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6th September 2013, 13:08
This is really one for you, Jagan, but reading Dennis's response at post 18 of http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?6714-Loss-off-Spain/page2 it seems the question of "replies with quotes" has come up again.

It is usually used by those using the forum for the first time and being unaware of what it means.

If I was a first time poster I'd see no reason not to use it - why else is the option there - and would be embarrassed to apparently be criticised for no apparent reason.

Could I suggest the option is removed - it serves no purpose (a least that I can see) and its removal would help lower the blood pressures of some forumites.


6th September 2013, 13:43
Agree entirely with Brian (Lyffe). If you need to take a phrase, or sentence, from a previous post in order to prove (or disprove!!) some point or other then the 'copy/paste' system seems fine. And you can now put the 'pasted' bit in italics to show the difference.
Like the new abilities. Saves giving emphasis by putting something in capitals - which I was taught was the email equivalent of shouting. Very rude. This is a couth forum - let it remain so!
Peter Davies

6th September 2013, 14:45
its little quips like that at the end of your message Brian that raise my blood pressure!

But if we now have not storage space issues then lets by all means duplicate half the messages on the forum. Over to Jagen.

6th September 2013, 15:30

Others have also requested users not to use the "Reply with quotes" facility. It also irritates me to see messages repeated, but in the vast majority of instances those that do use it are first-time users who are not aware of storage space issues. I'm not sure that it helps to ask them not to use the facility without explanation; long-time users are aware of the reason, but someone finding and using the forum for the first time is not going to plough through all messages and rules to identify the forum's idiosyncrasies. If such a message was addressed to me I'd be totally at loss to understand how I could have done anything wrong.

All I am saying is that if there is now an opportunity to remove the facility then let's take it.

I had hoped the remark would be taken in the light-hearted way it was intended, I'm sorry it wasn't.


6th September 2013, 15:50
Ah, OK, I read it as a dig at me initially. My genuine apologies!

6th September 2013, 20:52
Thanks for the inputs.

(First , I moved this to Forum Feedback and Suggestions - that way we dont clutter up the General Discussion thread ).

I understand the discomfort when a new member or someone not versed with forum software uses "Reply with Quote" function and then proceeds to quote teh entire message for a short reply.

There are two issues here

1. The option to "Reply with Quote" to the side of each post
2. The actual quoted text appearing in a quote box

like this

I am in agreement that (1) needs to be rid off
(I am figuring out how to do it - i always thought it was there - If i find it I will get rid of it)

but I believe there is some value to keeping (2).

To prevent rampant misuse, it does require discipline among members and some 'nudging' by other members from time to time. and I think we saw a good example in the thread where you linked. someone used the quote function, dennis responded and the original poster edited it out. no harm done.

I would also encourage members to use the "Report Post" option to report messages that need clean up. As soon as we build a moderator team (which is about to start) we will be respondign to post reports promptly

But lets watch it for a few more days and then take a call.

PS: Storage space is not much of an issue at this point.