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19th October 2013, 20:30
In consultation with other forum moderators and with Alex Smart, who is continuing Henk's work, I have created this new Sub-Forum for "Unaccounted Airmen and Air Women" effort.

The forum has threads that were either replied back an year old or those created by Henk - and are organised by sub-forums based on years. Most of the recent threads created by Alex are still in the General Category Forum. And they will be created in General Category Forum going forward

Every six months, we will move the older threads to the subforums for easier archiving, searching and reading.

The subforums will have full features of the General Category Forum. and members can reply back and add new information when they want to.

I have also moved some threads related to Henk into the Sub Forum so that people will get to know who Henk was and what work he did.

19th October 2013, 22:55
A second sub-forum for the far east has been created


All queries related to the commonwealth airforce operations in the far east theatre, in India, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and the Pacific. Topics related to the frontier operations in the 30s can also go here.

I find that the RAF in the far east sector is relatively under researched in RAF scholarly circles.
The creation of a seperate forum for this theatre will help encourage research and progress.

20th October 2013, 21:18
Today we have created a new sub-forum "Authors, Books and Book Projects" http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?29-Authors-Books-and-Book-Projects

I welcome all the senior members who have written books, or have book projects going on, or still dreaming of one, to post a thread in there and talk about your works. Please do not be modest. It is okay to post the results of your work. And also post details on availability, costs, method of ordering. You can take queries about contents, post updates on progress , maybe provide links to page snapshots, previews etc..

To give you an example, I moved about four threads from Useful Books Forum to this one - where some members have recently announced the result of their years of research. I will move more as I keep finding the threads in the Useful books forum.

If you dont have a book to your name, and have one in pipeline, Then consider starting a Book Project thread - and when it comes to fruition - you can open a "Book Announcement thread" at which point the older Book project thread will be closed .

Members can start threads on behalf of other senior members. Only thing we ask is that that you have to be part of our community to have threads posted in this forum.

If you are starting a book project thread - please prefix "Book Project: " and if its the release of a book then "Book Launch: <<Title >> by <<Author Name>>" .. Author name because some of us have forum handles different from our actual names.
If you have already published books in the past.. then feel free to open a thread devoted to each thread. No need to add any prefix. Just the "<<Title>> by <<Author Name>>" is sufficient . if Author name is same as forum handle, please skip that if you feel like it.

Some ground rules to prevent abuse of this privilege

1. One Thread per book.
2. The Book/Book Projects must be relevant to the Royal Air Force or its Commonwealth counterparts. (so if its about Flying Tigers - sorry no.. or if its about Finnish Air Force or Russian Air Force - no again...)
3. if anyone joined the RAFCommands community just to post in this forum and have not actively contributed to our forum then the posting may be deleted.

21st October 2013, 23:38
The Last major change to the forum.

We have had the Useful Books and Research Materials forum which had various topics posted in it. Essentially it covered discussions on books, websites, archives (like TNA) and also sometimes reference type posts (like Serial numbers, award citations by hugh, service numbers etc).

To better organise the threads, the forum has been split and organised into

Archives, Original Material
Discussions, Queries, News on Archives (NA/PRO, DoRIS, RAFMuseum, IWM, AWM and other National Archives). Questions on "How to" go about using an archive, or a research tool etc are covered here.

Books - Information and Reviews
This forum was formerly known as "Useful Books and Research Material". To ease the search of material, a new Forum for Websites - News, Reviews and Discussions will be created where all the information on websites will be moved.

Websites - Information, News and Reviews
Websites relevant to the researching of Royal Air Force Operations. Discussions on various online web references encouraged here.

Data Projects and Reference
The reference type posts (Awards, Serial Numbers, service numbers ) etc go here.

I hope the re-organisation makes it easy to read through and disseminate the information . Please do try and post in the appropriate forum where possible.