to, and as someone / somewhere is parting good money for a rather poor service, may I ask what the platform provider is doing to stop this happening again please? If they can't stop it happening to members, may I ask what consideration has been given to move to another provider?

Many thanks


14th June 2020, 19:00
Pulled some metrics on the Forum Usage - to give an idea on how the site is being used
https://scontent.fphl2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/104168191_3360360084003549_6763148377723008371_o.p ng?_nc_cat=107&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_ohc=Ux7kSh3lUpwAX8ZDAF-&_nc_ht=scontent.fphl2-1.fna&oh=c26c7919545ed3dcdfa615feda8f93b7&oe=5F0B653F

a steady decline in the Forum Usage (Yellow Line) - going down from 150,000 monthly page views to 50-70,000 page views.

This decline has been offset by a huge jump in the database page views (Red Line) as the functionality increased. starting around 10K page views, the past few months the DB pages have averaged 150,000+ , really taking off around October 2019 when the "Individual CWGC Details" feature went online.

The usage of the Forum Archives, Gallery and Rest of the site remain steady.

More specifically, some numbers from the Forum statistics

https://scontent.fphl2-3.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/82146973_3360450117327879_7397227784058998193_o.pn g?_nc_cat=104&_nc_sid=1480c5&_nc_ohc=VorzD9Hs0WsAX98Bd8P&_nc_ht=scontent.fphl2-3.fna&oh=c7bcbee21af8032cd754f7be8b2dca6f&oe=5F0C0B30

New Threads and Posts per year since 2008

24th June 2020, 18:32
Jagan I have seen this your post on FB but here I miss the graphs...


11th October 2021, 03:23
Top viewed pages from last month
/forum/showthread.php 309,360
/database/wardead/index.php 178,634
/database/serials/details.php 163,687
/database/wardead/details.php 129,363
/database/pows/index.php 42,846
/forum/member.php 42,384
/database/losses/listing.php 41,606
/database/awards/details.php 31,069
/forum/forumdisplay.php 29,381
/database/air27/index.php 27,032
/database/serials/index.php 17555
/database/air81/index.php 16788

9th December 2021, 14:57

I've got something odd going on with Jon Heyworth's thread here:


The thread as shown in the forum index here: http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?17-Unaccounted-Airmen-and-Airwomen-Project

shows it has 40 pages, but I can only got as far as page 29, for reasons unknown (well unkown to me). If i click on the '40' I still only get page 29.

If I go to the thead, and click on 'Last' is stays on page 29, even though it shows 'Results 281 to 290 of 395' and 'Page 29 of 40'.

It's happened a couple of time previously on the same thread - is the number of pages shown on the main page wrong, or the thread itself not loading the pages?



EDIT - link to screenshot to show what I'm getting:


9th December 2021, 15:22
Hi Simon

That keeps happening because I keep moving the posts in the thread to the individual "Unaccounted Airmen" threads where possible. Due to caching and non update of numbers the pages up and post count is probably not updated quickly

Eg when i go via this link http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?27028 I see 285 posts in the thread . the forum list view shows there are 394 posts in it,but the counter probably did not update.

As you note - this issue exists only with that thread.

9th December 2021, 15:25
Ah, I understand, thanks for explaining it Jagan.

I thought I was having a senior moment...!!