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20th October 2013, 19:31
I was going to update one of my posts with the latest information I had obtained, but the "edit" facility at the bottom of the post does not appear (just "reply" and "reply with quote").

I am sure I have used this facility on this forum in the past (or am I going mad???!!!)



Update: Strangely enough, it does appear on this one but not on this one http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/showthread.php?2723-Number-1-British-Flying-Training-School-Terrell-Texas-Volume-2;
I am going mad!!

20th October 2013, 19:35
Pete, the setting has not changed. the forum allows you 24 hours to edit an existing post. after which you can only reply to the thread. Can you verify that you can see the Edit Post button in a recently made post ? to test you can reply to this and see if you can edit it immediately.. (can others also verify this?)

20th October 2013, 19:38

Thanks; see my update.

I didn't realise you couldn't update after 24 hours; you live an learn.

Thanks for the prompt response; much appreciated.


11th December 2013, 06:02
I joined RAFC to respond to this (now 5 years past) request. Edie, if you ever return to read this then I hope this adds something useful to what you know. There is a bit on 405 and 428 Sqns in my timeline below. I'm a Suggitt myself, not directly related; I first got interested in Bill while reading the book The Dam Busters.