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21st November 2013, 15:18
Hi Jagan

are the Coastal Command pages broken at


I was trying to have a gander at some of the squadrons regarding Catalina usage and units based in Ireland.

I don't suppose this exists in a spreadsheet????, I know Ross, you clearly spent ages typing them up and why don't I do that myself!!!

Pierre Renier
21st November 2013, 15:55
Hi Dennis

Does this link work for you? http://www.rafcommands.com/Coastal/indexC.html


21st November 2013, 16:38
Ah, OK that does.


21st November 2013, 23:45
will be fixing that shortly dennis. no worries. you can use the older link till then.


Ellen Robertson
12th February 2015, 04:43
Does anyone have any information on the role of Dennis Alfred James Morey as pilot or co-pilot of the Catalina that spotted the Bismarck May 26, 1941? I'm writing a feature newspaper obituary on him to run on Friday, Feb. 13, 2015, in Richmond, Virginia, USA. I keep seeing that Dennis Alfred Briggs was the man. But the photo of "Briggs" on Bismarck-class.dk looks like the photo of the man I'm writing about. Help?

Morey's service number(I think that's what it is) is 109062. He was born in 1920. He enlisted in the RAF as No. 916695 Aircraftman 2nd class and eventually got a commission in 1941.

I really want the story to be correct!

12th February 2015, 18:36
This help, Ellen?


The photograph on the bismarck.dk site appears to show an RAF uniform.